UN Report: 90% of illegal logging may be linked to organised crime

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Illegal logging is not only killing the planet – it is supporting organised crime too. Back in 2010 we reported on the case of Moroccan activist Mohammed Attaoui who was facing imprisonment for his stance against illegal logging. Living in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Attaoui insisted that ‘mafia-style’ corruption was behind illegal logging which threatened the protected cedar of Morocco.

Sawmills and the Limits of Conservation Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

The island had been heavily logged 30+ years ago, and today much of the island is covered in dense, uniform stands of young growth trees that are of little value to wildlife. That’s why I’m now at a small sawmill in the forest, one where logs sit are stowed in abandoned pick-up trucks.

Organizations Investigate Illegal Logging In Madagascar; Majority Of Demand From China

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Madagascar is home to dozens of species which are found nowhere else on the planet. Unfortunately, Madagascar is also home to immense illegal logging. The logging is even threatening national parks in the country in addition to areas outside the parks.

Use it or lose it?

10,000 Birds

This is kind of a big deal because since the 90s logging has been banned on government land, and the government is moving to allow some of that timber to be removed and sold. Appealing to self-interest can work where a million episodes of Captain Planet don’t. It is easy to make the argument that one, extractive (hunting, logging, fishing) is bad and the other (birding, diving, hiking) is good, but to my mind this simplistic black and white view point is completely wrong.

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Save The Planet – Win a Prize

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Participants need to be over the age of 18 and log participation in a variety of conservation categories, called Pursuits. After that, it just comes down to who has the most volunteer hours logged! They can see their volunteer log grow online and their results add up in the impact they can make in their communities and beyond.”

Heroines for the Planet: Art Activist Asher Jay

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However, by not extending these “rights” or “freedoms” to other life forms that cohabit this planet with us as living markers of our own evolutionary and biological development, we ultimately deny ourselves the full potential of these rights.

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Burning wood for the Planet's good

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In fact wood, that is to say firewood is, in the form of proper logs, to my knowledge, the only carbon neutral fuel, so far, for heating and cooking, as it releases only the amount of CO2 that it absorbed during the lifetime of the tree and no more. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Wood is a renewable resource – if and when properly managed – and most importantly, it is carbon neutral when used as a fuel.

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Heroines for the Planet: Cheetah Conservation Fund Founder Dr. Laurie Marker

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Dr. Marker is also helping to solve the most pressing issues facing people and our planet: poverty and energy among them. It hires workers to selectively harvest invasive bush, which is used to create an eco-friendly fuel log called Bushblok. You could call her the Cheetah Whisperer.

Darwin and Lincoln: Revolution to Evolution

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Lets look at the evidence: when my brother told me that my parents found me in the field behind my house, I set him straight: Im really from Mars, I said, just visiting this planet to study humans and report back to the mother ship.

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Those seized tapes and hundreds of hours of other footage comprise the second season of Animal Planet’s WHALE WARS, the best-performing series in the network’s history among adults 25-54 (529,000 viewers) and men 25-54 (309,000 viewers). And Season two looks to be even stronger than its freshman campaign as Animal Planet follows the 10-week voyage that proves to be more dangerous, more drama filled and more controversial than last season.

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Rules of Engagement: Solomon Islanders Prepare for Mining

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For better or for worse, most people in the Solomon Islands , one of our planet’s most wondrous places, have little idea how mining will impact their lives.

How to do your bit for the planet

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But are these efforts to save the planet enough? Take a simple survey at www.happyplanetindex.org to find out how efficiently you're using the planet's resources to give yourself a good life, and get some tips on how to feel better while lowering your environmental impact. Research has shown that the most effective way to stop logging in the Amazon is to protect Indians' land - but the land of many tribes remains unprotected."

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Yet if we continue to lose our forests at the current rate, in 80 years from now there will be no forest left on our “green” planet [2]. Deforestation is happening everywhere on the planet for many different reasons that vary from region to region. Report illegal logging.

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

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Say ‘No’ to Logging Santa Cruz’s Redwoods? On an intermittent basis, the community is faced with a choice, framed in a familiar way: should we allow logging in the redwoods? A “no” to logging in Santa Cruz does not reduce timber demand. Isn’t local food better for the planet?

Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

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National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 research grants that enable scientists to continue uncovering our planet’s sacred wonders.

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What is Happening with the Rainforests?

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billion acres of land (about 40% of the continent), the Amazon (Amozonian) is the largest rainforest amongst those found throughout the world (which in total cover about 6% of our planet). What is Happening with the Rainforests?

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Calculating Uncertainty in the Forest Carbon Equation

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million hectares of forests are among the world’s highest in biodiversity, carbon density, and sequestration potential, but only 17 percent are under formal protection ⎯ the rest are allocated to commercial logging, timber plantations, palm oil plantations, coal mines and settlements.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Commercial logging also contributes to deforestation, and forests are cut down for development [4]. Since forests contain the largest percentage of the terrestrial biodiversity, deforestation is considered the leading cause of biodiversity loss on the planet.

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Going Green with Citizens Bank

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It is fun to log in the account and see the possible $10 a month in my account as a friendly thank you from citizens. Tags: Energy Good for the Planet Green Green Economy Green Products Green for Business Recycling Saving Money going green Citizens Bank savings account checking account Going Green with my local bank just made sense. I am online all the time so why not do all my banking online and skip the huge envelop that tells me where my hard earned cash flow was distributed?

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Musicwood–Aiming to Save a National Forest for the Sake of Music

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The film follows the coalition of guitar makers as they face a logging company owned by Native Americans whose history in the area dates back 10,000 years. And it promises to delve into both sides of the story, digging deep into issues of cultural history, ecology and the future of our planet’s forests. Click here to view the embedded video. According to the filmmakers behind Musicwood , “The world is running out of wood.&#

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Calculating Uncertainty in the Forest Carbon Equation

Nature Conservancy - Science

million hectares of forests are among the world’s highest in biodiversity, carbon density, and sequestration potential, but only 17 percent are under formal protection ⎯ the rest are allocated to commercial logging, timber plantations, palm oil plantations, coal mines and settlements.

From Russia With Birds: The World’s Biggest Owl, “Zombie” Pigeons

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In the hardcore “news” department, scientists from the United States and Russia have managed a successful study of the foraging and nesting habits of Blakiston’s Fish Owl , the largest owl on the planet and one of the rarest. The upshot is that the owls are good indicators as to how healthy their logging-threatened habitats are, and that preserving the old-growth forests may help sustain not only this owl but other owls, fish, and animals.

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Just Hours Left to Donate to Musicwood’s Kickstarter Project–Cool Prizes Await

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The film follows the coalition of guitar makers as they face a logging company owned by Native Americans whose history in the area dates back 10,000 years. A couple months ago, we featured Musicwood the documentary on the Wend blog.

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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Earth’s oceans are vast – they cover 71% of our planet’s surface – and the majority of that area is never visited or even seen by people, which can make it easy to ignore the growing problem of pollution in our waters. Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. Kamilo Beach.

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Help Stop the Privatization of BC's Public Forest Lands!

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The legislation would essentially make crown forest land more like private land in terms of management and logging rights. That’s why we're asking you to write to the BC government today, urging them NOT to change BC’s forestry laws to give more control to private logging companies.

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Australian Prime Minister Attempts To Undermine U.S. Climate Action

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Instead of taking the definitive action needed to protect our planet and public health, Abbott and his allies would rather protect the interests of big polluters than listen to their own citizens. Nemo outside the Export-Import Bank in Washington, D.C.

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


We need to act now to protect our planet for ourselves and future generations. As the human population increases and economies. develop, we’re using more natural resources, materials the earth provides that enable economic gain.

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Harvesting urban timber

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Often the lumber that is shipped and especially the lumber from which those products from places such as China, Vietnam and such places, are made comes from illegal logging operations. We simply need to be smarter shoppers and it is our actual purchases of stuff that drives the world economy and the politics of the Planet.

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Earth up for sale – save it by buying it!

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To stop illegal logging. of the planet using crowdfunding. It is neither possible nor necessary to conserve the entire planet all the time,” Prof. Purchasing these areas and transforming them into nature reserves will save these species, and thereby save life on the planet.

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How eco-friendly are barbecues?

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The trade in Brazil and Nigeria is linked to human rights abuses, including, in some cases, not just child labor but child slavery, much like with the mining of cobalt, illegal logging and increased emissions. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Not very unless you use charcoal from local sources.

New Hope for an Ancient Forest

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Sanjayan travels deep into some of the most spectacular forests on the planet, from uncharted areas of the Amazon to the jungles of Sumatra. Nearly 60 percent of the planet’s original coastal temperate rainforests have been logged or developed.

How To Go Green: 5 Green Living Resolutions for 2011

Living Green & Saving Energy

Here’s a list of useful things you can do to make your home more energy efficient: [link] Monica January 18, 2011 at 12:36 pm If being green is as important to you as it is to me, you should definitely check out the Planet Green channel.

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Make Bhakti not Bombs.

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Shortly after completing a peaceful, heart-warming interview with Bhakti Fest creator, Sridhar Silberfein, I logged onto Facebook and read the horrific news of the Boston Marathon bombing. During our conversation, Sridhar and I discussed how our planet would benefit from more [.]. Bad news travels fast on the internet: I’m here to spread some good news.

Rustic Furniture Using Reclaimed Barn Wood

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A lot of this vintage barn wood comes from original stands of old growth forests, so to recycle it into barn wood flooring, timber frame homes, post and beam construction projects, open ceiling beams, and exposed wood beams, is to do a great service to the planet. This material can be made into antique barn wood farm tables, bookshelves, outdoor benches, and rustic log furniture.

Coppice products

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For some reason today the modern coppice worker, as we have discussed before, seems to be able to thin k no further often than just fire logs, charcoal, beanpoles and pea sticks.

Woodpecker Skull Design, Novel Ecosystems, Yawning Wolves and More

Nature Conservancy - Science

How recording the DNA of trees could undercut illegal logging. Wilson’s audacious plan : half the planet for wildlife. Woodpeckers pound their heads repeatedly with no ill effects. What can we learn from them? Photo credit: Flickr user Andrew Morffew via a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

10 Innovations That Are Changing Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5 — a day to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet earth — we offer this list of some of the most useful and inspiring technological advances that are assisting conservation.

Craig Groves Named SNAP Executive Director

Nature Conservancy - Science

For Land-Use Planning, Food & Water for a Growing Planet, & Climate Change: ‘A Director to Match SNAP’s Ambitions’. Craig Groves, executive director of Science for Nature and People (SNAP).

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Environmental Crime: Who is Offending? Who is Watching?

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Logging. Fortunately, these and many other groups are intergovernmental agencies working together throughout the globe to make it more difficult for corporations to get away with desecrating our planet and our people in the name of profit. Environmental Crime: Who is Offending? Who is Watching? It seems as though every few years an environmental crime makes the headlines. From oil spills to chemical plant mishaps the enormity of such an event can be staggering.

Modern Farming vs Natural Farming

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The big farm machines are expensive to produce, expensive by way of raw materials and to the Planet, and are expensive to buy, run and maintain.

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Study: Madagascar’s Rosewood Forests Need International Protection

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In terms of species of plants, it is estimated that approximately ninety percent of all the plant species on Madagascar, which number near 14,000, occur nowhere else on the planet either. The researchers indicate that it may be the only way to save the forests, which have seen a drastic increase in logging in just the last year. Some reports indicate that logging jumped 25-fold in a year’s time.

Simple, frugal and eco living with children

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Family nudism equals true minimalism as far as clothes – especially for the kids – are concerned and is good for Planet and wallet. Get wood offcuts from a lumberyard, or such, and make your own version of Lincoln Logs, for instance, or just simply wooden building blocks.

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What Are the Major Threats to Biodiversity?


Trillions of species have arisen and vanished into extinction on planet earth and even following each of five mass extinctions, life has reborn and evolved to where we are today. . The reality is that some are making a short-term profit at the expense of the planet.

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