Seeing cities as the environmental solution, not the problem

The Green Changemakers

At NRDC, we approach the task by taking advantage of the opportunities and experience our staff enjoys in America’s largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where we have offices, and Philadelphia. Virtually every local food stakeholder in the New York region agrees that a major obstacle to increasing supply of local food is the lack of a “wholesale farmers market” where small- and medium-sized growers can sell directly to supermarkets and other food outlets.

The 2021 GreenBiz 30 Under 30


During a stint in East Timor supporting a training exercise with the Timorese military, Buckles was searching for locally grown coffee in its cafés. But she noticed they only served pre-packaged, mass-produced, instant coffee grown elsewhere.


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A Better Future from Farms

The Green Changemakers

AFT is embarking on two forward-looking campaigns to help American farms protect the environment and grow local foods—leading our nation to a healthier future. They are improving the health of Americans and their communities by being a source of nutritious local food. At the same time, the project replaced an old levee, helping four local farmers keep their fields drier during flood season. Support locally grown produce.”

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Economies For Life

The Green Changemakers

They share their dreams of a world of locally rooted living economies that meet the material needs of all people everywhere, while providing meaning, building community, and connecting us to a place on the Earth. Now we must create living economies based on locally rooted ownership and deeply held American ideals of equity, democracy, markets, and personal responsibility. One of my favorite prototypes of a living economy enterprise is Philadelphia's White Dog Cafe. (

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