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Local Money, Local Industry, Local Food, Local Everything by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In order to transition successfully to a post-oil age world we must localize everything as much as possible. The Native Americans, the Injuns, traded for things that they could not obtain in their area or make, but wanted, and there will thus be such incidents in such a localized economy of the post-oil society and era.

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Swarm of Autonomous Tiny Drones Can Localize Gas Leaks

Environmental News Network

Swarm of Autonomous Tiny Drones Can Localize Gas LeaksWhen there is a gas leak in a large building or at an industrial site, human firefighters currently need to go in with gas sensing instruments.

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Local foodies can't park

Environmental Economics


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Localism and the Internet

Green (Living) Review

By Ajax Greene: Many “buy local” campaigns are very welcoming of the local chain store on the corner, but are anti-internet. Let me be totally clear: Localism loves the internet — when the sellers are locally owned and independent. As a recent study Re>Think Local conducted here in the Hudson Valley shows, locally owned businesses circulate a dollar 3 times more than a non-local business, and this includes internet businesses.

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Making local woods work

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Making local woods work for community enterprises by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Fifty communities across the UK will receive support to transform unmanaged woodland into opportunities for jobs, leisure, education and services and to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. The Big Lottery Fund is awarding £1,151,111 to the Plunkett Foundation for its Making Local Woods Work project.

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Turkey's Ritz-Carlton Residences are constructed with local materials


SAOTA chose to incorporate some sustainable features in its design for the new Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bodrum, Turkey

Buy Local

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Why should you buy local? There are all too many local, especially family-owned and co-operative, stores these days going out of business due to the low prices of cheaply made items from the massive discount department stores. Do yourself and your neighborhood a favor by supporting local shops. So, therefore, please, pay the extra half-dollar or dollar and buy a quality product from a local shop. That is not buying local, in the real sense.

CIBC Aventura card awards you for eating local

Green Prophet

They encourage Canadians to spend for bonus points at local restaurants. I was psyched to start drinking free champagne or many a local IPA at the airport and was already strategising increasing my connections to shorten long haul trips with my family.

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Localization: For People And The Earth

Green (Living) Review

The movement for localization is growing rapidly, worldwide. These international voices from the 2014 Economics of Happiness conference in Bangalore, India, succinctly tell us why globalization is so damaging, why localization is the most strategic antidote, and what we can do to help make the shift from global to local. green living localization

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Loving Local: Place, Economy and Community

Green (Living) Review

Making a commitment to this place and taking responsibility for its well-being was the first step I took toward helping to build a sustainable local economy in my region. After opening the White Dog Cafe on the first floor of my house in 1983, I soon began buying from local farmers. Fresh local food not only became a hallmark of my business, but also the way I learned about broader economic issues for my region and beyond. Community economy green living localism

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Green (Living) Review

A key question in this transition would be; what does all this interest in organic and organic activity mean for LOCAL economies? and systematically assesses the impact of organic agriculture on local economies titled U.S. Organic Hotspots and their Benefit to Local Economies, it’s been shown that median households income experience an increase by an average of $2,000 in locations defined as organic hotspots.

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Shopper’s Dilemma: Buy Fair Trade or Locally Produced?


Eco-minded consumers have a lot of options to weigh, and the labels and certifications designed… The post Shopper’s Dilemma: Buy Fair Trade or Locally Produced? Continued here: Shopper’s Dilemma: Buy Fair Trade or Locally Produced?

Traveling Slow Benefits You, Local Communities and the Environment 

Green Prophet

The best part: while traveling slow gives us a more meaningful experience, it also maximizes benefits for local communities and the environment. It involves getting to know a place on a deeper level by connecting to local people and immersing yourself in the local culture.

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Reasons Why Buying Local Food Is Always a Good Idea

Green Living Guy

There are many reasons why buying local food is always a good idea. Not only are you supporting your local community, but you are also getting healthier food that tastes better. The post Reasons Why Buying Local Food Is Always a Good Idea appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Abu Dhabi's new urban biodiversity park enhances local microclimate


At 27,500 square meters, Al Fay Park is expertly designed to enhance the local microclimate by maximizing natural cooling through landscaping In a city characterized by iconic skyscrapers and commerce, the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi is highlighting nature with a new urban biodiversity park in the heart of downtown.

Local Gas (and no I'm not talking about what happens when I eat local cucumbers)

Environmental Economics

Proximity matters: An energy company from Thailand said today that it is considering building an ethane cracker in Belmont County, a project that could lead to billions of dollars worth of investment. “We We are one step closer to landing a new, multibillion-dollar investment in eastern Ohio, and that’s exciting news for our state, the region and Belmont County,” said Gov.

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The Multiple Benefits of Economic Localization

Green (Living) Review

green living localization Despite the negative impressions we get from the mainstream media, and the very serious consequences of global warming, I believe there is cause for real hope. There is a good possibility that inspiring human-scale solutions around the world can multiply and transform our political and economic landscape over the coming years. And it all starts with an increased awareness or consciousness.

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Local Foods – Local Goods

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are being bombarded, day in – day out, by the talk about local food – growing and eating – and with reference to food footprint and food miles. That is to buy and consume locally grown food and food that is in season, we also must get back to the same attitude, in addition to that as regarding to produce, as regards to the products we consume. Locally produced goods probably might cost a little more in general price but.

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Building Local Food Resilience


Before the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States, between 30 … The post Building Local Food Resilience appeared first on Earth911.com. Original post: Building Local Food Resilience. Eco appeared-first before-the-coronavirus building building-local business & policy earth911-com- first-on-earth911 food resilience pandemic-reached united

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Local urban farm redefining farm to table

Green (Living) Review

KJCT) -- Local farms have to deal with Colorado's ever changing weather. One urban farm, Rooted Gypsy Farms, that is trying to make it easier to shop local, lost hundreds of plants. GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Many farms, orchards and vineyards in the valley were caught off guard by the cold snap overnight earlier this week.

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Local Critter Quest: Spot a Pocket Gopher

Nature Conservancy - Science

Are you up for the challenge of finding this underground mammal? Latest Science Mammal Watching Outdoor Rec Wildlife

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Green New Year’s Resolution #2 – Eat Organic and Local

Green Home Blog

So this year, for your second New Year’s resolution, go green by choosing organic, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats. To get started, look for local farmers’ markets that carry organic, locally grown foods – you’ll be reducing the energy it takes to transport food to your table and you’ll be putting money back into your community. Buy locally grown, organic produce and meats and be sure to pick up reusable shopping bags so you can avoid plastic grocery store bags.

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Holiday cabin made of local materials enables the rewilding of a Devon farm


Holly Water cabin has been designed to help its owners diversify their farmland and increase local biodiversity via rewilding

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Land, Co-ops, Compost: A Local Food Economy Emerges in Boston's Poorest Neighborhoods

Green (Living) Review

From kitchens that buy and sell locally grown food, to a waste co-op that will return compost to the land, new enterprises are building an integrated food network. It''s about local people keeping the wealth of their land at home. When Glynn Lloyd couldn’t source enough locally grown produce, he decided to grow his own. He wanted his business to use locally produced food, but at that time it was hard to come by. green living local food localism

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We Earthlings: Local Produce = More Jobs


Reduced carbon emissions from food transport is not the only … The post We Earthlings: Local Produce = More Jobs appeared first on Earth911.com. View original post here: We Earthlings: Local Produce = More Jobs.

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Sacramento Valley Station focuses on locals and the environment


A zero-emissions transit hub is proposed for Sacramento, California

What’s That Weird Duck In The Local Pond?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Have you seen a weird duck you can’t identify? We’re here to help you sort it out. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Natural History Outdoor Rec Weird Nature

2019 85

Making local woods work for Community Enterprises

Green (Living) Review

Fifty communities across the UK will receive support to transform unmanaged woodland into opportunities for jobs, leisure, education and services and to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. The Big Lottery Fund is awarding £1,151,111 to the Plunkett Foundation for its Making Local Woods Work project. Making Local Woods Work will provide training, volunteering and employment opportunities to 500 people tackling unemployment, social isolation and poverty.

2015 133

Localization: for people and the Earth

Green (Living) Review

The movement for localization is growing rapidly, worldwide. These international voices from the 2014 Economics of Happiness conference in Bangalore, India, succinctly tell us why globalization is so damaging, why localization is the most strategic antidote, and what we can do to help make the shift from global to local

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Marine Fisheries: Does Local Protection Mean Local Benefits?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Local fishers assist researchers at a spawning site for coral groupers. Will protecting such areas benefit local communities? Their results, published today in the journal Current Biology , clearly show that local management of this species provides local benefits. Local communities can thus enact and enforce management and protection efforts. Local fishers in Manus embraced both the research and results.

This Tasmanian farmhouse has a ceiling insulated with local wool


Found on a sheep farm in the rural landscape of Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia, this modern farmhouse addresses sustainability and tradition in its design

Winter Warmer: Make Tea from Local, Wild Plants

Nature Conservancy - Science

You can find the ingredients for a tasty wild tea on your next hike or ski trip. From the Field Outdoor Rec Plants

2018 83

Looking for Local

Green Earth Journey

Searching for purchases you can make local and benefit your economy? Search no further than Local Harvest ! Local Harvest has listings for online, farmer's market, co-op's, and more. And if you can't find a local shop for it on their website and they will send it to you from the closet location! Unfortunately it is only for the United States. Labels: Helpful tips

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Buy local or don't buy at all?

Environmental Economics

Elisabeth Rosenthal at the NYTimes : But even as more Americans buy foods with the organic label, the products are increasingly removed from the traditional organic ideal: produce that is not only free of chemicals and pesticides but also grown locally on small farms in a way that protects the environment.

Turkish locals displaced coal, new report by 350.org

Green Prophet

The violations have been committed by both local companies and industry giants like Chevron-Texaco and Shell. The post Turkish locals displaced coal, new report by 350.org appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East.

2020 60

A woeful year for wool in 2020 – and how you can support your local producers

Low Impact

Indeed, if you’re a spinner, weaver, knitter or crocheter in need of materials, your custom will be welcomed more than ever ( here’s a good place to start to find local suppliers of raw fleeces).

2020 96

Why you should support your local businesses?

Eco Friendly Daily

Do you remember the day when the first super fandango all-encompassing supermarket opened for the very first time in your local town? This was the same for local stores, and their owners who we had become so accustomed to throughout our lives.

2020 52

To Impact Globally, Think Locally

Cool Green Science

They argue that most of the decisions around transportation and energy are either made or implemented at the local level. As I leave CityLab Paris , I take with me a week full of new ideas. The conference, hosted by The Atlantic , The Aspen Institute , and Bloomberg Philanthropies , brought together mayors, urban experts and business leaders from around the world.

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Local Harvest in London Fields

Green (Living) Review

London Fields Farmers’ Market celebrates the Harvest Festival with hyper-local food with the help of Mayor-backed Capital Growth project. As well as live music and lots of delicious food, the market will have lots of other Harvest Festival activities, including a scarecrow-making workshop, with the resulting scarecrows donated to local Capital Growth sites. The Capital Growth stall will be offering only Hackney-grown produce, with local honey and pickles.

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Eating Local: A Lesson in Berry Picking

Cool Green Science

Featured Post 1 Food Kids United States berry farm berry picking berry picking massachusetts children and nature children nature farmers fruits green children kids and nature kids get outside local food Massachusetts organic farming organic food parenting strawberry Look at this one…it’s amazing !”. Ben holds up a beauty; it’s perfectly heart-shaped and a delicious shade of red.

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Guide to Going Local

The Green Changemakers

The second guide in the New Dream Community Action Kit will help you go local. It''s full of ideas and advice on how to strengthen the local economy in your town: through buying local, highlighting new entrepreneurs, instilling local pride, investing locally, and more. Sustainable-development Economy Economics Local Community

Local 50

Tribal Textiles employs local artisans to uplift rural Zambian community


The company, which is now in its 30th year, is one of the biggest employers in the remote area and follows a corporate social responsibility strategy that provides sustainable employment and reinvests a percentage of the profits back into local community and conservation initiatives. With 86 local Zambians currently employed, Tribal Textiles offers a wide variety of handmade home decor pieces and accessories from pillowcases and tablecloths to face masks and aprons.

Main Streets matter: Shop local this holiday season

Green (Living) Review

Show support for innovative, independent local business owners instead. Forget the Internet and the mall. It's a win-win situation for all. If you have not yet finished your holiday shopping — or, like me, haven't even started it — then I would like to suggest a challenge. This is what I’m planning to do, and it would be lovely if more people joined in. Forget about Internet shopping. Put down your credit card and phone. Close the browser window that’s open to Amazon, eBay, and the like.

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