Living Sustainably, 1993-Style

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Before “green” was everywhere you looked, before “local” was a foodie bragging point, and definitely before most of us knew anything of Sightline (then Northwest Environment Watch), we were still walking the talk of living sustainably.

In defence of ecovillages: the communities that can teach the world to live sustainably

The Green Changemakers

by Anitra Nelson Associate Professor, Centre for Urban Research (GUSS, RMIT), RMIT University What types of communities do the best job of living with a minimal impact on the planet? If we reduce consumption — and we will need to, to become sustainable — then production has to be reduced.

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RESOLVE Conference 2011 – Living Sustainably: values, policies and practices

The Green Changemakers

Transitions in Practice: new directions for sustainable living Alexia Coke Michael Peters Chris Kukla Bronwyn Hayward 4. Life-style Consumption Conference Culture Education

2011 52

Going Green Off the Grid

Green Home Blog

It is this trapped, unsustainable way of life that takes all good green intentions and throws them out the window. Taking a conscientious step back to live off the land rather than live on the land can be an ever humbling experience offering a renewed sense of mind, body and spirit.

2012 186

The Greening of the Self

Green (Living) Review

It is being replaced by wider constructs of identity and self-interest – by what you might call the ecological self or the eco-self, co-extensive with other beings and the life of our planet. ecology green living Sustainability

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State Of Texas Tried To Shut Down A Sustainable Community

Green (Living) Review

Officers also proceeded to remove a variety of materials the community had planned to use in sustainability projects like pallets, tires, cardboard and more. The community believes in coming together to produce the basic necessities of life and they support each other through each step.

Texas 147

How to Turn Your City Sustainable

Green (Living) Review

To move forward, communities need to take a step back and create a long-term sustainability plan—and you just might be the person to get your city’s started. He and his wife, Catherine Hart, lost their life savings to medical bills while living in Colorado.

What’s More Important… Economic Growth or Sustainability?

Green (Living) Review

To some of us that may sound like a long time, but in reality it will be here before we know it and even if we are gone, the children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren of billions of people living now will still be here. But is this development sustainable; meaning will it last?

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Which world are we trying to sustain?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Which world are we trying to sustain: a resource to fulfill our desires of material prosperity, or an Earth of wonder, beauty, and sacred meaning? The notion of perpetual economic growth is a false one that will destroy the very Planet that we depend on for our survival and cannot be sustained on a finite Planet whose non-renewable resources have almost been depleted in their entirety. Either we do that or there will be no life.

There’s Only So Much Ocean to Fill. (How to Live More Sustainably in an Unsustainable World.) ~ Kate Williams

Elephant Journal

Luckily for all of us, the answer to living a more sustainable life has become increasingly more convenient, even for the fast-paced New Yorker who would rather step on in front of traffic than wait a few second at the crosswalk. I get it, you’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy.

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Supercomfy, Beautiful, and Efficient: The Many Benefits of Green Architecture

Eco Chic

While not every home or office building being built today can be considered green, those that are can mean a more comfortable lifestyle and lower energy usage for the people who live there. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.

2017 57

Using coronavirus as a restart button for living a sustainable lifestyle

Green Prophet

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 has drastically affected the lives of people globally. We, as individuals, can even use the crisis as a reset button for our lives and use it as a means to live sustainably. Shopping Sustainably. Living sustainably should not be short-lived.

2020 58

Serenbe – The community bringing sustainability and “buy local” to a new level

Green Life Smart Life

It was founded and subsequently designed to reflect the traditional principles of environmental sustainability - “Where the principles of sustainability touched everything from your home’s methods of construction to the organic produce on your table that was grown by one of your neighbors&#. Check out the community’s site that reads “the best reason to live here is the life here&#. In Rhode Island it’s easy to buy local.

2009 40

Don’t Waste Your Waste; Compost and Let Your Garden Grow

Green Life Smart Life

Rather than scold the young whipper-snapper for sullying our tablecloth-sized, weed-laden attempt at sustainable living, I used the opportunity to teach a lesson about giving our “waste” a second life. Beyond the bin, good composting is a matter of providing the proper environmental conditions for microbial life. However, like people, these living things need air, water, and food.

2009 46

Creole Accents and Conservation Ethics in the Heart of Belize

Wend Magazine

Suddenly, habits and customs central to their way of life—hunting, fishing, harvesting crops—were prohibited. And, most importantly, the community has found a way to live sustainably—recognizing the importance of the sanctuary, not only for conservation, but for their livelihoods.

Belize 220

4 Ways to do Your Bit for Sustainable Travel

Green Prophet

In today’s time of green awakening, it is needed by all to be conscious about living sustainably. It does not only mean leaving a lower carbon footprint at home but in every aspect of life, including travel.

2020 56

Ecotourism in New Mexico-Where Culture and Nature Converge

Wend Magazine

New Mexico is a place of converging cultures, a state where ranch lands border Native American reservations; where filmmakers, skiers, and artists flock; where Hispanics and descendants of Spanish conquistadors live together, along with 19 sovereign Native American nations.

Neom is Saudi’s mega-green Gotham city

Green Prophet

Neom, which means “new future”, sets out to create a new model for sustainable living, based on advanced technology. It describes itself as a home and workplace for people who want to dream big and be part of building a new sustainable future.

2020 77

Mindful Living Revolution

The Green Changemakers

As mindful living revolutionaries, our primary tool (for the heart does not need weapons) is simplicity. Everything in our life experience - every interaction with our self, with one another, with our world-at-large - becomes an opportunity and part of our transformation. We can bring compassionate awareness to every moment and every aspect of our lives - from our relationship with ourselves and others to our relationship with work to our relationship with the environment.

Olympic effort to support walking and cycling

Green (Living) Review

This is a real opportunity to be an Olympic host country that champions healthier and more active ways of travelling, both to the Games and as part of everyday life.’ Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article

2011 151

Making Sustainable Lives Easier: A Priority for Governments, Business and Society

The Green Changemakers

The goal of sustainable lives is not a ‘nice to have’ some day but an essential priority for governments right now – and ‘nudge’ is not enough to address the scale of the challenge. Our consumer society also makes it difficult to live sustainable lives.

Less Work, More Living

The Green Changemakers

Millions of Americans have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. It’s a way of life that undermines basic sources of wealth and well-being—such as strong family and community ties , a deep sense of meaning, and physical health. Sustainable-development Life-style Wor

Up Tunket Road – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

cm Published May 2010 by Chelsea Green Publishing ISBN: 978-1603580335 Ever since Thoreau’s Walden, the image of the American homesteader has been of someone getting away from civilization, of forging an independent life in the country.

2010 143

Tiny House Living, Off the Grid

The Green Changemakers

Having a life with less stuff and more experiences is a big driver of the tiny house movement. He tried city life after college, but says he felt like a slave to a house, bills and employers. Having a life with less stuff and more experiences is a big driver of the tiny house movement.

2014 52

Sustainable Living Education

The Green Changemakers

When I got bumped to eighth grade, I began teaching a course called Sustainable Living. I believe that I am teaching important life skills, and preparing students for a new future that may be much different than our current way of living.

2009 52

Carbon-Free City In the Desert

Eco Friendly Daily

Finally, someone has decided to take a leap and use all of the technologies that are currently available to live sustainably, not just individually but as an entire city. City plans will allow every resident to live within a 200-metre radius of everything they need. Masdar.

Five ecoliterate practices

The Green Changemakers

These practices allow students to strengthen and extend their capacity to live sustainably. Developing Empathy for All Forms of Life encourages students to expand their sense of compassion to other forms of life.

Sustainable Living Class: Teaching with a school garden

The Green Changemakers

When I got bumped to eighth grade, I began teaching a course called Sustainable Living. I believe that I am teaching important life skills, and preparing students for a new future that may be much different than our current way of living.

2009 52

Sustainability – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sustainability A personal journey to a built sustainable community. and an amazing picture of what life will soon be like. The author succeeds at framing the subject of sustainability as an opportunity rather than a problem.

2010 145

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

The Green Changemakers

How we think, what we think about, how we spend our free time, our daily and weekly habits, what we decide to bring into our lives — this is our lifestyle. I’ve come up with a top ten list of lifestyle factors that I believe have the biggest impact on whether or not we are living sustainable lives. Is your lifestyle sustainable? Rushing may not be pleasant, but it also has many negative effects for sustainable actions. Live sustainable.


Green (Living) Review

Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc. But our economy was very much linked to the spiritual life. And that helps produce a balance in life.

Every home a homestead

Green (Living) Review

We must do it if we want to find a new way of life and living. They talk about the need to go green, the need to live sustainable, and I am initially talking here about many in the “green movement” today, but then they engage in rampant greensumption rather than making things they need and want from what is to hand for themselves, reusing, upcycling and grow-your-own. Not everyone of us can live in the countryside on a couple of acres or more.

Home 101

Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Since last year, Neril has been building the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development in Jerusalem. Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development members have already given about 25 “green theology&# seminars. Providing teaching material to unite Holy Land faiths.

2011 113

The End of Oil – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

inclusive of worldwide delivery) When you have the had the opportunity to meet the author, as I did, the thing that shines out about Veshengro, is that he doesn’t just talk about sustainability, he lives it, has lived it most of his life by choice and really knows what he is talking about. Furthermore he comes from a tradition of sustainable living and so many of his ideas are centuries sound.

2010 111

NEF Publications

The Green Changemakers

The Great Transition provides the first comprehensive blueprint for building an economy based on stability, sustainability and equality. Tags: Sustainable-development Ebook Economy Research Economics Consumption

2010 52

What Does It Mean To Be Sustainable?

Eco Friendly Daily

Last week, I was on the news talking about what it means to be sustainable. While doing this interview, I began to realize that many people do not know what it means to be sustainable. Essentially, being sustainable means that you live within your environmental means.

The Five Ecoliteracy Practices

The Green Changemakers

These practices allow students to strengthen and extend their capacity to live sustainably. Developing Empathy for All Forms of Life encourages students to expand their sense of compassion to other forms of life. Embracing Sustainability as a Community Practice emerges from knowing that organisms do not exist in isolation. The quality of the web of relationships within any living community determines its collective ability to survive and thrive.

World-Renowned Author Dishes on GINKS, Green Sex and Making Love to Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Stefanie Iris Weiss advocates for a greener shade of love and intimacy in her 2010 book, Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make your Love Life Sustainable. What are some baby steps you recommend to folks to help them become more ‘greenish’ in their sex lives?

2011 104

New Finance Package to help UK Schools harness wind power

Green (Living) Review

For those schools and colleges in windy spots, just a £5,000 contribution gives them free electricity for the life of the turbine. Also the turbine is a great educational tool for curriculum subjects, such as science and mathematics, but also for teaching students the benefits of living sustainably and building a greener future. I think, going forwards, schools have to become more sustainable institutions.”

Where does Sustainability begin?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sustainability begins within the self and not anywhere else. The single most profound thing that we need to change in order to make our world sustainable is ourselves, our attitudes and our behavior. We, and that is all of us, need to start living within the budgetary restraints of our Planet such as they are and until we learn how to do this we are not really living sustainably, regardless of what we may be thinking.

RI Sustainable Living Fest: A Recap

Green Life Smart Life

This post is long overdue as the Rhode Island Sustainable Living Festival took place about a month ago – but better late than never, right? . The festival, put on by the Apeiron Institute here in RI is a two-day long event dedicated to showcasing sustainable living and renewable energy products as well as celebrating the green lifestyle. We had some nice conversations with folks who were clearly dedicated to sustainable living.

2009 40

Fresh eggs from your backyard

Green (Living) Review

Today most egg production is rather industrialized and yes, even organic egg production is rather on a large scale and while the chickens are better off than those in the factory farms it still is miles away from the old family farm idyll of a a couple of dozen hens and a rooster roaming around in the farmyard scratching for worms and living the “good life”.

2011 109

Power to the People

Green (Living) Review

Though the answer may be manifold the main reason for the apathy in most people as far as politics and politicians and elections are concerned is that most, if not indeed all, politicians, from local to national level, are just so remote and so very far removed from the people and their day-to-day life. Some politicians, in fact, appear to actually not be living on the same planet to the rest of us, judging from the way they work, act and behave. but properly.

2010 111