Birds of the United States (and Provinces) of (North) America

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When I drive a bit north to Lake Cuitzeo during the winter season, all the visiting Peeps ( Least , Western , and Baird’s Sandpipers , as well as Sanderlings ) and Plovers ( Semipalmated and Black-bellied ) connect me with North America’s Arctic shores.

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Cavity Nesting Birds of North America and Their Babies!

10,000 Birds

Bufflehead ( Bucephala albeola ) Female at Cavity Entrance photos by Larry Jordan “Some 85 species of North American birds excavate nesting holes, use cavities resulting from decay (natural cavities), or use holes created by other species in dead or deteriorating trees. I found this Mountain Chickadee ( Poecile gambeli ) exiting its pine tree cavity at Hat Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park… and its well fed nestling finally peeking out the cavity entrance.


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The American Coot – One of the Least Appreciated Birds in North America

10,000 Birds

Maybe it’s because the American Coot ( Fulica americana ) is the most abundant and widely distributed species of rail in North America that it gets no respect? I mean we see them everywhere, in almost any of a broad variety of wetlands, including freshwater lakes, ponds, marshes, roadside ditches, and industrial-waste impoundments, as well as in coastal marine habitats.

Adventures with Bowfin, North America’s Underdog(fish)

Nature Conservancy - Science

What we see today in the backwaters and wetlands of eastern North America is a modern representative of a very ancient line of “primitive” fishes or “living fossils,” organisms that appear to have changed little over time. Bowfin have a bad reputation for supposedly negatively impacting sportfish populations by eating young game fish and game fish food; in some cases they are blamed for “taking over” entire lakes and backwater habitats.

Arivaca Lake- The last stop before Mexico

10,000 Birds

For most avian migrants heading south towards Mexico, Central and South America, crossing thru the Arizona desert areas can provide very few water, food and resting areas. If they are passing thru Pima County, and the Tucson area, Arivaca Lake is the last stop for water before crossing the US/Mexico border. This 90 acre lake, managed by Arizona Fish and Wildlife is about a 45 mile drive from Tucson, and 9 miles from Mexico, as the Chihuahuan Raven flies.

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5 great green hotels in Canada

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Alberta British Columbia Canada Community North America Nova Scotia Ontario Quebec Quebec City The Americas Toronto Victoria Xtras Lake Louise green hotel Nova Scotia green hotel Quebec City green hotel Toronto green hotel Victoria green hotel

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TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S.

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Boston/Cambridge California Fayetteville Florida Lake Tahoe Las Vegas Lecanto Massachusetts Miami Miles City Montana Napa Nevada Newberg North America North Carolina Oregon Park City Placer The Americas United States Utah 10 best green hotels U.S. The winners span the gamut from budget to ultra-luxury, but all have "Platinum" ranking and great traveler reviews TripAdvisor’s 10 best green hotels in the U.S. is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Why walking can be your best eco-friendly vacation ever

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Black Rock City Community Compostela England Europe France Glastonbury Lake District Nevada North America Spain St. Jean Pied de Port Switzerland The Americas United Kingdom United States Vermont Xtras Yorkshire eco-friendly Wainwrights Coast to Coast eco-friendly walking vacations eco-friendly Way of St. | Healthy Steps For Fun | What if we told you there’s an unforgettable adventure in your future. It will be Instagram-worthy to the max.

Imlay City, Michigan: Mulefoot Gastropub redefines the food culture

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| A Green Field of Dreams | It’s on a beach walk along wind-swept Lake Huron in the Thumb—do as all Michiganders do and think of the state as mitten-shaped and you get the picture—that we meet Paul Weideman. All Imlay City Michigan North America The Americas United States best Michigan restaurant fine dining in the Thumb Mulefoot Gastropub organic restaurant Imlay City

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: eco-wow Laguna Lodge

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: eco-wow Laguna Lodge 21 February 11 · 0 comments | Lakeside Green Style | T he first word that springs to mind is drama. The lake itself is drama in liquid form. One of the 4 sacred lakes that bounds the traditional world of the Guatemalan highlands, Lake Atitlan is a total oh-wow stunner.

Greenland’s Arctic Tern

10,000 Birds

The Arctic terns prefer to eat small fish, fish fry and small crustaceans caught in the water surface of nearby oceans and lakes. Destinations Arctic Tern Greenland North America Greenland is the world’s biggest island taking up more than 2,000,000 km2 of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Greenland is a beautiful place with a rich flora and fauna, and the Greenlandic birdlife is especially fascinating.

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How to plan a green honeymoon

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Africa All Certification Lake Tahoe Mauritius Nevada North America Oceania South Africa The Americas Tips United States Weddings green honeymoon green wedding Hawaii Las Vegas Reuters | Yin-Yang Greening | Your dream green wedding is all set. It’ll have mega impact on you and your guests, mini impact on the environment. Don’t stop there. Do like more and more couples today: Make your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon eco-friendly, too.

Top green Italians: Piatti Ristorante, Mill Valley (Calif.)

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For example, he knows how a peach is really supposed to taste—his hometown of Grand Haven, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is [.] All California Marin Mill Valley North America Restaurants/Cafes United States Piatti Todd Shoberg| Dine Sustainably Con Piacere | Who doesn’t love Italian? This is the first in a series on the best Italian-style green restaurants in northern California. Todd Shoberg knows what he’s doing.

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Restoring the Reef on Lake Michigan Benefits Native Fish

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’m on my way to snorkel Lake Michigan’s reefs, and nobody’s buying it: “There is no coral in Lake Michigan.”. You do know that Lake Michigan is freshwater, right?”. And while these reefs may look quite different from those of the Caribbean, they are nonetheless vitally important for Great Lakes native fish. So important that conservationists believe reef rehabilitation could be a key factor in restoring species like lake trout and lake herring.

WildSpring Guest Habitat: deep green ‘nature with four stars’ on Oregon’s coast

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This funky little artist enclave of Port Orford, the oldest town in Oregon, is barely 60 miles north into the Beaver State, yet three hours to anywhere. “Where Northern Exposure meets Lake Woebegon,” we [.] All Eco-lodges North America Oregon Port Orford United States Battle Rock Park Hawthorne Gallery Oregon coast Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum Redfish Redfish Rocks Reuters Southern Oregon

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Manky Muscovy Ducks

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Manky Muscovy Ducks Manky Muscovy Ducks By Mike • March 2, 2011 • 6 comments Tweet Share The Muscovy Duck ( Cairina moschata ) attracts more attention than most ducks, at least in North America. The Ridger Mar 2nd, 2011 at 8:58 am There are a few living in Oak Ridge, on the lake at the marina.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, May 16

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America has its first climate change refugees. The Great Lakes. ( We’ve got some interesting news on the climate change front this morning. Grist ). The Farm Bill has been approved by the House. Huffington Post ). What’s blue, provides over 80 percent of U.S. fresh water, and is suffering? MNN ). They’re supposed to protect the rhinos, but the black market is creating poachers out of park rangers. ( NPR ).

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, October 31

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A tiny, plastic threat is invading the Great Lakes. Happy Halloween! The green news is especially scary today. Something in your Halloween treats could be fueling rainforest destruction. Guardian ). Huffington Post ). Scary chemicals that mess up your hormones can be avoided with these tips. ( The Daily Green ). Our brains have a special corner just to help deal with the fear of these creatures. ( NPR ).

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, July 17

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New report outlines the threat of Asian Carp to the Great Lakes. Animals Birds Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Fish Green Living Health North America Science Sustainable Livelihoods The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy United States anchors Asian carp bird apps birdsong apps black bear britain''s seahorses drowning great lakes heat wave MNN National Geographic rare seahorse saultstar telegraph Treehugger

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Will Ancient Mega Lake Bring Peace to Sudan?

Green Prophet

He is known for his use of satellite images to search for water in the Mideast and North Africa. In 2007, Dr. El-Baz (left) used satellite-based ground penetrating radar to discover an ancient lake in the northern Darfur region of Sudan. At over 19,000 square miles this “Northern Darfur Mega-Lake” is vast– approximately the size of Lake Erie in North America. Can mega well bring peace to Sudan?

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NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort

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In the woods beyond the family cottage and the opulent resort hotels, he eyed wildlife, gun in hand, and cast his line in crystal-clear streams and lakes, often making friends among the Algonquian-speaking Ottawa and Ojibwa, who lived in the shadow of a lumbering-era past… Ernest soon saw the Native Americans’ severe poverty, with the lumber industry no longer offering employment.—John Lake Michigan: summer bliss in northwestern Michigan. | Traverse City Eco |.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, August 15

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Oldest petroglyphs in North America found in a dessicated Nevada lake. We’re buzzing over water wars, vegetarian fish and the greenest colleges in today’s green news. How do you save populations of “feed” fish from overfishing? Turn the carnivorous farmed fish who eat them into vegetarians, of course. Washington Post ). When you think of the military , do you think “environmentally friendly?” ” If not, you may want to think again. (

The Green Buzz: Monday, July 15

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Zebra mussels have found their way into Minnesota lakes. ( Animals Biodiversity Climate Change Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Fish Global Warming Green Living Invasive species North America The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy backyard chickens death valley earthquakes fracking fried eggs heat wave minnesota minnesota lake MNN nbc news npr san fransisco chronicle u.s. Happy Monday!

The Green Buzz: Monday, November 25

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Salt Lake Tribune ). Tyrannosaurus Rex’s worst nightmare is in today’s green news. T-Rex was relegated to the shadows when this newly-discovered giant came thudding by. A U.S. power company has pled guilty to the wind farm-related deaths of golden eagles in Wyoming. Christian Science Monitor ). Sharks rejoice! Indonesia’s national airline has banned the transport of fins from their flights. Mongabay ). The U.S.

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, July 31

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So do the Great Lakes. ( We’ve got unexpected water pollution, animal “fashion victims” and more in today’s green news. New EPA head says fighting climate change will create jobs, is good for the economy. Christian Science Monitor ). Plastic debris collected off the coast of Hawaii could fill a big rig. ( NBC News ). Lawyer who beat Chevron in oil pollution case now has Chevron to fear? ( The New York Times ).

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Why Congress Should Fix How the U.S. Pays to Fight Wildfires

Conservancy Talk

Adaptation Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Fire Forests Global Solutions Global Warming Health Land Use North America Policy Protected Areas The Nature Conservancy Uncategorized United States congress conservation conservation funding department of interior department of the interior forest conservation forest restoration Forest Service funding global warming government Nature Conservancy U.S.

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Recovery: Saving Lake Sturgeon, an Ancient Fish with a Bright Future

Nature Conservancy - Science

Lake sturgeon, our elders by some 150 million years, have a bright future — if Americans ignore voices of the past. In “The Song of Hiawatha” Longfellow celebrated the lake sturgeon, “king of fishes,” and the First Nations for whom it was sacred. By the lake he sat and pondered, By the still, transparent water; Saw the sturgeon, Nahma, leaping, Scattering drops like beads of wampum. Even as the poet penned this verse, North Americans were killing and trashing lake sturgeon.

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Lost in the Tweetstorm: The Truth About Climate Doesn’t Change with the Weather

Conservancy Talk

Additionally, recent studies have also suggested that warmer air temperatures could lead to increased snowfall in some regions, due to escalating amounts of evaporating water from oceans, rivers, and lakes. News coverage across the United States this week has focused on the intense winter storm or “ bomb cyclone ” that brought snow, ice, hurricane force winds and bitter arctic air to the U.S. east coast.

2018 67

Vancouver to be N. America's greenest destination?

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America’s greenest destination? It’s already well on its way to being North America’s greenest destination. Now it will soon require all new building rezonings to be LEED Gold certified, the highest green building standard for rezonings in North America.

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, June 6

Conservancy Talk

Speaking of invasions, Asian carp are threatening major fisheries in the Great Lakes – but this Chinese firm thinks they can assist in the battle. D-Day: 69 years ago today, Operation Overlord began. So let’s talk Normandy in today’s green news. The Bay of Seine – a place of great significance for WWII – is being sited for a wind farm. ( The Independent ).

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British Columbia: a ‘hunter-gatherer’ green chef honors the Okanagan

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W estern Canada’s British Columbia is home to native people called the Okanagan , who lived well for eons in the beautiful valley that today bears their name by foraging berries and roots, hunting the abundant wild game that drank from the clear waters of spectacular Lake Okanagan , and fishing the nearby salmon runs. Fruit cultivation here dates to the late 1800s, when apple orchards dotted natural terraces above the lake formed during the post-glacier period.

Spotting Banded Birds: Another Way Birders Can Contribute to Citizen Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

A wide array of species making their annual migrations through North America are wearing leg bands that observers can record and report. One of the most famous examples of such a biography is B95, the moonbird, a red knot that has been seen throughout its migration from South America to the Arctic over the last 20 years. This little bird happened to be a captive-reared piping plover chick that was born on the shores of the Great Lakes in Michigan.

2013 75

Qoros Electric Vehicle: China and Israel Partner with USA

Green Prophet

The former is responsible for an unsustainable extraction business, Dead Sea Works , that has put the famous saline lake in grave ecological danger, and what part of oil refinery goes with “sustainable” electric vehicles? Transportation AAM auto supplier Dead Sea Works Electric vehicles Geneva Motor Show green transportation Israel Corp North America Qoros 3

Taking Back the Lakes from Killer Algae

Eco Friendly Daily

Lake Taihu, which sits on China’s Yangtze River, was once described as a paradise of reeds, fish and clear water. It’s a story heard more and more often around the world, but scientists hope the lessons learned from the cleanup of Lake Taihu will help avert crises in other parts of the globe, from Africa’s Lake Victoria to North America’s Lake Eerie. Doing battle with the green monster of Taihu Lake.

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Solutions for Cities – From Nature

Conservancy Talk

And since 2015, the city has worked with The Trail Foundation to improve 199 acres of urban forestland around Lady Bird Lake. Climate Change Global Warming North America Opinion The Nature Conservancy Uncategorized United States Urban Austin cities city conference of mayors Editor's Choice Laura Huffman mayor mayors resolution steve adler Texas trees urban urban heat islandJune 20 was the official first day of summer – but as Texans, we’d be forgiven for not realizing it.

2016 57

How to Save Countless Trees in 10 Minutes or Less

Conservancy Talk

Unfortunately, many of our iconic trees are threatened by non-native insects and diseases that have been accidentally brought to America. At greatest risk are the Northern hardwood forests that reach from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes and beyond – approximately 48 million acres in the United States plus the majority of Canada’s hardwood forests. The ALB has been introduced to North America several times over the last 20 years because larvae can live in wooden crates and pallets.

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A Day Active Little Brown Bat in Queens

10,000 Birds

On Saturday’s nature walk at Oakland Lake, a small park in Queens, Desi and I got to enjoy the antics of a very active Little Brown Bat before our friend Kerry arrived to join us. The Little Brown Bat is one of the most common bats in North America though white nose syndrome is taking a very big toll on its population. ……… Mammals bats Oakland Lake Queens

2013 138

Toil with the Soil: One Family’s Farm Is Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Conservancy Talk

Carrie Vollmer-Sanders is the nutrient strategy manager for The Nature Conservancy’s North America Agriculture Program. Among her professional accomplishments, in 2014, President Obama honored Carrie for her work with farmers to reduce agricultural runoff into Lake Erie. Agriculture Climate Change Conservation Issues Food Global Warming North America Opinion The Nature Conservancy Editor's Choice

The Right Stuff for U.S. Water Resources

Conservancy Talk

Our natural areas along lakes and rivers are not faring much better. We need to refocus our many piecemeal efforts today on more comprehensive approaches that blend infrastructure and the restoration of cost-effective natural solutions to wring out multiple socio-economic and environmental benefits from our rivers, lakes and groundwater. There is no force more powerful than gravity at work on the Mississippi River. But for over a half century, George C.

Water 50

One More for the Road

10,000 Birds

So, on April 13th, I chose to go back to the same site I visited on my first outing of 2020, Lake Cuitzeo. Perhaps one of my reasons for going to the lake was that it guarantees more species in one day than any of my other sites. How on earth do they breed so quickly up north?)

2020 187

Uncommon Yellowthroats

10,000 Birds

The one migratory species, aptly named the Common Yellowthroat , can be seen almost anywhere in North America. Another one, the Masked Yellowthroat , can be found in five unconnected resident territories over much of South America. That place is Puente de Jarácuaro, on the southern shore of Lake Pátzcuaro. The Yellowthroat group is an odd collection of bird species.

2019 169

All Three Populations of North American Trumpeter Swans Are Increasing

10,000 Birds

The Trumpeter Swan is the largest native North American waterfowl, being five feet long, with a wingspan of seven to eight feet and weighing in at twenty-three pounds, they are hard to miss. Although it was formerly abundant and geographically widespread, Trumpeter Swan numbers and distribution were greatly reduced during the early fur trade and European settlement of North America (1600’s to 1800’s), when it was prized for its skins and primary feathers 1.

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Clark’s Grebes Were Once Considered a Color Morph of the Western Grebe

10,000 Birds

They nest on large inland lakes in western North America and migrate to the Pacific coast in winter, however they maintain local populations year-round in California. Here in Northern California, Clear Lake is one of the four lakes that support 76% of the total number of nesting grebes in the state 1.

2015 130