Tundra Swan at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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Late Saturday afternoon a Tundra Swan was reported from the south end of the East Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. done I headed over to Jamaica Bay. Trips Jamaica Bay Queens swans Tundra Swan Twitching

Another Great Shorebirding Day at Jamaica Bay

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Saturday morning, 30 August 2014, was a perfect time for shorebirding at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond. … Trips Jamaica Bay Queens shorebirds

East Pond Birding at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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That means it is time to look for shorebirds on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay. … Trips Jamaica Bay Queens shorebirdsIt is summer and I live in Queens.

Traveling through Jamaica (Life) with a Toddler.

Elephant Journal

I got pregnant in the year 2016, the same year I migrated from my home country, Jamaica.

What is the National Bird of Jamaica?

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The national bird of Jamaica is the Red-billed Streamertail , known colloquially as the Doctor Bird and scientifically as Trochilus polytmus. It is endemic to the island of Jamaica, which means that Jamaica is the only place in the world where the Red-billed Streamertail can be found.

American Redstart Nest at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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I’ve lived in Queens for eight years now and have visited Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge over one hundred times while I’ve been here. female American Redstart working on her nest at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. … Birds American Redstart Jamaica Bay nest wood-warblers

Man to Circumnavigate Jamaica on One Wheel

Wend Magazine

Coetzer, who is officially the first person to have unicycled the distance around the island of Mauritius, will attempt to ride the entire 635 miles of Jamaica’s coastline in just 15 days. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Nest at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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Fortunately for me, a kind birder pointed out a ruby-throat in the process of building a nest at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge last week and the nest is relatively low and unobstructed. Birds hummingbirds Jamaica Bay nest Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Jamaica Birding Trip 2013 Part 1

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Many of the Caribbean islands (except Cuba and Hispaniola) make for ideal, quick birding trips where one can see all the endemics and Caribbean specialties at a leisurely pace — usually, with extra spare time to explore historic cities such as old San Juan in Puerto Rico or lounge on beautiful beaches such as Frenchman’s Cove in Jamaica. To be continued… Trips Jamaica

Birding Day at Jamaica Bay in May

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Just like last year when I spent a goodly chunk of a Saturday at the end of May at Jamaica Bay I spent this past Saturday birding one of the premiere birding destinations of the northeastern United States, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Trips digiscoping Jamaica Bay may

Guest post: enjoying eco-friendly travel in Jamaica

Green Traveler Guides

| Jamaica Green, Mon! | | Located nearly at the center of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica has long been a mecca for tourists. Guest post: enjoying eco-friendly travel in Jamaica is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

East Pond Shorebirds at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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When you live in Queens and you only have one morning of an August weekend to go birding there is only one place to go – the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Get out to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond and enjoy those shorebirds.

Red-necked Stint AND Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Jamaica Bay

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Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, NY, 3 August 2008 It was while watching flocks of shorebirds on Friday on Cape Cod (an adventure I will soon describe) that I first heard of a Red-necked Stint being found at Jamaica Bay. Not bad for a quick jaunt to Jamaica Bay!

Jamaica Birding Trip 2013 Part II

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The karst scenery of Burnt Hill was dramatically different from anything I had seen yet on Jamaica. It was threatening to rain, and as I made my way back to Mandeville, I noted how badly the streets in Jamaica flood during any sort of rain event — the streets turn into defacto rivers! Streamertail is a spectacular and abundant endemic species of Jamaica, locally known as the Doctorbird. . Trips birding trip Jamaica parrots

November Shorebirds at the East Pond of Jamaica Bay

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It is extremely unusual that we birders can still walk the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in November. … Trips Jamaica Bay November shorebirds By now water levels should be high and the pond should be full as ducks, both dabbling and diving, are making their way south from cooler climes.

Red-necked Phalarope on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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Late morning this past Thursday, 27 August, I was on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay. … Birds Jamaica Bay phalaropes Red-necked Phalarope shorebirdsI was only there because I had worked an overnight and therefore had the day free from work and Desi was busy at a day camp.

Shorebirds on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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If I had my druthers I would be birding the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge pretty much every day from July until September. Isn’t Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge a great place to see them? … Trips Jamaica Bay Queens shorebirds But, you know, job, family, and all the other responsibilities of being a social animal means that, at best, I get out onto the East Pond once a week to see what shorebirds are stopping over on their way to their wintering grounds.

Searching for Shorebirds on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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That place is the fabled home of shorebirds, both common and rare, the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. American Avocet on Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond. One of these days this will be a picture of a much more rare species… … Trips Jamaica Bay Queens shorebirdsIt being mid-August in New York City there is one place where I have to be as often as I can.

750+ Geese Rounded Up For Slaughter at Jamaica Bay

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New York City’s premiere wildlife refuge proved to be no refuge for Canada Geese on Monday morning as federal agents rounded up 711 geese – including goslings – and packed them up for a trip to upstate New York where they will be gassed and their meat will be provided to food banks. Forty more geese were captured at a nearby landfill earlier. Asides

A Sora Saw I

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Last weekend a Sora was spotted at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and I had no time to go see it. Trips Jamaica Bay rails SoraHaving only seen three Sora in my decade-plus in Queens I was hoping against hope that the bird would last through the week so I could go see it this weekend.

2018 141

Twenty-Four Hours of Awesome Part Three: Sweet, Sweet Sage

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Finding more birds won out and I took the short ride to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge where I enjoyed a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at the feeders, the singing Yellow Warblers , and the generally expected birds at Jamaica Bay in May. That individual was also at Jamaica Bay.)

2019 141

North American Peep Sweep

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On Sunday morning I made my way to another peep show, this one at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond. Trips Floyd Bennett Field Jamaica Bay peeps

2018 169

Hidden in Plain Sight

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On a recent walk around Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge I took the following picture. Here, let me zoom in for you… It’s a Gray Tree Frog , Hyla versicolor , a common species at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Amphibians frogs Jamaica Bay tree frogs

2012 182

Sandals Resorts: first to score double EarthCheck platinum

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EarthCheck, the global eco-certifier, has awarded two Sandals all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica its highest eco-certification. Caribbean Certification Jamaica News Resorts EarthCheck Green Travel News Negril Ocho Rios Reuters Sandals ResortsIts Negril Beach Resort & Spa and Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort in Ocho Rios have both earned platinum-level certification. Sandals Resorts: first to score double EarthCheck platinum is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Great Images of Fish-Eating Birds

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Check out these shots of fish-eating birds at Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge! Asides Jamaica BayDo you know what is really annoying? When someone regularly birds the same spots that you do but manages to get much, much, much, better images.

2011 146

Restore the West Pond!

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You are also probably aware that Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, one of the best urban birding sites in the world, is on my regular list of spots that I like to stop by and visit. I have seen some absolutely amazing birds at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. I have taken friends birding there, I have taken my family birding there, I have met total strangers at Jamaica Bay and birded with them. I can’t abide the thought of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge without a West Pond.

2014 149

The Whistle Blowers

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They are found in the Bahamas, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Barbuda and Jamaica. West Indian Whistling Ducks in Jamaica The decline of the West Indian Whistling Duck has been a steady but gradual one.

2011 257

Eurasian Wigeon In Queens

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It took long enough but I have finally seen an Eurasian Wigeon in my home borough, at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond to be exact. Birds ducks Jamaica Bay listing Queens wigeonsFinally!

2011 244

Soul-Satisfying Scarlet

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So it was with a superlative, breeding-plumaged, male Scarlet Tanager today at Jamaica Bay. The particular Scarlet Tanager that caused my jaw to hit the ground today was found foraging in small trees on the west side of the West Pond at Jamaica Bay.

2012 219

Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Finally!

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So we tend to only get a couple of sightings a year, usually out at Fort Tilden where there are some wide open athletic fields or on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, especially when water levels are very low, which leaves enough shoreline for plants to grow. Now if only someone would find me a Whimbrel … Trips Buff-breasted Sandpiper county listing Jamaica Bay Queens shorebirds I’ve lived in Queens since March of 2008.

2014 197

Greater Scaup in Flight

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I have said it before and I will say it again – I love getting to Jamaica Bay at the end of a day and photographing waterfowl flying in and out of the West Pond. Birds diving ducks ducks flight Greater Scaup Jamaica Bay

2011 194

I’ll Find My Own Godwit, Thanks.

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Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis Park both had some birds but nothing spectacular so I moved on to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, hoping that the recent rains hadn’t filled up the East Pond to the point where it was unwalkable. I had all morning this past Saturday to look for birds.

2017 130

Northern Potoo

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A Northern Potoo by Nick Athanas Northern Potoos are found from Mexico to Costa Rica and on the islands of Jamaica and Hispaniola. And it was this call that alerted us to its presence on a recent trip to Jamaica. Birding Jamaica northern potoo potoos Worldwide Birding Adventures

2011 269

Hunting the Mountain Witch

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That is until a recent Nikon’s BATV film trip to Jamaica revealed a unique avian femme fatale, the Crested Quail-dove -- also known colloquially as the mountain witch. They can also be found in the Cockpit Country of north-western Jamaica.

Jamaican Owls

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“Jah Man (pronounced Jamon )&# is something you will hear often when visiting Jamaica. When our local driver asked me in Patois, an English-lexified creole language unique to Jamaica, if we would like to go and see Jamaican Owl , I had no idea what he was talking about.

2011 239

Israel’s eVolution Networks Slashes Cell Phone Tower Energy Use

Green Prophet

Israel’s eVolution Networks has recently announced that the pan-Caribbean mobile provider Digicel saved up to 23 percent of their cell phone tower energy consumption within three months of incorporating the start-up’s new Smart Energy Solutions (SES) system in Jamaica.

Israel 102

Unity in Diversity: In Celebrating our Differences We Become One.

Elephant Journal

It is not our differences that create dis-harmony. Rather it is the large un-willingness to accept, honor and celebrate them.

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A Hunting Snowy Egret

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In my recent post about birding Jamaica Bay’s East Pond I mentioned a very successful Snowy Egret. Birds herons and egrets Jamaica Bay Snowy Egret

Free Housing in New York City

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Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, NY, April 2010 Everyone knows that New York City is an extremely expensive place to live. Birds Jamaica Bay New York City Queens swallows Tree Swallows

Snow Birds

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Then Seth and I grew tired of Nassau County and decided to wind up our day back in Queens, at Jamaica Bay. Trips Jamaica Bay Jones Beach snow Suffolk CountyIn December in the northeastern United States you expect snow.

2011 250

Peep Show on the East Pond!

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Sunday morning was a perfect morning to get out on the East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. ” At Jamaica Bay in August the standard peep is the Semipalmated Sandpiper , which is present in the hundreds or even thousands. … Trips Jamaica Bay peeps shorebirds

2014 167

Here’s to Earth Day: 9 eco-friendly Caribbean resorts

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Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Jamaica. The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort, Rose Hall, Jamaica. Antigua Caribbean Certification Cozumel Dominican Republic Jamaica Mexico News North America Puerto Rico Resorts St. | Green Travel News |.

Shorebird Season is Over…

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…at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge anyway. Yesterday’s eight plus inches of rain (as measured at JFK Airport)* have probably brought this year’s shorebird season at Jamaica Bay to an unfortunate and early end. Asides Jamaica BayThe famed East Pond, where so many wonderful shorebirds have shown , had issues with its draining system this summer and was well above the level it needed to be at to expose mud for the birds.

2011 140