Park Royal in Singapore wants to lead the way in green high-rise development

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In the heart of Singapore, a green luxury skyscraper is being built that once completed later this year will accommodate regular office workers, tourists and business travelers among the tower’s vertical gardens, waterfalls and leafy terraces.

10 Principles for Liveable High Density Cities: Lessons from Singapore

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In the foreword to the publication, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore’s Minister for National Development, points to the lasting benefits of building cities for people. Singapore is seen as a high density, high liveability development model.

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Urban Jungle Redefined: Singapore to get a fresh new skyscraper thanks to WOHA Architects


B.Sameer Kumar: Hotel Plaza Property could not have conceived something as spectacular as this when they decided they wanted a top notch new sky scraper in the heart of Singapore. Singapore is already home to some of the best eco friendly and energy conscious skyscrapers on the planet.

Unusual Underground Sancaklar Mosque Recognized at World Architecture Festival 2013

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One of the most prestigious award festivals in the industry, the World Architecture Festival is being held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Conference center in Singapore, an impressive structure designed by Moshe Safdie. This remarkable urban reclamation project is also located in Singapore.

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Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020


Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020. In this regard, the Podder will serve as an electric public transport system for the city of Singapore, in the year of 2020. Conceived by industrial designer Zelin Ong, the nature of the conception corresponds to the technological and demographic upheaval of Singapore in 2020. In fact, the fare, which is based upon an integrated GPS ambit, is also to be collected by the personnel of MRTs.

Entertainment Going Green

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Certain environmental buildings can integrate landscapes and earth systems. Ecological architecture means integrating sustainable materials with eco-conscious urban and rural lifestyles. Nanyang Technical University In Singapore.

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Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


In the 1950s, the People’s Republic of China made significant efforts to integrate the alternative treatments of herbal remedies and acupuncture with modern notions of anatomy and pathology. Singapore. Singapore. Pangolins are small nocturnal creatures.

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Green (Living) Review

During the last century, about 29% of these meadows have disappeared, but local sustainability and fisheries management may be the key to sustainability for this integral part of our ecosystem. PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two recent articles in Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development Volume 55, Issue 3 provide information on environmental issues that can be used towards sustainable ecosystems. You can access these articles for free until 31st July 2013.

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Vintage Airstream Trailer Has Been Made Over with Sustainable, Reclaimed Materials

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Travel demands take him from Ireland, Singapore and back home to the Sonoma Valley “…where I need a down-sized slice of solace.”. A powerful solar package integrates 12v and 110v electricity in a 50 amp supply distribution panel located on the front hitch.

Are our healthcare facilities inadequate?

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The law has principles attempting to integrate prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental health and has a comprehensive management mechanism.

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Eco2 Cities

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It provides an analytical and operational framework that offers strategic guidance to cities on sustainable and integrated urban development. The district is seamlessly integrated into the larger urban fabric, and has provided inspiration for more initiatives in the city and catalyzed change.

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Case studies on the implementation of the CBD and the 2010 biodiversity target

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City of Bonn , Germany Theme 1: Integrating biodiversity into city planning Urban Biodiversity Action Plans and Strategies based on Local Agenda 21 processes; application of the ecosystem approach to urban environments; climate change, biodiversity and cities: adaptation measures, microclimates and biodiversity; urban design, architecture and land-use planning considering biodiversity; etc.

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Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

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Bike-sharing systems—distributed networks of public bicycles used for short trips—that integrate into robust transit networks are being embraced by a growing number of people in the urbanizing world who are starting to view car ownership as more of a hassle than a rite of passage.

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The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World

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Singapore: Biophilic City (2012) 44 min · A whirlwind week in Singapore exploring the amazing story of how Singapore came to be one of the most 'biophilic' cities of the world, on the cutting edge of ecocity design and. A more beautiful, just and sustainable world is possible.

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ICLEI Case Studies - Locally-based projects that support sustainability

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[link] ICLEI Case Studies profile locally-based projects that support sustainability. Each study documents: the local context of the project the anatomy of the project results lessons learned the project's replication potential budgeting and financial issues Please note: Case Studies 1 - 55 will be available soon.

e-Books on Green Productivity

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21Mb) Asia-Pacific Water Resources Management Challenges Proceedings of APO International Symposium on Water Resources Management and Green Productivity, Singapore, 7-9 October 2003 (03-EV-GE-SYP-01) Click here to download the whole book.

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Educating for change

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Universities around the globe have proven eager to integrate sustainability into their curricula. At the same time, transformational learning (also known as the Integral or holistic education movement) continues to blossom.

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Awareness of the Need for Environmental Protection: A Role of Higher Education

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[link] OPENING REMARKS - Dr. Bui Tran Phuong, President, Hoa Sen University OPENING REMARKS - Mr. Graeme Swift, Australian Consul-General FULL PAPERS Order Title Full name Positions Institutions Title of papers 1 Assoc. Dons R. Adams Professor of American Literature Florida Atlantic University, USA The Individual and the Environment: Teaching Environmental Awareness in the Humanities Classroom 2 Dr. Bui Xuan An Head of Environment Dept.,

Urban Research Symposium 2009

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How to integrate cities?

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Reclaiming the Streets: Urban Transportation Innovations

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Several more lines are in the development stage, and all will be integrated with the city’s new subway lines. Congestion charges: internalizing the costs of inefficient urban transportation Some cities are reducing traffic congestion and air pollution by charging cars to enter the city, including Singapore, London, Stockholm, and Milan. By Lester R. Brown Earth Policy Institute Cars promise mobility, and in a largely rural setting they provide it.

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Reflections on Sumak Kawsay (good living) and theories of development

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This notion of « emerging markets », was created to downplay the phenomenon of the « Asian tigers » in the debate on development theories, with reference to Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, which was fashionable in the eighties, since the growth of these « tigers » retained a strong role for the State.

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15 Future Wonders of Green Technology

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acre, undulating green roof that will integrate it into the surrounding Golden Gate Park. This one will be located in Singapore City , measuring 150,000 square meters and set for multi-use functioning.

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Toward Green Resilience: Eco-effective Design and Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam

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In its confused industrial adolescence, it (the city itself, by all appearances in some agony, should not be blamed) dreams of becoming a localized version of Singapore, sleek and luxurious. [link] “Vietnam is not a country, but an aggregate of individual dreams.”

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5th World Summit on Arts and Culture

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While in the past local residents, many of whom are from North Africa, used the park for family leisure and play, very few entered the major cultural facilities which are integral to the park. 7: Global connectivity Dr Mario Merialdi (World Health Organisation, Switzerland), Jo Dorras (Wan Smolbag, Vanuatu), Katelijn Verstraete (Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore).