Does Poor Oral Health Impact Brain Function?

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In this next section, you’ll learn more closely about how gum disease can impact brain function and how it can create both short-term and long-term adversary side effects. . Does It Impact Brain Function? What Else Does Poor Oral Health Impact? Gum disease can impact a lot.

The Environmental Impact of Dentistry

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In our everyday lives, almost everything we do has an environmental impact that can affect this generation and the next. However, before you have an impact in the world, you have to first focus on what’s happening in your own office. Leaving a Positive Impact.


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The Economic Impact of Birding on National Wildlife Refuges: Creating Local Jobs

10,000 Birds

These reports (called “ Banking on Nature “) are relevant to birders because they are among the few comprehensive analyses that relate to the economic impact of birders on national wildlife refuges, which are among the more popular birding locations. FWS also estimates the overall number and impact of birders, though those numbers appear to be substantially inflated ). Even in these reports, however, the impact of birders is not calculated independently.

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Environmental Impact Of Contrails

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Contrails aren't just a form of visual pollution to some; they are also thought to have an impact on climate Contrail is short for condensation trail, a streak of artificial cloud made by jet aircraft engine exhaust; also known as a vapour trail.

What Impact Will Drones Have on Birds?

10,000 Birds

Taking up the pertinent question of how the newest form of recreational aviation technology affects avians is Liz Greene, who hails from the beautiful city of trees, Boise, Idaho. She’s a lover of all things geek and is happiest when cuddling with her dogs and catching up on the latest Marvel movies. You can follow her on Twitter @LizVGreene or dig deeper into her internal musings on InstantLo. This is Liz’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds.

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Dirt bike environmental impact

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Recreational motorbike riding in rural areas, forests, the outback and urban parks presents a multitude of issues that some riders either aren't aware of or choose to. ignore - and the problems are getting worse

Economic impact of climate change: 25% snark

Environmental Economics

the economic impact of the regulations. Krugman (with the snark deleted and one [substitution]): The U.S. Chamber of Commerce just came out with its [study of] Obama administration regulations on power plants. the Chamber wanted to. And I was eager to see. the numbers. The Chamber. outsourced the analysis. found. that dramatic action on greenhouse gases would have surprisingly small economic costs. The Chamber’s. headline is that regulations would cost the US economy $50.2

Beware 2-year Impact Factors

Environmental Economics

2011 Impact Factor  Journal of Financial Economics. In contrast, the multidisciplinary Journal of Environmental Management has a 2-year Impact Factor of 3.245, which would put it third on the list. The 5-year Impact factor of JEM is 3.161 while at JEEM it is 3.060 Elsevier has released theirs for economics journals. Here is the top 30: Journal title. 3.725. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 3.281. Economics and Human Biology. 2.722. Social Science & Medicine.

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Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution


Even plants and wild animals living in the distant ecosystems suffer greatly of the negative impacts of pollution. Keep on reading to learn more about the full scope of the environmental impacts of air pollution that are affecting our world on the daily basis. Quick Navigation for Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution. Impacts of haze on plants are also profound. Fresh air and clean water have been for centuries.

The Cooler: PLoS ONE and the Panic Over Impact

Nature Conservancy - Science

What is “impact” for science, anyway? And could the ways we define “impact” explain why we have less of it than we think we should? Its 2012 “impact factor” (the most widely used measure of a journal’s scientific influence — calculated by the number of citations a year’s worth of its papers receive elsewhere, divided by the number of papers it published that year) dropped a whopping 16% from 2011’s number , it was announced earlier this month.

On my reading list: "The Economic Impacts of Climate Change"

Environmental Economics

Abstract:  This article reviews the economic impacts of climate change and the policy implications of the results. Current estimates indicate that climate change will likely have a limited impact on the economy and human welfare in the twenty-first century. In fact, the initial impacts of climate change may well be positive. However, in the long run the negative impacts dominate the positive ones.

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Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment


One of the most significant and globally impacting effects of plastic bags is how they are made. The scary part about the greenhouse effect is even a small change in earth’s temperature, 1-2 degrees Celsius, can have huge impacts around the world. The impacts are dramatic and daunting for all living things, including us. Plastic bags cause many negative effects for. us and the environment.

Now that’s impact! Investors get primer on Impact Investing in Israel

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There is a new investment trend in town and it’s called Impact Investing. While the East and West Coasts of America are already familiar with the term Impact Investing, the Middle East is not. But you know some Impact companies already: Tom’s Shoes. You can find Impact Summits from Chicago to New York to San Francisco and now Israel is getting its first. What can Impact Investment mean? How can we judge and predict a startups’ future Impact?

Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Help Keep Your Business Green

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Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Keep Your Business Green. Green News Consultants for Ecological Impact green business

Rechargeable and disposable batteries – the environmental impact

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Rechargeable batteries are definitely better for the bank balance; but what about the environment? And where can they be recycled once they're worn out? Learn more in this article. articles & guides energy gadgets

Elsevier is releasing its 2013 journal impact factors

Environmental Economics

Here is how the 2 year impact factor is measured: The Journal Impact Factor is published each year by Thomson Reuters. The Impact Factor of journal J in the calendar year X is the number of citations received by J in X to any item published in J in (X-1) or (X-2), divided by the number of source items published in J in (X-1) or (X-2). Impact factors aren''t the best way to rank journals due to publication lags but this ranking seems to make sense.

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How to control the environmental impacts of the internet?

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All of us like to buy broadband plans, and other internet connection without even considering their impact on our environment. Let us get started with impacts and then how we can control them. Alarming Impacts of Internet on Environment. Loon LLC is an Alphabet Inc.

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Energy-Efficient Products With Real Impact

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Energy-efficiency is a hot topic and with all the clamoring voices out there, it can be hard to discern the wisest investment for an energy-efficient home. By using the suggestions below, you’ll use less and save more than ever before. Windows Imagine coming home in the middle of a bone-chilling winter to an open window. […]. energy efficient lighting energy efficient materials saving energy saving money sustainability Energy-Efficient Products save energy save money

RFF: Carbon tax impact in Australia

Environmental Economics

Experts suggest that a greater emissions impact could be achieved if businesses believed that carbon pricing “was here to stay” and current carbon prices were increased. Check this out, mate: New data released last week by the Australian government show that electricity emissions have dropped 7.6 percent since the introduction of a carbon tax in July 2012.

Smarties at Oxford says cycling impacts the planet

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The post Smarties at Oxford says cycling impacts the planet appeared first on Green Prophet.

Ever wonder how to read a Regulatory Impact Analysis?

Environmental Economics

Here you go: Consumer’s Guide to Regulatory Impact Analysis: Ten Tips for Being an Informed Policymaker. Consumer’s Guide to Regulatory Impact Analysis: Ten Tips for Being an Informed Policymaker. Regulatory impact analyses (RIAs) weigh the benefits of regulations against the burdens they impose and are invaluable tools for informing decision makers. Dudley, S., et al. 2017). Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 1-18. doi:10.1017/bca.2017.11. Abstract.

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Finding the Other Hand: How to Practice Science for Impact

Nature Conservancy - Science

Advice from scientists for scientists: a set of guidelines and principles to help increase the odds that your research will be used to identify, define and solve real-world problems. Ideas Conservation Science TNC Science

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Dishwashing detergent environmental impact

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Washing dishes using certain types of dishwashing detergent can cause damage to the environment. Learn more about what to watch for and pick up some earth friendly washing up tips in this article

A 'comical' example of the potential impacts of climate change

Environmental Economics

Was Syria's civil war sparked by climate change?    Some think so. HT: David Zetland via FB

Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact

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Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact. SAC describes themselves as, “An industry-wide group of over 60 leading apparel and footwear brands, retailers, suppliers, nonprofits, and NGOs working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.” A recent article by Christina Binkley in The Wall Street Journal reported on a new rating tool setup by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

2010 Impact Factors from Elsevier

Environmental Economics

Journal title 2010 Impact Factor. Journal Of Financial Economics. 3.810. Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management. 2.989. Journal of Accounting & Economics. 2.817. Social Science & Medicine. 2.742. Energy Economics. 2.449. Economics And Human Biology. 2.438. Journal Of Health Economics. 2.234. International Journal of Production Economics. 1.988. Journal Of Econometrics. 1.815. Journal Of International Economics. 1.788. Resource And Energy Economics. 1.778.

2010 116

Political Calculations: The Economic Impact of Climate Change

Environmental Economics

I recommend you follow the link below but here is an excerpt with only the analysis cut out: How much can climate change impact the economy? No matter who you are or what your thoughts are about the topic of climate change , whether very well reasoned or not , this is a real question that real people need to be able to answer because the economy is where it will have a real impact on their lives. But how can you measure the economic impact of climate change?

How Blizzards and Extreme Cold Impact Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

It is unlikely that the cold winter had any long-term impact on bird populations. Birds and other wildlife are well equipped to deal with cold and snow, as I’ve written in a previous blog. But extremely frigid temperatures and blizzards can tax even hardy wild survivors. For the third year in a row now, we’ve experienced the warmest year on earth during modern times. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have blizzards.

Chopsticks and their environmental impact

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For one thing, who really does think about and consider chopsticks and their environmental impact? So, let me reiterate that – one – all those chopsticks that are used and thrown have a serious environmental impact and – two – that you can use those to create your own BYOC sets. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While I do like Chinese food, and yes, I do know real Chinese food as well, not just an Anglicized version of it, I don't have to have it all the time.

Mangroves Reduce Tsunami Impacts

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Koh Hock Lye and colleagues at the DRN developed a tsunami simulation model to investigate the role of coastal vegetation in reducing the impact of such events. Using the model, the team analysed the earthquake risk for the Upper Padas Dam in Sabah, and found that the presence of mangroves appeared to reduce the impact of tsunamis.

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Call for Papers: Economic and Social Impacts of Stocking Cultured Fish

Environmental Economics

American Fisheries Society 145th Annual Meeting August 16 - 20, 2015 | Portland, OR Call for Papers (Deadline March 13) Economic and Social Impacts of Stocking Cultured Fish. The symposium will present information on the impacts of stocking hatchery reared fish.    Specifically, economic and social impacts will be discussed.    The symposium will try to address how hatchery stockings impact these benefits of angling. 

The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment

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The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment: - Well over a billion single-use plastic bags are given out for free each day. Collection, hauling and disposal of plastic bag waste create an additional environmental impact. For this convenience, we are paying a tremendous environmental cost. Production Costs: - The production of plastic bags requires petroleum and often natural gas, both non-renewable resources that increase our dependency on foreign suppliers.

5 Impactful Strategies for Communicating Sustainability Online

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Get focused around making an impact with your message. Data is impactful. When you align your content with the goodwill of others, instead of casting blame on bad actors, you’ll achieve a more desired impact on delivering a sustainable future. People are searching for information about global warming online. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the “Global Warming” Google Trends page based on searches performed around the globe on the world’s most popular search engine.

How the Production of Foie Gras Impacts the Health of Ducks and Geese


As a biology student, Jessica understands that the way humans interact with animals and their surroundings has a profound impact on the planet. The post How the Production of Foie Gras Impacts the Health of Ducks and Geese first appeared on Greentumble.

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Tol's JEP and JEDC papers on climate change impacts are corrected

Environmental Economics

In Table 1 of that paper, titled “Estimates of the Welfare Impact of Climate Change,” minus signs were dropped from the two impact estimates, one by Plambeck and Hope (1996) and one by Hope (2006). In Figure 1 of that paper, titled “Fourteen Estimates of the Global Economic Impact of Climate Change,” and in the various analyses that support that figure, the minus sign was dropped from only one of the two estimates.

"The IPCC treatment of the total economic impact of climate change"

Environmental Economics

Richard Tol's latest paper compares the estimated economic impact of climate change from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th assessment reports to show there is little statistical difference and compares this fact with the content of the technical summaries which appear to change over time. 

IPCC 180

Six Ways Impact Investing Is Transforming the Environmental Movement

Conservancy Talk

Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. Impact capital is revolutionizing the nonprofit world—and conservation. Impact investing is a big topic of conversation this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Here are six examples of impact investing deals that my organization, the Nature Conservancy (TNC), closed during the past year. Impact investors provided 95% of the capital at very low-cost financing, and just 5% came from traditional donors. Mark R.

How Your Small Business Impacts Environmental and Economic Health

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How Your Small Business Impacts Environmental and Economic Health. green business practices green work habits green business small business green practices

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Daily Demand and Supply: The impact of expectations

Environmental Economics

That bunch of bananas on your kitchen counter -- the ones that are a staple of your baby's diet and the linchpin of your breakfast -- could be wiped out within the next couple years. According to science journal Nature , the Cavendish banana variety, which accounts for nearly all of the world's global export trade, is under serious attack from a fungus that is making its way around the globe.

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A Greener Cigarette? Reducing the Negative Impact of Smoking

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Reducing the Negative Impact of Smoking. A Greener Cigarette? green products green technology better way to smoke green cigarette

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10 Unexpected Impacts of Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

But a rapidly warming world means many other impacts, both large and small. Weed ecologist Lewis Ziska projects this impact by looking at how weeds fare in cities, where temperatures are already higher. Droughts. More severe and unpredictable storms. A decline in polar bears. You no doubt have heard about these and other effects of climate change. A changing climate will likely change your health, your sports and even what you drink.

A Low impact Woodland Home

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Our Path to Impactful Change

Elephant Journal

I’ll also introduce myself by saying that I can’t deconstruct the creation of change without talking about love. And I can’t speak about how governments should be improved, without mentioning that we also must be able to threaten its very existence, not merely it’s reputation. And we shouldn’t defend the needed political and social lines […].

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