Eco-Hybrid Car From Qatar Unveiled During Climate Talks

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“The engine captures thermal waste energy that is utilized to generate electric energy to run hydrogen fuel cells using the potable water as a source for the gas,” GORD announced in a press release. Initial studies show that this technology emits 50% less carbon monoxide (CO) & nitrous oxide (NOX) than conventional oil or natural gas-powered vehicles. Cars & Transportation Climate Change COP18 Eco-Hybrid Car global warming GORD hybrid car hydrogen vehicles

Bosphorus To Become Center of Hydrogen Energy Production If Second Canal Is Built

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But authorities at Turkey’s center for hydrogen energy technology see a silver lining: the canal could enable Turkey to become one of the world’s most important producers of hydrogen energy. And that would free up the strait for hydrogen energy projects that Turkey has been waiting years to realize. By electrolyzing the seawater in the Bosphorus, the turbine would produce hydrogen, which would be stored under heavy pressure.


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10 Ways The Green Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Trends

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But in the modern context, they use propellers and turbines, as pushed by the wind, to turn a manually powered generator. Solar power sources are the undisputed king of green alternative energy in equatorial regions. And with the growing demand of home-installed panels, established cleaning services have an opportunity to expand their reach. This poses a great opportunity for expansion and contracts by trained professional cleaning companies. .

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Future Perfect: Producing hydrogen fuel from wastewater


We have been listening about the green potentials of hydrogen based energy technology for quite some time now. Reason for this is the fact that hydrogen is an energy carrier, which doesn’t occur naturally. And, the artificial production of hydrogen faces huge technological and cost based challenges. It has been shown that hydrogen could be produced from wastewater through new carbon neutral processes. The hydrogen can then be used in fuel cells.