The Zebra Mussel Hunter

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Zebra mussels and the related quagga mussels have become two of the most notorious invasive species on the planet. Finding an individual zebra mussel – an invasive species the size of your fingernail – in a large lake might seem like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Hunter Green: a biodegradable watch for a planet living on borrowed time

Green Prophet

Yet we can’t get enough of consuming stuff on planet earth. Fancy, crazy expensive watches for elite people, not this planet in peril. Enter Hunter Green. Designer Hunter Mayers, now looking for a $30,000 launch fund on Kickstarter (and which is about 1/4 of the way there!)

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October Hunter’s Super Moon & Embracing the Horned God on Halloween.

Elephant Journal

The full moon in October is traditionally known as the Hunter’s Moon. On October 15, 2016, the Hunter’s Moon brings in the energy of the Horned God. The Horned God is the hunter and he is also the hunted. *Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion.

Environmental Economics: More on bigfoot

Environmental Economics

» February 24, 2011 More on bigfoot I received this followup to NC bigfoot story from the inbox: Animal Planet and the rest of the misguided Bigfoot junkies did indeed spend all day 02/12 looking [loon-ing] for Bigfoot in the Uwharrie Mountains (link below).

Audubon’s 2012 Women in Conservation: The Rachel Carson Award Goes To…

Eco Chic

Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Audubon President David Yarnold, and Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner of New York City Department of Transportation. Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalism NYC NYC DOT rachel carson Rev.

A Walk in the Desert

10,000 Birds

During our tenure there, we had exceptional views of Africa’s largest ( Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl ) and smallest ( African Scops Owl ) owls, the largest bird on the planet, not neglecting numerous hornbills, sunbirds and weavers. Hunter’s Sunbird.

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French Satellite to Search for Other “Earths”

Eco Friendly Daily

A satellite probe launched today in Kazakhstan will spend the next few years searching the skies for small, rocky planets orbiting stars in the “Goldilocks zone,” where light intensity is just right for supporting life. Source: Ian Sample, Planet-hunter searches for second Earth.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

10,000 Birds

The system was intended as a hunter-centric model, both guided by and benefitting consumptive interests. Given that few hunters actually consume coyotes, wolves, cougars, and except for a few individuals, even bears, it is obviously a “waste” of wildlife to shoot or trap these animals just for “fun” 2. He notes that “Beginning in the 1960s, for example, conservation was dominated by non-hunters whose legacy includes key legislation such as the U.S.

Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

Green Home Blog

Hunter Lovins, author of “Climate Capitalism” and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions states that “You don’t have to believe in the problem to believe in the solution.” Running a small business is hard enough without having to implement green products or additions.

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Have There Been Any Positive Aspects of the Malheur NWR Occupation?

10,000 Birds

Incidents like this one, led by far-right militant, anti-government extremists, should be a concern of all Americans, especially birders, hunters, environmentalists, conservationists, and anyone else concerned with keeping public lands public.

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Is Sport Hunting on its Way Out in Israel?

Green Prophet

In addition to the habitats of these animals being diminished by agriculture and housing construction, illegal poaching by hunters (many of them licensed) is becoming a problem that Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority are struggling to cope with. Wild Boars are hunted illegally as well.

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

10,000 Birds

Nationwide, wildlife watchers now outspend hunters 6 to 1. Giving a few hundred hunters something else to shoot, in my opinion, cannot be worth the blowback from tens of thousands of people who are willing to travel and spend just to watch the birds fly over. I’ve received letters and emails from a number of avid hunters who find the concept of shooting cranes repugnant. Hunters and fish and wildlife departments having a stake in Sandhills is a great thing.

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The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching


These big game hunters feel that displaying an animal head, its pelt or even an entire animal, stuffed, is an emblem of their prowess. This psychological need is the incentive for big game hunters everywhere and they are willing to pay large sums of money for the opportunity. .

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Corner Shop culture resonates more than price for super-savvy consumers

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Whilst the recession has created a nation of price hunters as many scramble to save money on products and services, companies with a longer term strategy of retaining and attracting customers should instead look to provide first class customer service.

Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


Even though organic farming has been around since the Neolithic period, when our ancestors turned from hunters and gatherers to farmers, there is no doubt that it is experiencing a bit of a comeback in recent years.

Tourism Boycott Heats up as Namibia Prepares to Kill 91,000 Seals

Green Prophet

Sometimes they manage to stun the animal into unconsciousness, which is considered best practice among seal hunters and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), but often they don’t.

Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


As unappealing as the term “wetlands” sounds, wetlands should be celebrated for their multiple services they deliver which help keep our planet and society going as well as for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

Times Need To Change Or Eco-Debt Will Bankrupt Humanity

Eco Friendly Daily

The world is full of dire warnings these days, and the warning from the WWF in their Living Planet Report is especially dire. In the report, it states that wildlife populations across the planet have decreased by one-third in the past 35 years alone.

Eating Animals and Magical Thinking


No more worries about killing animals, it’s all part of a mind-full return to a long forgotten past when humans and animals shared the planet in harmony. This is particularly true when the imagery of hunter-gather people strongly influences the “eco-minded”. Guest Post by Bill Tara.

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W.H. Hudson

Wend Magazine

A naturalist, a hunter, a rancher, a military man, a scientist, a writer, an explorer and a politician, he was solid in geography and well-read in history, strong in biology, French, and German, but interestingly enough, deficient in mathematics, Latin and Greek. CELEBRATE OUR PLANET!!

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That little thing called more

Green (Living) Review

In the old days this was often the case for fortune hunters going abroad, and amongst those were the slavers and slave traders, as well as the gold diggers and the carpet baggers. It is not good for our wallets and it is especially bad for the Planet.

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Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

10,000 Birds

Originally a hunting term, the Big Five were the most dangerous and prized targets of the great white hunters on safari. It’s the latter that represents the largest member of the Big Five and is in fact the largest creature currently walking the face of our planet.

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What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


Cats are avid hunters and can decimate vulnerable species when introduced to new locations. As custodians of the planet, we are playing roulette. And it is still considered by many cultures an achievement if a hunter is able to shoot a large animal.

The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservationists have a unique – and essential – role to play in society: to try to set up conditions so that the extraordinary diversity of plants and animals that share this planet can persist into the future. What’s in it for me? That may sound like a selfish question.

Stylish, affordable green at Glen Oaks Big Sur

Green Traveler Guides

T he 75-mile stretch of Highway 1 running through Big Sur , California is justly famed as one of the most scenic driving routes on the planet. | Greening with Adobe |.

2011 217

A Brain Surgeon's Guide to Horse Sense

Green (Living) Review

Two and a half million years ago, our primate ancestors were forced to abandon their arboreal existence and take to the savannas because of global warming (the old-fashioned kind, produced by a change in the tilt of the planet). Tapping into the wisdom of “prey” species.

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When Is a Black Bear Actually a Blue Bear?

Nature Conservancy - Science

When European naturalists and hunters first encountered the animal, they pretty much only saw black bears that were black. I’m watching the brownish black bear safely from a turnoff in Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley, one of the great wildlife viewing spots on the planet.

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From consumer society to maker society

Green (Living) Review

The consumer is but a passive user of products and living things and often has no idea as to the true cost of his or her mentality to the Planet. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There was a time when people made and grew almost all of the things they needed; the majority of them at least.

India’s Banjaar Tola: Bengal tiger-spotting in eco-luxury

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That was before a century of poachers, big-game hunters and ill-conceived policies that preyed on many species to the brink of extinction. | Kanha Roars Back |. T wo young Royal Bengal tigers are gorging themselves on freshly-killed chital. This is the moment I had come on safari in India for.

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Writing in Sync

The Alien Next Door

The tendency to synchronize pervades the universe, from atoms to animals, and people to planets. Author Sibyl Hunter tells us that “Sync operates as an undercurrent of divine awareness personified through the myriad processes and symbols that make up the building blocks of our reality.

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Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

Nature Conservancy - Science

It works like this: zebra and quagga mussels from eastern Europe concentrate naturally occurring botulism bacteria, among the planet’s most lethal toxins. A night silence settled over Big Island Pond in southern New Hampshire when we lost the whippoorwills.

2016 114

You Won’t Believe What Porcupines Eat (And No, Not Bigfoot Bones)

Nature Conservancy - Science

Provided the porcupine beats eager shed hunters. This idea was popularized on the regrettable Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot. Yes, the porcupine eats foliage. But will it also eat your face? Photo: ©Janet Haas. By Matt Miller.

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Book Review: “I’m With the Bears”

Green Prophet

The oil companies and the Koch Bros are willing to take a few years of big profits in return for cratering the planet’s climate system. Future planet earth.

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My Awesome Inspirational Conservation Mix (Vol 1-Mongolia)

Conservancy Talk

In Guardians, the hero Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) joins forces with a genetically modified raccoon and humanoid tree called Groot to save the galaxy from a planet-destroying orb. Waiting for our airag (a staple drink of Mongolia) © Joseph Kiesecker E agle hunters.

The Nonessential Whooping Crane

10,000 Birds

So, one might surmise, it’s OK if they get shot by hunters thinking they’re sandhill cranes? What could motivate gunmen (I cannot call them hunters) in two states to deliberately kill North America’s tallest and most critically endangered bird? Hunting sandhill cranes in the Eastern flyway will put those 100 whooping cranes at even greater risk of being brought down by gunfire, hunter education courses and handy color brochures notwithstanding. Do all hunters realize that?

2011 196

Shark Fin Soup Destroying A Legendary Species

Eco Friendly Daily

It will open your eyes to the incredible tragedy that is befalling one of the oldest species on the planet; sharks. Each year, 100,000,000 sharks are killed by hunters and fishermen. We try and save the seals, the pandas and all the other big cuddly animals on the planet.

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7 Cool Facts About Water Striders

Nature Conservancy - Science

Photo © Hunter Desportes / Flickr through a Creative Commons license. It’s common to hear biologists say that our planet is dominated by insects. Water striders are one of the most interesting and enjoyable aquatic creatures to observe.

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Misleading the public on green issues

Green (Living) Review

Those that claim otherwise, I am afraid, not only do not live on this planet; they do not even live in this universe. The claim was also made that (licensed) professional hunters have no benefit as to wildlife conservation and this is where one has to really disagree for in today's world, without this professional hunter, many sick animals and such like would b e allowed to continue to live, a miserable existence often.

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Celebrating the Lunar New Year: Family Time for Yunnan Golden Monkeys

Conservancy Talk

Deforestation and illegal poaching are posing an enormous threat to Yunnan golden monkeys, making them one of the most endangered primates on the planet with only 3,000 left in the wild.

2016 83

The Birding is Always Good at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Unless those non-birding folks happen to be duck hunters or love to go fishing, they tend to stay away from the marshes, the riparian zones, the bottom lands. This spot might be the easiest place to watch White-throated Crakes anywhere on the planet.

10 Top National Wildlife Refuges To Explore

Nature Conservancy - Science

In the hills, you can look for bighorn sheep while hiking to petroglyphs made by indigenous hunters. You’ll see creatures that have some of the smallest home ranges of any vertebrates on the planet. A greater yellowlegs at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Photo: © Dave Spier.

How many birds are killed by windmills and other green energy projects?

10,000 Birds

Habitat destruction is probably the biggest threat to birds, but here we are talking more about specific birdicide events rather than the larger scale problem of humans simply taking the planet away from everybody else. About 15 million birds are killed annually by hunters, and of course this is distributed among a very small number of species. Nobody knows and I’m not going to pretend to tell you.

2014 216

Organization Estimates Upwards Of 35,000 Elephants Killed For Tusks In 2011

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It is unknown exactly how many elephants roamed Africa prior to European colonization bringing big game hunters. However, it is estimated that between five and ten million elephants called the continent home.

2011 95