Mega Rarity Tour of New Zealand – Extinction Special

10,000 Birds

Lacking, as I do, a birding reputation that would make people part with cash for my time I’ll have to go for the rarity hunters and put together an itinerary of highlights that can’t be missed. We’ll also keep our eyes open for several members of the New Zealand wren family. One of the oldest families of songbirds, which broke off before the oscines and sub-oscines split – and before New Zealand and Antarctica did! New Zealand Bittern.

Grallards: New Zealand’s Next Extinction or Newest Species?

10,000 Birds

Yesterday i introduced you, gentle reader, to the lovely work done by the acclimatisation societies of New Zealand in making the already interesting biogeography of this country even more complicated. New Zealand had, once upon a time, some fairly spectacular game birds, including massive flightless geese, massive flightles rails, and really enormous moa. The solution, as you might imagine from this go getting era, was to bring some better ducks to New Zealand.

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When conservation and animal rights collide

10,000 Birds

Either beaten to death by another gull or starved to death, life is very short and very cruel for most of this new life. This is a very serious business here in New Zealand. The initial solution in New Zealand was to move species to islands where mammals hadn’t reached.

The Great Turkey Shuffle: How Restoration Has Changed Gobbler Genetics

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The turkey’s native range covers 39 states, including all of the eastern United States and extending southwest through Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Hunters want a diversity of turkeys because it makes hunting more interesting. A wild turkey is released in Wisconsin.

Turkey 101

Use it or lose it?

10,000 Birds

The first most readers have probably been aware of, the cheerleader hunter who has been in the news for, well, hunting game animals and being attractive and blonde. Earlier this year a cyclone blew through New Zealand and uprooted a lot of native trees on government land on South Island. The focus of the Department of Conservation has seemingly been turned from conservation to extracting maximum economic benefit out of New Zealand’s large amount of conservation land.

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We Should Kill More Lions

10,000 Birds

Hunters go to Africa to shoot lions, and this is without question a good thing; for birds, for ecosystems, and for lions in general! I guess the natural question is… how does some hunter from the US help in the conservation of the lion? Hunters are prepared to spend a lot of money for the privilege of shooting a lion. Oh, and then there are the hunters.

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The Kookaburra, an Australian Icon

10,000 Birds

Here in New Zealand our shambolic exercise in not picking a new flag is becoming a) political and b) something that people will quickly stop paying attention to when the Rugby World Cup starts. They are large, scruffy looking kingfisher by ancestry, five species of that family founds across Australia and New Guinea. Their boldness as hunters suggests it’s perhaps a mercy they are on;y as big as pigeons as any bigger and they may have been tempted to go after us.

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Top 10 Endangered Marine Mammals in the World


After a new IUCN assessment in 2012, the sea lion was moved from the endangered category to nearly threatened because the probability of extinction is less than 10% in the next 100 years. Known for returning every year to the same estuary, Belugas are an easy prey for hunters.

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Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

And so, Fuller embarked on a new initiative—locating and researching photographs of lost birds and, expanding his scope, of mammals. Laughing Owl, 1909, New Zealand, photo taken by Cuthbert and Oliver Parr, pp. The Laughing Owl of New Zealand exhibited an apparent lack of fear of strangers and a propensity to spend time on the ground, making it easy pickings for introduced predators.

Are Japanese whalers the only “criminals”?

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Naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough says there is “hard scientific evidence that there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea” A whale’s life is difficult enough without having to evade hunters.

Secret Snails of the Magic Valley

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The Zebra Mussel Hunter. The Galapagos is the most famous example: home to a variety of finches that rapidly evolved into new species, as well as iguanas, lava lizards, and more. I’m staring at a creature that, to put it mildly, would be easy to overlook.

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Collaborative list – September 2018

10,000 Birds

The migrants face many perils, hunters, predators, adverse weather conditions and lack of refueling opportunities due to habitat loss. The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys.

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