Redtails in Tornados

10,000 Birds

He was a small male, six or seven months old, and obviously not a skilled hunter. No, because after he gains weight and feels better, he’ll go to Mouse School, where he’ll get to practice catching live prey until he’s an expert at doing it by himself. Yet another Red-tailed Hawk !

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Upset About Chinese Dog Meat? You Already Accept Veganism


“Animal advocates” across the globe are once again outraged with the Chinese, after a story appeared in the Mirror showcasing terrible pictures of a puppy who had been shot with arrows by a Chinese meat trade hunter.

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2016—Year of the Cat?

The Alien Next Door

In fact, the cat has had a complicated history with humanity since it first stepped into some Natufian’s rice granary and slammed its paw on a mouse. The domestic cat has evolved from wild hunter to opportunist predator and as partner alongside humanity as companion and symbol.

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Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

Two brothers climbed up to a nest site in 1908, lifted a nestling out, and gave it a dead mouse (extreme baiting?). Fuller’s astonishment at locating this “grail of extinct-bird photograph hunters” is contagious. One of the reasons I enjoy about reviewing books is the opportunity to read titles I wouldn’t ordinarily encounter, not because they aren’t good but because they don’t fall easily into a category.

A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South Georgia: A Book Review by a Penguin Groupie

10,000 Birds

Over 3 million pairs of Antarctic Fur Seals breed on South Georgia, saved from near extinction by fur hunters.


Green (Living) Review

The message simply read, A hunter brought a dead female Congo Clawless Otter from the forest today. In May, Rita wrote, Yesterday, we were informed that some children found a mouse, cleaned it up, put powder on it, and want to make a house for it.

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