How To Transmute Mental Health Issues Into Super Powers.

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When people differ from the norm, we create a label for the deviance to help us understand it. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness identity mental health society super powers

Top 10 environmental issues of 2013

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Nevertheless, in light of what''s happened to the climate this past year, let''s take a look at 10 of the biggest issues of 2013 and see what lessons can be learned from them going forward. So while wolves were certainly a hot topic in 2013, if enough people stand up for them, this issue need not devolve into a disaster. The smoke from the stuff is drifting into their homes, disturbing family events, and causing endless health concerns.

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Naked People are Popular. {Nudity}

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I’ve noticed that if one attaches the words “naked”, “nude”, “nudity” or “adult” to one’s work, they’re bound to get more people interested in their written material. It’s like we’re all still 10 years old and trying to sneak a peek at the National Geographic issue that has all those bare breasted African/Aboriginal/Pacific Islander/you-name-it women.

Veganism and Poverty: Identifying the Issues


The issues of veganism as an obligation and income inequality/poverty as ”impossibility” to going vegan are often conflated. They are two separate issues. The issues that give rise to food deserts are serious and important. People Sticky Veganism

7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

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As the conversation about climate change and other environmental issues gains traction, it’s a good time for concerned citizens to get serious about taking meaningful action. Each issue seems to lead into to the next.

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Gun/Knife control is not the issue

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Gun/Knife control is not the issue. We allow ourselves by the media and the powers-that-be more often than not to be directed how we should think and when it comes to the issue of guns and knives, if they both are to be believed, then guns and knives have a mind of their own and will attack people. It is people who use such guns and knives that are the problem, not the guns and knives and removing them will not make a single iota of a difference.

New Survey Methods Bring Greater Speed and New Issues

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As conservationists strive to integrate nature conservation with human outcomes, face-to-face surveys help gather the information on people’s lives and choices that is essential for designing effective programs and assessing outcomes. Unanticipated Issues.

Get Gardening for Good Health!

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Unfortunately for the average person, it can take a major health issue to really start taking an informed inventory of their lifestyle and the quality of food they’re consuming. Most people reading this know that when shopping for produce there are 3 options.

Public health’s return to local government could get more people walking and cycling

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As local responsibility for delivering public health shifts back from Primary Care Trusts to local government, charity Sustrans this week joined others in the health sector to debate issues with public health ministers from both sides of the political divide. Dianne Abbott MP, Shadow Minister for Public Health, underlined the important role for national government during and following the transition from PCTs to local government.

A Big New Milestone Reached in Coal Retirement, Public Health.

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Los Angeles Announces Coal-Free By 2025 Goal » A Big New Milestone Reached in Coal Retirement, Public Health, Climate Disruption. I like to think of it as a grassroots, open-source effort that is winning big victories for our health and the planet. billion in health costs saved.

Mobile Text Surveys: A Smarter Way to Measure Conservation’s Impacts on People?

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Donors, other funders, governments and potential partners are demanding that our work be sensitive to people’s welfare and even enhance it if possible. And it’s impractical to survey people frequently. What are some of the issues our questions to the Kalama participants touch on?

Why Congress Should Fix How the U.S. Pays to Fight Wildfires

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And more people now live near fire-prone forests, increasing the need to extinguish wildfires that previously did not put people and communities directly at risk. As these fire costs increase, they are using up more and more of the budgets of the U.S.

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How Moms Risk Their Daughters’ Health: The Inheritance of Tanning Hazards

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Last year, the I sraeli Ministry of Health issued a statement that tanning beds are as hazardous to your health as sunbathing. According to Israel Ministry of Health, insufficient data exists on the use of tanning beds in Israel. Food & Health health sun women

Preparing For The People’s Climate March

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Two days prior to the UN meeting in New York City us everyday activists will get our chance to speak our minds at the People’s Climate March. When I got there I was surprised by the amount and diversity of the people attending the training. Activism Climate peoples climate march

Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

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Human activity can also be the best opportunity for healthy seas and happy people if regulated, controlled and inspired by sustainability. I’m happy that you, the TNC president, are raising the issue. Healthy oceans, development and economic growth can coexist.

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From Davos: Unleashing the Power of Nature in Cities

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For environmentalist like us, it’s a critical issue, too. We need to unleash the power of nature to help make cities more resilient, livable and ultimately flourishing so both nature and people can thrive. We are exploring the health and well-being power of nature even further.

An environmental issue to watch this election season

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Here's a local (Florida) issue that could have interesting national and international impacts: The main focus of this election has been the presidential race, but so many  other things will be on the ballot Nov. People in favor of the research point to the large quantity of insecticide currently being used to keep mosquitoes at bay and the growing problem of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes as some of the reasons that new technology is necessary.

The 5 Most Unhealthy States in America


There are several issues at the forefront of America’s dialogue on health; as a country, we are no stranger to heart disease, cancer and obesity and the effects of these Read More The post The 5 Most Unhealthy States in America appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Air pollution kills 200,000 people a year, vehicle emissions largely to blame

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When researchers broke down the data and analyzed the health impact of air pollution by state, California topped the list for suffering the worst health effects from air pollution.

Are you Health Sensitive?

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Are you Health Sensitive? Many causes of various health sensitivities can often be related to such things as cleaning and beauty products, compromised air and water quality, volatile organic compounds found in many home paints and carpets as well as a barrage of fragrances found in perfumes, candles and more. You may be health sensitive to these whether you know it or not and may need to readjust your diet and/or home surroundings to live a healthier, higher quality of life.

Why Robin Hood is at fault for the political issues in the U.S. and U.K.

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This philosophy implicitly or explicitly guides the aid for economic development, aid for health, and aid for humanitarian emergencies. From Nobel prize winner Angus Deaton in the World Economic Forum. 

Leadership Makes a Difference on Climate – Especially This Week

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We need collaboration across all sectors and cooperation among people with different views. President Xi’s and President Obama’s leadership on this issue is critical for showing the world that the globe’s two largest emitters are willing to work together and take specific steps to reduce emissions. continue to debate the issue—sometimes in harsh ways—Pope Francis was careful not to vilify or criticize those who disagree with him.

Heating Health Check

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Gas is the most commonly used fuel for home heating systems across the country and, although in principle it is completely safe, lack of routine maintenance means that around 50 people still needlessly die every year from preventable gas-related carbon monoxide poisoning.

Quick Take: One Year into USDA Climate Guidance, Farms and Forests are Making a Difference

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Well-managed farms, ranches and forests not only support our day-to-day livelihoods and health, but they can help deliver many environmental benefits.

Stop calling vegan food “cruelty-free”


Sometimes it’s easy to compartmentalise ethical issues and to forget that abstaining from one moral wrong doesn’t eradicate all others. Many vegans proudly proclaim that their food is “cruelty-free” as though issues of justice and injustice begin and end with our use of nonhuman animals. Certainly, there are more issues surrounding nonvegan consumption, and in no way can nonvegans hold the fact that food production systems are exploitative over us as a “gotcha”.

Duke of Cambridge Pledges to Work for Conservation

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billion people. Our growing needs for food, water and energy are straining the natural systems on which natural diversity, human health and prosperity depend and driving a rapidly changing climate.

Why Should Vegans Care About Slaughterhouse Workers?


Too often, non vegans accuse vegans of not caring about human rights issues, and this is an unfair picture to paint. Because it’s supremely ableist to ignore a mental and physical health plight. Animals Causes People Sticky

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Admiral issues winter warning for pedestrians

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The Admiral Group employs over 4,500 people in the UK and has 3 million customers in the UK. winter safety winter health safetyAdmiral has revealed more pedestrians are killed or injured in November than any other month*, but worryingly, children in particular aren't doing enough to make themselves safer and more visible on the roads.

Good News for Elephants: How These Communities Reduced Poaching by 35 Percent

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The rangeland health is improving and becoming more resilient to climate change over time,” says Mike Harrison, chief executive officer of Northern Rangelands Trust. “We Incomes for pastoralists have increased, providing a clear benefit for people from conservation.

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Cilantro Hailed for its Water Purification Properties

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It is readily available, inexpensive and shows promise in removing certain metals, such as lead, copper and mercury, that can be harmful to human health.” Health cilantro herbs that purify water water issues water purification

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Kristen Bell: “I Struggled A Lot With Depression & Anxiety.”

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Bell's candid discussion about her history with depression and anxiety may be of comfort to many people dealing with similar issues. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) anxiety depression kristen bell medication mental health

Garden Fires Still a Green Issue

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can exclusively reveal that a staggering 10.47% of people asked have seen a neighbor burning plastic or other harmful materials in their garden. While the number is on the decrease, our questionnaire confirms that this remains an important environmental issue. The burning of plastic, rubber, oil-based or painted materials releases a range of toxic compounds which can have serious health consequences with long-term exposure.

Laugh Your Way to Health & Success

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Every year, there is more evidence that your thoughts, moods, emotions, and belief system have a fundamental impact on the body’s basic health and healing mechanisms,” says Dr. Paul McGhee. why DO people seem to love misery?

My conservative market-based case for how to fix health insurance

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I know this isn't environmental, but it's policy related, and I find the health insurance policy debate interesting, and I think market-based policy can go a long way toward solving environmental issues and health care, and just because it's not environmental hasn't stopped us from posting about it before, and it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to.  So how should the government fix health insurance?

A stinky issue

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The issue is high concentrations of the gas from the facility, which mines the oil sands as well as processing synthetic crude. After non-fatal events, some people are left with long-term headaches, memory loss, and other neurological effects.

Prisons go vegetarian to save money, but why are there so many prisoners in the first place?


A vegan diet is far more healthy than the Standard American Diet, and with an American prison system that does little for the health of its inmates, this can be seen as a step forward. So, it all adds up that inmates could benefit from vegan food, but let’s examine the issue from all sides.

How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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Climate Change, Health, and Population Dynamics: A View from Tanzania. Mapping the Way to a World That Can Feed 10 Billion People. Some of these inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, are exerting damaging effects on our oceans and streams, our wildlife, and human health.

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10 Unexpected Impacts of Climate Change

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A changing climate will likely change your health, your sports and even what you drink. For Earth Week, we look at some of the unexpected potential effects of climate change, for both people and wildlife. As with most issues around climate change, even good news can take a gloomy turn.

It is Safer to Hate my Body.

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I have no problem when people tell me about their diets, the work they do to look different, or the stuff they buy to feel attractive. Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Love being our best version body image issues body positivity consumerism cultivating kindness feminism maitri negative self-talk self loveI totally get it. It is easier, and let's face it, more entertaining and.

Soil, Technology & Tips for the Aspiring Urban Farmer.

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John-Paul and Matt are eager for more people to learn about soil because they think an appreciation of the most fundamental element on the planet will be a steppingstone to caring about many of today’s important issues. Food Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only community supported agriculture farming garden nutrient density organic soil technology vegetables Waste Farmers

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