Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions. Unfortunately Australia (through disproportionately huge annual fossil fuel burning and exports) and Belize (through disproportionately huge annual deforestation) have already used up their “share” of this terminal greenhouse gas (GHG) budget. Australia is fundamentally committed to coal and gas use and exports.

Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

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Think about it: Fashion weeks the world over consume an incredible amount of resources, racking up the greenhouse gas emissions as fashion insiders convene to check out new collections in cities around the world. . “If Photo credit: Johannes Berg/Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce.

2019 54

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Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

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In other words, growing the plants used to make biofuel must “significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, must not compromise food production or lead to biodiversity degradation or deforestation.&#. | Green Travel News |.

The Swedish government completes its climate wrecking track record with a pro-nuclear vote

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Sweden, not so green anymore? The right-wing government in Sweden unfortunately won, with a two votes margin, the pro-nuclear vote in the parliament this past week and is now in full climate-wrecking gear. Photo by: Per Ola Wiberg.

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A Green Globe: 4 Surprisingly Sustainable Countries

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Latvia reduces greenhouse gas emissions through a process called CO2 sequestration – the country’s 35,000 square kilometers of forest and peat bogs naturally convert CO2 into biomass. Sweden. Sweden boasts heavily regulated carbon emissions and fossil fuel output.

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Will the Kyoto Protocol Survive Qatar 2012?

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Will it hobble along on a skeleton crew of signatories or will be be reborn in Qatar as the inclusive greenhouse gas reduction agreement first envisioned in Kyoto 15 years ago? Others committed to a reduction in the increase of greenhouse gasses from a baseline year.

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Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


The bad news is that when organic matter (the combustible part of garbage) is burned, it still emits significant quantities of carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas produced by human activity. According to the latest calculations, the world is currently producing about 1.3

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Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


The world has a crippling dependence on fossil fuels and this dependence on coal, oil and natural gas is one of the largest causes to arguably the biggest problem facing earth today: climate change.

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Geothermal Heat Pump: How Does It Work


About 27,000 units are installed in Sweden every year and geothermal heat pumps were the heating system of choice for new houses in Finland, their market share exceeding 40 percent between 2006 and 2011 [2]. 6 Low greenhouse gas emissions.

2020 53

Europe Maintains Commitment to Ambition and Action at Recent Marrakesh Climate Talks

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Counted together, European countries make up the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world [3] , and recognizing the risks of inaction, the EU has set itself a long-term goal of reducing these emissions 80-95 percent by 2050 [4].

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The Best Campaigns of All Time to Save Vanishing Species


The ARPA has greatly contributed to the great drop in the greenhouse gas emissions of Brazil as well as falling rates of deforestation. What does Jackie Chan, Paul McCartney and Prince William have in common?

2020 61

How to Make ‘Local’ Food Good Conservation, Too

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One of the main reasons consumers choose local foods is to reduce the food miles of their purchases — that is, the distance that their food travels from farm to plate — in an effort to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created by its production. Edwards, G.A.S.

Pittsburgh's newest luxury hotel LEED Gold certified

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Example: most bedding is organic or made from recyclable fiber; Pittsburgh focus: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and support the local economy, the hotel selected products from the city and its surrounding area. Is Marriott the least greenhouse gassy of them all?

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Study: Import Emissions Greatly Increase Total Emissions Calculations

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The traditional way of determining a country’s greenhouse gas emissions involves taking into account all of their industries, car pollutants and various other means of generating emissions.

All the World’s Carbon Pricing Systems in One Animated Map

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Today, there are 39 (1) different programs that collectively put a price on 12 percent of all the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world. The price outlier at $168 per ton is Sweden , where a high and persistent price has helped reduce pollution 13 percent in a decade.

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EU Debates Permanent Storage For Nuclear Waste

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Overall, permanent waste locations are supposed to be in existence in Finland by 2020, Sweden by 2023 and France by 2025. The United States is expected to increase their nuclear facilities in the future as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kauai: 5 great eco-minded resorts

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Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program to reduce both utilities consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Denmark to end their reliance on fossil fuels, aims for 100 percent renewable energy in 2050

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This target alone would cut Denmark’s greenhouse gas emissions with 35% based on 1990 levels. And since neighboring country Sweden has lost the will to lead , Europe badly needs a new climate leader. The new red and green government in Denmark wants to end the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. In a proposal presented to the parliament last week the Danish government laid out their new and bold energy plan.

Where are we to get all the hardwood from for the wood stoves?

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The stoves from those countries, especially the makers from Norway and Sweden, are highly fuel efficient with dry softwood that they can do all day with a few fillings. The process of decay sets free the carbon stored in the wood – though that would also happen during burning – and in addition to that the forty times more dangerous greenhouse gas methane.

2010 100

Massive Twitterstorm demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies underway

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According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the world could cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half (PDF) by just ending these subsidies. The Twitterstorm has been going on for a few hours now and already it’s trending worldwide and placing itself among the top trending Twitter topics in the UK, USA, Sweden, Australia, and other countries.

ICLEI Case Studies - Locally-based projects that support sustainability

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USA 10 - Environmental Management - Ottawa, Canada 9 - Waste Water Management - Stockholm, Sweden 8 - Transportation Management - São Paulo, Brazil 7 - Species Conservation - Johnstone Shire, Australia 6 - Environmental Auditing - Lancashire County, UK 5 - Housing Construction - Austin, USA 4 - Energy Conservation-Finance - Saarbrücken, Germany 3 - Solid Waste Management - Bandung, Indonesia 2 - Land Use-Transport - Curitiba, Brazil 1 - Hazardous Waste - Ventura County, USA.

Non-CO2 Agents Are Key Targets in Climate Change Fight

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FSM co-hosted the side event on “Targeting Non-CO2 Climate Forcers for Fast Mitigation to Complement CO2 Cuts” along with Sweden , and has also submitted a proposal to the UNFCCC for a Programme of Work for rapid climate mitigation.

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Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

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Two years later in 1997 at the COP3 conference in Kyoto, Japan, the US president Bill Clinton actually signed the famous Kyoto Protocol, which called for binding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Photo credit:

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13 Best Energy Ideas (And 3 Really Bad Ones) :: by Sarah van Gelder

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Examples: Sweden taxes CO2 emissions, carbon-based fuels, and domestic flights, and cut taxes for labor and green fuels. taxpayers subsidize the oil and gas industry to the tune of $39 billion and the coal industry by $8 billion.

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Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. Most of this greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution has occurred in the last half century. of CO2-e; see “ List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions per capita ”) to calculate years left to zero emissions for every country in the world (see “ Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions ”).

Visions for Change - Recommendations for Effective Policies on Sustainable Lifestyles

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The GSSL was jointly developed by UNEP and the Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles, which was led by Sweden from 2005-2009, in the framework of the Marrakech Process on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP).

Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

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The World is increasingly threatened by man-made global warming due to pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases (GHGs), principally carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), with this GHG pollution deriving mostly from fossil fuel burning and from land use (agriculture and deforestation). Climate Creditor countries should likewise insist on repayment of Climate Debt and a rapid global move to cessation of greenhouse gas pollution.

Top green stories of 2012

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According to Greenpeace, the security problems at the aging nuclear reactors in Sweden are so urgent that they need to be shut down immediately. 2012, what a year! And in just a couple of hours it will have ran its course and we will rush into a new and exciting 2013. What will happen?

2012 91

Some Oil Companies are More Eco Friendly: Who’s Fuelling Your Summer Drives?

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For years — at least a decade — I refused to buy gas at Exxon and would ask my friends to indulge my boycott, especially when Exxon dragged it’s feet cleaning up. The oil companies had us addicted and it didn’t matter who we bought our crack-gas from!

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Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030

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No one benefits from the release of greenhouse gas emissions, but developed and developing nations alike will benefit in numerous ways from the transition to an energy-efficient and renewable world. Author: Janet L. Sawin And William R.

Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

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Case Studies Climate Change Action Plan (New England Climate Change Coalition) The New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers have teamed together to produce a regional climate change action plan in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

2010 56

Links Between a Poverty Fighting Present & a Sustainable Future

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While I'd imagine it would be risky for John McCain to refer to anything achieved in Europe as an example to emulate for fear of alienating his base, I suspect Barack Obama is unaware of what has already happened in Övertornea, Sweden, Gussing, Austria, and Samso Island Denmark among many others. In 2001, Overturnea was declared the first Swedish municipality to earn "eco-municipality" status, achieving Sweden's national goal to be free from oil.

2008 40

Urban Research Symposium 2009

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Empowering Cities: An Array of Tools Moderator: Abha Joshi Ghani, Sector Manager, Urban Development, World Bank Development of a city-based greenhouse gas emissions index Dan Hoornweg, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank A city-based carbon finance methodology Monali Ranade, Carbon Finance Specialist, World Bank The Global City Indicators Program Perinaz Bhada, Junior Professional Associate, World Bank Vulnerability reduction of coastal communities.

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Eco-Model Cities for a Low-Carbon Society

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All of the cities prominently feature activities and future plans to achieve drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The town aims to reduce greenhouse emissions through a combination of local resource utilization and low-carbon housing projects, aided by the active involvement of its citizens.