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Recycling Glass. For this reason, the best way to dispose of glass is to recycle it. million tons of glass, only 27% of which was recycled. California is an exception to this trend – their bottle deposit program has led to a glass recycling level of nearly 80%. Recycling Glass. Unlike paper and plastic, glass can be recycled indefinitely with very little loss of quality. Almost all types of common household glass are easily recycled.

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Green Living Tip: Recycle Aluminum

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Living Tip: Recycle Aluminum by greenwise on December 23, 2010 Here is a simple tip for living greener. Aluminum is 100% recyclable. The less put into the recycling bin, the better, as that type of recycling costs energy.


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Tricks and Tips-How to Make Money Recycling Metal & Scrapping

Living Green & Saving Energy

Instead of trashing items like metal wire pieces, plastic bottles and other household things, consider reusing and recycling. Recycling of scrap metal is not yet a common activity, but statistically speaking, many countries export large amount of scrap metal. recycling saving money aluminum recycling benefits of going green recycling scrap metal

Recycling Cooking Oil – The Benefits

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Most people do not know any better because they are unaware that old cooking oil can be recycled and that there are numerous benefits associated with recycling used cooking oil. Here are some of the benefits of recycling used cooking oil. Recycling protects the environment. .

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The great recycling scam

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We are encouraged, nay pressured even, to clean and nicely separate all our recyclables – glass, plastic, paper, etc. But what really happens to those “recyclables” that our municipal refuse services pick up from the kerbside? This thing about recycling is that it is a crutch to those not wishing to think about the above and as far as our governments are concerned it is a means to blind people into believing that the government and industry care about the Planet.

Living Green with Carpets, and How to Recycle Them

Living Green & Saving Energy

green remodeling how to go green recycling carpet recycling green carpet installation Billions of pounds. That’s the amount of carpet dumped into landfills each year. This startling statistic is even worse when you realize that the majority of carpet sold is made of oils and plastics, materials which aren’t biodegradable. The good news is many people don’t know about this problem. Why is that good news? It [.].

You’re Not So Green: Recycling & Composting Mistakes You’re Making

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Being “green” isn’t just a state of mind. It’s knowing the “how” and “what” part well that proves your “green-ness.” ” Although your recycling intentions are good, if you aren’t doing it correctly then you may be hurting the environment—and yourself—more than you’re helping. Starting a homemade compost pile and recycling waste [.].

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Refuse!

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The concepts of green products and being eco-friendly and eco-conscious have been popularized, and are used successfully in marketing “green” products. But the next step is more responsible eco-consumerism, as Jacquie Ottman examines in her book “The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding.” Buying more products, even green products, […].

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How Do You Recycle?

The Green Samaritan

With Earth Day approaching, I’m curious… How do you recycle or how does your city handle recycling? I’m fortunate – my city offer curbside recycling and furnishes a big brown can to deposit all our recyclable items in to include paper, aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, steel. Green Living Recycling Curbside recycling how to recycle

Recycling is B T

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This video explains, though a little tongue in cheek, what I have been saying in several of my pieces over time too as regards to recycling and all that. Much of what we have been told about recycling, and the mantra has become one of “we must recycle more, and more and still some more”, rather than the original one of “reduce, reuse, recycle”, is false and is not because our governments and industry are concerned about the environment and the amount of refuse.

Recycling is a fraud, a sham, a scam

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling is a fraud, a sham, a scam, perpetrated by big business on the citizens and municipalities to make us all feel good about single use packaging. We blame ourselves, or consumers are getting blamed, that's you and me, by government, for not recycling more plastics, and yet our efforts are like “hammering a nail to halt a falling skyscraper.” design green living packaging packaging waste plastic plastic packaging Plastic Waste recycling waste

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Recycle or Compos? Plastic Products

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Recycle or Compost? When to Recycle. The best way to discard plastic is to recycle it. The recyclability of plastics depends on the type of resin used in production, which is indicated by the resin identification code found on plastic products (the familiar interlocking arrows around a number 1-7). In general, plastics marked #1, 2, and 3 are the most easily recycled and are accepted by most city recycling programs. was recycled.

Reducing, Recycling and Reusing Can Be Fun

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I write a lot about ways to live green and save money. recycling reduce waste reuse recycle recycling car parts save money But somewhere it can also be fun. One item that can generate a lot waste is an automobile. Old cars contain a lot of metal, plastic, and rubber (sometimes leather if you have high end car!) that can be challenge to reuse or [.].

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Recycle or Compost? Paper Products

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Recycle or Compost? Fortunately, paper is both easily recycled and composted, which makes it simple for you to make smart choices when it comes to paper products. When to Recycle . Recycling has several benefits: not only does it keep paper out of landfills, but it also reduces the resources that go into the production of new paper productions. Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely, but the fibers can usually be recycled 5-7 times before they are no longer usable.

Buying recycled paper

Green Living Tips

Not all recycled paper is created equal. If you're spending extra bucks to make your paper use a little more environmentally friendly, it's good to know what you are getting for your own "green

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Recycling Human Body Parts

Green Living Tips

I guess this would fall into the category of extreme greening - and it's an. article the squeamish may wish to avoid

Recycling Christmas Trees

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Recycling Christmas Trees. This year, I’m vowing to recycle my tree, if only to avoid looking at it until the significant other cuts it up for firewood or chips it for mulch. Since this doesn’t usually happen until late March, or mud season here up north, and my county offers a recycling program for trees, it feels like the right thing to do if I want to hang on to my sanity through gloomy, chilling February. And the best thing about this county tree recycling program?

A How-to For Recycling

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A How-to For Recycling. Recycle! Recycling is an important part of any green home or business, but the sheer number of products and materials that pass through our hands every day can make it seem like a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve put together all the things you need to know to start recycling: from paper plates to aluminum cans to soda bottles, this is your guide to recycling right. What can I recycle? Where should I take my recycling?

5 Ways to Make Recycling Easy

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5 Ways to Make Recycling Easy. If your family is anything like mine, it can be a real chore to get them to use even the most easily accessible recycling bin. But while this trash habit is hard to break, even your most stubborn family members can be prodded into recycling with these helpful hints. Green Toys Recycling Truck. Help them understand the importance of recycling. Put bins in handy spots to remind everyone to recycle.

How to Recycle Food Waste at Home?


recycling are often uncertain about what to do with their food waste. But food can be recycled just as efficiently as plastic or aluminum, and with a little research you can learn how to do it right in your own home. Composting is the primary method of food recycling, and if we practice it religiously we can return a significant portion of the nutrients we waste back to the Earth, where they can do so much good for plants, animals and people. Why should we recycle food waste?

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Secrets of Green Cultures Part III: Recycling Forefathers

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Okay they may not be your direct forefathers but they sure knew the meaning of recycling. As Earth Day reminds us of the full spectrum of going green, and staying there, it is recycling that seems to rule the roost since day one. Local communities have adhered to state requirements by dragging their designated ‘blue box’ to the curb or apartment basement, filled with plastic, glass, paper and the like, for a concerted recycling effort. Viking Recycling.

How Does It Work: Recycling Plastic

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How Does It Work: Recycling Plastic. We all know that recycling is important – it’s one of the best ways we have to conserve resources and to keep our environment clean. The recycling symbol we’re all familiar with – a number surrounded by three arrows – is actually stamped on plastics to identify the type of polymer from which it’s made. Recycle! How do we recycle it? Sounds easy – so why don’t we recycle more?

How to Recycle: Be Eco-Responsible With Toxic Materials from the Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

You may not think that recycling needs any explanation. After all, how tough is it to return cans and bottles for their recycle value? Even easier, in most locations you can just put your recyclables in the appropriate collection bin for the local authorities to deal with? how to go green recycling being eco-responsibleA lot of household materials contain toxic chemicals, [.].

How To Start A School Recycling Program

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How To Start A School Recycling Program. Green your school! Schools are a great place to teach kids the importance of making eco-friendly choices, and there’s no better way to do that than with a recycling program. that don’t offer any sort of green waste plan, so we’ve put together a road map to help you get a successful school recycling program up and running in your town. Decide what to recycle.

A Guide to Green Flooring

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A Guide to Green Flooring. And no matter what kind of carpet you chose, keep it clean with a green carpet shampoo and regular steam cleaning to help control allergens. It’s made from pressed wood, which is manufactured using formaldehyde, a VOC and known carcinogen, and it cannot be recycled or reused. Because it’s waterproof, linoleum is great for kitchen and bathrooms, and it can also be recycled or composted at the end of its life.

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Recycling a la Hyacinth Bucket

Green (Living) Review

However, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg as to all kind of weird habits when it comes to putting out their recycling and rubbish bins. A waste collector who recounted that they collect from one house where all the empty bottles are sorted in color order – clear, brown, green – every fortnight – made a very interesting comment and those words should be noted: “ It makes no difference to us, because they all end up in the back of the same lorry ” , he said.

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Recycling is a misnomer

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Commercial recycling really has a completely wrong name. In commercial recycling, in downcycling, the form of the product is being destroyed as with a glass bottle or jar being crushed and ground down, while in upcycling the form is retained and wanted, in fact. Many of us “obediently” sort our rubbish and place the “recyclables” into the appropriate containers every day blissfully unaware of what those glass bottles and jars, etc.,

Green sky genius: tray table cover from recycled plastic

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Now there's a personal space you can be sure is clean with an antimicrobial tray table cover made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It's is food-contact safe Green sky genius: tray table cover from recycled plastic is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Airlines News Technology Air travel Green Travel News Reuters trayguardDisgusted by dirty, germy airplanes?

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The new road to Dubai will be recycled and “green”

Green Prophet

Just three years ago, when I started writing for Green Prophet, a project like this was virtually unheard of. While murmurings about clean technology, renewable energy and maybe even recycled materials had begun to emerge, there existed no supply chain of more earth-friendly materials to support any fledgling green initiatives. Related post: Abu Dhabi: biggest polluter turned green police ).

Recycling & Upcycling For Travelers

Environmental News Network

Activism Go Green Green Energy/Transportation Holiday Sustainability Travel energy TipsFrom: Swissotel. How To."

4 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair

Hug a Tree with Me

It may seem a bit unorthodox to recycle our hair, but the simple act is far better than generating trash and funking up the landfills… 5 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair: Compost it : Human hair happens to be a perfect source of nitrogen, which makes it effective at influencing fertile soil. green up your body I have been growing my hair out of chemical relaxers for over a year now, and as my texture began to change, my hair started to break off significantly.

Recycling: Don’t Waste Your Time. ~ Angela Topp

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green curbside recycling eco green how to recycle landfill recycle recycle bin recycling recycling program save water what to recyle

Green Living That Makes Money

Living Green & Saving Energy

As a green living enthusiast I have been writing for years about how to save energy, water, and other resources and live more sustainably. And I also make the point that using reducing, recycling, and reusing means you need to spend less on many items, effectively transferring money from the pockets of big companies that sell these items […]. Build Wealth by Going Green saving energy saving money saving water Build Wealth By Going Green Green Living That Makes Money

Following the Recycled Paper Trail

Environmental News Network

On ENN we talk a lot about the importance of recycling and sustainability. Over the last year and a half we have had articles addressing the recycling of a range of items, including food, batteries, and clothing, to name a few. I am a religious recycler, but honestly I am not well educated on what happens after the municipal truck comes to my home to pick my recyclables. Collection of recyclables varies depending on the community/municipality.

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Recycle

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Only 34% of that waste was recovered through recycling and composting – that’s a lot of wasted energy and resources! So this year, our fourth resolution is to help the environment by recycling more. . When you recycle, you’re helping to keep waste out of toxic landfills. Because it takes less energy to manufacture products from reclaimed materials, recycling is also a great way to conserve resources like oil, electricity, and water.

Greening = Yellow+ Blue, as Long as it’s Recycled

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What’s your personal definition of greening? How did you get started in green business? ReBinder was started 6 years ago with the creation of the ReBinder Original recycled binder. Since then we have expanded our product lines to include two additional binder lines, binder accessories, presentation folders, journals, media cases and sleeves, and labels – all made in the USA, truly recyclable, with No Landfill Required. Everyone needs office supplies.

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5 Green Ways To Dispose Of Your Electronics

Living Green & Saving Energy

5 Green Ways To Dispose Of Your Electronics. green living recycling reduce waste electronics waste disposal green recycling

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The dark side of recycling

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling is not the most sustainable method to protect the biosphere from greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. In fact the green circular economy of plastics manufacturing and re-manufacturing impacts severely on the environment. That is also the very reason that Sweden keeps running out of waste, namely waste to burn in those energy plants, and not because they recycle so well in that country.

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Green your Summer Giveaway Hop, ends 6/13, Win Eco Headband and Recycled Paper Greeting Cards

Hug a Tree with Me

Welcome to the Green Your Summer Event!    The Blogging Mamas Network has come together with likeminded bloggers to make sure your grass isn't all that is green this Summer! Each blogger in the Event is bringing readers a great green prize to win.    You have until June 13th to enter, so be sure to hop around to them all and find great ecofriendly products to help you go green! 

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

Hug a Tree with Me

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Recycle your paper, plastic and aluminum waste with your local recycling center , and recycle your ink cartridges at Cartridges for Kids. Your old CDs/DVDs can be recycled at the CD Recycling Center of America and your florescent bulbs can be recycled at Eco Light.

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Green Your Kitchen

Green Home Blog

Green Your Kitchen. Green your kitchen! From refrigerators to dish washers to cleaning, there are lots of easy changes you can make to get your kitchen as green as it can be. Replace paper towels with reusable cloth napkins and towels , and when you do need to use paper products make sure they’re made from 100% recycled materials. And remember, paper is both recyclable and compostable! Clean green. Recycle. Remodel the green way.

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Green Recycling Machines for Light Bulbs and Batteries in Sharjah

Green Prophet

But thinking in a greener direction, the United Arab Emirates is the second country in the world to adopt light bulb and used battery recycling machines to the public. The city of Sharjah already employs vending machines for plastic bottle recycling and medical wastes through an organization called Wakaya, and the city’s environment agency is planning to award prizes to people for their recycling initiatives.

Wales Just Doubled Its Recycling Rates, Here’s How America Can Do It Too

Green Home Blog

Wales Just Doubled Its Recycling Rates, Here’s How America Can Do It Too. Recycle bin. Recycling is good for the planet and future generations, but the amount of household waste that is actually recycled is much lower than many individuals might expect. While recycling is growing at a slow and steady rate, it is possible to increase the percentage of recycled waste and make steadier inroads to a better future. Wales Recycling Improvements.