Greening Up an Old House.

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Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to. Old houses are a mixed blessing, though.

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Can solar panels boost green roof productivity? New study asks

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There’s plenty of cold weather still to come if you live in the Middle East, but the University of Haifa is preparing for the sun, with a new study that examines whether solar electricity panels and green roofs can work well in tandem. Green Roof researchers pouring coffee on it.

Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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Simple technology for solar energy production can readily supply the building with all its daytime electricity needs, but there is no information regarding nighttime power supply. How will the structure be insulated to reduce heat gain and loss ?

HEPCA’s Green-Roofed Bio Boat Entirely Wind and Solar Powered

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” Both wind and solar-powered, the bio boat will have a minuscule environmental impact since it will generate all of its own clean, renewable energy. Architecture & Urban clean tech green design Green Roof HEPCA Red Sea solar power wind power

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Greening up your office doesn’t have to be challenging, it only takes you making small changes in order to make big differences in the health of the environment.

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Huge eco-friendly luxury living project coming to Cairo

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The design by renowned architecture company Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA) incorporates green features with high-end services such as luxurious limousines , gymnasiums, a pet care facility and a beauty center to attract potential residents. Solar photovoltaic cells.

Bird’s Nest: Solar-Powered Studio Perches on School Roofs

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Eschewing the bigger is better thought pattern, this solar-powered accessory dwelling “perches” on existing buildings to create extra space. Design eco architects Turkey Green design Turkey ONZ Architects Parasitic Architecture solar power sustainable design

When will the Middle East wake up to green roofs?

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The country recently passed legislation that requires rooftops of all new commercial buildings to be at least partly covered with solar panels or rooftop gardens. Expect to see other green news coming in the run up to the December summit. Vive la France!

Building Green Makes Housing More Affordable

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If you think of "green" homes and solar panels as luxury amenities for high-end housing, you might be surprised to learn that these are becoming standard features in low-income housing, even here in Virginia. Even more striking is the inclusion of solar energy in recent projects.

BIPVT: New Retrofit technology that promises thermal insulation along with solar power


B.Sameer Kumar: While it is amazing to see new zero energy homes and structures with solar rooftops come up all across the world, these only make for a fraction of all the buildings on the plant. Pioneer new solar technology. Pioneering new solar technology.

Solar Impulse 2 mission control center to launch Abu Dhabi flight in March

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Mission Control for the Solar Impulse 2 is open for business, ready to guide the solar plane’s first flight around the world. Green Prophet previously reported that on-board cameras will enable the entire flight to be broadcast live on the Solar Impulse 2 website.

Designer conceptualizes a floating luxury resort, powered by solar cells


Dattatreya Mandal: Hotel conceptions utilizing solar energy are not really a new fad, especially when we consider the slew of green technologies flooding our modernistic avenues. Designer conceptualizes a floating luxury resort, powered only by cheap solar cells.

Ikea kitchens help sell insulation to Dutch – and UK could be next

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The Energiesprong (Energy Leap) initiative involves completely wrapping houses with insulated panel-facades that snap on like Lego. green living

Green-Wrapped Offices to Transform Turkish Working Class Neighborhood

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Whether or not a 100,000 square meter office complex could possibly come with even a net environmental benefit is debatable, but the fact that a design wrapped in green won an international competition for such a complex signals a potential shift in Turkey’s urban planning.

13 Green Building Tips From Nader Khalili Student

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Consult your local green building expert for the best way to orient your home in order to maximize solar gain when appropriate (and reduce it when there’s too much.)

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

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Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ???????????? Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

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5 Green Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

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Some may put a bigger focus on their home’s energy efficiency, while others may want to include more green building materials in their home’s design. One thing that most people can agree on, though, is that green building and remodeling is a trend that’s here to stay.

A Green Tiny House: Graywater, Solar, Wool Insulation.

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For more on the image above, click it. What do you do when you need space from one another? We walk out!

The Future of Solar Design Dazzles Madrid

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Green Prophet has been touring the 18 Solar Decathlon homes that made it to Madrid for this year’s international collegiate architecture competition, and we’re dazzled by what we’ve seen. All images by Tafline Laylin for Green Prophet.

Greenstone Revolutionizes Lebanese Building Industry One Green-Roof Villa at a Time

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This villa is part of a growing movement in Lebanon that is revolutionizing the green building industry. It receives part of its energy from solar-panels, recycles greywater, has superior thermal insulation that cuts energy consumption, and it also features a green roof.

Government warned over green economy plans as UK emissions rise

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"The Government has repeatedly promised to build a low-carbon economy to tackle climate change and insulate us all from yo-yoing fuel prices, but the Treasury refuses to lay the foundations or pay for the bricks. "The UK is already sliding down the green energy investment league as companies give their verdict on a series of Government decisions that fail to support clean energy from our huge wind, wave and solar resource.

10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

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10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably: Insulate the home: Insulating the home can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money on your electricity bill. Solar energy: Purchase or lease solar lighting panels to be more energy efficient and also to save money.

Green Deal flop - new figures released

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Commenting on the release on Thursday, June 27, 2013 on the first official statistics of take up of the Government''s flagship Green Deal scheme for energy efficiency, Friends of the Earth''s Warm Homes Campaigner Dave Timms said that the figures are a disaster but not unexpected. Lower interest rates, more incentives and tough regulations on landlords to improve the worst insulated rented homes would all increase the take-up of energy efficiency measures.

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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Design your own fantasy shack from the comfort of your keyboard with California-based Blu Homes – makers of fully customizable, prefab, green housing. Maximized natural light using proper solar orientation and architectural design.

Practical Ways to Conserve Water and Energy

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Insulate your pipes. Use solar energy to provide light , power, and to charge your appliances. Hang blackout curtains instead of the traditional curtains – they provide insulation that can curb energy usage. Insulate your home. Green up home green up home

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Human activity over the last few decades is responsible for creating huge amounts of these gases, which is why reducing greenhouse gas emissions are such an important part of going green. Start with the thermostat – changing it by just 2° can lower your energy use by 2% – and make sure your home is well insulated so you’re not wasting heat or air conditioning. What is YOUR Carbon Footprint?

Home Solar: Is it Worth Switching?

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Home Solar: Is it Worth Switching? Retro-fitting your home to run on solar energy either partially or completely can be a huge undertaking. However, there have been many advances, as well as incentives, when it comes to choosing solar technology.

Largest LEED Platinum Government Building Opens in Dubai

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Part of the energy required to run the massive building is provided by an on site 660kW solar system, a green roof provides additional insulation, and the campus boasts an advanced waste recycling program – at least in theory.

Contain Yourself: The Future of Sustainable Living?

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Affordable housing is continuing to become scarce and therefore more green architectural innovation has emerged. The green benefit is twofold. Filed under: Blog and Green Library. Blog and Green Library

Geneva International Airport gets CERN developed solar panels


Green Products. Solar Power. Green Homes. Green Living. Green Tips. Geneva International Airport gets CERN developed solar panels. Geneva International Airport can lay claim to being one of the few to use solar energy. solar power. Please login.

Will Qatar’s Passivhaus Baytna experiment perform in intense heat?

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We first visited the idea of Passivhaus in 2012 , but much has progressed in making a new energy efficient standard green building for hot climates. Good stuff, but what’s how do those lush green lawns fit into the sustainable equation?

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Your Guide to Choosing The Best Eco-Friendly House For Your Family

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Daily reports about natural disasters have encouraged people to make green practices everyday, including making their homes ideal for living green. Want to join the green bandwagon? Green Agents For Your Greener Home. Have Your “Green” Fireplace.

Shipping container home unboxes green delights with solar power


With better insulation and some rainwater harvesting techniques, it can surely attain a zero-energy status. B.Sameer Kumar: Most of us have the dream of owning our own home and go to great lengths to try and achieve this.

10 Easy-to-Make Home Designs That Promote Sustainability

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It uses passive solar air to warm the entire house. Build a Solar Water Heater. Building a solar-powered water heater of our own is one of the best things that anyone can do for sustainable living. By Guest Contributor: Jona Jone.

New Delhi: new green hotels couldn’t be more different

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| Leela Palace & Green Leaf |. And that’s why, during this Delhi stay, I recommend wallowing in the cool green comfort of the Leela Palace or Green Leaf hotels. Leela Palace: over-the-top green. Green Leaf’s low-tech green. Green Leaf: suite green.


How Much Money Can You Really Save From Going Green?

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Thermal imaging cameras can be used to identify how much heat is lost through individual homes and can capture the performance and quality of insulation in homes. green remodeling how to go green saving energy saving money solar energy saving money by going green Deciding to live a greener lifestyle has very much become a hot topic over recent years.

Sonoma’s Vineyards Inn: a perfect night in green wine country

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| Eat, Sleep Green |. Awaiting us is what promises to be a perfect night in Green Wine Country: a “green” meal, a “green” sleep. The exterior walls, we learn, are a form of adobe, and thick insulation is compressed scraps of denim.

A P­erfect Beach Holiday at Green Papaya in Thailand

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Even Green Prophets need to get out of the Middle East once and a while. As best as we could we looked around for resorts that catered to the green traveler and found a few that fit our fancy. Getting to Green Papaya is a bit of adventure. Water heated by solar thermal units.

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New thermoelectric material could change the future of electric cars and solar power


Since a good thermoelectric material must conduct electricity pretty well and act as a heat insulator, one needs to find the right balance between both.

Carry your home on your travels with portable solar abodes


Mehdi Hidari Badie has designed portable solar abodes for those having a hard time keeping up with finances as well as for those who love to take their homes along with them. Portable Solar Abodes. Portable Solar Abodes.