10,000 Birds

The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

One of those pooie reptiles: Green Iguana by Niklas Aronsson. On day one I was surprised and captivated by those unbelievably colourful ones, such as the Great Green Macaw or all those tanagers, but on day two I realized that however beautiful, those colourful ones are easy to ID.

Snow in Costa Rica!

10,000 Birds

I spent the morning with Lisa among the hummingbird feeders at the upper terrace of the lodge, observing White-necked Jacobin , Green Hermit , Green-breasted Mango , Violet Sabrewing , Crowned Woodnymph and the Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.

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Birds of Kruger National Park and Wildlife of Ecuador: Two WILDGuides Reviewed

10,000 Birds

They are medium to large in size and quite striking, Many of the photographs show the bird in its habitat—perched on logs, striding through fields, drumming a hole in a tree, with the river or plains or forest background a muted blue or green or brown that extends to the whole page.

Beaten by an Angry Bird

10,000 Birds

The water level was some three feet above the average, so off into the swampland we went, through a submerged forest of willows and poplars into a lake-like widening of a side branch with a few Garganeys and Green Sandpipers.

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Those magnificent places down the Danube

10,000 Birds

Eurasian Green Woodpecker – Picus viridis. Cover photo: Black-headed Bunting by Mark S. Jobling / Wikimedia Commons. This year, the first heat of the season came late, only with early June.

2017 78

Morning Coffee with Eastern Imperial Eagle

10,000 Birds

Susliks lose home, eagles lose food, but a new bank or a shopping mall will look smart with that ever so green grass. May 2009. After a wakeup call at highly uncivilized 3.45 am, at the crack of dawn I am sitting in a car by the Suslik (European ground squirrel) pasture. It is still cold.

2017 70

The Scarlet Pacific of Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Once among the soothing myriad of waterways edged by protruding roots of mangroves, Tricoloured and Green Herons , Whimbrels and Willets were everywhere, together with Ringed and Belted Kingfisher or two… If you are asking yourself, no, there weren’t any mosquitoes.

The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

10,000 Birds

A movement in green and yellowish leaves by the side of the road – a Common Chiffchaff , one of those very few European birds that I simply cannot describe. Small and leaf-green. I dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer.

The Tar Side of Green Products

10,000 Birds

This unhappy-looking tar baby is covered with a green, environmentally-friendly product called Tanglefoot. It is a non-drying, sticky compound that is used to protect trees by forming a barrier against climbing insects.

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Things I Learned While Birding at Laguna del Lagarto, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

It would give me yet another chance at lifering that royal pain known as a Tawny-faced Quail , the rare and beautiful Green and Rufous Kingfisher , and who knows what else. Last weekend, I guided a trip to Laguna del Lagarto for the Birding Club of Costa Rica. Since all sorts of rare species are possible at this remote lowland rainforest site, I was looking forward to this trip for a while.

City Guide: Finding Birds in Belgrade

10,000 Birds

But, if you check the hotspot map of Belgrade, you will notice three single green hotspots and, along the Danube, two clusters with 3 and 4 green hotspots. Is Belgrade the New Berlin is a question recently raised in Vogue by Marry Holland.

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Tips for Birding Costa Rica in 2017

10,000 Birds

The good thing is that even when you aren’t seeing birds, it’s always a good day when you can walk through the green cathedral of a primary rainforest. Are you on your way to Costa Rica? Planning a trip for later this year? Good choice, the birding is fantastic!

Urban birding at its best

10,000 Birds

Several Green Sandpipers , dozen Whiskered Terns and a few dozen Sand Martins (Bank Swallows) all make their appearance. And then, two canids appeared in my scope field of view… My plan was that the downpour should finally be over in the morning, so I could go birding.

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Pink-necked Green Pigeon

10,000 Birds

Western Palearctic constitutions were not designed for these conditions, but here be Pink-necked Green Pigeons! Now simply seeing green pigeons should be enough for anyone and if only the females show, then that is what you get, but the males include a pink neck and orange belly in their plumage to make a spectacle best observed at close quarters. Birding Birds Pink-necked Green Pigeon SingaporeSingapore is sweltering its way through the monsoon. Heat and rain!

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Good Birders Still Don’t Wear White: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

Well, the cover features a different illustration, a different subtitle, an additional editor, the American Birding Association logo, and, most importantly, the title is in an orange color block and the subtitle is in a green color block.

2017 50

Green Herons and their Groovy Necks

10,000 Birds

The querent included many other details about location, coloration, and what not but once I heard about that neck, one bird sprung immediately to mind… Green Heron ! In either case, green herons are silly with subspecies, which may themselves eventually be recognized as full species.

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How to create an IBA and get a permanent headache in five easy steps

10,000 Birds

That is in line with the way I see this IBA – in my eyes, it consists of several wider floodplains, and the rest are ecological corridors which need to remain green, but not necessarily officially protected. Being inside the city whose officials do not recognise its green heart and its value, the area is under attack from developers on several fronts. First: Dream about it. As a teenager in Yugoslavia, I used to buy National Geographic in secondhand bookshops.

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Better Birding: A Book Review (& a New Year’s goal)

10,000 Birds

Green boxes offer Natural History and Taxonomic Notes. New Year’s resolutions from birding friends are starting to trickle in as I write this review. It is the last day of 2015, time to select the bird of the year past and set goals for the bright open future, when everything is new again. Big years, little-big years, surpassing your state list, trouncing your best friend’s state list, inching up on the eBird top 100 (well, no one says that, but you know people are thinking it).

Squacco Heron

10,000 Birds

The bill is usually greeny-yellow, tipped dark, but takes on a surprising blue for breeding, contrasting with the green skin around the eye. The Squacco Heron , Ardeola ralloides is an Old World heron, closely related to (and sharing a genus with) the eastern pond-herons. It shares the common characteristic of white flight feathers which fold away on landing to leave a cryptically coloured bird, well suited to its preferred reedy habitat.

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How many birds are killed by windmills and other green energy projects?

10,000 Birds

Conservation bird mortality cats green energy windmills Nobody knows and I’m not going to pretend to tell you. However, in this post, I’d like to lay out the basic numbers as we pretend to know them about overall bird mortality, human related causes of mortality, and somewhere in there I’ll note that the number of birds that are killed by windmills is so small that it says “zero” on my pie chart.

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Dusty, Dry Forest Birding in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

It was downright abundant, perhaps because of the high number of flowering trees, and was joined by Green-breasted Mango, Steely-vented Hummingbird , and a few other species of feisty Trochilids. We also had several beautiful Long-tailed Manakins , more than one Elegant Trogon (a green instead of copper-hued tail, and a slower, slightly different song than Arizona birds), Ivory-billed Woodcreeper , White-lored Gnatcatcher , and many Myiarchus flycatchers.

The Most Birds

10,000 Birds

Who has seen the most Green Herons at one time? The most Green Herons ever reported is 3,000. Still, even assuming that the number is off by 500 that would still be 2,500 Green Herons , which is a huge number! A recent comment thread on Facebook about absurdly high counts of some species in the eBird database got me curious. Painted Buntings ? Gyrfalcons ? What is the most of any one species that has ever been reported at one time? And how reliable is this data?

Highlights from the 2016 Arenal, Costa Rica Christmas Count

10,000 Birds

It’s also good for many migrants, hummingbirds (we had five or six Black-crested Coquettes), Rufous-tailed Jacamar , and lots of other birds, and shows how important natural green space and second growth can be for a huge number of species. The Christmas Count season has begun!

A Brief Guide to Birding Costa Rica in 2016

10,000 Birds

This Green Thorntail is enjoying the “dry season” Raptors are uncommon : Decidedly so. Are you headed to Costa Rica this year? I hope so because the birding and biodiversity are fantastic, and the flight time from most places in the USA is less than six hours. In other words, it’s easier to bird than most might think.

The bills of the broadbills

10,000 Birds

The first of the three species I visually met and photographed – although poorly due to the distances involved – is called Green Broadbill. Yup, that’s it, Green Broadbill. So it’s a broadbill and it’s green and the name suggests that this is all there is to it. Now, first things first and that’s not the green part but the broadbill bit. A broad bill on a green broadbill. A broad bill gone on a green broadbill.

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Birding Florida’s Emerald Coast

10,000 Birds

The area near the boardwalk was full of families and beach-goers, swimming in the emerald green water or relaxing in multi-colored beach chairs. I have now officially moved to the Emerald Coast of Florida, a beautiful region on the Florida Panhandle. I am within one of Florida’s sub-tropical zones, and my birding experiences have expanded, with life birds galore. As part of my new job I work on Okaloosa Island, separated from the beach merely by the dunes.

Varied Lorikeets

10,000 Birds

In flight they look like a Budgerigar that has a very short tail due to their green colouring and the fact they are often in quite large flocks calling as they race across the sky. Varied Lorikeets are very bright green, but they can hide so easily in the foliage and I decided to focus on just capturing a pair of them feeding.

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Easy Endemics and Photography at Myriam’s Quetzals, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Although we were both rained and fogged out, we still managed a surprise Green-fronted Lancebill , Collared Redstart (E), Peg-billed Finch (E), Yellow-winged Vireo (E), Wrenthrush (E), Silvery-fronted Tapaculo (E), Ruddy Treerunner (E), and some other birds. Myriam’s Quetzales ! Are they her’s? Can there be a more enticing name than for a place that that? To be honest, quetzals aren’t seen that often right at Myriam’s but they are seen just down the road.

Beautiful Bird Portraits from Space Coast

10,000 Birds

This isn’t the best picture of a Great Egret but I like that it already has green lores. Back in 2012 when I made my first foray to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival I put up back -to- back posts featuring up-close-and-personal shots of some of the cooperative birds I encountered.

The Bee-eaters of Africa

10,000 Birds

Furthermore, they are far more secretive, quietly perching on forest edges (where their predominantly green plumage makes them tough to spot), usually solitarily or in small family groups and inconspicuously making short sallies to catch bees and other prey.

Whoo-Hoo! Green Heron is the 2015 American Birding Association Bird of the Year!

10,000 Birds

My lobbying must be more effective than I thought because the Green Heron has been named as the American Birding Association Bird of the Year for 2015 ! After all, Green Heron is the bird that made me become a birder. Not only that but Green Herons are sometimes called “ Shitepokes “ and they have awesome necks. Your average Green Heron has more than an amazing neck and a scatological nickname though. Yeah, that’s right, Green Herons are smart.

2015 25

My Best and Worst Birds from Costa Rica in 2015

10,000 Birds

Green-winged Teal : It might not sound exciting for birders slinging their binos in the temperate zone, but this fancy little duck is a heck of a rare sight in Costa Rica. The year is nearly over and that’s always a good excuse to talk about our best birds from the past 12 months. With more than 650 on my year list to choose from, it’s hard to pick out the best, especially when several happen to be glittering hummingbirds, tanagers, and trogons.

Migration Up North, Migration in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

I yearn to be back on Goat Island but am also content with seeing Blackburnian, Black-and-white, and Black-throated Green Warblers here instead of there. When people find out that I moved to Costa Rica from Niagara Falls, New York, one of the first things they ask is if I miss much from the City of the Cataracts.

Surviving the Storm on the Emerald Coast

10,000 Birds

In calm conditions, the water here is a brilliant emerald green, while the sand is so white and fine that it literally squeaks when I walk through it and is constantly compared to sugar. Storms can be fierce on the barrier Islands along the Florida Panhandle. Hurricanes are a very real possibility, but even without events of that magnitude squalls and thunderstorms kick up high winds and waves that batter the shoreline.

Buff-sided Robin

10,000 Birds

It was lovely to see the park looking so green after visiting after bush fires on other occasions. I mentioned last week that we had set off on a journey north to check on the Tawny Frogmouth nest and then we continued north. We actually travelled as far north as Timber Creek in the Northern Territory through some very varied weather due to it being our Wet Season.

2016 40

What is the National Bird of Guatemala?

10,000 Birds

Is there any bird more astoundingly jaw-dropping then the electric green, bright white, and scintillating scarlet Pharomachrus mocinno ? It was no longer the pure green of jade.

Birding Culebra, Puerto Rico

10,000 Birds

Antillean Crested Hummingbird was the easiest to find though Green-throated Carib and Antillean Mango weren’t too tough. Culebra is the lesser known of the two major islands that lie off the eastern edge of Puerto Rico. Vieques is the island Americans tend to think of when they think of an island vacation destination off the coast of Puerto Rico, both because it is larger and because of the more recent and public fight to stop the American military from using it for bombing practice.

New Year’s Day Birding at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

10,000 Birds

I don’t normally get to see Green-winged Teal this well. On New Year’s Day 2016, our last day in California before heading back to New York, I was pleased for the chance to get out for a few hours in the morning to jump start the year list. The best place I could come up with that was within a short drive of my in-laws’ place in Yorba Linda was the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in nearby Irvine, only a quick twenty-minute drive away.

Christmas Counting in Arenal, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

We had three trogon species, several wrens, several antbirds including Ocellated, Spotted, and Bicolored , Uniform Crake (heard only), Bicolored Hawk , King Vulture , Green Thorntail , White-tipped Sicklebill and several other hummingbird species, three toucan species, and the list goes on for one heck of a birdy day. If there was such a thing as a birder holiday, the peak of spring migration would be the high point on the calendar.

Budgerigars need water!

10,000 Birds

We then noticed swirling green all around us and the dam and it was literally thousands of Budgerigars. Swirling “green” over the dam. You will note that in the wild they are only green and not any of those odd pink or blue ones you may see in cages! Life’s been pretty hectic since we returned from a trip into the Pilbara area of Western Australia and I have hardly touched on all of our adventures due to other exciting bird news back home.

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