Cool Green Eco Apartments

Green Furniture Home Design

So many people want to go green with their home designs but lack the creativity, resources or inspiration to make it happen. Surprisingly enough there are many options on the market and elsewhere when it comes to designing green apartments.

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How to “Green Up” Your Apartment

Living Green & Saving Energy

Even though home ownership is often touted as part of the American Dream, there are definitely some benefits inherent in apartment life. Most apartment buildings come with built in security measures and on-site officers. composting green living how to go green Green Apartment green living in apartments A lot of them have on site pools and fitness centers. The cost of maintenance and repairs is usually included in […].

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Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Most apartment renters believe that they cannot take as many steps for going green as homeowners can because they do not own the property. In fact, if you are renting out an apartment, there are still many different tips and techniques that you can follow to ensure you are going [.]. easy green living tip green living saving energy saving money saving water green apartment living Green living how to go green

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E-Scape: Dynamic personal work space with several green twists


Of course, if you are in the creative line of things, then there probably is nothing like a beautiful view of the oceans or some lovely green valleys.

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