The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

10,000 Birds

This will be the first time I find myself in Greece in winter. During the last decade, the numbers in Greece were “mostly stable”, fluctuating from 35 up to 75 birds – representing the total European Fennoscandian population. Both: “The Lesser White-fronted Goose in Greece” by Demertzi et al., Organised bird-tours are offered by Natural Greece. For additional info, the BirdLife Greece has recently published Birding in Greece.

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Green tourism in Greece today: back to the future

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It is she who helps me understand the realities of […] Green tourism in Greece today: back to the future is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All Europe Greece Constance Washburn Green Hotels Greece Green tourism in Greece organic food Greece | An Introduction | I meet Aphrodite on the west side of Mt.Olympus. She comes to greet me when I arrive at her family’s hotel.

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Saving the Drowning Cormorant, or the Kerkini Lake, Greece

10,000 Birds

I was driving along the legendary eastern levee of the Kerkini Lake in northern Greece ( Google Map ) and, listening to the first Golden Oriole flute, was slowly getting closer to a wooded Mt. Asian water buffaloes were brought to Greece by Ottoman Turks centuries ago and by now, they have developed into a separate race, the Greek buffalo, which is protected as an old domestic breed. Out of some 4000 buffaloes still being kept in Greece, about 3000 are at this lake.

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Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

10,000 Birds

The sun rises over the village of Chrysochorafa, by Kerkini Lake in the north of Greece, not far from the triple border with Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia. Before this trip, I asked Steve Mills, the author of ‘ Birdwatching in Northern Greece ’, which sites would he recommend at this time of the year. Lake Kerkini is not just one of the best birding spots of Greece – it is most definitively among the very best in the whole of Balkans. Trips Europe Greece pelicans

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Birding in Greece – birdfinder book review

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Since I live not very far from Greece, I have often combined my vacation there with birding. I have a handful of Greece travel guides (not that I am happy with any of them), but what I always missed was a specialised bird-finding guide. Greece is visited by millions of tourists every year (over 19.5 Yet, as far as I know, there was no birdfinder guide for Greece. Have I already mentioned that Birding in Greece is a luxurious book?

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Birding Greece: Black and white world

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One simply has to love Greece. I told you – one simply has to love Greece. Trips Europe falcons Greece gulls raptorsWinding between the old Olives, the road ahead of me veers into the hills of the Pelion Peninsula, near the harbour town of Volos. A movement in the corner of my eye… a buzzard.

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Santorini, Greece: where to find organic

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| Another Reason To Visit | Add this to your reasons for going to Santorini, one of the most spectacular island destinations in Greece: supporting local organic farming. The island (known historically as Thera) is an […] Santorini, Greece: where to find organic is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Europe Farmers'' markets Greece Santorini Constance Washburn Faros Market Santorini Green tourism in Greece organic farm Santorini Reuters Santorini organic food

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Birding the outskirts of Athens, Greece

10,000 Birds

Although I visit Greece every year, this is my first time in Athens. I am a birder in search of the feathery attractions of Greece. I was on a new birding tour well organised by Natural Greece and accompanied by their bird guide. The BirdLife Greece has recently published where to find birds in Greece guide, available online and downloadable for android smartphone owners. Trips Europe Greece warblers I love birds. I like to travel. And – I hate flying!

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What is killing birds at Karla Lake (Greece)?

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Located in Thessaly province in central Greece, what is now left of the lake where the god Apollo was married and where the Argonauts built their kingdom is officially called the reservoirs of the former Lake Karla. Trips Europe Greece wetlandsThere should be thousands of birds at this time of the year, Dimitris Michalakis from the Karla Lake management authority told me.

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Going green in gorgeous Greece

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| How to Go Eco | Perhaps most famous as Western civilization’s birthplace of democracy, philosophy, literature and science, Greece is one of the world’s most historic and culturally rich countries. Today, though, most travelers come to its shores for more hedonistic reasons—to feast on fresh seafood, relax on an idyllic island, swim in the turquoise water or just […] Going green in gorgeous Greece is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Mykonos, Greece: where to find the green

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Mykonos is sometimes called the Venice of Greece (because of its rows of fishing houses, […] Mykonos, Greece: where to find the green is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All Europe Greece Hotels Mykonos Restaurants/Cafes Mykonos green hotel Mykonos organic restaurant | Green On A Dry Island | Mykonos. Celebrated island resort of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

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Only for Dogs and Birders – Kalamas Delta, Greece

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“The estuary and the delta of the River Kalamas form the most important wetland of northwest Greece”, so the “ Birding in Greece ” guidebook claims for the area where I am heading, a bit late since I overslept this morning. This species is still uncommon in the Balkans and despite the recent spread, Kalamas is the most reliable site for it in Greece (and this made my only second ever observation of them in Europe). Trips Car birding Europe Greece wetlands

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Greece: Pelicans galore at Lake Kerkini

10,000 Birds

It is an early April morning and we are in the hills surrounding Lake Kerkini in the north of Greece. I was on a new birding tour well organised by Natural Greece and accompanied by their nature guide Georgos Spiridakis, who lives on the shore of this lake and specialises in this area, as well as wider northern Greece. BirdLife Greece has recently published the Greek bird finder, available online as pdf and downloadable as an android smartphone application.

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Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

10,000 Birds

The Prespa Lakes National Park in Greece is well hidden among the mountains at the triple border with Albania in the west and the FYRO Macedonia in the north. One of them has a satellite transmitter around its neck and quite a few have white collars marked with the letter “G” (for Greece?) In FYROM, take the motorway exit for Prilep, go to Bitola, cross the border to Greece at Niki, head towards Florina and take the main road afterwards (better marked and easier to find).

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Green hotel in Greece? No problem…

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Green hotel in Greece? No problem… 3 January 11 · 1 comment | Green Travel News | J ust launched: Green Hotels , a website devoted to green hotels and green travel in Greece. “Every day,&# notes Green Hotel’s Sotiris Milonas , “more and more hotels in Greece are embracing green tourism and are establishing an environmental management system.&#

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Say a Prayer for Greece Today.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only austerity courage faith greece Greeks hope peace prayer referndum strengthToday, Greeks go to the polls to vote in an emergency referendum on the austerity measures.

Evia, Greece: Eleonas Hotel does organic, one olive at a time

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My destination is the Eleonas Agrotouristic Hotel in the town of Rovies; it’s on the island of Evia (also known as Euboea), two and a half hours […] Evia, Greece: Eleonas Hotel does organic, one olive at a time is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Quiet, Beautiful, Green | The drive is gorgeous, and after a week on dry and treeless Greek islands, what a relief to see green forests and flowing water.

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Soros urges EU to give more support to Ukraine and not concentrate on Greece

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democracy EU fake democracy Greece Soros Ukraineby Michael Smith (Veshengro) An unelected (please insert your own choice of expletive here) of a billionaire tells the European Union what to do. Sorry, run that by me again very slowly.

Gorgeous Greece Beach Yoga Holiday. {Partner}

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eds Just outside of Athens, Greece is the gorgeous seaside town of Lagonissi. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Yoga — Adventure — Featured Events greece health health wellness mindful travel retreat seek retreat vacation vegetarian yoga retreat yoga teacher Escape to the Mediterranean for a Yoga Holiday. With thanks to our longtime elephriend Alex and sponsor, Seek Retreat, for sharing this adventure with elephant and our readers. We wish we could will go! ~

Syrian Refugee Brings Kitten All the Way to Greece


Photos of the twosome went viral depicting the touching moment Read More The post Syrian Refugee Brings Kitten All the Way to Greece appeared first on Ecorazzi. A Syrian refugee refused to make his perilous journey from his war torn country to the Mediterranean without his kitten. Animals News Top News

A green hotel on Greece’s wild side: Mikro Papigo 1700

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| Green Certified in the Zagori | Pindus Mountains, northwest Greece. Its narrow, cobblestoned lanes were designed for donkey transport. […] A green hotel on Greece’s wild side: Mikro Papigo 1700 is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All Europe Greece Zagori/Pindus Mountains Constance Washburn Green Key Megalo Papigo Mikro Papigo Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel Pindus Mountains Pindus National Park Vikos Gorge Zagoria Zagorochoria Zagorohoria

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Art, Greece & Hatha: A Surreal Yoga Story.

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Under heavy winds, strong tides, and a rose orangerie sunrise, I traversed the Mediterranean sea in a ferry until arriving to the Cycladic Island of Paros in Greece. I embarked on a voyage to find the Experience Hatha Yoga teacher Oona Giesen. It was an explosion of karmic enigmas; yes, indeed it was like starring at a Surrealist painting of karmic anarchism, yogic mysticism, a perfection in color matching, brushstrokes in slow motion.a framed canvas that portraid the artist’s life story.

Greece and Spain are just the beginning

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Greece and Spain are just the beginning, the rest of the EU is going to follow sooner or later, including Germany Anyone who thinks that the Euro crisis and the crisis in the European Union is going to stop with Greece and Spain better have a contingency plan and a good one at that.

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Parents’ preschool co-op breaks the education mould in Greece

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The Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise is only the second co-operative care-giving enterprise in Greece – the first was established on Crete a few years ago – and offers a platform for parents to share information about preschool, primary and secondary education. The Greek economic crisis led to devastating cuts in social services, including preschool childcare – but a new model of education is now emerging, with parents forming a co-operative to fill the gap.

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Harnessing Love & People Power—Across the Globe—to Bail Out Greece.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Inspiring (Wow) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) bailout crowdfunding greece Greek economy people powerThis is a global issue, not a local one.

Supermoon Video Captures Gorgeous Rise Over Greece


There are all sorts of photos and videos of the Read More The post Supermoon Video Captures Gorgeous Rise Over Greece appeared first on Ecorazzi. The 2013 Supermoon arrived this weekend – dazzling sky-gazers with an event that won’t happen again until Sept. 28, 2015. Environment News Science Top News

“Love Calls Us to the Things of This World:” Update on the Refugee Crisis in Greece.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Yoga Activism boat EU greece immigrants refugee SyrianRead Becky’s first update on the crisis here. In an autobiographical essay on yoga and meditation, Silvia Boorstein looks back on her decades-long work as an activist and yoga practitioner, saying, “I am more zealous than ever about social activism.

Could Britain be the next Greece?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU' according to European Commission. The British budget deficit will swell this year to become the biggest in the European Union, overtaking even Greece, the European Commission said just before the 2010 general election in the UK, held on May 6, 2010. The UK's budget shortfall was the third largest in the EU last year but will overtake both Greece and Ireland this year, according to the forecasters.

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Greece's Latest Fiscal Solution: Create an Ecological Crisis! | Mother.

Mother Jones

Greece's Latest Fiscal Solution: Create an Ecological Crisis! 14, 2013 12:31 PM PST Tweet Samot /Shutterstock The green crowd used to feel pretty rosy about Greece. Proponents say the project could bring in 1,500 jobs, but a growing protest movement charges that the operation is "nothing more than a symbol of Greece's willingness these days to accept any development, no matter the environmental cost," according to the Times. "We're becoming Greece."

Greece looking to recover from economic slump through green energy


Sonia Renthlei: Greece’s prime minister, Lucas Papademos, has declared investments in green energy, a national priority vital for reviving the rapidly falling economy of the country. He hopes to achieve this milestone through the development of Project Helios, a scheme which aims to boost the solar power productivity of Greece from 206MW in the year 2010 to 2.2GW by the year 2020 and all the way to 10GW by 2050. Greece touts green energy 2050 roadmap as key to economic recovery.

Sailing the Peloponnese: make it green

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| Eco-Friendly Greece | The Peloponnese, a region of southern mainland Greece, offers a wonderful variety of experiences and adventures for visitors. Boating/Marinas Eco-adventure Europe Greece Peloponnese eco-friendly Peloponnese green sailing in Greece There are historical towns like Mycenae and Epidavros, for instance.

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There’s a bear! There’s a bear!

10,000 Birds

This September I found myself on a bear tracking tour organised by Natural Greece in the prime bear habitat of the Pindos range – the southernmost bear country in Europe, heading for the 2,520 m / 8,270 ft high Gramos Mountain along the border with Albania. Draped in dense forests of black pine, beech, fir, spruce and Scot’s pine, this is one of the least populated areas of Greece, with merely 0.47 Trips bears Europe Greece Mammals mountains

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Ktima Bellou: a green hotel in shadow of the Greek gods

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| Macedonian Green Elegance | It’s in the shadow of Mount Olympus, home to the ancient Greek gods and highest mountain in Greece. All Europe Greece Hotels Macedonia Restaurants/Cafes Agios Dimitrios Constance Washburn Green Key Ktima Bellou Pieria Nearby is the traditional village of Agios Dimitrios, population maybe a thousand and surrounded by farm and forest. This is Macedonia, on the western Greek mainland.

Desperate Cashless Greeks Are Now BARTERING (And Americans Should Pay Attention)

Green (Living) Review

Residents of Greece are so strapped for cash that they have returned to a primitive barter economy. The restrictions have prompted many companies, including PayPal, from ceasing operations in Greece. barter barter economy bartering GreeceFarmers, workers and even corporations have begun bartering because of a shortage of cash reminiscent of the Great Depression in the United States, Reuters reported. “It’s

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The Greek Strategy

10,000 Birds

Have you read my blogs on birding Greece ? Presuming that you live somewhere in Europe and plan a car trip to Greece, let me suggest a couple of routes that will increase your tour list. Driving from France or Germany to Greece, you are likely to pass through my hometown of Belgrade and continue south following the E75 through the FYRO Macedonia. By now you have crossed into Greece – what is next? Trips Balkans birdfinder Europe Greece Kerkini Lake wetlands

If you think the Middle East is dramatic now, 2000 years ago it was a telenovela

Green Prophet

Ancient Christianity Greece Holy Land Judaism Masada Petra RomeThe relations between the Herodian Kingdom and the Nabatean Kingdom were very complex and involved political, economic and marriage ties. Through the institution of marriage with local dynasties, Herodians consolidated power in the southern Levant and later became Rome’s client state. Intermarriage between religious groups was not uncommon, people were open-minded, until they were not.

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Birding on Steroids or the Kerkini Lake in 10 Pictures

10,000 Birds

This time I was lucky enough to join a fam trip organised by Natural Greece, an ecotourism company from Athens, and spend a few days at my favourite Kerkini Lake, which you already birded through my bins ( April and September ). Beside Andrea Bonetti, the guide from Natural Greece, there were four more bird guides coming from some of the leading tour operators in the industry. I travelled with: Natural Greece (

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I screamed: Ural Owl!

10,000 Birds

More productive areas of the Balkans have January eBird lists from 105 to 115 species (but I combined several areas in two countries, Greece and Serbia), so I have every reason to be satisfied. The best birds so far were two rare geese, Lesser White-fronted and Red-breasted Goose (both my second observations ever), plus Bewick’s Swan and Red-crested Pochard – all in Greece. Birding 2018 Greece Serbia Ural Owl year listI screamed “UralOwlUralOwlUralOwl!!!”,

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The top-5 birds of 2018

10,000 Birds

The year 2018 started with the rare Lesser White-fronted Goose , closely followed by Red-breasted Goose , Red-crested Pochard and Greater Flamingo , all at the incredible Lake Kerkini National Park in northern Greece: “Seeing a parked 4×4 and a national park biologist Kostas Papadopoulos scoping the flats… What is he looking at? Birds 2018 Greece SerbiaWhat qualifies a bird to be included in the top-5? My first criterion was that I observed it only once during the year 2018.

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Greece takes Priority. Nothing Happens on Climate Finance


G20 leaders were today criticised for failing to agree on any specifics for innovative sources of climate finance in the run-up to next month’s Durban climate talks. Despite optimism that the G20 could boost confidence in the development of long-term sources of climate finance, outcomes at this week’s G20 fell well short of expectations.

Birding the Cyclades: My my, how can I resist you?

10,000 Birds

We are in the village of Finikas on the island of Syros in the Cyclades archipelago of Greece. Tha dropping numbers are suspected in Greece and Croatia, and confirmed in Italy, France and Malta. I was on a new sailing birdwatch tour well organised by Natural Greece and accompanied by their bird guide Andrea Bonetti. The BirdLife Greece has recently published the Greek bird finder, available online as pdf and downloadable as an android smartphone application.

Starhotels E.c.ho Milano wins ‘Sustainable Design’ award

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Athens East Midlands England Europe Greece Hotels Italy Milan Restaurants/Cafes United Kingdom Echo Milano European Hotel Design Awards Green Travel News New Hotel Athens Orto Radisson Blu East MIdlands Reuters StarhotelsAt the only international hotel event to focus entirely on hotel design, a family-owned eco-hotel in central Milan took this year's "Sustainable Design" award. Starhotels E.c.ho Milano, a 143-room hotel that was completely renovated in 2011 Starhotels E.c.ho

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The Inside Look at a Syrian Refugee Camp you Need to See.

Elephant Journal

asaad greece ISIS middle east service Syria Syrian refugees traumaMy partner and I came to the camp to help refugees work through their trauma. What we found was an astoundingly resilient community of people. The school. Enlightened Society Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

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