Analysis: Is hydrogen the new oil?

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Japan, a long-time supporter of nuclear power, now has serious hydrogen ambitions. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be powered by hydrogen. The Tokyo Olympics will be powered by a fuel with ambition – hydrogen. The country has the world’s largest network of hydrogen filling stations.

Saudi Arabia building world’s largest green hydrogen plant at Neom

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The American gas giant Air Products & Chemicals announced this week that it will build the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in Saudi Arabia. The green ammonia made at the megaplant will made for export to global markets. And renewable hydrogen is the best gas.

Whither hydrogen?

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city will have a fleet (more than 10) of public vehicles--buses, or taxis, or garbage collection or police or whatever--powered by hydrogen.    As I see it, the major hurdles with hydrogen powered vehicles are: 1) Developing a fuel cell that will be cheap enough to mass produceand sell.  2) Producing hydrogen.    Initially, hydrogen production will be fossil fuel based.  Cue flashback music. On December 21, 2005, I wrote.

Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? The Saudis are going big on something called green hydrogen — a carbon-free fuel made from water by using renewably produced electricity to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules. Green hydrogen?

Disposable plastics make up this conceptual hydrogen-powered car


In addition to a hydrogen-powered engine, Konopatov has also given his proposed car a futuristic and playful form that looks more like an adorable spaceship than a standard sedan. The vast majority of hydrogen today is produced by the high-carbon process of steam methane reforming.

Hydrogen Bombing To Prevent Global Warming?

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Global warming and how to prevent it is a popular topic with everybody these days, though not one easily resolved, unless of course you are a geo-engineer. Dr. Caldeira of the Carnegie Institute of Global Ecology (Stanford University, California), calculates that it would take the energy of five thousand million, million H-bombs to move the Earth 1.5

What is hydrogen?

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Not only is Hydrogen one of the simplest elements known to man (each hydrogen atom has only one proton); it is also the most plentiful gas in the universe, especially if you consider that stars are primarily made-up of hydrogen. Yes, this would infer that sun is hydrogen, inclusive of helium, which through a process of fusion, gives us radiant (and solar) energy. So given the abundance of hydrogen, why haven’t we capitalized more on it as a source of fuel?

Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? Arlene Karidis Wed, 07/15/2020 – 01:00 One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is “clean hydrogen” made from trash. Green hydrogen — made by splitting water’s hydrogen and oxygen using electricity produced by renewable sources — is a small fish in the “energies pond.” ” Today, more than 95 percent of hydrogen is fossil-based and does not rely on renewables.

Farting cows directly linked to global warming

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Global warming and climate change weather patterns which may be causing monster hurricanes and typhoons are more than ever being brought to our attention as the dire results continue to wreck havoc the world over. Increasing fondness for beef in the USA, for example, is raising levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in the atmosphere as high as the use of fossil fuels. If the global temperature levels.

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Economic hydrogen production is possible using nuclear plants


Ishan Sidhu: It has been decades since technology to produce hydrogen fuel , which can replace diesel, gasoline and other fossil fuels, is available. Recently, as per a report of a scientist now it’s time when commercial production of hydrogen fuel will begin and the concerns regarding air pollution and foreign oil will be eased. Nuclear power plants can produce hydrogen to fuel the “hydrogen economy”. On a very small scale hydrogen is produced by electrolysis.

Getting Personal With 94 Elements – from Hydrogen to Plutonium (Video)

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Enter 94 Elements, a global filmmaking project which aims to create beautiful short films that depict the every day, personal uses of each element – from Hydrogen to Plutonium. If you’re anything like me, you never memorized the periodic table and probably never will, but understanding what its symbols represent is becoming increasingly important – because many of them are running out.

Solar powered hydrogen filling station opens in Germany


Solar powered hydrogen filling station opens in Germany. Fraunhofer ISE has opened a public hydrogen filling station in Freiburg, Germany, which has been created to serve as a demonstration platform for a clean fuel dispensing station network that is planned for the state. While many worry about the energy required to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen, this self sufficient filling station makes use of clean solar energy for the process. global warming.

Global Forest Watch can now see through clouds to stop deforestation


Last year, the Global Forest Watch tracking system starting allowing people to help monitor deforestation in far-flung parts of the world while sitting at home with their laptop. Global Forest Watch has been popular with citizen scientists — ordinary people without training as data or climate experts — who want to do their part to slow deforestation. ” Global Forest Watch is available for anybody to login and see deforestation in real time.

Say HY-drogen to Our Decarbonized Future


Say HY-drogen to Our Decarbonized Future Date/Time: December 8, 2020 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) The world is betting on clean hydrogen – but will applying it to decarbonization efforts come up short? Hydrogen is a clean and versatile energy carrier that can be used as a fuel for power, transport and industrial use. These qualities make hydrogen potentially significant in addressing greenhouse gas emissions from the hard-to-decarbonize sectors of the global energy system.

Hydrogen driven Lexus LFA-h beats gasoline version in terms of.


Hydrogen driven Lexus LFA-h beats gasoline version in terms of power. Considering hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe, it’s strange that our technology doesn’t optimize on its potential. Of course, hydrogen-powered cars do exist but they haven’t made it to the top choice of automobiles yet. This hydrogen-driven car is one powerful automobile, more powerful than even the gasoline model. Hyundai showcases hydrogen-electric version of Tucson at Geneva.

Tufts scientists develop green catalyst for hydrogenation process


Tufts scientists develop green catalyst for hydrogenation process. Hydrogenation, the process of mixing hydrogen atoms to unsaturated oil, is a key chemical process in many industries like oil refining and is the base of turning crude to gasoline. But, traditional ways of hydrogenation consume lots of energy and expensive metals. Catalysts for Less Researchers at Tufts have been working on a project to turn the hydrogenation process as green as possible.

Nanotree structure to pave the way for large scale hydrogen.


Nanotree structure to pave the way for large scale hydrogen production. Hydrogen is one such source that has the potential to provide us with an endless supply of clean fuel. They claim that their invention will effectively deliver hydrogen fuel cheaply and cleanly on a mass scale using solar energy. Solar energy-harvesting nanotrees Picture Gallery Solar energy-harvesting nanotrees Solar energy-harvesting “nanotrees” could produce hydrogen fuel on a mass scale.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, December 18

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and Middle East might be surprised to hear this, but global temperatures actually set a new high last month. ( CNN ). Hydrogen extraction from stones could be a green energy solution ! Climate Change Energy Environmental News Global Warming The Green Buzz Arctic ice carbon environmental news global temperature global warming hydrogen power “Green chemistry” energy solutions and an Arctic ice increase?? in today’s green news.

Eco-Hybrid Car From Qatar Unveiled During Climate Talks

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“The engine captures thermal waste energy that is utilized to generate electric energy to run hydrogen fuel cells using the potable water as a source for the gas,” GORD announced in a press release. Explaining the difference between GORD’s Eco-Hybrid vehicle and other hydrogen power concepts, GORD Chairman Dr. Yousef Al Horr said that their car requires no extra electricity since it produces its own by capturing wasted thermal energy.

Asian Monsoons Contribute to Global Pollution

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A new study says that the economic growth in Asia could also be fuelling pollution on a global scale. The scientists used hydrogen cyanide as tracers to detect the movement of air from the lower reaches of the atmosphere to the upper layers. Satellite data showed substantial amounts of hydrogen cyanide in the lower atmosphere and going up into the stratosphere over the monsoon region.

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Freezing May Result In Global Warming

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These compounds are made up of hydrogen, carbon, and fluorine atoms. If you rely on a well-stocked freezer, you might be interested in the latest findings from the UK. Much as you might expect, refrigerators and freezers are both major energy consumers and responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

Green groups urge UN to raise climate ambition on global shipping


Green groups urge UN to raise climate ambition on global shipping Cecilia Keating Tue, 10/20/2020 – 00:15 The global shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts once again face stormy seas. The rest is here: Green groups urge UN to raise climate ambition on global shipping.

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Renewable energy source #1

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Gerardine Botte , a biomolecular engineer at Ohio University, has developed a “technology to generate hydrogen fuel from urine.”

Six reasons the EU isn’t as green as it claims

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There is no evidence that absolute decoupling of economic growth from resource use is possible on a global scale in the kind of timeframe we have available. Hydrogen rocks,” said Frans Timmermans , vice-president of the European Commission and the beard in charge of the European Green Deal.

Taking stock of Chase, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley’s recent climate commitments


While this blog focuses on a subset of global banks, their commitments are part of a larger movement across the financial sector that includes institutional investors and broader coalitions. For instance, 17 global banks recently piloted PACTA for Banks to analyze their corporate loan books with different climate scenarios and inform future decision-making. Business Eco Green chase environmental finance financial green-hydrogen morgan-chase paris sds world

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Local Solutions to the Global Water Crisis

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Thirty years of applied research supported by the International Development Research Centre ( IDRC ) offers a new focus for global efforts to curb water demand and alleviate poverty: community-based or local water management. The network proposed four methods suited to conditions in rural communities across the South: the hydrogen sulfide test, the presence– absence test, the A1 broth, and the coliphage test.

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A critical analysis of future nuclear reactors designs

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Fuel efficiency, the global stockpiles of fissile material are limited. We could probably maintain the existing stock of reactors going for 50-80 years or so, but given that they only represent 5% of global energy output, that leaves us with the question of where does the other 95% of our energy come from and the obvious question as to whether nuclear energy is just more trouble than its worth. Brayton Cycle and Hydrogen Production….rumours

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: What Is It and What Can You Do?

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Unlike biological waste, which decomposes into elements like hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon that can be reused in the environment, plastic never breaks down. Tagged: garbage patch , get involved , green global issues , less waste , recycled material , recycled plastic , Recycling. COMPOSTABLE BIODEGRADABLE Defining Green Going Green RECYCLABLE Recycling REUSABLE SUSTAINABLY SOURCED garbage patch get involved green global issues less waste recycled material recycled plastic

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Analysis: Russia’s slow progress on climate action set to pick up speed

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The government has published a road map for the development of hydrogen and is drafting initiatives to accelerate the production of green hydrogen. The Russians see significant competitive advantage in developing hydrogen from various sources.

Renewables smash fossil fuels at cost

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Following the latest commitment by G7 to net-zero and to stop global coal funding abroad, it is now for the G20 and emerging economies to match these measures’’. Photo credit: IRENA. By Anders Lorenzen.

Fuel Cell Road sweeper cleans Switz streets with green oomph


There is absolutely no doubt that hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology is the way forward when it comes to providing clean energy for the future. The hydrogen powered fuel cell clean machine did get a revamp in 2011 with a few tech tweaks and it has been working hassle-free on a daily basis for over a year now. Even refueling seems easy as operators themselves carry it out and this highlights the safety and stability of the hydrogen fuel cell technology. global warming.

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Carbon to Value Initiative launches business accelerator for carbontech startups


According to scientists, reducing greenhouse gas emissions alone will not be enough to keep global warming below an average of two degrees Celsius globally. We are aware of about 400 startups globally that can be classified as carbontech, and the fact that more than 25% of them globally applied to C2V demonstrates the clear need for building a strong ecosystem, as many of these solutions will require new carbon value chains to be built and ultimately partnerships.

Jordan Finally Phases out Ozone-depleting Chemicals

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CFCs also reduce the ability of the ozone layer to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays, contributing to global warming. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) are fluorocarbons that contain hydrogen. Commonly known by trade name Freon, HCFCs are low-in- toxicity , cost effective and considered somewhat less destructive to the atmosphere than their hydrogen-free cousins. Climate CFCs Climate Change global warming HCFCs Jordan Montreal Protocol ozone layer

Electrification could squeeze CO2 out of industrial supply chains


“Scope 3 is the hard one… You can’t get ahold of the data from your suppliers sometimes because they need to go to their suppliers to get the data, and they need to go to their suppliers… We have these very long and complex global value chains, so even just wrapping your head around where to start is hard,” said Rasmus Valanko, managing director for systems transformation at We Mean Business, a global nonprofit coalition that works with businesses to take action on climate change.

The 2021 GreenBiz 30 Under 30


In addition, most of the honorees find the time to exercise global citizenship beyond their day jobs, mentoring youth, hosting a podcast and launching peer networking groups. In five years, he has moved up from an internship to lead the company’s global product sustainability strategy.

Majority of Americans say we should do whatever it takes to protect the environment

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A majority wants the US to invest in renewable energy sources such as wind, hydrogen and solar instead of expanding the oil, natural gas and coal sector. “Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) say developing alternative sources such as wind, solar and hydrogen technology should be the more important priority for addressing America’s energy supply; 29% say expanding exploration and production of oil, coal and natural gas should be the more important priority.&#.

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More on the helium shortage

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  A global helium shortage has turned the second-most abundant element in the universe (after hydrogen) into a sought-after scarcity, disrupting its use in everything from party balloons and holiday parade floats to M.R.I. The Army and Navy prized the gas as a nonflammable alternative to the explosive hydrogen that was being used in observation balloons and airships. This is a little too late for my principles class, but who am I not to blog in the public interest? 

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Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

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Peak oil hits hard and the globalized food trade largely collapses: “in this new and unforgiving world, self-sufficiency was the sole basis for security&# [p. Global diplomacy works – but too late and too little. A process is being initiated in which hydrogen sulfide is being released to deteriorate the quality of air for all breathing forms of life while also breaking down the ozone layer.

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Analysis: Can Inner Mongolia reach peak carbon this decade?

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This came hot on the heels of the province’s closure of bitcoin mining operations , to curb energy consumption, a move that drew global attention. Inner Mongolia had at one point accounted for 7.66% of global bitcoin mining. By Gao Baiyu.

A Better Place

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CNN-Time magazine named him one of the 20 top ‘Global Influentials for 2003’. Foreign Policy magazine named him on the 100 most influential global thinkers list. Hydrogen fuel does not work globally. Israeli entrepreneur, Shai Agassi, is one of the leaders of the next generation of ‘giving the finger’ to the antiquated, bloated, often corrupt, greedy and irresponsible fossil fuel industry.

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Smelly but smart: ships to use ammonia as "zero-carbon" fuel


Today, almost 90% of all goods traded globally are transported by water. Though ammonia is less energy-rich than many other marine fuels, it proves more energy-dense than hydrogen. Hydrogen, another zero-emission gas, has been used to power cars, trains and planes. While cheaper to produce than ammonia, hydrogen presents handling difficulties due to its -253 degrees Celcius storage temperature.

Renewable energy investment matchmaking platform launched

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Transforming the energy system could boost cumulative global GDP gains above business-as-usual by USD 98 trillion between now and 2050. It explores ways to cut global CO2 emissions by at least 70 per cent by 2050. Green Hydrogen?

Episode 274: The nuances of net zero


Richard Mattison, CEO of S&P Global Trucost and chief product officer of Sustainable1 for S&P, shares perspective.