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Measuring Wealth in Footsteps

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In 2003 the Global Footprint Network (GFN) was established in response to this problem and to help countries and businesses measure their impact and as a result live more sustainably. Many people consider the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the best way to measure a country’s wealth.

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Mediterranean’s Worst Eco-Debtor Not in the Middle East (Yet)

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According to data released by the Global Footprint Network , based on a 47-year-long study, Italy is the Mediterranean Basin country with the highest environmental debt. Its carbon footprint will also grow exponentially.

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In 2018, the Sheffield-based company joined the Venanpri global family of the finest hand tool brands, already home to Corona Tools.

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Today is Ecological Deficit Day: Read the Report about Resource Capacity in the US

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ecosystems can regenerate within the full year, according to a new report released by Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank with offices in North America, Europe, and. Activism Climate Change/Global Warming Conservation carbon footprint conservation ecological deficit day ecological footprint water footprint

Consuming Our Year's Resources 133 Days Too Soon This Year


According to the Global Footprint Network and WWF''s Living Planet Report,today is Earth Overshoot Day. That means the seven billion people on Earth have consumed the globe''s renewable resources for the year.


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In 2018 Burgon & Ball joined the Venanpri Group, a global collective of the finest hand tool brands for agriculturists, horticulturists, gardeners, landscape and construction professionals.

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Degrowth Provides Alternatives to Global Consumer Culture


If everyone lived like the average American, according to the Global Footprint Network, the Earth could sustain only 1.7 billion people—a quarter of today’s population—without undermining the planet’s physical and biological systems. Overconsumption in industrialized societies and among developing world elites causes lasting environmental and human impacts.

Aprés COP 18: Will Qatar Rebound with Solar?

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With free water and electricity, and the world’s largest carbon footprint, is Qatar’s new stance on solar a bona fide shift towards fossil fuel alternatives or are they simply catching the latest fashion?

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


According to Global Footprint Network, we used a year’s worth of resources in seven months in 2018. In 2016, global plastics production was approximately 335 million metric tons , and about half of that was used to make single-use products, according to the Earth Day Network.

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Hilton Hotels to Share Food Waste in Hungry Egypt

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The hotel chain has teamed up with Feeding America and The Global FoodBanking Network to collect food that would otherwise be thrown away from cafes, restaurants, and conferences and distribute it to school feeding programs, food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community programs.

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How to Shrink the Economy without Crashing It: A Ten-Point Plan

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We know this because Global Footprint Network, which methodically tracks the relevant data, informs us that humanity is now using 1.5 The human economy is currently too big to be sustainable. Earths’ worth of resources. We can temporarily use resources faster than Earth regenerates them only by borrowing from the future productivity of the planet, leaving less for our descendants. But we cannot do this for long.

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Latest tests confirm increased energy generation of Evance small wind turbine

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About Evance Wind Turbines Ltd Evance Wind Turbines, a world-leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint.

Evance R9000 off-grid system provides farm with round-the-clock energy

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i) 1.5kW to 15kW small wind turbines (ii) Research by Nottingham Trent University, Forum for Farmers and Farmers Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint.

Small wind turbines ride out recent Atlantic storms

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Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint.

Catching CO2 the Saudi Way?

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Saudi, like Germany and other countries, believe that this technology will help mitigate their contribution to fossil fuel abuse and emissions, enhance its oil recovery and create the means to limit their global footprint of GHG.

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Measure Your Ecological Footprint

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Let’s start with your ecological footprint and biocapacity. Ecological footprint and Biocapacity: The Ecological Footprint measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resource it consumes and to absorb its carbon dioxide emissions.

A Story at the Heart of the Conservancy

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As we attempt to solve the challenges of the Anthropocene – challenges that Gloria and her contemporaries probably could not have imagined in 1954 – and as we try to implement our global solutions across our global footprint, it is easy to forget how consistent our identity has been.

Small wind turbines helping Scottish households escape the fuel poverty trap

Green (Living) Review

Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint.

New Finance Package to help UK Schools harness wind power

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This is a further demonstration of the School’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint. Evance has a global footprint of over 800 installations helping farmers, schools, businesses and home owners to become green energy producers.

Moving Beyond GDP

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Among the indicators mentioned was the Ecological Footprint , marking an important milestone for incorporation of the Footprint and ecological limits into policy-making at the highest levels.

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What's the Economy for, Anyway? (film chapters)

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a Boston Review article on work-life balance by Jody Heymann The Project on Global Working Families Seattle Quality of Life Group "The way we''re working isn''t working" TEDTalk by Tony Schwartz Act Four - Health “How does the United States Compare?”

Editor of Arabic Environmental Magazine Scoops Top Eco Prize.

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Dr Mohammad Bin Fahd, Chairman of the Prize, told Gulf News ; “The prize is named after the late Shaikh Zayed, who showed care for the environment long before it became a global issue, and this award represents Shaikh Zayed’s philosophy.”

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Global Economy Expanded More Slowly than Expected in 2011

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The global economy grew 3.8 The global economy expanded by an average of 4 percent each year in the decade leading up to the 2008 slowdown and the 2009 contraction. Developing Asia was responsible for 25 percent of global economic output in 2011. percent in 2011, a drop from 5.2

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Online Resources for Low-Carbon Energy and Development

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There are a few specialized building-specific tools not covered by the directories: Carbon Footprinting Tools for Individuals, Communities and Companies CoolClimate Household Carbon Footprint Calculator – This calculator enables individuals or households in the U.S.

Today is Ecological Debt Day


Today is the day when the world's population has used up the earth's annual capacity to support us, according to the Global Footprint Network. Last year it fell on Oct 11. Of course, some are taking more than their fair share

Creating the future we want

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Advances in science and technology are creating new economic opportunities and producing sustainable solutions, while expanded public access to global data and information is helping to shape business and government policies. The 2010 “Global Governance Report for 2025,” prepared by the U.S.

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Training manuals and education resources on sustainability

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Through the Ecological Footprint framework, educators learn how to help students understand cumulative environmental impacts. Redefining Progress developed the Ecological Footprint Teacher’s Manual to make this curriculum available for self-paced training. Ecological Footprint Teacher’s Manual Click on a link to open a PDF that includes the instructions and handouts for the section. Teachers submitted online evaluation forms after using the Footprint in the curriculum.

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Is Population a Problem?

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In an opinion piece for Yale e360 , he and Anne Ehrlich write: “Many human societies have collapsed under the weight of overpopulation and environmental neglect, but today the civilization in peril is global. by Maywa Montenegro Will 9 billion people max out the Earth's natural resources?

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To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

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Brown Eric de Place, Senior Researcher, Sightline Institute Two words -- “cap” and “dividend” – can get us off oil; end our global warming pollution; and funnel money from the wealthy to the middle class. Sanjay Khanna, Principal, Khanna Research + Communications Coordinated Nationwide Public Information Campaign on Economy and Climate Today, the global economic meltdown and the climate crisis are key forces affecting civil society. A binding global agreement is critical.

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