Renewables smash fossil fuels at cost

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New research from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) confirms renewables are continuing to outpace fossil fuels on cost. They found that the share of renewable energy that achieved lower costs than the most competitive fossil fuel option doubled in 2020.

Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling

Earth 911

Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Jeff Gold, founder and CEO of Altanta-based Nexus Fuels, which. The post Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling appeared first on Earth911.

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Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

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Until we all own one of these, getting cleaner fuel at the pump should be on your radar. Energy transition fuel before we all go electric. Consider the American company Biofriendly has a fuel additive you get at the pump that scrubs smog and increases fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

G20 nations subsidized $3 trillion in fossil fuels since Paris agreement


Despite promises, G20 nations continue to invest in fossil fuels amid the climate crisis

Ammonia As A Fuel

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green" fuel for our cars; with vehicles requiring very few modifications to use it When I think of ammonia, cleaning products and fertilizer spring to mind. It seems it can also be used as a.

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The post WILL FOOD WASTE FUEL VEGAS? Firstly and as reports: It takes a lot of energy to power Las Vegas. For example, the slot machines, nightclubs, and bright neon lights. Where, but on of the Las Vegas strip.

Various reasons that make a biofuel a necessary fuel

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The role of biofuel is not to replace the fossil fuel but to help formulate a balanced policy. The post Various reasons that make a biofuel a necessary fuel appeared first on Green Living Guy. Technology has intricate connections to the environment and the economy.

Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels


This increasing energy demand has been met by an ever increasing supply of fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuels are the most prominent energy source in our world today. Although alternatives to fossil fuels – such as solar , wind , or nuclear fission power – are beginning to be developed, we are still seeing an increase in the amount being used every single year [1]. The effects of fossil fuels are well known, as is their effect on the environment.

USPS to Replace 165,000 of It’s Fleet With Electric and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

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It will add 50,000 to 165,000 electric or fuel-efficient vehicles. In fact, The post USPS to Replace 165,000 of It’s Fleet With Electric and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


The world has a crippling dependence on fossil fuels and this dependence on coal, oil and natural gas is one of the largest causes to arguably the biggest problem facing earth today: climate change. percent of the country’s electricity originated from fossil fuel combustion [1,2].

G20 nations subsidized $3 trillion in fossil fuels since Paris agreement


A report by BloombergNEF and Bloomberg Philanthropies shows that G20 countries have continued subsidizing fossil fuels at the expense of the environment. trillion in subsidies to fossil fuel since the Paris climate agreement in 2015.

Algae returns as fuel for our future

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Researchers at Tel Aviv University have revealed how microalgae produce hydrogen, a clean fuel of the future, and suggest a possible mechanism to jumpstart mass production of this environmentally-friendly energy source. “The discovery of the mechanisms makes it clear that algae have a huge underutilized potential for the production of hydrogen fuel,” said Dr. Yacoby. Cities alternative fuel biofuel

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Fuel and food

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Did you ever stop and think about how much fossil fuel is used in the production of food? It goes way beyond fuel for farm equipment and transport. Fossil fuel also plays a crucial role in the production of nitrogen fertilizer - you're eating the stuff

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New Yorkers go hard against fossil fuels, divest $215.5 billion pension funds from fossil fuels

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So New Yorkers have a lot to celebrate now that their elected mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that he will stop all new fossil fuel projects within and serving the city. The writing’s on the wall: move your money out of toxic fossil fuels and into real climate solutions.”.

Israeli Fuel Company Tries Out Gasoline – Methanol Fuel Mixture

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A woman fills up car in Haifa with methanol and gasoline fuel mixture. Alternative car fuel mixtures have been talked about for years. Many gas stations in the US incorporate ethanol into their blends, all the way to fuel made from human and animal “poop” More recently, there’s been biofuel made from recycled McDonald’s fast food cooking oils which flew their UAE fleet vehicles more than 800,000 miles!

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Fuel Cell vs. Battery Electric Transport

Blue Earth

However, the auto companies have not given up their dream of hydrogen fueling stations on every corner and fuel cell cars in every garage. Are we finally ready for Fuel Cells to make an impact? Well, Volkswagon just made a huge investment to propel their fuel cell ambitions forward. They signed an $80 million deal to acquire Ballard’s fuel cell IP for automotive uses.

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Boeing likes ‘green diesel’ as sustainable jet fuel

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Boeing thinks "green diesel" made from oils and fats can be a significant new source of sustainable aviation biofuel—and one that emits half the carbon dioxide of fossil fuel over its lifecycle. Boeing likes ‘green diesel’ as sustainable jet fuel is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Airlines News Technology Gr green aviation fuel green diesel Green Travel News renewable diesel Reuters

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Countries phasing out fossil fuel cars

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many countries and regions are proposing the phasing out of fossil fuel cars in the next decade or even earlier with some cities beginning a ban on all but electric cars, especially in town centers, within the next couple of years. (We The reason for this is the fact that without the large machinery, powered by, well, yes, you guessed it, oil-based fuels, required for the extraction such components just cannot be gotten out of the earth.

Benefit-cost analysis of the renewable fuel standard

Environmental Economics

Tim Devaney: The Obama administration set new standards Monday for ethanol levels in fuel, enraging competing industries that had battled for months to influence the contentious regulations. The final renewable fuel standard (RFS) unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is more stringent than an earlier version of the rule proposed in May but falls short of the threshold set forth in a 2007 law. billion gallons of ethanol into their fuel in 2015 and 17.4

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Turning food waste into aviation fuel could greatly reduce emissions


Food waste could be instrumental in producing sustainable aviation fuel, according to a recent study. The researchers found that this biofuel has a 165% decrease in net carbon emissions compared to standard fuel.

Fossil Fuel Fast Facts

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HTML clipboardHow much of the world's petroleum products wind up in marine environments? How much coal is used for each person in the USA annually? What's the connection. between natural gas and our food? Find out the answers to these questions and.

Summer Road Trip! 4 Ways to Maximize Your Fuel Efficiency

The Green Samaritan

Here are a few tips from and CarMax to maximize fuel efficiency and drive down unnecessary consumption. Properly inflated tires, using the correct grade of motor oil and replacing dirty air filters can all help increase fuel efficiency. Driving with the windows down, creates excess drag, thus greater use of fuel. Most fuel is used from accelerating from a stop to cruising speed.

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?Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

Green Home Blog

Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing? Here is a short progress report on how automobiles are doing when it comes to current fuel efficiency stats and how their future outlook may unfold. According to the Transportation Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Michigan, the average fuel economy of cars sold in the United States in 2012 was approximately 23.8 It will take time before everyone owns a high fuel efficient or solely electric vehicle.

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Can Solar Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?


Fossil fuels are formed by natural processes. Around 80 percent all our energy demand is covered by burning fossil fuels. At the current consumption rate, it is estimated that fossil fuels will run out in less than 100 years. If we could harness the sun’s clean and free energy, we wouldn’t have to drill for polluting fossil fuels. But… Fossil fuel production today costs much less than any renewable energy generation.

One problem with fuel efficiency standards

Environmental Economics

Broken record time, incentive-based environmental policy can be superior to environmental standards: In the race to claim ever-higher fuel-economy numbers and keep up with government regulations, automakers are rolling out hybrids and electric cars aplenty at this week’s Detroit auto show. Regardless, the automakers have little choice but to develop and try to push more hybrids as they prepare for fuel-efficiency requirements that call for significant increases later this decade.


Green (Living) Review

Fears of a fuel strike have heightened tensions on the nation’s forecourts and precipitated a panic buying splurge that has created its own shortage situation at the pumps. According to Ben Hart , Evans Cycles Director of Marketing and eCommerce, “Concern about a fuel strike definitely seems to have pushed the cycle option back into people’s minds and a spell of sunshine has helped make this option even more desirable.

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Half of Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area Trash to be Used as Fuel

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Hiriya just south of Tel Aviv went from being a teeming trash mountain to a renowned recycling center , and now it will also be the site of the Middle East’s largest Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant. Using a dry combustion process that emits zero harmful gasses, the waste will be transformed into fuel that can be used in the same way as conventional sources. Business alternative energy Hiriya Recycling Park Refuse derived Fuel trash to fuel waste to fuel

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Eco-Resolution for July: Driving Down Fuel Consumption

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Eco-Resolution for July: Driving Down Fuel Consumption July 6, 2010 Of course, I didn’t realize that when I designated the eco-resolution for July as the month to practice driving more efficiently to conserve fuel and reduce carbon output , would there be the worst oil spill and environmental disaster taking place ever.

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RFF on the Issues: The VW Scandal and Diesel Fuel Cars

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: The Volkswagen emissions scandal is putting pressure on many countries to take a closer look at their vehicle emissions testing for cars that run on diesel fuel. It seems that  such engines are actually worse for the environment than previously thought , and this issue is particularly important in Europe, where about half of new vehicles run on diesel fuel.

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Environmental Economics: The simple economics of alternative fuels

Environmental Economics

» March 22, 2011 The simple economics of alternative fuels Simple model of energy:  As the price of energy source A rises, source B becomes cheaper, relatively.    Backers of alternative fuels see a silver lining in rising pump prices. per gasoline gallon equivalent and 60 percent lower carbon emissions - making the switch to CNG is expensive because there is no fueling infrastructure comparable to gas that. 

Stop burning fossil fuels now: there is no CO2 'technofix', scientists warn

Green (Living) Review

Researchers have demonstrated that even if a geoengineering solution to CO2 emissions could be found, it wouldn’t be enough to save the oceans German researchers have demonstrated once again that the best way to limit climate change is to stop burning fossil fuels now. climate change fossil fuels geo-engineering

Northwest Democracy and Fossil Fuel Money

Sightline Daily

For those interested in Sightline’s work on the influence of fossil fuel money in Northwest politics, you may enjoy listening to this 45-minute interview I did recently on KBOO , a community radio station in Portland. Much of Sightline’s work on fossil fuel money has relied on diligent research from our friend, Nick Abraham.

Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel


Renewable Natural Gas: Today’s Carbon-Negative Fuel Renewable natural gas sits at the intersection of two critical challenges: addressing increased emissions from organic waste and laying the foundation for zero carbon transportation across all sectors.?

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Summer Road Trip! 4 Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

The Green Samaritan

Here are a few tips from to maximize fuel. Now that summer road trips and vacations are in full swing, your eye may be on the price of gas as you make your way down the highway. See the full post and more at Green Living

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21% of British households in fuel poverty

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) To all intents and purposes two-fifths of families in Britain are either living in “fuel poverty” or in danger of tipping over the edge, research found. Some 21% of households who took part in Legal & General’s MoneyMood survey said they are spending more than 10% of their income on gas and electricity bills, meaning they are classed as being in fuel poverty.

Fossil fuels and others of a similar nature

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While fossil fuels, no doubt, are a problem for the biosphere – I hate nowadays to use the word environment as it has also other connotations – other fuels that are being burned in motor vehicles, even though they are created from plants and other resources, still have, as far as air pollution is concerned, the same or even worse an impact. But how are we going to carry on motoring without those fuels then?

Jet Fuel from Carbon Dioxide – New Science Project in Israel

Green Prophet

Miron Landau from Ben Gurion University in Israel were recently awarded a highly competitive Israel Strategic Alternative Energy Foundation (I-SAEF) grant to further their groundbreaking research in liquid fuels. Herskowitz heads the BGU Energy Initiative, which is developing multiple alternative fuels from solar energy to biomass to replace the world’s dependence on oil. Their focus will be on jet fuel. Image of jet fuel from Shutterstock.

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Aviation fuel from nonedible plant soars

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Japan Airlines , Air New Zealand , Continental , Brazil’s TAM Airlines and most recently the Mexican carrier Interjet , in cooperation with European manufacturer Airbus , have flown without problems on fuel from this weed-like plant, which grows on land otherwise unusable for farming. The Yale study projected greenhouse gas reductions of up to 60% from Jatropha-based fuel compared to petroleum-based jet fuel. | Green Travel News |.

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Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling


Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Jeff Gold, founder and CEO of Altanta-based Nexus Fuels, which… The post Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling appeared first on Earth911. Read more: Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling.

Biden’s new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies


In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden has directed federal agencies to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Cutting fossil fuel subsidies is a crucial step in reaching clean energy goals. is essentially paying fossil fuel companies to pollute the air. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, there are several direct and indirect tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Biden’s new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies.

The Money Behind Fossil Fuel Exports

Sightline Daily

But the truth is that standing right behind the fossil fuel companies is a second Goliath. Some of the financial sector’s heaviest hitters are deeply enmeshed in fossil fuel export plans. The question for opponents of fossil fuel exports, then, is not so much how overcome the colossi of King Coal and Big Oil, but how to make Big Finance back away slowly.

Air pollution caused by fossil fuels kills millions


New research has revealed that fossil fuel pollution caused approximately 8.7 Experts found that countries that burn fossil fuels heavily for manufacturing and transport are the most affected. They found that there are direct links between air pollution from burning fossil fuels and ailments such as heart disease, loss of eyesight and respiratory ailments. Air pollution caused by fossil fuels kills millions.

Superpower “Laxative Nut” Tree Could Solve Egypt’s Fuel Crisis

Green Prophet

In Egypt, people often have to line up for hours to fill their cars and trucks with diesel fuel – particularly during summer months when it comes at a premium. She says unfortunately, but the fact that the oil is not fit for human consumption is a benefit since it ensures that hungry people are not being denied food because of fuel, which is a common complaint in the biofuel industry.

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