Pulling Birds at Panti Forest in Malaysia

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JOHOR, MALAYSIA, DECEMBER 2012 – If you’re traveling to Singapore for birding, you might want to think outside the box or, in this case, the island. Some of the best birding in the area is just 90 minutes or so north in peninsular Malaysia, home of the infamous Panti Forest.

The Last Tree for Orangutans

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Once spread throughout the forests of Southeast Asia, they are now found only on the island of Sumatra and Indonesian Borneo , and few places in Malaysia. In fact, if we focus on the forest ecosystem as a whole, we will find solutions that benefit us all.

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Money on Trees

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Minister Witoelar stated that he hoped to sign a treaty this December at the United Nations Climate Council Conference in Bali that would require developed nations to pay $8 to $20 USD for each hectare of Indonesia’s preserved, pristine rain forest.

Book Review: ‘My Journey With a Remarkable Tree’ in Cambodia

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My Journey’ is both a travelogue of Ken’s movement with a mission through Cambodia and Vietnam, and a tragic, dispiriting account of the impact human greed has upon the forest and those who have depended on it for their livelihood and well-being for centuries. Ken Finn is a passionate man.

The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

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I live in Santa Cruz and am one of thousands of people that flock to hike, bike and camp in these forests. How Well-Managed Forests Could Change Your Response. This property is run like most other timber property in the Southern Sub-district of the Coast Forest Management District.

Bill Clinton tells Brazil “Biofuels produced at the expense of tropical forests are no victory”

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This is all bad news considering that we need the trees as carbon sequesters. The message would have been even more poignant had President Clinton been speaking about production of palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia, where due to greenhouse gas emissions associated with land conversion from rainforest to plantations, the emissions from the fuel made from these crops can be nearly 10 times as much as from conventional fossil fuels.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Forests are one of the most important. 80 percent of all terrestrial plants, insects, and animals call forests home. Nearly one third of people in the world depend directly on forests for their livelihoods [1]. The death of the forest is the end of our life. “.

Old, Tired Rainforests

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The best bet for quick CO2 storage is in the tropics, where the carbon soaked up by newly-planted trees outweighs the trees’ own emissions and other heat-trapping effects of forests. Decelerating growth in tropical forest trees.

Let’s Get Sustainable

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A large portion of condoms, over 10 Billion, are made in Asia and Malaysia ( Malaysia is currently one of the world’s largest natural rubber producers). Family planning is an important topic when talking about the environment and climate change.

Disaster in the Sundarbans

10,000 Birds

Endangered Masked Finfoot photographed in Malaysia (Wikimedia Commons). The worst hit are those who make their living off the forests and rivers, where the crabs and fish are now dying. Also, the mangrove forests are the single largest source of forest produce in the country. They provide raw materials for wood based industries and contribute about 41% of total forest revenue and account for about 45% of all timber and fuel wood output of the country.

City Hornbills

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Okay, they weren’t as fascinating as the birds of prey eating their, or the frankly still weird drawings of nightjars carrying eggs and woodcocks carrying chicks, but still, hornbills were cool because they sealed their mates up in holes in trees and then fed them as they raised the chick. One of my most cherished birding sightings in Uganda was seeing a distant male hornbill land by a walled up hole in a tree and feed its mate.

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Hill Mynas: A Touch of Tropical Asia in Miami

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Distributed across a broad swath of territory that includes India’s Himalayan foothills, Thailand, Indochina, peninsular Malaysia and western Indonesia, this species occurs in moist or semi-evergreen forests that may include secondary growth and degraded habitats in its native range. Miami, Florida has a reputation among the birding community for being overrun with exotic bird species. It is well-deserved.

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Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


who quietly roam through forests and savannahs eating termites and ants. Other pangolins sleep in the hollows of trees or logs and some simply make a nest in the forks of trees. Some can even swing from tree to tree with their tails. Malaysia.

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Boucher’s Bird of the Year: The Bornean Bristlehead

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The Rail Babbler was number two on our list and it is so special that we made a side trip to the Malaysia’s Panti Forest, near Singapore, just for this bird. Arriving at midnight, we headed directly to the forest, hoping to see nocturnal species while we waited for daybreak.

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A Different Kind of Spring

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The local forest birds were a constant source of facemelt as well…when Blue Mockingbird , Keel-billed Toucan , Crimson-collared Grosbeak and Red-legged Honeycreeper reside within walking distance, you can temporarily forget the horror and debilitating pain that is Montezuma’s Revenge.

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Professor Wangari Maathai honoured with the 2nd International Green Awards™ Lifetime Achievement Award

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As it is the United Nations’ International Year of the Forests, it seemed fitting that the prestigious 2nd Lifetime Achievement Award be given to a woman who established perhaps the greatest tree planting initiative in the world - the Green Belt Movement.

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How traveling slow led me to live a greener life

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I was stunned by the peace I experienced walking through ancient forests and sleeping under the stars. While wandering through a 130 million-year-old rainforest in the heart of Malaysia, I heard a local guide explain how climate change is killing the majestic trees.

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Africa’s remarkable long tailed birds

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Photograph taken in Malaysia’s Taman Negara National Park by Adam Riley. These long tailed, glossy birds are usually found in small family groups in savanna and forest habitats, where they forage along trunks and branches probing for insects and larvae hidden in the bark. Common Scimitarbills favor loosely barked trees for foraging. They follow troops of monkeys through the forests, swooping down to snatch insects that the primates flush from the leaves.

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Finding an Asian Openbill in Singapore-second ever record!

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We have just returned from an incredible three weeks in Singapore, where unlike many others who visit the country we spent the whole time in nature parks, forests and gardens observing birds.

Deforestation: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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This is apparent in the high-profile commitments of recent years — from the Consumer Goods Forum, the Tropical Forest Alliance and, in September 2014, the New York Declaration on Forests in which world leaders endorsed a global timeline to cut natural forest loss in half by 2020 and strive to end it by 2030. The heat hazes, affecting people, every year, in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, continue.

Collaborative List – August 2017

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forests above socorro. Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia. Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia. 9 beats, birded 9 countries this month; Belize , Guatamala , Costa Rica, UK, Iran, USA, Greece, Australia and Mexico.

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INTERVIEW: Sofiah Jamil Talks Faith, Women & Climate Justice

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Spurred on by her undergraduate studies in Australia where she experienced a higher level of environmental awareness (compared to her concrete and urban home of Singapore), she has studied the implications of forest fires on Indonesia and Malaysia. Meet The Mexican Muslim Tree Huggers

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Phillipps’ Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo: A Book Review

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Borneo is the third largest island in the world; politically it is divided amongst three countries–Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Indonesia (Kalimantan) and the sultanate of Brunei. Kinabalu (at 13,455 feet the highest peak in southeast Asia), and human development that has resulted in freshwater rice fields, secondary forest, and oil palm plantations, this means that Borneo offers an incredibly high degree of biodiversity.

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Collaborative List – June 2018

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Honduras , Malaysia and the southern-most bits of South Africa feature large this month with Mike, Duncan and Tom all vying to be MVB for June. Taman Negara NP–Forest Loop. Taman Negara NP–Forest Loop. Taman Negara NP–Forest Loop.

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Why Do Businesses Need to Tackle with Biodiversity Conservation?

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Copyright JFS [link] Lecturer: Naoki Adachi In Malaysia where I had been working as a scientist, more and more tropical forests were cleared and now nearly 12 percent of the country's land area is covered with palm oil plantation.

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Collaborative List – March 2019

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9 countries were visited during March by your tireless beats ( 11 of them); India, UK, USA, Serbia, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Are we all getting excited yet? March is done. The equinox has passed.

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