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And what a trip to Hungary it was! Before I get into the nitty-gritties of my awesome birding experiences in Hungary I thought I would just share a few of the shots that I got during the trip. If you ever get the chance to visit Hungary you should take it: you definitely won’t regret that choice. … My week-long trip to Hungary was a familiarity trip organized by the wonderful folks at Swarovski Optik. Destinations Europe Hungary Swarovski

Five Things I Learned While Birding in Hungary

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I do try to experience and learn as much as I can on every trip and my week in Hungary was no exception. Rather than force you to go all the way to Hungary to learn on your own the five main lessons I learned I figured sharing them here on the blog would be worthwhile. Just consider saving you having to go to Hungary to look at birds as one of the many services we here at 10,000 Birds provide. Birding Europe Hungary

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Neo-Nazis assume police powers in Hungary

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It should also be of concern of everyone who does not want to see a repetition of the 1930s and 1940s in Europe. They have told the local Roma population in no uncertain terms that they'd better pack up and leave Hungary if they wish to live.

By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Birding In Hungary!

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We Americans, or at least this American, know little about Hungary. But this American did know enough that when Swarovski Optik offered a spot on a week-long trip to Hungary that I couldn’t possibly say no. After a long, drawn-out negotiating session we managed to strike a deal that involved me going to Hungary for a week and left Daisy smiling wickedly. Anyway, Hungary! Destinations Europe Hungary SwarovskiYikes!

Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europ

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Set between the blue Baltic Sea and the alluring Alps is is one of Europe’s most populous regions. The cultural and political history of the region is one of the key reasons the countries in Central Europe are so close knit – not just geographically, but also culturally. Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe. Hungary. Hungary shares its borders with seven different countries, thus providing the unique opportunity to experience the fusion of these cultures.

Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe

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Set between the blue Baltic Sea and the alluring Alps is is one of Europe’s most populous regions. The cultural and political history of the region is one of the key reasons the countries in Central Europe are so close knit – not just geographically, but also culturally. Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe. Hungary. Hungary shares its borders with seven different countries, thus providing the unique opportunity to experience the fusion of these cultures.

The red line that runs through Hungary after a massive sludge spill

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Culture & Celebrity accident art eco disaster environmental disaster Europe Hungary photos pollution toxicIn western Hunguary in October 2010 a retaining wall around a reservoir filled with toxic waste from an aluminum company burst open and released hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of deadly sludge. The stinking and toxic red sludge flooded the surrounding areas, rivers, and towns killing nine people and injuring hundreds with chemical burns.

Influenza is slowly progressing in Europe

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to the Weekly Influenza Surveillance Overview published on Friday, January 20, 2012, influenza is slowly progressing across Europe and is currently dominated by A(H3N2) viruses. During week 1/2012 (2–8 January 2012), of 625 sentinel specimens collected and tested, 81 (13%) were positive for influenza viruses.

Confronting the fascist threat in Europe and abroad

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In Europe today, and especially in the EU member states, fascism is again rearing its ugly head and is attempting to present itself as a solution to the disorientated and the desperate – to those whose world appears to be crumbling around them in the midst of economic ruin. On March 15, 2013 in Hungary gave out honors to well-know anti-Semites and anti-Gypsy politicians and other “personalities”.

Europe 118

Searching for a White-backed Woodpecker

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The White-backed Woodpecker is the hardest resident woodpecker to find in Europe. Dendrocopos leucotos is absent from western Europe but is found in northern, central, and eastern Europe and across Asia as far east as Japan and Korea. Then my iPhone started ringing, which was weird, because pretty much everyone I know knew I was in Hungary and who would be calling me at 11 PM in New York and 5 AM in Hungary?

2012 166

The Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus

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Great Reed Warblers breed across huge chunks of Europe and Asia and winter across large swaths of southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. My week-long trip to Hungary was a familiarity trip organized by the wonderful folks at Swarovski Optik to introduce their new line of superior spotting scopes, the ATX and the STX modular telescopes , which were used to digiscope all of the images in this post. Birds Europe Great Reed Warbler Hungary Lake Tisza Swarovski warblers

2012 136

Europe bans bee-harming pesticides

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Concerns about the dramatic decline in bee populations around the world in recent years has resulted in a continent-wide ban in Europe on insecticides that allegedly causes serious harm to bees. The UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria and Portugal voted no the suspension. Business & Politics Agriculture bees EU Europe European commission European Union food production pesticides politics UK

Birding Sarokház Panzió – An Airport Hotel in Budapest

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Having jumped around a bit while writing up my trip to Hungary – sharing a few galleries , a trip to find an elusive woodpecker , and the most exciting news in optics since Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons – I thought it was time to go back to the beginning of the trip and proceed chronologically. Trips Budapest Europe Hungary Swarovski

2012 136

Syrian President Claims “The West Are to Blame” for the Refugee Crisis.

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Bashar al-Assad, Syrian’s President, has announced that he believes "Europe is responsible because it supported terrorism.". Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Today Only EU humanitarian crisis Hungary migrant crisis migration refugee Syrian

Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla

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Until a month ago I had never seen the Eurasian Wryneck either, but the trip to Hungary took care of that gap on the life list easily. Eurasian Wrynecks are found breeding across the temperate zones of Europe and Asia. I considered myself extremely fortunate that there was a pair apparently nesting just down the street from the Nomad Hotel in Hungary’s Bükk Hills. Birds Eurasian Wryneck Hungary Swarovski woodpeckers

2012 153

Turkey Tells Egypt to Bypass Israel and Cyprus With Long Pipeline to Europe

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In a continuation of his anti-Israel and anti-Cyprus governmental and economic policies, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to persuade Egypt to ship its natural gas to Europe, via the Nabucco Pipeline scheme that is being hailed as a “gas bridge” between Europe and Asia. Turkish PM Erdogan on recent visit to Egypt; more energy influence at Israel’s expense. AP photo by Maggie Michael and Lee Keeth.

Northern White-breasted Hedgehog Erinaceus roumanicus

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There are seventeen species of hedgehog found across Europe, Asia, and Africa, the only places where hedgehogs are native. europaeus , found throughout most of western Europe and parts of northern Europe as well, though the hybrids that are often sold in American pet stores might be even more familiar. Many thanks to Swarovski Optik for inviting me along and letting me experience both some awesome new optics and the natural wonders of the wonderful country of Hungary.

2012 144

The Great Bustard Search is On (2)

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Yet, it takes great logistical effort to organize the census all the way from Germany to Austria, Hungary and Serbia in the same day, to count on numerous volunteers and hope for the best February weather. This species has suffered rapid population reductions across most of its range owing to the loss, degradation and fragmentation of its habitat and land-use changes in eastern Europe, says IUCN’s Red List. Conservation bustard counting Europe Great Bustards Serbia

2018 155

Eastern Imperial Breakfast

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In the same period, neighbouring Hungary had more than 60 pairs of them. Today, Serbia’s population has risen to 4 to 5 pairs, while Hungary’s went up to 130+ pairs! Birds eagles Europe Fruska Gora Serbia One brightly coloured male Common Redstart is patrolling a nearby hedge, while a pair of Common Ravens is circling the valley. Driving on a sunny May morning through meadows and vineyards takes me to the Mt. Fruska Gora national park.

2013 182

Birding from a Hide

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I have asked myself that same question many times over the last six months, until last week, when I was involved in an opening ceremony of five new bird hides at the Palic Lake, by the town of Subotica in the very north of Serbia, along the border with Hungary (all photos are from that area). For example, the White-headed Duck is nowadays a rarity in Europe (okay, excluding Spain, I know… that Spain …), but until some 50 years ago, it used to breed in Serbia.

2015 210

The Great Bustard Search is On (1)

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The Pastures of Great Bustard occupy 6770 ha of extensive steppe, bordered by meadows, pasture, arable fields and seasonally inundated depressions in the north of the country, towards the triple border with Romania and Hungary. Conservation bustard counting Europe Great Bustards SerbiaI am preparing for the new census of one of the rarest birds of Serbia, the globally threatened Great Bustard , taking place two days from now.

2018 110

The Fourth Record

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Still, in recent decades, the Great Black-backed Gull has become a regular migratory and wintering wanderer of neighbouring Hungary and Croatia. Birds Europe gulls Serbia

2013 176

The Eurasian Nuthatch

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Sure, their field guide, The Collins Guide , claims six species but two, the Corsican Nuthatch and the Algerian Nuthatch , have extremely limited ranges and one of those two isn’t actually found in Europe. The Nuthatch , which only visiting birders refer to as an Eurasian Nuthatch , is found throughout temperate Europe and Asia from Portugal to Japan. We North Americans are spoiled with nuthatches.

2012 115

Gypsies to be pressed into forced slave labor gangs

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Gypsies (and those receiving welfare) are to be pressed into forced labor gangs, supervised by police and militias By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Hungary, June 2011: According to information on the wires Gypsies are to be pressed into forced labor gangs in Hungary in the very near future. Hungary claims, at the close of its EU presidency, that the program of integration of Romani People in Hungary has gone well during this period.

The Future of Solar Design Dazzles Madrid

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Hungary has come a long way with their ODOO project. Architecture & Urban clean tech green design Madrid Prefabricated Design Solar Decathlon Europe solar powerGreen Prophet has been touring the 18 Solar Decathlon homes that made it to Madrid for this year’s international collegiate architecture competition, and we’re dazzled by what we’ve seen.

Solar 76

Wine 'Round the World | Wend Blog

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Walking the Line - American Jason Magness discovers that his expedition to climb and slackline a remote series of sea stacks off the northern coast of Scotland has infuriated climbers across Europe. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

2011 279

My Nemesis Birds to Be

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Black Woodpecker – This is a bird that has eluded me on two trips to Germany – both of which included exploring forests where they were supposed to be present – and a trip to a region of Hungary where they are supposed to be common. In Hungary I managed to track down White-backed Woodpecker , allegedly a much more difficult bird to see, but never spotted a Black Woodpecker. Whenever I get to Europe again this will be my most-wanted bird.

2014 183

Philanthropy is a scam

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We can see time and again in the case of George Soros and his “foundations” and NGOs supported by the OSI when it comes to projects for Roma in Eastern Europe (none in the West need to apply) which he uses to gain access to and political power in those countries, such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.

2018 108

White Stork in New York

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Sure, this is normal occurrence across much of Europe and southwest Asia but this particular tale comes from out on the east end of New York’s Long Island, in the town of Medford, where this happened to an unsuspecting non-birder, Celeste Rovner. Fortunately, she had the presence of mind to get a picture (not the one at the top of this post, which was taken in Hungary).

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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Global Warming 2050 Africa Australia Boycotts climate change Climate Genocide climate justice Climate Racism climate racist Europe fossil fuels GHG greenhouse gas emissions USA“Australia is committed to a greedy and inhumane course of climate exceptionalism, climate racism and climate injustice.&#. We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions.

Action urged after weedkiller traces found in peoples' urine

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Urine tests of 182 volunteers in 18 countries across Europe, found that on average 44 per cent of samples contained traces of glyphosate. This is the first time monitoring has been carried out across Europe for the presence of the weed killer in humans. " Pete Riley Campaign Director GM Freeze said: "We want to know why GM soya and maize imported into Europe for animal feed is not tested for glyphosate.

Fascists on the ascent

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Everywhere in EU member states (and non-EU countries of Europe) the specter of fascism is seriously rearing its ugly head again. But I do not think that we need this result in a rather local election as a sign and proof that the fascists are on the ascent all over Europe. As a Rom I do not need reminding that the fascist are on the rise as we can see this day in day out in countries such as Hungary, Romani, Bulgaria, etc.,

2017 106

Black Woodpecker: Officially a Nemesis

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Well, here is what I wrote about the worst woodpecker a couple of years ago : This is a bird that has eluded me on two trips to Germany – both of which included exploring forests where they were supposed to be present – and a trip to a region of Hungary where they are supposed to be common…Whenever I get to Europe again this will be my most-wanted bird. After all, neither Bill nor Jeff had ever seen one before despite having each birded in Europe more than I had.

2017 100

Ukranian Coal Plant “Facelift” Actually Means More Pollution

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Burshtyn was disconnected from the national grid in 2002 to form the Burshtyn Energy Island , a separate grid that exists to export power to the EU nations of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Moreover, since the Burshtyn power station does not meet EU pollution limits, even though the energy island sends electricity to the EU, expanding the plant's capacity will effectively generate power for Europe while skirting EU safeguards. Burstyn Thermal Power Plant, photo courtesy NECU.

Blind upon the right eye

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Many other European Union member states also seems to be afflicted in this way, and here also and especially many of the countries that once were in the Soviet sphere of influence, such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia (former CSSR), Hungary and others. We must be watchful at all times to combat the rising menace of Fascism in Europe again.

2012 106

Germany’s Great Bustards and how to see them

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I am not entirely sure whether most birders outside Germany know or realize that Germany still has a decent population of one of Europe’s most attractive and desired bird species: the Great Bustard Otis tarda. Today, birders wanting to see this avian gem usually venture to the healthy populations of the Iberian peninsular or travel to Hungary.

First Outbreak of Usutu Virus in Germany

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The Usutu Virus has spread considerably in central Europe over the last 10 years. It subsequently spread to Budapest/ Hungary (2005, 2006), Zürich/ Switzerland (2006), and north-east Italy (2008/2009). It is sadly safe to presume that the virus will spread further in Europe, and birders in countries as yet unaffected might want to monitor their common songbirds in urban and suburban environments more closely in the following years to document the outbreak’s progress.

Fascism in Germany did not start with Hitler and the NSDAP

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The current economic crisis throughout the European Union, and not just in the Euro bloc, is causing a resurgence of Fascism in many countries, including and especially Hungary and others countries of the former Warsaw Pact. Pogroms against Gypsies, however, are occurring already frequently in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, and also in Germany.

The brown menace is on the rise again

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Fascism is once again rearing its ugly head in Europe by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Fascism is once again rearing its ugly head in Europe and not one of the mainstream political parties appears to be prepared and willing to do anything about and against it. Is it not high time to outlaw groupings and parties such as the NPD and BVU in Germany, the BNP and others in the UK, the Fronte National in France, and others of their ilk elsewhere in Europe?

2012 100

Tesco caught breaching EU rules on harmful chemicals

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Tesco and Carrefour are among those retailers and brands failing to meet their legal responsibilities to provide consumers with information on toxic or carcinogenic substances used in products they sell by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Major retailers in Europe including Carrefour, Tesco and Toys R Us are breaking EU rules designed to protect consumers from harmful chemicals, an investigation has found.

2010 109

World Water Day (March 22, 2012) - Water management initiatives to conserve resources around the world

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An outline of Bridgestone’s worldwide activities are below: Region: Europe Activity: Improving water efficiency Because water resources are extremely precious in the European region, for some time Bridgestone Europe NV/SA (BSEU) has identified reducing water usage volume in manufacturing processes as one of its environmental targets.

2012 110

It's not Monopoly Money, Prime Minister

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Despite their big talk Gypsy People in Hungary, Italy, the former Czechoslovakia, and other countries in the European Union are being persecuted, often by government decree, as in the case of Italy, with the EU bodies standing by. The only way for Britain, and other countries of Europe, to go if the people value their freedoms is to stay out of the EU or, if they are in, to get out, and that presto.

2009 109

VisionConsult presents "Village of the Future" for Roma Inclusion

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The living conditions of the 10 to 12 million Roma in Europe are often insufficient and are characterized by poor housing, low health standards, extreme poverty, unemployment and difficult access to education. A region with strong Roma minorities is the Balkans, with countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia featuring a Roma minority approaching 10% of the population or even surpassing this figure.

2011 133