Econ 101ism and Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics

  Most Econ 101ism devotees would admit that there are exceptions and instances where government intervention can improve things, like in the case of environmental externalities.  What does this have to do with environmental policy?    It occurs to me that even we environmental economists may be guilty of relying too heavily on Econ 101ism when arguing for policy.  " Some of us environmental economists may be guilty of the same hubris. 

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Environmental Appreciation – 8 Fun Facts about Algae

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Read, Algae – Nature’s Smallest Gift to learn more about its environmental benefits and value and visit our Environmental Appreciation page to read more about the strange and beautiful entities that make up the world we live in.

Environmental Appreciation – Interesting Facts about Rainbows

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Environmental Awareness The sight of a colorful rainbow is powerful enough to lighten the hearts of the grouchiest of souls. The playful round of colors and the mystical way in which it appears is truly awe-worthy. Read on to learn a few interesting facts about them.

Environmental Appreciation – 10 Interesting Facts about Butterflies

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Environmental Awareness environmental appreciation pollinators Known to admirers as flying flowers, butterflies have the serene ability to bring smiles to saddened faces and give hope to the hopeless just by flying gracefully.

Gina McCarthy: The Role of Environmental Economics in U.S. Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics

Abstract: This Editorial, written by a former United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator under President Barack Obama, is adapted from the author's keynote address on June 25, 2018 at the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists in Gothenburg, Sweden. It reviews the important history of environmental economics and how it has influenced rulemaking at the EPA.

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Environmental Appreciation- 15 Interesting Facts about Seahorses

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Environmental Awareness endangered animals environmental appreciation Found shying in-between the coral reefs and sea-grass of shallow tropical waters, seahorses are the mystical creatures of the sea that bare the uncanny resemblance to horses that walk on land.

Environmental racism in Flint

Environmental Economics

This is one of those environmental issues where economics is not very helpful: If Flint were rich and mostly white, would Michigan’s state government have responded more quickly and aggressively to complaints about its lead-polluted water? For civil rights advocates, the health crisis in Flint smacks of what has become known as environmental racism. Environmental issues don't rise to the top of the agendas of Republican Governors.

Identity Economics and Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics

After reading it I was struck by the potential application to environmental policy.  This is somewhat related to the idea of intrinsic motivation , and how it may be crowded out by government policy ( some people have studied this in relation to environmental policy).    And it's also kind of related to the huge " behavioral nudge " literature on environmental policy (maybe). 

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Teaching environmental economics with mini-research projects

Environmental Economics

My sophomore level environmental and resource econ course has a research component. The students are required to write an abstract suitable for submission to an undergraduate research conference.

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Environmental economics in the AER

Environmental Economics

"Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from 1,600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings."  Always a surprise: Currie, Janet, Lucas Davis, Michael Greenstone, and Reed Walker. 2015. "Environmental "  American Economic Review , 105(2): 678-709. DOI:  10.1257/aer.20121656. Abstract. Regulatory oversight of toxic emissions from industrial plants and understanding about these emissions' impacts are in their infancy.

Environmental Appreciation – 7 Interesting Facts about Termites

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Environmental Awareness No other insect is loathed by property owners more than the hard-working termites. The bad behavior of those little critters has cast them aside as destructive, annoying and down right pesty.

EPA: Current environmental economics topics

Environmental Economics

From the EPA's environmental economics webpage : Economic analysis plays a central role in informing EPA decision-making.

Beer: The Environmentally Friendlier Vice

Environmental Economics

An environmental-economically defensible reason for my beer consumption:  Beer production is MUCH less energy intensive than marijuana.  

Environmental Benefits of the Internet

Green Prophet

The internet may not solve many of the environmental issues but it can clearly be used to reduce the impact of some industries. The internet may be considered one of the wonders of our modern world.

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How Are Casinos Becoming More Environmentally Friendly?

Living Green & Saving Energy

With global warming and the green-living culture becoming a significant issue, companies in all industries are having to re-think their strategies of production, sales and performance to in keep with a more environmentally friendly business plan. green business practices environmentally friendly casinos green casinos

Consensus among AEA members about environmental policy

Environmental Economics

From Consensus Among Economists - An Update : Three of the propositions focus on environmental policy.

New environmental link

Environmental Economics looks very useful, especially for your students: Vizala aims to be the internet's most useful database for country, demographic, social, and economic information.  Instead of just providing answers, our robust analytics allow for in-depth analysis and provide a complete picture of your topic of interest. Vizala only uses data from trusted sources and includes links to the original source for maximum transparency.

Environmental Appreciation – 12 Interesting Facts about the Killer Whale

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Environmental Awareness environmental appreciation Sporting its trademark transcendent black and white pattern, the killer whale happens to be one of the most beautiful, awe-worthy toothed whales in the ocean.

Environmental Economics: Free market environmentalism and Coase

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. Note that Hahnel and Sheeran are not claiming that the market framework cannot be used to solve environmental problems.  the Environmental Economics blog.

Environmental Appreciation – 10 Interesting Facts about Snails

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Environmental Awareness The almost alien-like features of the snail fascinate children all over the world aged 1 to 101.

Environmental Economics: Today's description of environmental and.

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. id=AItOawnMqVr-m6L9AuTRyKDfwLO4BwQNdbh_SCg | March 03, 2011 at 11:05 AM I would suggest that environmental and natural resource economics also includes elements of labor and urban economics.

An environmental law prof on Atlas' environmental substance abuse

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. valuation) side of environmental economics we don't know any environmental science; all we need to know is the Q (the environmental good) and how much it increases or decreases[*].

Graphic of the Day: Wither Environmental Protection?

Environmental Economics

and here's the graphical version (from FiveThirtyEight ) of the Washington Post story on the proposed budgetary demise of environmental protection :  

Environmental Economics: Congratulations Jill!

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. Jill is an environmental economist at Salisbury University and a regular at the SEA/AERE sessions. the Environmental Economics blog.

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The "External Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (E-EEAC)"

Environmental Economics

Take that Scott Pruitt:  The External Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (E-EEAC) is an independent organization dedicated to providing up-to-date, non-partisan advice on the state of economic science as it relates to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's programs. The Like its predecessor, the E-EEAC consists of economists who apply their expertise to analyze the benefits, costs, and design of environmental policies.

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Environmentally friendly banks

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A financial institution's environmental street cred should also be gauged by its investments and. A really green bank is one that goes way beyond using paper made with recycled content. which industries it loans money to

Can cruises ever be environmentally friendly?

Green Traveler Guides

As a recent article in Biofuels Digest put it, “There is a significant movement to convince the public that the environmental price of cruises is too high to be sustainable.

Environmental Solutions to A Humanitarian Crisis in Bangladesh

Nature Conservancy - Science

Environmental expertise can aid the Rohingya humanitarian crisis. Latest Science

The Meaning of Environmental Sustainability in a Cup of Tea

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The Meaning of Environmental Sustainability in a Cup of Tea. green living how to go green sustainability Green living Steps to Sustainability sustainable living

Chewing Gum: A Sticky Environmental Issue

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Chewing Gum: A Sticky Environmental Issue. green living Uncategorized chewing gum

New Edition of David Anderson's Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management

Environmental Economics

Here is the description: The tools of environmental economics guide policymakers as they weigh development against nature, present against future, and certain benefits against uncertain consequences.

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Environmental Economics takes over AEA Executive Committee

Environmental Economics

OK, that's an exaggeration, but at least an environmental economist is an AEA Executive Committee VP candidate.   *I had the pleasure of being taught Environmental Economics by Maureen during my PhD studies at the University of Maryland.    Congrats Maureen Cropper*!

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Can Environmental SF Help Save Our Planet?

The Alien Next Door

There is an obvious trend toward environmental premise in science fiction. I was delighted to hear that Tor was officially embracing a new kind of hero and associated paradigm for storytelling; one based on intelligent innovation, creativity and cooperation and sound environmental stewardship.

Why Environmental Studies Must Necessarily Be Interdisciplinary


Environmental Studies is often regarded. In fact, given the growing scale and impact of human action on the environment, practitioners and students of Environmental Studies can no longer ignore the sociopolitical angle. Ecofeminism and Environmental Studies.

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Yikes: "Environmental Substance Abuse"

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. Anyone doing applied environmental economics has to at least attempt to read some of this report. This paper deserves to be read by anyone purporting to be an environmental economist.

Environmental Appreciation -10 Interesting Facts about Zebras

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Environmental Awareness Showing off their distinctive black and white pattern, zebras are among the most fascinating creatures that graze the land. However, beyond their striking beauty and their resemblances to horses, many people know little about them.

Environmental Economics: Rock snot*

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. Environmental Economics -- Economic Way of Thinking First I must say that I have found your blog to be a fantastic read. the Environmental Economics blog.

Environmental Appreciation: 10 Interesting Facts about Sand Dollars

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Environmental Awareness Collecting petal-patterned sand dollars on the seashore is a popular hobby among beach-goers. The beauty of these flatten discs have the holistic power to instantly enlighten sadden souls.

Teaching environmental policy to MBAs with Veconlab

Environmental Economics

App State has become quick to cancel classes with the buses won't run. When that happens we are asked to "winterize" our courses. In other words, we're supposed to keep the students busy while they are enjoying no class time.

Environmental psychology

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Environmental psychology is a a somewhat fascinating, and rather interdisciplinary, “science” focused on fostering a greater understanding of the interplay between human beings and their environment. The questions that is being addressed by environmental psychology are these: Do our homes, offices, places of work, and public spaces (including our streets) make us feel peaceful, happy and sheltered?

Environmental Appreciation- 10 Interesting Facts about Clouds

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Environmental Awareness Gliding lazily through the atmosphere making funny shapes, clouds have the ability to lift our spirits and warm our hearts with their tranquil presence.

Free market environmentalism

Environmental Economics

An example of: On fields where cattle graze and wheat grows, a group of conservationists and millionaire donors are stitching together their dreams of an American Serengeti. Acre by acre, they are trying to build a new kind of national park, buying up old ranches to create a grassland reserve where 10,000 bison roam and fences are few.

An interview with an environmental economist

Environmental Economics

What got you interested in environmental economics? As an undergraduate I had an interest in both economics and environmentalism. The field of environmental economics seemed to merge the two interests.  Environmental policy under Reagan's executive order: The role of benefit-cost analysis. 1984.   How did you choose the specialization of environmental economics? I had an interest in both economics and environmentalism.