"Environmental Policy and the Assault on Science" - Policy keynote lecture with Gina McCarthy, former administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama presidency

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Gina McCarthy's keynote at the recent World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists has drawn rave reviews from twitter and the inbox.

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The Morning After: What 2017 and Beyond May Hold for U.S. Environmental Protections

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support for environmental protections and measures against climate change may flag with the pending change of administrations. No matter where on the political spectrum you stand, as birders we can hopefully agree that environmental and conservation measures are crucial.

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Environmental Economics

Max Aufhammer ( The Future is at Stake ): The past eight years of the Obama presidency have brought monumental change for the better in the environmental and energy arena. President Obama will go into the history books as the first African American president. I would argue that he will be remembered by many future generations as the Greenest president this country has ever had. So now that we know the nominees, who do you think is the greenest President in U.S.

Trump Signs Executive Orders And Scott Pruitt Stacks EPA With Climate Change Skeptics

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It seems that Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt, and his band of misfits, believe that we no longer need protection of our waterways and our environment. Politics Conservation Cuyahoga River Department of Interior Donald Trump environment Environmental Protection Agency EPA Ryan Zinke Scott Pruitt

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March 2009 - The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Dr. Stephen O. Andersen (EPA Climate Protection Partnerships Division) along with coauthors Drs. Velders (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), John S. The scientists were recognized for their landmark paper: “The Importance of the Montreal Protocol in Protecting Climate,” which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104(12):4814-4819 (2007).

A Bad Day For The Environment With More To Come

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And resistance to this anti-environmental agenda is essential if we want to keep our country, and our planet, safe for future generations. He also imposed a comprehensive gag order on employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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President Obama Announces New Truck Efficiency Standards

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In a speech today in Maryland, President Obama directed his administration to move forward with standards to make our tractor trailers and commercial vehicles more efficient.

When Tourism and Nature Collide- Protected Land Under Threat in Egypt

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An Egyptian real estate developer is planning to build on 650 acres of protected land near Lake Qarun. According to Birdlife International, this is the first development of such huge proportions that has been allowed in an Egyptian protected area.

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Qatar Eco-Summit Spotlights Environmental Safety

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According to ABB’s North America Vice President on Safety and Health, Darryl Hill, “lessons learned” are not integrated into industry safety and health management systems despite damning public exposure.

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Congressional Voices Say Keystone XL Fails President’s Climate Test

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The letter also says that that Keystone XL will fail to meet President Obama's climate test: in his climate speech last month, the President declared he would base the Keystone XL decision on whether the project will "significantly exacerbate the climate problem."

EPA's Proposed Standards for Natural Gas Plants Fail President's Climate Goals

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" Those were President Obama's words during his landmark climate speech this past summer at Georgetown University. The president laid out an ambitious vision for a clean-energy future that would generate jobs, promote healthy communities, and set an example for the world. Failure to use this once-in-a-generation opportunity to require the natural gas industry to use existing pollution control technology will undermine the president’s environmental legacy.

Five Senators Urge President Obama To Address Climate Change with Tough Standards on Carbon From Power Plants

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As the the impacts of climate change grow more severe, the pressure mounts on President Obama to address climate change by curbing the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: coal-fired power plants.  Extreme weather is here once again.

Celebrating a Historic Call to Action on Climate - Does Your Rep Have the President’s Back?

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By Liz Perera, Sierra Club Senior Washington Representative Tuesday was a big day for the environmental movement. The Environmental Protection Agency will release drafts of these standards in the coming year and finalize them by June of 2015.

Kosovo Coal Plant Fails President Obama’s Climate Test

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President Obama made a pledge in his Climate Action Plan to lead in the fight against climate disruption when he announced an end to financing for new coal plants overseas. It all started in June with President Obama’s announcement.

David Attenborough asks corporations to protect wilderness from overpopulation

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Some might object that business doesn’t have a great record of environmental protection, but Attenborough is more than willing to slather greenwash over any corporation that makes a tax deductible donation. In a recent statement , WLT president John Burton described the plan as “by far the best option on the table for raising significant funds for biodiversity conservation.”.

April 2010 President's Cancer Panel Warns Of Bisphenol-A Toxic Effects

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is drawing public attention to the 2010 President's Cancer Panel report which explicitly cited Bisphenol-A (BPA) as a "chemical of concern," and warned that "more than 130 studies have linked BPA to breast cancer, obesity, and other disorders." In addition to these toxic effects, exposure of pregnant rodents to BPA, at levels 2,000 times lower than the Environmental Protection Agency's "safe dose," resulted in sexual abnormalities in their offspring.

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Gina McCarthy: The Role of Environmental Economics in U.S. Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics

Abstract: This Editorial, written by a former United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator under President Barack Obama, is adapted from the author's keynote address on June 25, 2018 at the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists in Gothenburg, Sweden. It reviews the important history of environmental economics and how it has influenced rulemaking at the EPA.

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Boyle and Kotchen: The Need for More (Not Less) External Review of Economic Analysis at the U.S. EPA

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Abstract:  Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made significant changes to the way it conducts economic analyses of regulatory actions.

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REEP: "The Need for More (Not Less) External Review of Economic Analysis at the U.S. EPA"

Environmental Economics

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made significant changes to the way it conducts economic analyses of regulatory actions.

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To Thine Own Self Be True: The President, the Pipeline, and the Principle

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The State Department hired Environmental Resources Management Inc. ERM) to assess the environmental impacts of the project, even though some of these same contractors had in the past worked for TransCanada and other energy companies that would benefit from the pipeline.

That moment your mom embarrasses you in front of your friends.

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The Washington Post re-introduces us to Anne Gorsuch, former EPA Administrator under President Reagan and mom of Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court: September 30, 1981 : Budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency will strip 3,200 personnel of their jobs by the end of 1983, eliminating 30 percent of the agency’s 10,380 employees at a cost of $17.6

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"EPA’s Clean Power Plan Blocked by Supreme Court"

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RFF on the issues: On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court granted a stay blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring states to submit plans for major reductions in carbon emissions from electric power plants. The stay marks a setback for President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector by 30 percent from 2005 levels.

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"Scott Pruitt is now waging a war on economics"

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Rob Verchick ("a professor at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and president of the Center for Progressive Reform in Washington. His latest ploy is a proposal to change how the EPA calculates the costs and benefits of environmental regulations, a process that those industries have consistently criticized. Environmental protection is a great deal for the American public, in other words.

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Quote of my lifetime: We need a "That was some weird sh*t" category

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Bush**  has given us the perfect title for the category : Former President George W. Bush reportedly thought President Trump's inauguration speech "was some weird s**t." " Bush attended Trump's inauguration, sitting near former President Clinton and Hillary Clinton as well as former President Obama and Michelle Obama.

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Additional industry slots have opened up on the EPA's science board

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Making American Great Again: Two scientists have resigned from an Environmental Protection Agency advisory board to protest agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s removal  of their colleagues. Meyer, president of the E.P. Carlos Martín , a senior research associate at the Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, and Peter B.

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"Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website"

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President Donald Trump's administration has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website, two agency employees told Reuters, the latest move by the newly minted leadership to erase ex-President Barack Obama's climate change initiatives. I can understand a new administration choosing to change direction on environmental policy, but removing information and data seems to be bad government.

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New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from.

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Obamas Climate Legacy and the Keystone XL Pipeline » New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from President Obama. Today, the Sierra Club is launching a new campaign that lays out a clear roadmap for President Obama to take action on climate disruption and clean energy. As the President’s second term opens, millions of Americans are looking for real leadership on the climate crisis. Compass.

"There’s no way around it."

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Brad Plumer (subtitled "Donald Trump is going to be a disaster for the planet"): Trump has been crystal clear about his environmental plans. Much of the media never wanted to bring it up , never wanted to ask about it in debates, never wanted to turn their addled attention away from Hillary Clinton’s email servers to discuss what a Trump presidency might mean for climate change.

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Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end

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We'd sing and dance, Forever and a day: President Obama reminded Republicans Tuesday that cap-and-trade has GOP roots in a rare public reference to the embattled environmental policy. Cap-and-trade was originally proposed by conservatives and Republicans as a market-based solution to solving environmental problems,” Obama said during a fiery speech at a luncheon hosted by The Associated Press. The first president to talk about cap-and-trade was George H.W.

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Would it be wrong?

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The president rejected a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency that would have significantly reduced emissions of smog-causing chemicals, saying that it would impose too severe a burden on industry and local governments at a time of economic distress. If I'm not too upset about this one ?

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A Cass Sunstein OIRA post-mortem

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In his most controversial case, in September 2011, Mr. Sunstein, at President Obama's direction, returned long-awaited new standards on safe levels of ozone to the Environmental Protection Agency for reconsideration.

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This article at Vox summarizes everything that I've been trying to say at this blog for the past 10 years (and have been too apoplectic to say during the past year)

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David Roberts: President Donald Trump’s administration has been on a deregulatory bender, particularly when it comes to environmental regulations. As of January, the New York Times counted 67 environmental rules on the chopping block under Trump. Republicans have been complaining about “burdensome” and “job-killing” regulations for so long that their opposition to any particular health, safety, or environmental regulation is now just taken for granted.

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"The Pattern is Clear": Economic research is being driven out of D.C.

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Consider: Earlier this year , President Trump proposed significant cuts to the USDA's Economic Research Service--50% cuts in fact: Funding for ERS would be slashed by 50 percent, to $45 million, in part by eliminating "low-priority research" that the administration said was already being done by the private sector or nonprofits.

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A social cost of carbon witch hunt in the Department of Energy

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The questionnaire requests a list of those individuals who have taken part in international climate talks over the past five years and “which programs within DOE are essential to meeting the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.”.

"An interview with the Editors-in-Chief of Journal of Benefit Cost-Analysis"

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Environmental Protection Agency recently covered the JBCA special issue on ‘Perspectives on Implementing Benefit-Cost Analysis in Climate Assessment’. The Summer 2015 issue will have the keynote address by Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis President Kip Viscusi, “Pricing Lives for Government and Corporate Risk Decisions.” Topics include the energy efficiency gap, job impacts of environmental regulation, and challenges of BCA in the planning process.

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The AEA did something and I'm not going to complain about it

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To figure that out, you need to determine the time horizon being considered, the approach to  discounting future emissions and the rate used , changes to environmental risks, and others. The agencies represented include the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Interagency Working Group convened under President Obama.

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Climate change policy on steroids

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President Obama on Tuesday ordered the development of tough new fuel standards for the nation’s fleet of heavy-duty trucks as part of what aides say will be an increasingly muscular and unilateral campaign to tackle climate change through the use of the president’s executive power. Something like this is becoming a standard refrain: Incentive-based environmental policy can be superior to environmental standards.

Net benefits of the Clean Power Plan: The truth is out there

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  "This analysis makes it abundantly clear the president's power plan will result in higher electricity prices and delivers a sharp wake-up call to states and consumers," Mike Duncan, the group's president, said in a statement. It contrasts with the Environmental Protection Agency's analysis, which found that the benefits in energy efficiency, climate protection and health would far outweigh the costs.

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Perhaps a good sign on rising administrative costs

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From  Inside Higher Ed : When officials of the University of Texas System hired Gregory Fenves as the new president of the flagship campus at Austin, they said his base salary would be $750,000.  "With many issues and concerns about administrative costs, affordability and tuition, such a salary will affect the ability of the president to work with the Texas Legislature on matters important to the university,” he said.

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I'm still not convinced this is the best way to set environmental policy

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" Just days after taking office, President Trump invited American manufacturers to recommend ways the government could cut regulations and make it easier for companies to get their projects approved. Industry leaders responded with scores of suggestions that paint the clearest picture yet of the dramatic steps that Trump officials are likely to take in overhauling federal policies, especially those designed to advance environmental protection and safeguard worker rights.

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Now, how can we get them to say "I'm not an economist" whenever the topic of economics comes up?

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But, according to the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, some employees at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection say they have indeed been directed to avoid the terms “global warming” and “climate change,” even when they’re talking about conserving the coastline or the coral reefs. Also, whatever he concludes is not going to involve “alarmist, far left environmental policies.”.

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"How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?"

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Mansur: In the absence of legislation for a US national climate policy, regulatory responsibility has fallen to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Then in September 2013, the EPA withdrew the proposal upon issuing a revision as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin T. In March 2012, the EPA announced a proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants.

"The Paris Agreement under Trump and the Merits of an Economy-Wide Carbon Tax"

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Marc Hafstead and Yunguang Chen: The election of Donald Trump has cast significant uncertainty over the future of the Paris Agreement to combat global climate change, as the president-elect actively campaigned to pull the United States from the international accord. Under this agreement, which officially went into force in November 2016, the United States (under President Obama’s leadership) pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26–28 percent relative to 2005 levels by 2025.

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