Graphic of the Day: Wither Environmental Protection?

Environmental Economics

and here's the graphical version (from FiveThirtyEight ) of the Washington Post story on the proposed budgetary demise of environmental protection :  

For your syllabi: "Thirty Years of Economics at the Environmental Protection Agency"

Environmental Economics

From the third paragraph: I review the history of economics and its role in policymaking at EPA and provide insight into how economics has changed national environmental policy in the United States. Have economics and economists made a difference to environmental policy?   This work is not a product of the United States Government or the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the author is not doing this work in any governmental capacity. 


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"Why a minor change to how EPA makes rules could radically reduce environmental protection"

Environmental Economics

On June 7, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt proposed changing the agency’s approach to this process in ways that sound sensible, but in fact are a radical departure from how government agencies have operated for decades. But I see Pruitt’s proposals as an opaque effort to undermine cost-benefit analysis of environmental rules, and thus to justify rolling back regulations.

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The Morning After: What 2017 and Beyond May Hold for U.S. Environmental Protections

10,000 Birds

support for environmental protections and measures against climate change may flag with the pending change of administrations. No matter where on the political spectrum you stand, as birders we can hopefully agree that environmental and conservation measures are crucial.

"Environmental Policy and the Assault on Science" - Policy keynote lecture with Gina McCarthy, former administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama presidency

Environmental Economics

Gina McCarthy's keynote at the recent World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists has drawn rave reviews from twitter and the inbox. So, here it is in case you had to teach summer school to save money for your kid's college (like me

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Daryl Hannah Talks Environmental Protection and Vegetarianism


"We need to get together and realize we're on the same team whether we're blue or red, Democrat or Republican," said the actress. Read More. Animals Causes Environment News Top News Vegetarian daryl hannah

West Virginians and North Carolinians Agree - It's Time for Serious Environmental Protections

Sierra Club Compass

In the wake of dangerous coal chemical and coal ash spills in their states already this year, West Virginia and North Carolina voters have gotten a wake-up call on the need for environmental and public health protections - and they know it. And 62 percent of voters say they would be more likely to support a candidate who favors "strong regulations and enforcement to protect the water, air, and health of West Virginians." "You

GOP Voted Over 100 Times to Stop Environmental Protection This Year

Green Blog

The GOP is notorious for their reputation on denying climate change and other environmental issues even though the evidence continues to pile up that these are very real concerns. Since January, the GOP has voted at least 110 times to stop any progressive measures to solve environmental problems. Some members of Congress have reported that the Republican party continues to undermine environmental protection.

US Government Shutdown Affects Birders (and Birds, Too)

10,000 Birds

Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, are laid off. News Environmental Protection Agency government shutdown National Eagle Repository national parks U.S. Kings Canyon National Park in California is just one of hundreds of shuttered U.S. parks and preserves. Photo by the National Park Service). If you’re in the U.S. and you’ve got good weather forecast this weekend, you’re probably looking forward to some birding.

7 Things to Ban from your Home Right Now if you Want Cleaner Air.

Elephant Journal

Conscious Consumerism Family Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today air filters Air Pollution air quality clean air Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) eco-friendly products Environmental Protection agency family For Children green living safe home World Health OrganizationAs the mother of two young children, this research compelled me to scour my house for potential pollutants and root out as many as I could.

Awareness of the Need for Environmental Protection: A Role of Higher Education

The Green Changemakers

Adams Professor of American Literature Florida Atlantic University, USA The Individual and the Environment: Teaching Environmental Awareness in the Humanities Classroom 2 Dr. Bui Xuan An Head of Environment Dept., Environmental Management HCMC University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam Developing Environmental Training for Employees 6 Assoc. An Giang University, Vietnam Businesses and Environmental Issues 36 Ms.

Why I Hate Earth Day: thoughts from an Environmental Hypocrite.

Elephant Journal

Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Inspiring (Wow) Clean Air Act Clean Water Act climate change Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) earth-day Environmental Protection agency factory farming green natural disasters plastic politicsDon’t get me wrong: I’m all for saving the planet. If we don’t do something, we’re screwed. The effects of climate change are becoming catastrophic, from more droughts and heat waves to increased hurricane and.

How we can Stop Ourselves from Trashing Paradise.

Elephant Journal

Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Green climate change eco environmental protection EPA green hawaii ocean pollution pacific plastic trash trashing paradiseInstead of “8 Ways to Make your Office Greener,” we need to radically restructure the ways of thinking that allow us to.

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Mysterious, possibly radioactive lake appears out of the blue in Tunisia!

Green Prophet

According to the Association for the Protection of the Chatt Essalam Oasis, there is a correlated uptick in asthma, skin disorders, cancer, and birth defects in nearby communities. Health aquifers environmental protection phosphate radioactive water water pollution Tunisia offers other-worldly landscapes, fantastical and mysterious. Did you know that four of the Star Wars movies were partially filmed in the southern part of the country ?

Create an ocean water health sensor and win $2 million

Green Prophet

Green Tech and Gadgets environmental protection ocean acidification ocean health

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Jordan’s Enviro-Agencies Unite!

Green Prophet

Jordan’s Ministry of Social Development just approved the first coalition of the kingdom’s environmental protection societies. The voice of Jordan’s disparate nature and environmental entities is about to change, when they join up as the kingdom’s new Environmental Societies Union (ESU). Members will participate in setting national environment policy, work to raise public awareness, and seek to institutionalize the kingdom’s environmental work.

Where Low Flow Water Fixtures Make Sense & Where They Might Not

The Green Samaritan

According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indoor faucets account for more than 1 trillion gallons of water use in the United States each year. Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Where Low Flow Water Fixtures Make Sense & Where They Might Not February 28, 2011 This is a guest post by Trish Holder of Greenspiration Home.

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Benefits and costs of EPA's mercury rule

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Ask an environmental economist at the Answer Desk. She estimated the total annual cost of compliance at about $10 billion, in line with some industry estimates (although some are much higher), and the health and environmental benefits at more than $100 billion a year. Jobs created by environmental policy should be considered in the same way. the Environmental Economics blog.

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When Tourism and Nature Collide- Protected Land Under Threat in Egypt

Green Prophet

An Egyptian real estate developer is planning to build on 650 acres of protected land near Lake Qarun. Protecting the environment and preserving important natural habitats are so far down the list of concerns for developers, that having to destroy protected reserves in the name of luxury resorts doesn’t seem like a problem at all. For More on Egypt and environmental issues see: Hassan Fathy Fan Has High Hopes for Cairo.

2011 87

New Environmental Strategy On The Table In Israeli Elections

Green Prophet

20, Tzipi Livni’s new party, The Movement, stated that environmental reforms will be key components of their platform in the January 2013 Israeli elections. They propose passing a Basic Law for environmental protection, and a long-term blueprint for the Israeli energy market. Livni presented The Movement’s environmental agenda together with Green Movement chairman Alon Tal. Read more about Israeli politics: Environmental Platforms for Israel’s Elections.

ALEC's Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regs Passes the House

PR Watch

House of Representatives passed an amendment on April 18 to the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (HR 4348) that would effectively pre-empt the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coal ash, the waste from coal burning plants, as a hazardous waste. Additionally, researchers from the Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and Sierra Club have documented water contamination from coal ash sites in 186 locations. Skip to Main Content Area.

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$1 Million in EPA Grants Available For Environmental Justice

Green Living Ideas

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking to help. The organization is currently accepting applications for [.] [ $1 Million in EPA Grants Available For Environmental Justice from Green Living Ideas ]. Environmental Protection Agency Tags: News and Events $1 Million in EPA Grants Available For Environmental Justice Environmental Issues Environmental Justice Environmental Protection Agency epa U.

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Qatar Eco-Summit Spotlights Environmental Safety

Green Prophet

The forum is named “Refining the Vision: Turning Commitment into Reality” Over 350 delegates involved in HSE (health, safety and environmental) across the energy sector will advocate a pivotal shift in organizational cultures to prevent incidents such as last year’s oil spill across the Gulf of Mexico. Particular focus will be on environmentally and socially sustainable deployment of oil and gas processes.

Qatar 66

Canada’s conservative government is gutting environment protection

Green Blog

Bill C-38 will have a particularly negative impact on environmental protections. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, prepared this list of the environmental laws that will be repealed or changed: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act ditched. “Environmental effects” under the new CEAA will be limited to effects on fish, aquatic species under the Species at Risk Act, migratory birds. Canadian Environmental Protection Act undercut.

Benefits of Making Homemade Cleaners. ~ Sarka-Jonae Miller.

Elephant Journal

The inside of homes contain around two to five times as many of common chemical pollutants than areas outside of homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. or get our popular Daily Wake Up Call. Together, we can make mindful independent reader-created media powerful! Video. Talk Show. Member. Login. Advertise. Event Sponsorship. Our Writers. Write.

A Bad Day For The Environment With More To Come

10,000 Birds

And resistance to this anti-environmental agenda is essential if we want to keep our country, and our planet, safe for future generations. Donald Trump has put forth an anti-environmental group of advisors and cabinet nominees and this very thin-skinned president is taking no time in attacking our environment and the agencies created to protect it. He also imposed a comprehensive gag order on employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Jordan Steps Up Anti-Logging Efforts Over Winter

Green Prophet

Jordan has very limited amounts of green spaces including forests and so it’s understandable that they are taking such steps to protect them. Under Jordan’s environmental regulations, individuals who cut down trees without a license could face a prison sentence and are fined JD100 for each state-owned tree cut down and JD50 for each tree cut from private land. However, it’s not just the government that is concerned with protecting Jordan’s trees and forests.

New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

» New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment. That's why I'm so thankful that today the Environmental Protection Agency has announced new air quality standards for soot that will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The good news is that we can clean up soot and protect our health -- and our planet. This new protection is also an important step towards holding fossil fuel polluters accountable for their pollution.

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David Attenborough asks corporations to protect wilderness from overpopulation

Green Blog

Some might object that business doesn’t have a great record of environmental protection, but Attenborough is more than willing to slather greenwash over any corporation that makes a tax deductible donation. Business & Politics big businesses David Attenborough environmental protection indigenous people Optimum Population Trust overpopulation poor people population Population Matters REDD+ rich people Third World West wildlife concerns World Land Trust

Caution: Hazardous Waste Leaks

Eco Friendly Daily

The drums that the waste is stored in are not fool proof, so environmental conditions as well as human handling can cause damage to the hazardous waste storage units. To determine if there is a superfund site (hazardous waste site) close to the location of your home or office, you can search the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website.

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CEA submits Suggestions And Expresses Concerns On Proposed Changes To ENERGY STAR Program

Green Life Smart Life

Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental Protection Agency On Jan. 19, CEA submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Energy regarding the agencies’ recent memorandum of understanding and Enhanced Program Plan for ENERGY STAR products. Both documents propose significant administrative and program changes to ENERGY STAR.

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Pro-Life means Making the Environment Great Again.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Green Right Livelihood WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today be of benefit climate change donald trump education Environmental Protection agency global warming green living pro-life take actionSarcasm aside: preserving the environment is to preserve ourselves.

New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases

Green Living Ideas

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released final versions of their new rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from what they call “stationary sources,” which includes power plants, refineries and factories. Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming Clean Air Act energy use Environmental Protection Agency epa greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gasses United States The U.S.

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Coalition of environmental, public health and civil rights organisations fights GOP attack on EPA

Green Blog

Supporters of clean air and water this week pushed back against a Republican Party proposal to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job to protect Americans from air pollution. It is the Environmental Protection Agency that stands in the way of their unrestrained habits that are making us sick. “There’s a reason why ‘protection’ is the EPA’s middle name,&# Brune said.

2011 54

Don’t Shower Shorter to Stop Water Waste. Shower Better!

The Green Samaritan

Environmental Protection Agency Whether you live on the West Coast or have friends on social media that do, See the full post and more at As part of Energy Action Month, TGS welcomes this guest post by Beth Livingston, U.S. Green Living

Waste 206

Use Natural Products to Clean Your Home

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Housecleaning chemical cleaning products chemicals Environmental Protection Agency natural cleaning products Paint strippers

The First Earth Day – Birth of the Modern Environmental Movement

Green Living Ideas

However, American environmentalism was put on the map almost four decades ago, after the first ever Earth Day. The First Earth Day – Birth of the Modern Environmental Movement. Tags: Special Occasions Earth Day Earth Day Network Gaylord Nelson Lenin long time environmental activist oil spills The New York Times United States Environmental Protection Agency Vietnam Earth awareness has swept the face of the globe in recent years.

Quote of the Day: What is the German word for 'Cluster F ?'

Environmental Economics

"Let's be clear about this, our company [Volkwagen] was dishonest with the [Environmental Protection Agency], and the California air resources board, and with all of you," Horn 9head of VOlkswagen U.S.A.] said. "In "In my German words, we have totally screwed up." " via

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Need Some Color Therapy in Your Home?

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Painting Environmental Protection Agency house paint paint job

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Three Exciting Contests to Enter into this Earth Day

Green Living Ideas

Tags: News and Events Earth Day eco friendly travel contest Environmental Protection Agency travel community travel destinations

The date is saved!

Environmental Economics

  This work is not a product of the United States Government or the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the author is not doing this work in any governmental capacity. From my inbox: Killer title, by the way. The views expressed are those of the author only and do not necessarily represent those of the United States or the US EPA.  

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Responsibly Managing Waste on Boating Trips

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Plumbing Recreation and Outdoors Travel and Vacationing adaptive exhaust systems AirHead chemical contaminants chemical re-circulating toilets chemicals Composting dehydration end product Envirolet Environmental Protection Agency food food scraps MSD installation sanitation systems Sun-Mar toilet technology usable end product waste treating device

2009 40

Trump Signs Executive Orders And Scott Pruitt Stacks EPA With Climate Change Skeptics

10,000 Birds

It seems that Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt, and his band of misfits, believe that we no longer need protection of our waterways and our environment. Politics Conservation Cuyahoga River Department of Interior Donald Trump environment Environmental Protection Agency EPA Ryan Zinke Scott PruittFor those of you who may have forgotten, or some who never knew, we once had rivers in the United States that would catch fire because they were so polluted.

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