Minisink Residents Rally for Environmental Preservation and Safety


Actor/Activist Mark Ruffalo, and 9/11 First Responder advocate, John Feal, will attend a rally in Minisink, New York on February 9th at 12:30 p.m. to raise their voice against the construction of a controversial natural gas compressor station, as the U.S.

Cameron’s Coffee Compostable Pods: Delicious, Ethical Java and No K-Cup Waste

Eco Chic

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Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama on his 79th Birthday.

Elephant Journal

The global environment has declined so therefore now the environmental situation has reached a crisis stage. And, it is important to give proper care to environmental preservation including the ecosystem. In today''s world Poverty has increased.

Ojai, Calif.: that old green (and pink) magic has us in its spell

Green Traveler Guides

Humane Education Activities

The Green Changemakers

ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION ACTIVITIES Activities that focus on topics related to environmental and sustainability issues. [link] MULTI-ISSUE ACTIVITIES Activities that approach humane issues more comprehensively.

Four Tweets Get Female Kuwaiti Blogger Jailed for 20 Months

Green Prophet

Suppressing the voice of young people gives us less hope for environmental preservation in the Middle East.

Kuwait 101

Would You Buy $18,000 Eco-Friendly Flip-Flops?


If you would buy these flip flops, it’s safe to say you should leave them home when you go to the beach. Eco-friendly shoe company Chipkos and artist David Palmer have created what they are calling the “ David Palmer Chipkos – World’s Most Expensive Flip Flops.&#

Angela Adams’ Nature-inspired Modern Rugs, Wovens, and Pillows

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Our totes are fabricated in the United States, thereby avoiding international shipping and decreasing the environmental impact. I am in LOVE with Portland, Maine-based design house Angela Adams.

Seed Money Available to Protect Mediterranean Basin Birds

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BirdLife International has created a fund to underwrite environmental preservation projects in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots: the Mediterranean Basin. Seed money up to $1 million to protect your local birds. Apply today.

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Why Solar Cookers Should Spread Like Satellites in Morocco

Green Prophet

Lacking access to natural gas, these villagers have had no choice but to burn biomass to produce the family’s meals – a situation that also has grave environmental consequences.

Relaxing and Eco-friendly Spring Activities

Environmental News Network

With environmental preservation strongly called for nowadays, you may as well integrate eco-friendly decor ideas when deciding to buy new pieces for the home. By: Guest Contributor, Kimberly Grimms. Books are out and vacation is here!

An economic conundrum

Environmental Economics

So I read page 2 (and no more) of the NYTimes story John pointed to this morning (John read page 1) and it raises an interesting economic puzzle for environmental advocates: Simple economics suggests that if the nation is producing more energy, prices should be falling. But we will have to work through the environmental issues, which are a definite challenge.”. So the question becomes, what is the value of environmental preservation relative to economic growth. 

3 Arab architects worthy to be called sustainable builders

Green Prophet

But the builders can bring environmental considerations to the forefront. Environmental preservation is very important to him, as well; he advocates preserving the nature in and around which he works. Green is sort of a buzzword nowadays.

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Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

Green (Living) Review

Over the next five to ten years, passenger vehicle manufacturers will be confronted with regulatory pressure and material penalties, as gains in fuel economy fall behind the required rates of improvement set to address environmental preservation and climate change mitigation.

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Egypt and Morocco’s Equator Prize Winners Preserves Environment through Tradition

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The Medicinal Plants Association in Egypt helps preserve biodiversity and is o ne of the 25 winners of the Equator Prize 2012.

Humane Education

The Green Changemakers

covering the interconnected issues of human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection. Zoe Weil: Changing our school system can solve the world's problems.

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Environmentalism means less deprivation

The Green Changemakers

This confirms my No Impact experience that environmentalism--preserving rather than using up planetary resources--means nothing like depriving ourselves of happiness. Link source from "No Impact Man" People ask me if the reduced use of consumer conveniences that goes with the No Impact project doesn't mean a lot of deprivation. I say that I spend more time with my family, eat more healthily, get more exercise and am a better dad.

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5 Strategies to Help Bring Humane Education to Schools

The Green Changemakers

Laws vary, but several states have some sort of legislation that requires teaching about the welfare of animals, character education, and/or environmental education. And, last June, Maryland became the first state to require "environmental literacy" for graduation.