Environmental Health Courses Not In Best Medical Schools: New Study

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Air pollution is one of many environmental factors that impact public health. According to a new study by Israeli medical students, doctors in the United States, Israel and Europe are receiving inadequate environmental health education.

From Davos: Unleashing the Power of Nature in Cities

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Don’t get us wrong – nature needs TNC and the other great environmental organizations to continue championing protection of the lands and water on which all life depends. Nature can help cities solve some major environmental, social and financial challenges.

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Why Plastic is Overtaking the Oceans & What that Means for Us.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Green WAYLON: Today Only Earth eco environmental health wellness oceans planet plastic the enemy toxicWhile it may be tempting to write off plastic as "the enemy," none of us can deny the positive impacts it has had on.

In case you happen to be in Morogoro, Tanzania next week.

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Presenter: Dr. Tim Haab, Professor and Chair, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA.   He is the author of over 50 academic journal articles and 4 books on valuation methods, including the now standard book for valuation methods in environmental and resource economics: Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources: The Econometrics of Non-Market Valuation.  IAGRI Workshop Announcement.

Coral Bleaching: Change Your Sunscreen

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Reported in a 2008 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, using sunscreen that contains physical UV filters such as kaolin, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead of chemical ones is allowable for coral reef safety. Coral Bleaching: Change Your Sunscreen. Save the Reefs!

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Air pollution in Europe has high economic and human cost

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The EEA calculated the costs of air pollution on health costs, damage to buildings, reduced agricultural yields, lost working days from sickness caused by air pollution, among other things.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Bat Detective

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Because bat populations are a good indicator of environmental health. But bats do more than indicate ecosystem health; they eat some pesky mosquitoes and they are important pollinators. A common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus).

Understanding Global Environmental Indicators: What’s Behind Australia’s Rankings Rise?

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There is a well-recognized set of metrics to gauge the economic health of a nation, things like Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There has long been a search for an equivalent metric that be used to gauge the overall environmental health of a nation. Photo: © Evan Parker/TNC.

Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution?

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The professor, who was trained in environmental health, was a bit dismissive of the potential for trees to meaningfully clean the air. Every report has a genesis, an initial conversation that sprouts an idea that grows into a research study.

Citizen Science Tuesday: Kestrel Cam

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Scientists have many theories (from climate change to depredation to environmental contaminants) about possible causes, but they need more data. Raptors are some of the most awe-inspiring animals on Earth, but they can also serve as indicators of environmental health.

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Q&A with India Managing Director Seema Paul

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More about Seema Paul After working for 14 years as an environmental journalist in New Delhi, Seema came to Washington, D.C. to complete a master’s degree in environmental policy. She built a hands-on environmental career at the World Resources Institute and later at the UN Foundation.

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UN Office in Jordan Gets the Green Building Gold

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The World Health Organization gets LEED Gold certification, a first for the Hashemite Kingdom.

Don’t Step on the Crested Newt, It Has Friends in High Places

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Ecology crested newt development environmental health fresh water habitat loss reptile salamanders wetlands It has been widely reported that the UK is in the midst of a housing crisis and that the government is keen on seeing more homes being built in the country.

Sponsor bias

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Alison McCook at Retraction Watch : First, an occupational health journal appointed a new editor with industry ties without consulting the editorial board. Yesterday, the editorial board of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health sent a letter to the publisher, Taylor & Francis, expressing their “grave concerns” over the future of the journal, and its recent actions.

Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment

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This nine-lesson program was designed to excite kids about environmental health and empower them to take steps in their everyday lives to improve the environment for their community and reduce their environmental risk. What Kids Will Learn What environmental health is.

Bike-Friendly Cities, Overheated Trout and Protein 2.0

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billion per year in health costs. Environmental Health Perspectives). Last summer’s heat wave in the upper Midwest took a toll on populations of native trout, which don’t survive water temperatures above 77 degrees F.

How the UAE can push eco-friendly energy solutions forward

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The pressure for environmentally friendly energy solutions on the globe is now more than ever. With an increased demand for energy supply comes an equally high demand for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Lake Apopka – Florida’s Inland Rarity Hotspot

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Lake Apopka has historically experienced dramatic changes in its environmental health. The pristine lake was a renowned environmental treasure. Lake Apopka Restoration Area in Lake County Florida is fast-becoming one of the best bird magnets in all of Florida. Situated pretty much slap-bang in the center of the state north of Lake Okeechobee, this massive wetland was once the Florida’s most polluted body of water. Today, through extensive management by the St.

The Forgotten Climate Solution

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This modern association of technological innovation with economic progress may help to explain why one obvious solution to climate change remains often forgotten or underrepresented in mainstream conversations: natural solutions to environmental challenges.

Citizen Science Tuesday: FrogWatch USA

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Frogs and toads, as well as other amphibians, are really special for a number of reasons: one being that they serve as indicators of environmental health,” says Gauza. Plains spadefoot (Spea bombifrons). Photo by Flickr user Andy Teucher through a Creative Commons license.

Air pollution kills 7 million a year, study shows

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In new estimates released this week , the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in 2012 around 7 million people died – one in eight of total global deaths – as a result of air pollution exposure. This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk.

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The Revolution Starts at Home, a movie showcasing how the family household and its waste has become one of the greatest environmental issues of our time. Tap water has much more stringent environmental health rules and tests attached to it than does any so-celled spring water.

Environmental Justice Atlas maps out ecological conflicts

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For the first time in history we have a real time, comprehensive global map of ecological conflicts thanks to the Atlas of Environmental Justice. Image of the Environmental Justice Atlas from EJOLT.

This high-quality ink is made from air pollution harvested from vehicle tailpipes

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What if the ugly, in this case air pollutants, could give birth to something beautiful?

Ecologist Guide to Food – Book Review

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The Ecologist Guide to Food: lifts the lid on the environmental, political, health and humanitarian issues surrounding our food; uncovers the truth the food industry doesn’t want you to know; and provides a guide to ethical alternatives, highlighting those companies making changes.

Wood: Nature's most versatile resource and material

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This, however, is still not something that many agencies still have not understood, especially the so-called Environmental Health Departments of councils in the UK and its counterparts in other countries.

Tel Aviv’s Social Economic Academy Teaches Food Politics

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Food is a major factor in human health, and in environmental health as well. Organic devotees are in a different pool altogether, and are concerned with the environmental effects of hormones and pesticides both on the earth and on its creatures.

Environmental Popcorn II : Green Documentaries

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In celebration of the 85 th Academy Awards I have compiled a list of environmentally themed Academy Awards Nominated feature length documentaries from the last few years. Also, please feel free to share your opinions about the movies or recommend environmental documentary’s of your own liking.

Palestinian Environmentalist Talks About Water, Dams & Finding Peace

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After gaining his PhD in 1986, he became a professor for Earth and Environmental Sciences and now works as a consultant for environmental health in the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Hebron alongside his post as a part-time professor for Geology and Hydrology in Birzeit University.

Recycling Tires Can Rid Egypt Of Fumes, Mosquitoes And Rats

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Although environmental issues took a back seat before the revolution that brought Hosni Mubarak to his knees, the post-revolution era has ushered in a new sense of urgency. Cleantech, Science & Technology Cairo environmental hazards pollution recycling tires Waste Management

Egypt Is MENA’s Cleanest and Most Environmental Country

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Egypt topped the world Environmental Performance Index for the Middle East and North Africa region, followed closely by Israel. Egypt was ranked the 60 th most environmental country with an EPI score of 55.18 – Switzerland which topped the chart scored 76.69.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Edward Norton

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Since joining The Nature Conservancy, and over the course of writing Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature , I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the perspectives and advice of many leaders of the environmental community.

Syngenta Hired Guns Attack New Documentary | PR Watch

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Midwest from Syngentas flagship herbicide atrazine, the worlds largest pesticide company has mounted a PR counter-attack downplaying the human and environmental health risks of a chemical linked to birth defects, low birth weight and certain cancers. The project uses paid spokespersons posing as independent experts and attempts to greenwash atrazine as environmentally beneficial, downplay human health risks and discredit one of the scientists from the film.

The Garbage Women Of Turkey: Turning Trash Into Trendsetting Handbags

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Çöp(m)adam joins a growing tradition of women’s organizations in Turkey that are working to improve the environmental health of their country. Turning trash into art and employing women who have never worked for pay before — two difficult tasks that Turkish company Çöp(m)adam accomplishes at once. Turkey’s recycling culture is largely unseen.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time – Book Review

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About the Author Dr. Paul Connett is the Director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and the Executive Director of its parent body, the American Environmental Health Studies Project (AEHSP).

Broccoli drink helps body fight air pollutants

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Air pollution is a complex and pervasive public health problem,” said John Groopman, professor of environmental health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and one of the study’s co-authors. “To green living health wellbeing

Tunisia’s environmental progress slides back 25 years

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Green Prophet attends a local conference on water and pollution and stunningly sees how there is no framework for Tunisia to make environmental change and progress. All other issues ranging from education, health, environment and public services are largely being left astray.

Environmental economics in the AER

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"Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from 1,600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings."  Applying a research design based on the openings and closings of 1,600 industrial plants to rich data on housing markets and infant health, we find that: toxic air emissions affect air quality only within 1 mile of the plant; plant openings lead to 11 percent declines in housing values within 0.5

Captain Planet

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I hope that the recent change in environmental health will have the company releasing the episodes sometime soon Do you remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers? I do and so does my husband. As children we both enjoyed the cartoon immensely. We have recently looked for a DVD release of the cartoon for our children but have been unsuccessful in our search so far. Here is a video about the Captain Planet merchandise that might surprise you.

An example where benefit-cost analysis may have mattered

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Here is a great case study for your classes: The full retreat on the smog standard was the first and most important environmental decision of the presidential campaign season that is now fully under way.

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