Environmental Education

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Environmental education projects are an ideal way to diversify your curriculum, try group teaching strategies, and bring the real world into the classroom in a strong academic context. What kinds of support are available in your school, district and community for supporting environmental educational activities? In what ways can environmental education activities enhance learning? Technology in Environmental Education Clancy J.

Environmental Education for Sustainable Life

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When we talk about changing our lifestyle towards sustainable development, it is inevitable to talk about education. Works with youth in educational and vocational training institutes, as an environmental education facilitator. Living Planet Report 2012 from WWF.

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The Environmental Education Collection

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Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence Published in November 1996 (revised 2004, 2009) by NAAEE, Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence provides a set of recommendations for developing and selecting environmental education materials. Developed through a process of critique and consensus, the Guidelines are grounded in a common understanding of effective environmental education.

Connecting the Dots - Key Learning Strategies for Environmental Education, Citizenship and Sustainability

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Which learning strategies best contribute to students becoming engaged and active citizens involved in achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability? They are common to environmental education and many other fields of educational research and practice.

Live & Learn - Environmental Education and Community Development

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[link] Our Objectives The overall objectives of Live & Learn are: To provide an integrated, educational approach promoting community transition to sustainable development while maintaining a strong focus on community realities and priorities. To promote increased quality and innovation of teaching and learning in formal and community education. The MAIA Model for Learning and Action can be applied to any development and environmental issue.

Katerva Picks 8 Global Projects to Save Planet Earth

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“We are pleased to confirm the Katerva Award Category Winners have been identified following rigorous review by our expert panelists,” announces the organization set up to radically change the deteriorating course of planet earth: ” These winners were chosen from a field of very strong candidates after undergoing a year-long nomination and review process involving roughly 500 experts, researchers, business and thought leaders across 50 countries.

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Heroines for the Planet: Laura Turner Seydel

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Laura Turner Seydel is one of the most powerful women in the environmental movement. Ironically, one of my favorite shows as a kid was Captain Planet , a show which Laura’s father, Ted Turner, created. Her environmental work is simply a way of life for Laura and her family.

Goodall, Clinton and Cousteau at Eye Earth Summit Abu Dhabi

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Environmental issues effect us all, but this week’s “Eye on Earth” Summit in Abu Dhabi is attempting to ensure that environmental data is also available to us all. Business & Politics Abu Dhabi conference environmental education United Arab Emirates

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From Davos: Building Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

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As leaders discuss how to improve education and tackle youth unemployment, one simple—yet powerful—tool is right outside our windows. Other studies have found that environment-based education significantly increases student test performance.


Green (Living) Review

Fundraising Focus Shifts to Benefit Endangered Coastlines by Michael Smith (Veshengro) New York, December, 2009 – The second year of the National Audubon Society’s Pennies for the Planet, a national conservation education and action campaign for young people, kicked off on December 17, 2009 with a focus on protecting endangered coastlines.

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Our Planet - UNEP’s magazine

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for environmentally sustainable development. link] Our Planet Current Issue Your Planet Needs You English Version Version française Versión española The new issue of Our Planet highlights the work that people are doing around the world in building green infrastructure.


Earth Day Exclusive: Interview with Julie McIntyre, author of new Ecosex Book

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Trained in plant medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, medical herbalism, wilderness survival and holistic health, she’s the lastest to write a book about human relationships and the environmental movement: Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart: Nature, Intimacy and Sexual Energy (Destiny Books, 2012).

Al Ain Jungle School: Other UAE Institutes Are “Green” With Envy

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The success of greening Al Ain’s Liwa International school could have great environmental ramifications for other schools in the region. Dubai largesse aside, Abu Dhabi, and recently even Sharjah , have frequently demonstrated their commitment to saving the planet.

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Building a Broader Conservation Movement

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As Black History Month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on the many contributions the African American community has made to conservation and the environmental movement. Conservation Issues Uncategorized diversity in conservation environmental education LEAF urban conservation

Rocking the “Eco” Kasbah du Toubkal in Morocco

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In the environs you’ll see lush fruit-trees that bear cherries, apricots and the famous fair-trade argan oil , while lodge owners give a portion of their profits to charity for educating girls who would otherwise not be able to afford school.

Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

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National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 research grants that enable scientists to continue uncovering our planet’s sacred wonders.

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Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

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Incorporating ways to help the environment into your lessons is not only good for the planet, but offers plenty of hands-on activities, lessons, and projects for students. Resources for K-12 Educators. 4.ESA Educator Resources. 6.The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education.

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Eco-superheros Moving Boxes Man and Boxy expose the “recycling” industry by preventing box abuse and promoting box reuse.

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This process is environmental education in action and promoted through several “eco-mmercials” posted on the GoGreenMovingBoxes.com YouTube channel. They’ve posted fun and informative videos that help educate consumers about the reality behind the cardboard industry using “eco-super-hero” characters “Boxy” and “Moving Boxes Man”.

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David de Rothschild Talks Adventure And Plastic With Green Prophet (Exclusive)

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I wanted to create a compelling and pioneering adventure that would not only be informative but would capture the imagination of a global audience and empower them to act more responsibly towards our planet. We can make saving the planet an adventure.

Muslims in Myanmar Forced to Two Child Limit

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While limiting children, or not having them at all, is a good way to fight global warming and the demise of our poor planet, there is nothing more inhumane in being told how many children you can have.

Kids Need Nature as Much as Nature Needs Them

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In his book, Louv brilliantly illustrates the link between children’s well-being and exposure to nature – effectively turning the existing narrative of environmental education on its head by framing the issue in the public health arena (in addition to the long-term health of our natural resources).

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Petition ‘The Lorax’ Speak for the Trees

Wend Magazine

Well’s 4th grade class doesn’t want the environmental message of the Dr. Seuss classic children’s book “The Lorax” to be lost when the feature film premieres in March. So the Brookline, Massachusetts 10-year-olds are circulating a petition through Change.org to prompt producers to include conservation education materials on the movie’s website and in the trailer.

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Eco Blue Flags Fly at 12 More Green Beaches in United Arab Emirates

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there is also a silver lining that the planet loves: 12 more beaches in the United Arab Emirates have earned the Blue Flag. The standards were developed by the the 30-year-old Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Does Ecoliteracy Prevent Environmental Action?

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Why environmental education isn''t enough to create change and improve governance The existing ecological literacy, or "ecoliteracy," model of simply addressing the knowledge deficit, rather than addressing the real issue of the behavior deficit, has tended to yield highly knowledgeable individuals who, despite their understanding, often fail to take action. " Scientists today are able to collect information about the health of our planet to an unprecedented extent.

Spiritual Ecology and the Lesson of Crete

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McFague goes so far as to embrace a militant approach to the problem, urging citizens to dedicate themselves fully and be willing to sacrifice to save the planet’s eco-system. For a few years I co-taught an environmental education course for primary and secondary school teachers.

Hebrew Preistess Sarah Shamirah Chandler on Judaism and the Environment

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But the truth is, plenty of religious groups are taking huge steps in the environmental movement, leading the charge to a healthier planet. In this series, Eco-Chick interviews female religious leaders and activists about environmental issues.

The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching


Besides, it has clear environmental implications, which illustrate how our environment is connected to our well-being and economy, as this illegal activity negatively affects ecosystems, our health and prosperity of local communities. Further reading: Why Is Environmental Education Important?

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Israeli School of Sustainability Funded By Major Polluting Firms

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Israel Chemicals, which is a cause of major environmental hazards in Israel, is funding a School of Sustainability in Herzliya. According to a report at Haaretz , the school will be focusing on the importance of environmentally conscious business development and entrepreneurship.

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How Is Indy Actress, Surfer and Designer Tanna Frederick Saving Our Oceans? One Kid at a Time

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Project Save Our Surf  has initiatives to help children access clean water, as well as eco-education; through CAMP PSOS ,Tanna and her team educate kids about their environment as a way to secure our ecological future on this planet.

Earth Day 2014: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists, and Classroom Ideas

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To help teachers brainstorm some ways to incorporate Earth Day, we''ve compiled a list of resources that teachers can use to bring environmental education to students. Source: [link] Earth Day has deep roots in education. Education

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Climate Change News: Less Lake Ice

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Get your weekly dose of climate change news from Earth Gauge, a free environmental news service from the National Environmental Education Foundation.

Make Greener Children With A Patch of Dirt

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And that’s where the actual subject matter of this piece comes in, which is supposed to be about teaching kids to be better stewards of their planet. A large part of that is providing our children with the tools to maintain and improve the planet.

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8 Rainforest Eco Resorts


Sela Verde boasts Costa Rica’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism and actively promotes conservation and environmental education throughout the local community. Ecorazzi’s Rainforest Editorial Series is brought to you by Hello Green Tomorrow , the Avon Product Inc.

Green Your School Guide

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Green Schools are the most effective agents for enacting significant positive environmental and educational change in schools and communities. The result is a cleaner, safer and more sustainable planet, as well as a more productive and healthy environment for students.

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Urban Biodiversity Strategies

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by Erik van Lennep Amongst the survival concerns now facing our planet and people, the destruction of biodiversity has become prominent, and this issue lands squarely in the middle of our plates as an industry. Understand and facilitate responses to environmental changes 4.

Creating conserver cities

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Conserver cities would be One Planet Cities (see the details of how this year Brighton and Hove became the world’s first independently accredited One Planet City ). adopting and achieving high land, air, water and environmental quality standards.

Training manuals and education resources on sustainability

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Training Manuals “Thinking Critically about Environmental Impacts throughout History” is a workshop developed for history and social studies teachers who want to incorporate the scientific and social aspects of using renewable resources into classroom teaching. Through the Ecological Footprint framework, educators learn how to help students understand cumulative environmental impacts. The Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plans The U.S.

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Greening Our Schools — Transformative Education for Sustainability

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GreenHearted.org is a primer on transformative education for sustainability. And because you care about kids, you care about their future , and the future of their planet. Education for sustainability makes sense to you because you don't want to teach for UNsustainability.

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5 Strategies to Help Bring Humane Education to Schools

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[link] We have yet to hear of any situation where it wasn't possible to integrate humane education into the classroom - but that doesn't mean it wasn't without some creative and strategic thinking! HEART keeps an updated list of laws related to humane education. Educate yourself.

Next Steps in Education for Sustainable Development

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Richard Crookes These characteristics have evoked a response in kind from those with responsibility for environmental protection: consume less, produce less waste in manufacture, recycle wastes, or dispose carefully. Tags: Sustainable-development Nature Green Education

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Industrial Ecology

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It seeks to balance environmental and economic performance within emerging understanding of local and global ecological constraints. Industrial ecology helps companies become more competitive by improving their environmental performance and strategic planning. And it helps government agencies design policies and regulations that improve environmental protection while building business competitiveness. [link] Why Industrial Ecology?

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Gaia Education

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Four Keys The "Four Keys to Sustainable Settlements", or just "Four Keys" are four booklets planned for publication by the Gaia Education Communications Committee to supplement the EDE course material. This statement is about the pedagogy and the context of educating.

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Building a Just and Sustainable World (YES magazine)

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Annie Leonard Dear Educators, If you’re wondering how to get your students thinking creatively about sustainability, I have the answer: The Story of Stuff. Kay Hubbard Education Outreach Manager, YES! The Page That Counts Number of Earth-sized planets needed if global resource consumption matched that of the US: 3. Redefining Progress In partnership with Earth Day Network, Redefining Progress offers environmental education lesson plans for K-12 educators.

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