The Environmental Impact of Dentistry

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In our everyday lives, almost everything we do has an environmental impact that can affect this generation and the next. Playing a part in the health of our environment is at the forefront of their goals. Leaving a Positive Impact.

Can Cannabis Cultivation Lead to Additional Environmental Impacts?

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For instance, we have been experiencing the demand for products… Read More Can Cannabis Cultivation Lead to Additional Environmental Impacts? The post Can Cannabis Cultivation Lead to Additional Environmental Impacts?


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Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution


Even plants and wild animals living in the distant ecosystems suffer greatly of the negative impacts of pollution. Keep on reading to learn more about the full scope of the environmental impacts of air pollution that are affecting our world on the daily basis. Quick Navigation for Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution. How does air pollution affect the environment? Impacts of haze on plants are also profound.

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Rechargeable and disposable batteries – the environmental impact

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Rechargeable batteries are definitely better for the bank balance; but what about the environment? And where can they be recycled once they're worn out? Learn more in this article. articles & guides energy gadgets

Dishwashing detergent environmental impact

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Washing dishes using certain types of dishwashing detergent can cause damage to the environment. Learn more about what to watch for and pick up some earth friendly washing up tips in this article

How to control the environmental impacts of the internet?

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All of us like to buy broadband plans, and other internet connection without even considering their impact on our environment. Let us get started with impacts and then how we can control them. Alarming Impacts of Internet on Environment. Loon LLC is an Alphabet Inc.

Tesla: the real environmental impact


So, how green is Tesla, and is owning one really a thoughtful consideration for the environment? Manufacturing impact Running a factory is resource-intensive. By comparison to standard manufacturing practices, however, Tesla’s conservation methods are welcome environmentally.

Chopsticks and their environmental impact

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For one thing, who really does think about and consider chopsticks and their environmental impact? Most people, I am sure, assume that even disposable chopsticks couldn’t be that bad for the environment, especially as they’re usually made of wood or bamboo, and the same majority will not have ever heard of the BYOC (Bring Your Own Chopsticks) movement. Chopsticks like most other disposable cutlery items pose an environmental hazard depending on what they are made of.

Ice rink alternatives and their environmental impact


Unfortunately, contemporary ice-making and maintenance technologies consume large amounts of energy and produce refrigerant gases that cause pollution , making them environmentally harmful. Hence, each of these gases adversely affects the environment.

The environmental impact of used car exports


Such is the case with many of the used vehicles exported to poorer countries, according to a new report released by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). Developed countries must stop exporting vehicles that fail environment and safety inspections and are no longer considered roadworthy in their own countries, while importing countries should introduce stronger quality standards.” The environmental impact of used car exports.


We need to talk about the environmental impact of marijuana


With the marijuana industry expanding to new audiences, what do eco-conscious people need to know about this plant and its demands on the environment? According to information from a JSTOR Daily article on “The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation,” this water usage can reach a total of “three billion liters per square kilometer of greenhouse-grown plants between June and October.” Happy 420, everyone!

Environmental Impact Of Fish Farming

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In the recent edition of the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, the environmental impact of fish farming was dissected. The article discussed the numerous problems fish farming, or aquaculture, has on the environment from different aspects of the business. The study found that in order to reduce the environmental impact, the amount of fish oil fed to the fish would need to be decreased. Environment

Consumption in Dubai – Breathtaking Photos of Our Environmental Impact

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Consumption is Richard Allenby-Pratt’s latest personal photography project; like Abandoned , which was woven together by a central theme, this new series will examine the impact that consumer culture has had or is having on the environment. To be continued… Lifestyle & Culture consumer culture environmental art nature Photography Richard Allenby PrattRichard Allenby-Pratt’s popular Abandoned photo series still haunts us.

Environmental impact of the smoking ban

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On the other hand some way people must be brought to their senses that they not only still harm themselves but others and the environment in the way they continue to indulge in their habit of smoking. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It has been a while now that the total ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and the work place has come into force and effect in Britain and it sure has made for better air in those places.

Cyprus Fears Environmental Impact of Undersea Gas Drilling

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Besides the environmental concerns of this undersea drilling, there are also concerns about a proposed plan by Israel to construct an undersea gas pipeline to supply natural gas to European countries. The environmental concerns of too much undersea drilling have now been expressed by Greek Cyprus Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides , concerning his country’s exploration for natural gas in what is known as the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) south-east of Cyprus, known as Block 12.

Environmental Impact on Breast Health is Double-D Huge, Asserts Author of New Book

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These are just two discoveries that investigative journalist, Florence William’s, shares in her latest book about the environmental impact on breasts. ’ A term originally coined by Greenpeace about 10 years ago, among other things ecosex invites us to examine the impact of toxins on our reproductive selves. Florence Williams work often focuses on the environment, health and science. Are Hormones in the Environment Making Women’s Breasts Bigger?

Geothermal Heat with Little Environmental Impact

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In addition to meeting our energy needs, it could also be offered at competitive prices with minimal environmental impact. The impacts of geothermal heating are much lower than fossil fuels and nuclear power. Alternative Energy Environment Science & Technology A recent geothermal heat studies indicate that geothermal heat could meet 10 percent of the energy needs of the US by 2050.

How Hemp Affects Air Quality

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Clean Air Climate Change Environment green living organic pollution sustainability air quality Environmental impact grow hemp hemo cultivation Hemp marijuanaThe modern world is a reflection of ancient times, but just more complicated.

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How to Make Vaping More Eco-Friendly?

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As far as the environment is concerned, vaping has several advantages. For starters, vaping doesn’t contribute to the environmental mess discarded cigarette butts do because they are non-biodegradable litter.

U.S. National Park Service Looking To Reduce Environmental Impact

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Climate Change Environment When you think of parks, especially national parks, the image it inspires is not one of pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. However, with approximately 300 million visitors per year to national parks across the United States, energy use does add up to significant amounts. But due to fiscal restraints, the National Park Service has until now not been able to implement major green innovations into their programs.

Chewing Gum And The Environment

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the many little things we can do to reduce our environmental impact Chewing gum? You could well be chewing fossil fuel. Cutting back on chewing or. bubble gum, or being especially careful of how you dispose of it, is just one of.

Home cleanups help the environment.

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A big cleanup around the home, shed and yard can lighten your environmental impact and save money Have you ever stopped to think how much stuff you have? Do you remember exactly what you own?

Old medication and the environment

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There are so many areas where we can lighten our environmental impact just a. little; and one of them is the way we deal with expired medication

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Did you Know… Environmental Impact of Video Games!

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Many of us think about the environmental impact of the food we eat or the cars we drive. But how often do we think of the environmental impact of our entertainment? This great little infographic details the impact that video game purchases have on our environment. Not only can we decrease our footprint by recycling our electronics we can also look into downloading games rather than purchasing them in stores for pretty serious decrease in waste! Game ON!

USPS to Replace 165,000 of It’s Fleet With Electric and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

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Just a week after Democrat lawmakers usher President Biden to transition the federal government’s vehicle fleet to more efficient options, the USPS makes a huge announcemet. It will add 50,000 to 165,000 electric or fuel-efficient vehicles.

Seafood and the environment

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Aquaculture does provide some answers, but also some challenges in terms of environmental impact Due to the world's increasing demand for seafood and freshwater fish, our fisheries are under a massive strain.

Açaí: Examining the Environmental Impact and Worker’s Conditions

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The cotton, sugar cane, coffee and cocoa industries are all examples of industries in which the Western “developed world” has exploited the people and environment of developing countries such as Brazil. Photo credit: iateapie. It’s amazing to see just how much power some celebrities hold over the masses. They can create the latest trends and sway public opinion with just a few sentences.

The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment

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The Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment: - Well over a billion single-use plastic bags are given out for free each day. For this convenience, we are paying a tremendous environmental cost. Collection, hauling and disposal of plastic bag waste create an additional environmental impact. Tagged: environment , environmental products , plastic. Going Green environmental products plastic environment

Simple ways to reduce our impact on the environment in 2015

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Although the environment has an unfortunate habit of tumbling down the list of priorities for many, 2014 was a real eye-opener, even for those who prefer to remain blissfully ignorant. The post Simple ways to reduce our impact on the environment in 2015 appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Sponsored Posts e-waste environmental impact new year resolutions no more junk mail reduce our impact

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Is Your Internet Use Destroying The Environment?

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The internet has changed our lives for the good, but think about the ecological impact. With our interaction with the internet being often superficial or surface-based, the environmental impact of the internet can easily be ignored. As the concern over environmental change ever increases, it is important to ask if the tool that we use without thought is impacting the environment, as well as what we can do to help improve our own carbon footprint.

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Plastic Bottles: Bottled Water and the Environment


This obsession with disposable plastic bottles is a serious issue that is already causing major human health and environmental problems. The environmental problems associated with plastic bottles begins in the production process. In reality they create immeasurable impacts on the environment and cost millions of dollars per year. Environmental impacts. These impacts damage the natural ecosystems that we rely on. Environmental Issues

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Should You Start a Greenhouse Business to Help the Environment?

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There are numerous reasons to start a greenhouse business, and nearly all those reasons have environmental benefits. No matter what you’re planning to grow, a commercial greenhouse is a safe, environmentally friendly option. Providing the Right Environment for Your Plants.

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The Environment: Looking Towards the Future with UW's Kristiina Vogt

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As we enter a new decade, it’s more important than ever to take a look at what we have accomplished and what work still needs to be done in order to preserve the environment. Science is a part of the environmental decision-making approach. But their impact is very localized.

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No way around it: the irreparable damage cryptocurrency does to the environment

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As interesting as it is for tech and financial experts alike, there’s no way around the harsh truth that’s often swiped under the rug while discussing crypto: it damages the environment and the communities where it’s mined. The damaging environmental impact of crypto mining.

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How mattress companies are supporting the environment

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And millions more mattresses are manufactured to take their place, consuming resources and potentially adding more toxic chemicals into the environment. Many mattress manufacturers have started to recognize the impact of their business on the environment, though, and have begun taking steps to reduce their impact. Although these initiatives may not reduce all of the environmental impact of the mattress manufacturing process, it is making a difference.

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How Smoking Affects our Environment

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In fact they are not only hurting themselves, but also the people who love them and the environment. As an ex-smoker I was curious about the environmental impact of smoking so I decided to investigate. There are some things that every smoker who has any concern for environmental issues should know. It looks unattractive, it is a major fire hazard in dry weather, and it is extremely harmful to the environment. Environment

How Consumers Impact Their Retail Environment

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Press Release from Ditto Hangers(not written by me but I found it quite interesting and decided to pass it along) Clothing Manufacturers Respond to Demand for Sustainability Practices Oakland, CA (December 8, 2010) Ditto® Sustainable Brand Solutions, designer of sustainably manufactured retail display products, was tracking consumer demand for environmental practices in the retail industry before the company was launched four years ago.

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Leather and the environment

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This is definitely not better for the environment. Leather and environmental issues Even if that is the case, and the term "humane" when it comes to slaughter is subject to a lot of controversy, what about the other environmental impacts from our desire for leather? While you could just turn your back on leather altogether, so many of those alternatives are petro-chemical based and/or are incredibly environmentally destructive and use very energy intensive processes.

Walking architecture envisions a built environment based on human motion

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Look to the far-reaching influence of designers who choose to work in the hypothetical, where unrestricted creativity is unfettered by cost, resources, and environmental impact. “The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters,” said Pyke. Daydreams can catalyze real change.

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5 Wellness trends that are bad for the environment


Related: Ice rink alternatives and their environmental impact Essential oils For thousands of years, people have used plant oils to treat ailments, anxiety, headaches and much more. Original post: 5 Wellness trends that are bad for the environment.

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30 new marine species found in Galapagos’ deep seas


Eco Green a-brittle-star- a-diverse-team a-experts-for a-white-marine city environment environmental impact news ocean researchThe Galapagos Islands are famous for several endemic species that evolved to fit the exact niche required to live on rocky islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. Now, marine scientists have found 30 new species deep beneath the ocean’s surface around the Galapagos.

Is almond milk bad for the environment?


But like many other crops, the spotlight has been on whether almonds and the increased demand for almond milk are damaging the environment. Almonds and the economy While California remains cognitive of the potential negative impacts of almond production, the benefits appear to outpace those concerns. Almond milk packaging and transport both have a negative impact, and all of the added ingredients make the nutrition benefits of almond milk questionable at best.

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Girl Scouts Camp Trivera combines STEM and sustainable architecture


Related: Girl Scouts introduces 30 new badges with emphasis on the environment and STEM Girl Scouts have been involved since the very beginning of the design process for Camp Trivera. Varied Girl Scout programs will also teach girls about the natural environment around them, including programs around everything from astronomy and animal habitats to swimming and rock climbing. How will it limit environmental impact?