Cooking Up Energy Conservation: 7 Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Energy-Efficient

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If your kitchen is well-known as your household’s energy vortex, it’s time for an eco-friendly extreme home makeover. The post Cooking Up Energy Conservation: 7 Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Energy-Efficient appeared first on Green Living Guy.

European Energy Conservation

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history, and of course with the previous economic demand for bigger, better, quickly-build houses, the concern for energy conservation has been next to. of waste conservation and eco-car manufacturing , there are also major differences in the European housing system. of constantly heating unused water, this energy-saver only heats water either. the same fashion of energy-conservation, many outlets, especially in the.


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Hot Energy Conservation Ideas for Cold Winter Months

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Even though it’s getting cold, it’s a good time to start thinking about home energy conservation by turning down the thermostat a few degrees and checking your home for areas where heat. Energy Efficiency Green Living Tips Department of Energy Eco Resolutions Heating and Energy Efficiency

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Istanbul Municipality Knits Enormous Sweater for Energy Conservation

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All over the Middle East and North Africa, governments are feeling the energy pinch, and each has a different solution. Morocco and Algeria are turning to solar energy , so are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while Jordan seems more intent on exploiting its oil shale reserves to bridge the soaring gap between supply and demand. Instead of relying only on increasing generation capacity, the government has launched a national energy conservation campaign.

Energy Conservation

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Energy conservation is one area where you can generate significant savings for the long-term. Any business and homeowner can invest in energy conservation that will provide better returns than safe investments like a bank account. For example, if you spent $5,000 on a conservation measure and it saved you $1,000 per year in operating costs you'll recover your money in 5 years.

LEED Gold-seeking wildlife center emphasizes energy conservation in Quebec


The Canadian city of Laval in southwestern Quebec has recently gained a new wildlife interpretation center with an impressive, energy-efficient design. The main building is topped with a green roof as part of the project’s water conservation strategy that includes rainwater recycling. A high-performance building envelope and strategically placed windows and roof overhangs help contribute to energy savings and visitor comfort.

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Tokyo Sky Tree: World’s tallest tower uses smart lighting for aesthetics and energy conservation


Shafts of light were used to ensure that there is ample natural lighting in the tower and with two different and separate lighting systems employed for alternate days, designers have done all they can to try and ensure that they provide perfect lighting for this amazing tower, while also saving up on energy. Traditional Japanese lighting techniques along with modern solutions were used to ensure that power conservation was done in the most brilliant way possible.

Sustainable Westchester EV Discount Program got Bigger!

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Croton Auto Park joins growing list of dealerships working to bring electric cars to Westchester County. They have a Chrysler Pacifica Plugin Hybrid ready to test drive. That’s in addition to the Sustainable Westchester EV Discount Program.

7 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

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If you’re a business owner, you don’t have to sacrifice your operations to support conservation. Energy conservation . Regulate all energy-consuming items. You can also adopt more eco-friendly energy generation strategies, such as solar energy and heating.

Sustainable Westchester Electric Vehicle Discount Program

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Sustainable Westchester Electric Vehicle Discount Program Kicks off! Exclusive Electric Vehicle Discount Offers! We just got our first two dealerships. We will be announcing more over time. Here’s the deal with Nissan of New Rochelle and Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco. So yes folks.

Schneider Electric and EcoDataCenter Partner for Climate Positivity

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Using the Right Building Materials for Green Home Design and Architecture

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That will allow the homeownershomeowners to keep their energy costs low while maximizing comfort in their green home. Breaking Green News Clean Air clean energy Conservation going green green home green living news green products LEED Siding

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19 states value clean air, clean lungs in program planning

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There’s a wider push to increase energy efficiency. By Cassandra Kubes, Research Manager. So 19 states are incorporating health and environmental benefits into the cost effectiveness testing. That’s of utility-run efficiency programs.

The Ultimate Green Beginner’s Guide To Camping

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green living camping Clean Air clean energy Conservation Eco Friendly Products Environment Go Green going green green living news outdoors save energy costs WaterCamping is an activity that takes place outdoors. It includes a stay or a number or stays away from home in a shelter, usually a tent or a recreational vehicle. Traditionally, participants prefer to leave built-up areas to spend more time in nature usually in pursuit of activities or just Continue Reading.

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Tips for Choosing a More Sustainable Physician

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Energy-Efficient Workplaces. Look out for a medical practice that takes steps to operate a more energy-efficient workplace. Finding a more sustainable physician takes some time and energy, and you’ll need to ask clinics plenty of questions about their operations.

Solar Launch New Partnership to Make Community Solar Accessible for Everyone in D.C.

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WASHINGTON, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Arcadia Power, a home energy platform for clean energy and savings, and New Continue Reading. New community solar projects the first widely available with no credit checks. As well as no cancellation penalties, and no long-term contracts.

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Can a VPN Lower Your Electric Bill?

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Every home should feel like an eco oasis, and it can be done by saving energy. There are ways to use a VPN with conservative browsing habits in general, lowering your electric bill all the same. What they don’t realize, however, is that even a computer on standby expends energy.

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Mount Gahinga Lodge with Batwa Indigenous Area becomes an Eco Travel Sight to Visit

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Here’s a little background on the history of the Mount Gahinga Lodge and the Batwa. The Batwa once were indigenous forest dwellers and they lived in harmony with the forest and its creatures. That’s such as the Mountain Gorillas for millennia in Africa.

International Window Film Association Encourages Corporate Sector to Consider Window Film Benefits

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Significant Energy Savings Achieving with Professionally Installed Window Film using IWFA contractors To begin the heating and cooling of large buildings and corporate offices are often a significant drain.

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Fourth large solar array proposed Clifton Park Apple Orchard

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Former Rexford apple orchard would host array. One that will generate 6.9 megawatts By Kassie Parisi of the Daily Gazette First of all, a proposal for a 6.9 megawatt solar farm in the town’s west end. It was formally presented to the Planning Board at its most recent session.

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Governor Cuomo Announced 2.76 MW Baldwinsville Solar Project Serving Anheuser-Busch

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green living Breaking Green News clean energy Conservation conservation leaders energy efficiency going green green business Green Jobs green living news Green News renewable energies save energy costs Smart Grid solar solar power sustainability

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Energy efficient window inserts by Indow Windows keep you warm

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Award winning Portland, Oregon window inserts create comfort and energy savings (Portland, OR) — People are always either preparing their homes for summer, fall and winter. So Indow Window thermal inserts keep the warmth inside to create comfort and energy efficiency.

New Year’s Resolution #11 – Conserve Energy

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Like water, energy is something it’s easy to take for granted. That’s why reducing the amount of energy you use in your home is one of the most important things you can do to go green. Fortunately, there are lots of easy changes in you can make in 2012 to follow Greenhome’s eleventh New Year’s resolution to conserve energy. Heating water and refrigeration also use a large percentage of household energy. Switch to green energy sources. •

Solar Hot Water Heaters

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We’re all looking for ways to reduce the waste and pollution that come from fossil fuel use, and what better alternative than the sun, nature’s own energy source. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power: in fact, there’s more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in an hour than the whole planet uses in a year! Check out Apricus Solar Water Heaters , a Connecticut-based company that’s putting the sun’s energy to work for you. Solar Hot Water Heaters.

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A Green Fall Yard Cleanup

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While it may be beautiful, all this change can create waste that takes time and energy to clean up. If your pile is mostly grass clippings (so-called “green waste,” which is rich in nitrogen), be sure to add a carbon source like leaves or straw (“brown waste”) to provide energy for the organisms doing the decomposing. Gasoline powered mowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers may make that work faster, but they also use a lot of energy and create hazardous fumes.

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We Earthlings: Smart Changes Ahead?


Eco ahead appeared-first brands decipher-home early earth911 energy conservation first-on-earth911 home & garden home solar system ready-for smart smart-changes solarAre we ready for smart changes? In the early days of the pandemic, we showed… The post We Earthlings: Smart Changes Ahead? appeared first on Earth911. Go here to see the original: We Earthlings: Smart Changes Ahead?

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Just In Time for Christmas

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CONSERVES WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT HEALTH SENSITIVE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS Water and Energy Conservation blizzard climate change global warming shelter snow storms UncategorizedJust In Time for Christmas. … It’s still green here in the Upper Midwest, and natives are starting to grouse about the lack of snow.

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What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Generally, the more energy you use – whether it’s gas for your car or electricity for your home – the larger your carbon footprint will be. The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to be efficient with your home energy use. Seventy percent of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, so the less energy you use in your home the smaller you can make your carbon footprint. What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Conservation Future: Announcing the 2013 NatureNet Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

Nine young scientists — with specialties ranging from energy infrastructure to urban ecology, Kenyan pastoral techniques to nanotechnology — have been named as inaugural NatureNet Science Fellows , a Nature Conservancy partnership designed to help kick-start conservation toward addressing the challenges facing people and nature in the 21st century. The fellows begin their two-year assignments this fall, working within the Conservancy’s U.S.

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Hit the switch and join millions for Earth Hour 2014

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It’s Earth Hour this weekend, which means you have the chance to join millions of people around the globe in a united effort to consume less energy. With the recent report confirming that industrial civilization is on the brink of absolute collapse , it is more important than ever to unplug and reduce your dependence on grid energy. Energy 2014 earth hour Burj Khalifa Earth Hour energy conservation Middle East WWF

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Turn Kids into Green Entrepreneurs with Moolah Maker

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If your kids are old enough to learn about earning and spending money, put them in charge of your home’s energy conservation efforts and they’ll help you go green while learning about saving energy, home finances, and negotiating a deal. Tags: Home Energy Usage Kids energy saving tips home energy conservation Moolah Maker The Energy Detective

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Morocco’s Atlas Kasbah Eco-Lodge is 80% Solar-Powered

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It may look like a castle, but this beautiful red-earth building is actually an 11-roomed hotel that receives 80% of its energy from the sun. No doubt relying on their extensive education, the couple have devised a multi-tiered approach to making the Atlas Kasbah worthy of its title as a sustainable development, namely: water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, traditional architecture and energy. The pair also use low-energy light bulbs.

Landscaping Techniques To Cut Home Energy Use


Nearly half of all home energy use is for heating … The post Landscaping Techniques To Cut Home Energy Use appeared first on See the rest here: Landscaping Techniques To Cut Home Energy Use. Eco appeared-first energy energy conservation energy-use- first-on-earth911 for-heating home & garden landscaping landscaping-cut-energy

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Energy-aware Dubai airports pre-empted Earth Hour – why not all year?

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Spurred on by the annual Earth Hour campaign, the airports’ action will save an estimated 300,000kw hours of energy and 129 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Airports that embrace conservation see an immediate cash payoff. Energy efficiency projects (energy management systems, installing high efficiency lighting and occupancy sensors) have slashed Dubai Airports’ electricity and fuel costs by $4.33 Energy airport design Earth Hour energy conservation

2014 72

50 Gulf Companies Voluntarily Cut Energy and Water Use

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A host of private companies in Dubai and other emirates that have joined a voluntary initiative to reduce their energy and water consumption have experienced enormous success, demonstrating that it’s not impossible to do so. A total of 50 companies voluntarily signed on to the Heroes of the UAE program, which requires that they reduce both their energy and water consumption by at least ten percent.

2013 81

As Energy Demand Swells, Turkey Falls Dark for Earth Hour 2011

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That’s roughly 400 megawatt-hours per year, which is approximately the amount of energy consumed by 200 average Turks, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.) Energy Lifestyle & Culture Earth Hour energy conservation Energy Efficiency energy saving TurkeyIstanbul’s incandescent Bosphorus Bridge will join iconic structures around the world in turning off its lights for Earth Hour this year.

2011 68

France unveils measures to reduce energy use

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Even after the election of François Hollande as President of France, an energy conservation measure of the previous government will be implemented. The relatively low amount of avoided carbon dioxide emissions can be explained by the fact that French electricity is to date 85 percent low carbon: 75 percent nuclear and more than ten percent renewable energy (mostly hydro). " While these energy savings represents only 0.4

France 110

What the Victorian Era Can Teach You about Green Living

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In a world where you had to make your own way, conservation took on many facets. Energy Conservation. Before electricity, wood fires and candles supplied the bulk of your energy needs. There were taxes associated with candles, so resource conservation was imperative. In a Victorian household, you could find many examples of saving on energy costs. One way involved the deployment of energy. Conservation applied to your own resources as well.

Turkey’s “Mrs. Energy” Campaign Should Lose Gender Roles, Columnist Says

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“Empty your vacuum bag often” urges Mrs. Energy (“Energy Han?m”) An energy conservation campaign recently launched by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies has already aroused ire among female commentators in the country. a columnist in the Turkish daily Hürriyet newspaper (in Turkish), one of the papers which featured a full-page advertisement from the Mrs. Energy campaign.

Go Green and Beat the Heat

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Green Advantage: You’ll conserve water and energy by helping your fridge perform at top efficiency when it is full. Green Advantage: Energy savings from making the most of your cooling power. Green Tips energy conservation water conservation No one has to tell you that it’s hot outside. From all looks of it, 2012 is shaping up to compete with the record-breaking 2011 summer. Already, Chicago has experienced its hottest day on record.

2013 59

Summer Solstice Wattage Waste Watch

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For a bonus, let us know whether you were able to contact their owners and ask why these lights are uselessly burning energy and polluting our planet. Someday peak oil or environmental impacts will force us to change our energy consumption patterns. When this happens, it may take a long time to undo a century of cheap-energy lifestyles and infrastructure development. Business & Politics Energy daylighting energy conservation

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Lights Out During Earth Hour 2011 in Israel this Week

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Tel Aviv has traditionally observed Earth Hour by gathering residents in Rabin Square for a free biodiesel and/or cyclist-energy-powered concert by a popular musician, and this year will be no different as The Giraffes (seen in the clip above) will be performing together with Carolina and Red Band. Lifestyle & Culture Earth Hour energy conservation Energy Efficiency energy saving Israel LightClick here to view the embedded video.

2011 73

EU Upgrades Relations with Israel, Energy Over Politics

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In advance of the annual EU-Israel Association Council meeting on Tuesday, the European Union stated it will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in over 60 areas, including energy and agriculture. This announcement came almost a week after the European Commission and Israel announced they are increasing cooperative efforts to develop sustainable water supplies and energy-efficiency, including oil fuel alternatives.