Aviation needs a moonshot: Geoffrey Lipman on greening emissions globally

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The airlines have committed to produce half of the 2005 level emissions by 2050 and to stop increasing their emissions by 2020. These large chunks of transport emissions will disappear and then the aviation will account for 50% of total transport emissions instead of 15-20% now.

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State CO2 emissions release

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The state data include a summary table with total energy-related CO 2 by state beginning in 1990, a table with emissions by fuel in 2012 and a table with emissions by sector in 2012. Detailed tables for individual states provide emissions by fuel and sector for data beginning in 1980. From greenh-gas@mailer.eia.gov: These estimates of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) are based on the State Energy Data System.

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CO2 emissions increased in 2013

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energy-related carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions increased in 2013 by 129 million metric tons (2.5%), the largest increase since 2010 and the fourth-largest increase since 1990. Slower population growth (0.7%) put slight downward pressure on emissions growth as compared to the previous decade.

Green Your Ride: Save Gas & Reduce Emissions

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Labels now provide information about fuel economy, fuel costs, energy use, and environmental impacts for buyers to compare fuel costs and emissions. fuel efficiency green transportation saving energy saving money reduce emissions save gas save money In May 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started requiring new labels for vehicles.

How to Reduce Car Emissions and the Benefits of Doing So

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Reducing car emissions and benefits of reduced emissions. easy green living tip fuel efficiency how to go green reduce fossil fuels saving energy benefits of lower emissions how to reduce car emissions

BookDifferent.com to publish carbon emissions for 593,000 hotels

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| Green Travel News | Several travel booking websites now call out eco-friendly lodgings, but in a world-first, not only is the Netherlands-based BookDifferent revealing which hotels have a valid green certification—they are also publishing nearly 600,000 hotels’ carbon emissions.

Calculating car carbon emissions

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Ever wondered how much carbon dioxide is generated by your car or what its carbon emissions are per mile or kilometre? Here's a formula for calculating the figure and at-a-glance tables for those who don't wish to

EPA: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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By taking action to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas pollution that warms our planet, we can reduce the risks we will face from future climate change. EPA, From the EPA climate change webpage : We are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events—like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures—are already taking place.

Electricity, line loss and emissions

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Your household or business electricity related consumption and associated carbon emissions could be as much as 6 - 10% higher than you think due to an issue called "line loss

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"California Governor Orders New Target for Emissions Cuts"

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One feature of economic incentive-based environmental policy is that it is possible to achieve (1) a given amount of emissions reductions at lower cost and/or (2) additional emissions reductions at the same cost relative to environmental standards (i.e., Under Mr. Brown’s order, emissions would have to be reduced by 40 percent over 1990 levels by 2030.

Toyota to limit harmful emissions by adopting F1 hybrid technology?

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Green News energy efficient cars hybrid car reducing CO2 emissionsA lot of technology originally designed for the military or NASA ends up finding its way into everyday life. The same trickle-down effect could be about to make motoring a little bit greener. However, this time the technology is coming from Formula One motor-racing, an industry not generally known for its environmental credentials. As it [.].

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"Obama to reveal plan for cutting greenhouse-gas emissions"

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It feels like Christmas Eve (but without baby Jesus): Obama administration will unveil the finalized version of its unprecedented regulations clamping down on carbon dioxide emissions on Monday. The plans will require every state to reduce emissions from existing coal-burning power plants. Regulations will require power plants to cut emissions by 32% by 2030, in contrast to 2005 levels.

Germany Shutting Off Nuclear Power But Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Germany Shutting Off Nuclear Power But Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. alternative energy eco-innovation global warming reduce fossil fuels German nuclear power greenhouse gas emissions

The opposite of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

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Wah ( Urban Dictionary definition number 5 ): California’s manufacturing costs are expected to rise as regulators reduce the state’s supply of emissions credits. Observers have expressed concern that the “ lack of a national and global carbon-emissions market ” may be negatively impacting California’s economy, which is on track to achieve a 15 percent reduction in its emissions by 2020.

Global Carbon Emissions at Record High

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Global carbon emissions have reached a record 10 billion tons, which is a huge increase of almost 50% in the last twenty years. The study by the Global Carbon Project says a slowdown in emissions during the 2008-09 global financial crisis wasn’t enough to make a positive impact, and the gain in 2011 followed a 6% jump in 2010. “The global financial crisis was an opportunity to move the global economy away from a high-emissions trajectory.

High Flyers’ Legroom Generates More Emissions

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That’s 2% of the world’s total emissions and 12% of all generated by transport. Compare that to ground transportation which accounts for 74% of total transport emissions. (Aviation is a dirty industry, but cars and trucks remain the biggest polluters.).

New Research: Savanna Burning for Global Emissions Reductions

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New research from The Nature Conservancy demonstrates that savanna fire management has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Car Emissions May Cause Brain Damage

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Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have found that rodents exposed to motorized vehicle emissions showed signs of brain damage. Specifically, the mice involved in the study showed signs of memory loss and Alzheimer’s after being exposed to these emissions.

Giant Infrared Human Dryers Slash Carbon Emissions

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Residents of Sharjah – the Emirate just north of Dubai – enjoy drying off in giant human dryers like these pictured above, which reportedly slash carbon emissions by half in some situations.

Oil-Rich UAE Leads Emissions Accountability

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The Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence (DCCE) will collect greenhouse emissions data for five of the seven United Arab Emirates by the end of 2013, The National reports. ” This in turn will inform what policies and targets should be put in place in order to control future emissions.

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"VW agrees to $4.3B settlement in emissions scandal"

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billion draft settlement to end a legal fight with federal regulators over its diesel emissions scandal.  In 2015, federal officials revealed that Volkswagen was deliberately skirting emissions testing for some of its diesel vehicles. This is a lot of money: Volkswagen has agreed to a $4.3   The company said it would pay the fine and also plead guilty to criminal misconduct as part of a criminal and civil settlement with regulators, Reuters reports.

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"Misleading Talk about Decoupling CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth"

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Is it the steady state ecological economists ("We should encourage our public bodies, to adopt an economic policy that rejects the endless pursuit of aggregate growth") or the folks who that that a technological solution exists such that GDP increases and CO2 emissions goes down? Anyway, he asks "what factors affect CO 2  emissions?" " in some cases, as economies grow, CO 2 emissions can actually fall. 

How To Cut Gasoline Consumption and Carbon Emissions

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy How To Cut Gasoline Consumption and Carbon Emissions by greenwise on March 1, 2011 The French have shown the world how to cut gasoline consumption and carbon emissions from automobiles. According to the Wall Street Journal Online, France reduced carbon emissions to the lowest level of any European nation.

"Modest Carbon Price Will Significantly Lower Power Sector Emissions"

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We also found that a modest carbon price of $20/ton of CO 2 would more than double that figure to nearly 138 GW, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 745.7 Rachel Cleetus at The Equation : Last week some colleagues and I published an article in the Electricity Journal showing that almost 60 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired generators could be candidates for closure based on their poor economic profile relative to competing cleaner options like natural gas and wind.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Up 4% in 2010

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It’s a step back for America in the war against carbon emissions, as a report reveals that greenhouse gasses increased nearly 4% in 2010. carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas, which accounts for about 80% of U.S. It was the first rise in the emissions that cause global warming since the recession pushed them down in the previous two years and the largest increase since 1988. Eco News us carbon emissions

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Aircraft Emissions: Um, Stewardess, Got An Aspirin?

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Aircraft behemoth Boeing estimates at least 90,000 commercial planes fly daily: a massive fuel burn that translates into elephantine emissions of toxic air. Did you know that aviation has been exempt from all international controls on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

The reports of the death of the EU Emissions Trading System have been greatly exagerated

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Dallas Burtraw and Anna Malinovskaya: The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) for carbon dioxide is the world’s largest greenhouse gas trading program in scope and the most important environmental market in the world. The most important change, however, was a tremendous shift in the distribution of the asset value—constituting tens of billions of euros—created under the EU ETS via emissions allowances.

Sony Cut Emissions by 31% This Decade

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Sony recently announced that they’ve lowered their global CO2 emissions by 31% since 2000. Sony has publicly stated that they wish to be a zero-emissions company by 2050. Tech News sony bravia eco efficient sony emissionsThe electronics giant also made a 54% reduction in waste generation and a 41% reduction in water use. They improved efficiency not only at their plants and offices, but in their product design as well.

Zero-Emission Travel

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What is “zero-emission” travel and is it, actually possible. Electric vehicles, as so often advertised as being “zero-emission” do not, in my view, fall entirely under this as, while they may not actually have any emissions, as in CO2, etc., the charging of them via the national grid or via a generator does have emissions of one kind or the other and therefore they cannot be seen entirely as emission free and carbon neutral.

Record High for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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New Worldwatch Institute report critically examines global greenhouse gas emissions Washington, D.C. According to the Global Carbon Project, CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and cement production reached 9.7 Coal-related emissions increased in Germany (4.2

CO2 emissions: Looks like it's time to look in the mirror

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transportation has passed power generation for 1st place in the CO2 emissions race : Some of the most common avatars of climate change – hulking power stations and billowing smokestacks – may need a slight update. If you want to blame U.S. power generation for climate change, you're probably living in the past.    It look like U.S.

Household Emissions

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Long considered a cleaner hydrocarbon fuel source, it seems that natural gas can produce particulate emissions in the home. However, typical combustion conditions often diverge from ideal, resulting in more emissions. To date, most studies have looked at reducing outdoor emissions.

Electric cars – do zero emissions add up?

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C02 emissions of electric cars compared Buying an electric car may seem to be the green option when the energy label states Zero CO2 emissions. The big benefit, in environmental terms, of electric cars is zero tail pipe emissions whilst moving – reducing pollution in towns and cities.

EPA greenhouse gas emission limits on new power plants may not be cost minimizing

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s proposal remain confidential, experts predict that it will include separate standards for carbon dioxide emissions from plants fired by natural gas and by coal. Shame on you! This appears to be a situation where the marginal abatement costs are not equalized: While details of the E.P.A.’s

Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

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While EVs currently represent less than 1% combined market share across the world’s largest markets for new passenger cars, they should be considered central to any policy and technology portfolio designed to lower transport emissions.

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Air pollution kills 200,000 people a year, vehicle emissions largely to blame

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Other areas of emissions studied were industry, commercial and residential sources, marine transportation and rail transportation. The city with the highest emissions-related deaths was Baltimore, where 130 out of every 100,000 residents die each year from long-term exposure to air pollution.

Sustainable forests can cut global emissions by half

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According to a study conducted by Södra, the sustainable management of the world's production forests could yield a reduction in global emissions of up to 50 percent. This corresponds to 30-50 percent of global emissions.

Are CO2 emissions a normal or inferior good?

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  With regards to CO2 emissions, the distinction is important because the income effect of policies aimed at CO2 reductions may cause unintended consequences if the income effects counter the direct reduction of the policy.  Global carbon dioxide emissions from industry rose about 3 percent in a weak global economy this year, a study released on Monday showed, adding fresh urgency to efforts to control planet-warming gases at U.N.

Should emission interventions be a one-time shock or a series of tightening steps?

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In modeling the effects of a tightening of emissions regulations, should we treat the regulation as a one-time shock to a dynamic system that puts us on a new path to a better steady state (as implied by this quote), or do we need a series of interventions that prevents reversion to a previous path?

"U.S. Leaves the Markets Out in the Fight Against Carbon Emissions"

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If utilities facing high costs to cut emissions could, instead, buy allowances to pollute from those who could cut emissions for less, reducing overall pollution would be much cheaper. By 1996, sulfur dioxide emissions had declined by a fifth. A standards-based policy, which is what we have now, is generally much more inefficient, delivering only one-fourth the emissions reductions of cap and trade for the same cost.

An Innovation A Day Keeps the Emissions Away

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Proterra says these buses get the equivalent (in terms of efficiency and emissions) of 20.8 Just about every day, I''m hearing about new innovation in electric vehicle (EV) technology on the market or in the works.

EU Energy Targets Will 'Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions'

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New renewable energy plan undercuts itself by boosting dangerous wood-burning industries The European Commission has announced its new blueprint to phase out coal and energy inefficiencies, while supporting clean energy — but a coalition of civil society groups warns that the revised EU Renewable Energy Directive is fatally flawed. And guess why?

Emissions Still Rising

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Emissions of CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides must be reduced to create sustainable life on this planet. Although attempts have been made to regulate growing emissions, levels of nitrous oxide continue to increase annually by 0.2%, while methane remained stable.