High-Level Renewable Energy Conference to Advance Low-Carbon Development in Egypt

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Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) together with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will co-organise the country’s first high-level renewable energy conference in the Egyptian capital, Cairo next week.

Egypt’s environmental suicide by coal

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Egypt’s ongoing energy issues, compounded by its current political and economic problems, appear to be going from bad to worse. Egypt once held great promise as becoming a leader in solar energy production (see photo) in the in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region.

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Egypt Now Contracting a Whopping 1,000 MW Wind Farm!

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Egypt is now close to awarding a contract to build a 1,000 megawatt wind farm, to be up and running in 2016, that it first announced last year. Related: Egypt Requests Bids to Get 2.7 Related: World Bank Grants Egypt 1.2 Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm.

Internationally Funded $1 Billion Solar Plant Planned for Upper Egypt

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Upper Egypt , which actually lies in the southern half of the country below the Nile Delta, is preparing to build a $1 billion solar power plant with help from a suite of international donors.

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Egypt Expanding Renewable Energy Sector, Hopes To Export To Europe

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Governments across the globe have set various goals for renewable energy generation. For example, Egypt’s government has pledged to generate twenty percent of their energy needs from renewable energy by the year 2020. The World Bank has high expectations for Egypt.

Egypt Cuts Tax and Open Land to New Renewable Energy Investments

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A flailing Egypt still aims for 20 percent renewables by 2020. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Energy last week pushed forward a new round of concessions aimed at boosting investment in renewable and clean energy in the country. The move is a positive for Egypt’s renewable energy sector, which has largely been quiet since January 2011, when an uprising ousted the former regime from power.

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10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources? A key distinction in terms of the resources that are at our disposal is whether they are renewable or non-renewable. Quick Navigation for Examples of Renewable and Non-renewable Resources.

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Egypt’s Power Cuts for Blackouts Into Green Business

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Meet Egypt’s new Solar Energy Association hoping to turn a country’s power crisis into eco-innovation. While it only lasted around 15 minutes, it was one of thousands of power cuts this past summer in Egypt as overuse left many without power for large portions of the day.

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Arab investors and land grabbers wanted by Egypt

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Egypt plans to lease 25,000 hectares of agricultural land to Arab investors. Egypt is hoping that sustainable farmers will apply. . Egypt’s agricultural land base measures around 8.4 Now Egypt is jumping aboard, according to Mada Masr news , leasing land in nearby Sudan.

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Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm

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As part of its target of going from its current 550MW of wind to a staggering 2,690MW by 2016 to reach 7,200MW by 2020, Egypt is putting bids out for yet more wind power. Related: Egypt Requests Bids to Get 2.7 The World Bank Loans Egypt 1.2

Egypt to begin building nuclear reactor in 2020

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Construction of Egypt’s first nuclear power plant will begin in the next two to two-and-a-half years. Moscow and Cairo signed an agreement in 2015 that allowed Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Dabaa along the northwestern coast of Egypt.

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Masdar Wind Project May Blow Back Into Egypt

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An ambitious collaboration between Egypt and renewables giant Masdar may be coming back to life following a two year hibernation. The Abu Dhabi-based company specializes in renewable energy, clean technology, and sustainable development.

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Loans for rooftop solar are heating up in Egypt

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National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr are offering loans within specific areas of Cairo, with plans to expand into Egypt’s other governorates. The program emerged in part due to an EBA study assessing the feasibility of rooftop solar energy generation in Egypt.

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Post-Revolution Egypt Wants New Wind Farms

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Egypt wants to talk to you about its electricity needs. Post-Revolution Egypt Restarts Planned Peak Load Swap With Saudis). Egyptian Energy Crisis Sends Protesters into the Streets ) If successful, Egypt will get 12% of its energy from wind power. Make wind power?

Egypt To Build 1000 MW Wind Power Plant

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Egypt plans to invite bids for the construction of a 1,000-megawatt wind energy plant in the Gulf of Suez at an international tender in September, according to Aktham Abou El- Ella, a spokesman for the Electricity Ministry of Egypt. Ninety percent of the land in Egypt is empty and is suitable for setting up wind turbines,” Abou El-Ella said. Government / Industry egypt wind power

Exclusive Pics: Kuraymat – Egypt’s First Solar-Thermal Plant

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Renewable Energy professionals from Europe and Egypt (and Green Prophet!) took a field trip to Egypt’s first solar-thermal plant 90km south of Cairo! However, 100% of the steel used was provided by Egypt’s own National Steel Fabrication Company.

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Alexandria Enters PV Solar Project with a Catholic School in Egypt

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Once the most powerful seat of learning in Egypt, Alexandria has some catching up to do when it comes to renewable energy. He said that “ solar energy is clean and renewable and does not give off emissions,” according to DNE.

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Egypt and MENA Set to Exploit Solar Power?

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Egypt and sunshine. Even in December, Egypt enjoys an average 6.4 Business & Politics Egypt Solar EnergyThe two go hand in hand. Ask any tourist, or come to that, any solar panel maker pulling in the profits. Both are grateful for the sunshine.

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Iberdrola Fires Up ISCC in Egypt, at Last

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Politics has long slowed the adoption of more solar in Egypt. Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle Power Plant To Be Built in Turkey. Cleantech, Science & Technology Energy Egypt Solar EnergyThis week, a milestone.

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Desperate for Energy, Egypt to Reward Hotels that Go Green

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The National Bank of Egypt has announced that it will give low interest loans to hotels throughout southern Sinai and Red Sea provinces that are commited to switching to renewable energy , according to local press.

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Egypt and Morocco’s Equator Prize Winners Preserves Environment through Tradition

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The Medicinal Plants Association in Egypt helps preserve biodiversity and is o ne of the 25 winners of the Equator Prize 2012. Catherine from Egypt and Amsing Association from Morocco. In Egypt the Medicinal Plants Association St.

A Quick Look at Egypt’s Environmental Agenda Ahead of Elections

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Before now, the environment has been glaringly absent from Egypt’s political agenda, but our friends over at Almasry Alyoum have compiled a fantastic list of would-be parliamentarians who seek to change that. PARTIES: The Green Party of Egypt: Founded in 1990.

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Stay The Extinction Of Egypt's Sacred Cats

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Of the ten wild cat species present in Africa, six once roamed Egypt. Almasry Alyoum reports that The Jungle/Swamp Cat, the Wild Cat, Sand Cat, Caracal, Cheetah and Leopard at one time existed in Egypt.

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Op Ed: Don’t Let Money Rob Egypt’s Green Building Success!

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When students from the American University of Cairo were accepted to compete in the 2012 Solar Decathlon design competition in Europe , they literally made history (we posted the details of their SLIDES project and how it can save Egypt from Climate Change earlier this year.).

Going Off The Grid In Egypt with the Solar House

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” “Europe is planning to create a major grid that will supply the continent with electricity collected from the sun in Egypt. However, only one percent of energy consumption is from renewable sources.

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Cairo’s Zabaleen Scavenge for Renewables to make Solar Cities

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In their neighbourhood you can see things you see nowhere else in Cairo, recycling, urban gardening, composting and renewable energy. When Thomas left Egypt for Germany, Hanna took charge of the project, and the know-how of how the solar heaters should be built is well spread as well.

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Graffiti Artists Color Egypt’s Soul-Crushing Corruption

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And in Egypt, it can be seen in streets piled high with trash and polluted canals , in maddening traffic resulting from outdated infrastructure, and chronic power outages. Corruption is black, brown, grey, devoid of color.

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Egypt: Conservationists Concerned About Impact of Large Solar Projects

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Conservationists in Egypt are worried about the environmental impact of large-scale solar projects in the desert. It seems renewables are taking a little bit of a bashing at the moment. The hot and arid deserts of Egypt has been earmarked as perfect locations for large solar projects.

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Eco-Activist Mindy Baha el Din Dies Suddenly, Egypt Mourns

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An American environmental activist who shone a piercing light on environmental negligence in Egypt, Mindy Baha el Din died suddenly last week after suffering a brain stroke, leaving behind a husband, two daughters and a large community of grieving eco-warriors.

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Masdar’s Renewables Strategy Shifts To Wind

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As it works to complete this project in the UK, the energy company’s renewable portfolio in Abu Dhabi is also being revised to hopefully include, pending government approval, wind energy. Cleantech, Science & Technology Masdar renewable energy Solar Energy wind energy

Egypt’s Inspiring Youth Launch New Environmental Coalition

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Egypt’s youth are an inspiring bunch. We believe strongly that Egypt can be a place where environmental issues take hold. And its position as a regional leader could be of substance when countries look for renewable energy sources. Image via 350 Egypt Facebook Page.

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Nuclear Updates from Jordan, Egypt and the UAE

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From growing protests in Jordan and Egypt to the first ever approved plant in UAE – we have the latest on nuclear from the region. In Egypt, environmentalists have intensifying their campaign against a nuclear power plant planned for El-Dabaa. I have just two words: renewable energy.

Egypt May Survive Climate Change Thanks to AUC Students

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This beautiful solar-powered home could usher in Egypt’s period of healing, sustainably. Last year when I visited Egypt , it felt heavy. Summertime cooling loads exact a terrible toll on Egypt’s energy supply.

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Are Renewables Just Freeing Up Oil For Export?

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Does an expanding renewables market in the Middle East (such as that showcased in Masdar) just mean more oil can be exported and more profit made at the expense of the world climate? Post-Revolution Egypt Wants New Wind Farms.

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Egypt’s 1st Private Wind Farm To Power More Boring Brown Buildings

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Expect to see more of these as Suez Cement secures its long term viability in Egypt with private wind farm. Egypt is getting its first privately owned wind farm. Frequent power cuts, particularly during Egypt’s hotter summer months, have a crippling impact on businesses.

What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

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Susan Kraemer | February 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments | Email this Share How is Israel ever going to meet its 10% renewable goal? To get 10% of its power from renewable energy, as it has pledged to do by 2020 – would take only about 4,000 MW of renewable power.

Was the Arab Spring Good for Renewable Energy?

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How is the Arab Spring, which has caused massive financial losses on one side, also able to influence growth and development of renewable and green sources of energy? ” According to the same report, Egypt, Syria and Libya paid the highest financial price as a result of the Arab Spring. Renewable energy has become more attractive. Rising fuel costs and increasing demand in solar power reduces the need of governmental incentives to support the growth of renewable energy.

Post-Revolution Egypt Restarts Planned Peak Load Swap With Saudis

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Some very good news from Egypt. The very progressive renewable energy policy spearheaded by Hassan Younis, the pre-revolution Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy will continue, post-revolution.

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Dubai’s Renewable Energy Conference To Boost Middle East Green Energy Investment

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With more than $20 billion worth of renewable energy projects currently being developed in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the upcoming Mena Renewable Energy conference in Dubai will look at boosting investment in this sector.

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) must keep pace with the rest of the world and push for a future fully powered by renewable energy, says IndyACT, the leading Arab non-governmental organization working on climate change policy.

Japan’s Pre-Fukushima Solar Aid for Egypt Proceeds

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Despite problems confronted on its own soil, Japan proceeds with its commitment to fund a photovoltaic project in Egypt. More on solar energy in Egypt: Poor Egyptians are Finding Innovative Solutions to Build Solar Water Heating. Iberdrola Fires Up ISCC in Egypt, At Last.

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Israel and Cyprus Align on Natural Gas and Renewables

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Papavassiliou, president of the Cyprus-Israel Business Association, says it’s perfectly logical that Israel would turn to its island neighbor, particularly in light of faltering ties with Turkey , gas-line blowups in Egypt and offshore gas finds domestically.

Recycling Tires Can Rid Egypt Of Fumes, Mosquitoes And Rats

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Egypt’s capital is in many ways defined by its pollution. Youssef Yasser told the paper that in order to appropriately rid Egypt of this toxic hazard, it will be necessary to build 64 rubber recycling units that will each produce 2.5

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