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How to Bird on Crutches

10,000 Birds

Clearly, it is easier said than done. And after three decades of walking on crutches, I still do not know how to answer the title question.

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Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act Symposium in Journal of Economic Perspectives

Environmental Economics

The most recent issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives features a three-article symposium on the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

2019 141

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The possibilities of pallets and pallet wood

Green (Living) Review

2019 171

Choose One/Lose One Fall Challenge

The Green Samaritan

Choose Stainless Steel Straws – Lose the Plastic Straw – Or just forgo all together! If you really don’t need the straw, just take a pass. And if you like a straw, bring your own. There. See the full post and more at Green Living

2019 130

Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

I first encountered Molly Hashimoto’s bird art in California. Her lively block prints adorn calendars, note cards, puzzles, and children’s books, very much in the popular tradition of beloved minimalist Charley Harper.

2019 213

Yucks and grins

Environmental Economics

2019 130

England is too lazy to hit recycling targets – Time to get tough

Green (Living) Review

PRESS RELEASE – Republished as received The UK's waste management agency says it's time to start fining companies that don't recycle their waste Britain could quite easily hit its 50% waste recycling target overnight if only people, companies and organisations up and down the country could be bothered.

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White-quilled Honeyeaters

10,000 Birds

White-quilled Honeyeaters- Entomyzon albipennis are found in the north of Australia. It is one of the largest of the honeyeaters and a similar size to the Friarbirds , Wattlebirds and Miners. The colours of the White-quilled Honeyeater are also a stand-out feature.

2019 198

How the House Finch Conquered Your Feeder…and a Continent

Nature Conservancy - Science

The dramatic spread of the non-native bird we love, the house finch. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Traveling Naturalist

2019 82

How Can You Help Prevent and Control Soil Erosion?


Soil erosion is a problem that is seen on every continent, in every country and on any type of soil and environment. Erosion is natural process but with our activities changing natural dynamics and removing vegetation cover, soil erosion has been steadily accelerating over the last decades.

2019 75

Israelis want to know: Where has all the butter gone?

Green Prophet

“It was the best butter, you know,” said the March Hare. . The current butter crisis in Israel evokes the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The same surreal logic reigns here. Once there were two dairies producing butter in Israel, Tara and Tnuva.

2019 77

A Western Kingbird at Jones Beach

10,000 Birds

This past Saturday morning I was out at Jones Beach birding all morning with my good friends Seth and Mary, who had dragged me, kicking and screaming, from my local patches in Queens.

Review: What Fishing Books Can Be

Nature Conservancy - Science

Four fresh looks at fish and fishing for the angler-conservationist. Fish & Fisheries Fish Fisheries Our Nature Reads Outdoor Rec

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of November 2019)

10,000 Birds

If you live in a part of the world that observes Daylight Savings Time, you lucked into an extra hour this weekend. Did you spend it birding? I wisely allocated my extra hour to a little lakewatch activity.

2019 182

Arivaca Lake- The last stop before Mexico

10,000 Birds

For most avian migrants heading south towards Mexico, Central and South America, crossing thru the Arizona desert areas can provide very few water, food and resting areas.

Lakes 179

Old World waterfowl… and other waterfowl in the Old World

10,000 Birds

As I mentioned last week, my wife, son, and daughter-in-law spent much of the month of October in Europe.

2019 177

Collaborative List – October 2019

10,000 Birds

14 countries were birded this month by 13 beats; a record participative effort! 172 lists were shared and 1004 species were seen, both records for October, so well done beats!

2019 175

Creating a World Seed Bank? Meet the UN in Rome

Green Prophet

Emer wheat is one of the world’s oldest cultivated grains. What about plant diversity in this species and thousands of others? How can we hold onto the past for our future? We need a world seed vault. Emer wheat from the Levant. Pest resistance to crop disease located only in Syria.

2019 76

Health Benefits for Matcha Tea

Green Prophet

Matcha has been trending for a long time, and in case, if you are wondering, this trend is not going anywhere, It has become quite a famous drink over time and is now readily available in many coffee shops too. Unlike a lot of other beverages, matcha has earned a lot of wellness perks also.

2019 75

Recipe: Tahcheen, Eggplant and Mushroom Rice

Green Prophet

Pungent saffron and turmeric give a deep yellow color to this vegetarian version of a traditional Iranian dish. As many traditional dishes do, this one requires several cooking phases.

2019 72

What Is the Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil?

Green Prophet

. We all know that cannabis products may be a greener way to mitigate pain and health problems. But what dosage when? Everyone reaches the same point after first trying and enjoying CBD oil; you know you like it, you realize how useful it is, but you want to try more.

2019 69

Bird Country: Saving the Riverina’s Last Wild Wetlands

Nature Conservancy - Science

In a dry corner of southeast Australia, life-giving wetlands sustain a huge array of birds—and a 50,000-year old culture. Birds & Birding From the Field Asia Pacific Indigenous Peoples Restoration TNC Science Water

Here’s Why Electricians Are About To Be In High Demand

Green Prophet

Barefoot College teaches rural Bedouin women in Jordan how to be electricians. The world needs skills, not just lawyers and doctors. Learn why more parents help their kids find technical careers. Among the high demanding jobs now, and in the near future, electrical technicians are ranked near the top of the list. With a lot of intensive training for oftentimes complicated procedures, electricians are highly skilled workers whose jobs involve dangerous encounters that need better results.

2019 61

5 Major Ways That GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help you Run a Greener Business

Green Prophet

The Road Train can help you get better fuel efficiency. Using your GPS can help as well. It’s no secret: business fleets guzzle a lot of fuel and grind out nasty emissions – carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) being the key culprits.

2019 60

Going Green: How to Make Your Los Angeles Property More Eco-Friendly

Green Prophet

What if we all treated our homes like its own environment, a little biosphere. Would we be kinder to the planet? Many people from across the globe are becoming more aware of the environment we live in and what we can do to help save the planet.

5 Tech Investments That Are a Must For Your Startup

Green Prophet

Artificial Intelligence is used in this biodome to grow bio-organic food with zero waste using the Eddy robot by flux. For startups everywhere, there a few tech tools that simply aren’t negotiable; these are must-haves for your success in business.

2019 55

Remote Sensing Data Advances Soil Health Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can farmers adapt to increasing extreme weather events? Satellite technology may help find answers to that age-old question. Ideas