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Tips to Use eBird for Costa Rica

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EBird! It’s part of modern birding. In some parts of the world, it seems like most birders use it, myself included and why not? Make a bird list for anywhere, anytime and on a hand held device! Don’t have a connection? No problem!

Ivy in the woods

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A great many of – often rather uneducated – people believe that ivy, climbing up trees harms the trees and strangles them but this is not the case.

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The Holidays Are a Great Time To Talk About Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Four essential things you can tell your family about climate change. Climate Change Climate

2019 110

3 global reports on climate change we can’t ignore

Green Prophet

Greta is not going to be happy. Three stark reports on the rising carbon emissions and impacts on global temperatures have been released in the last week.

2019 103

Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill

10,000 Birds

Not all birds are created equal. The Resplendent Quetzal boasts a tail so long that people travel the world to admire it. The Sword-billed Hummingbird puts its less endowed kin to shame. Penguins are, obviously, penguins, which makes them awesome.

Uganda 242

Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

Eco Chic

Photo credit: Johannes Berg/Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. In a surprising move, the Swedish Fashion Council recently canceled Stockholm Fashion Week in the name of sustainability.

2019 54

6 Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters And How to Choose Them


The best fat tire electric scooter has a durable battery, runs smoothly and is safe to use on the road. Too many times, safety is sacrificed with electric scooters.

2019 52

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Birding Taman Negara, or the dubious joys of rainforest birding

10,000 Birds

Michael Herr (and other people before him) once stated that “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” When replacing “terror” with “excitement”, this sounds a lot like birding in tropical rainforests to me.

2019 219

Creating habitat

10,000 Birds

I love living in central Mexico, and miss very few things about living in the U.S. Of course, I also love birding in Mexico, with its 1,000+ species, and seemingly infinite variety of habitats. But, just occasionally, I feel a twinge of jealousy towards my northern companions.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of November 2019)

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When did birding become so intimately intertwined with technology? Obviously, those who seek the best views often aspire to the best optics, which we can all agree are modern miracles of science.

2019 175

A pelican in the poo pond

10,000 Birds

Most birders that have spent any amount of time chasing down our fine feathered friends have learned that most cities waste treatment facilities are incredible magnets for many species of birds.

2019 170

Pacific Gulls in a paddock

10,000 Birds

In Broome we only have Silver Gulls , but in the south of Australia there are also some much larger gulls. Pacific Gulls- Larus pacificus are generally found on the coast. However, after rain the Pacific Gulls can be observed among the dairy cows in paddocks close to the coast.

2019 163

Right Brain Brewery: Northern Hawk Owl Amber Ale

10,000 Birds

Today is Black Friday, the notoriously chaotic and sometimes violent shopping day that comes a day after American Thanksgiving.

2019 160

New report: American consumers want ‘Save the Planet’ over growing economy

Green Prophet

American consumers are more concerned about the planet than steady economic growth, new report. But they are two-faced: they may care, but they don’t act accordingly to what they believe. .

2019 80

Fisker gives Musk fans a better electric SUV lease deal

Green Prophet

Available in 2021 and to lease less than $40,000 USD, how can anyone (even vegans) resist this all electric option Ocean invented by Fisker.

2019 78

Self medicate with CBD for relieving stress, menstrual cramps and aid sleep

Green Prophet

CBD helps with sleep. Gummies are one way to self-medicate. It’s known by the medical world that cannabis in all its forms can ail a spectrum of health problems and in some cases even help some disappear forever.

2019 74

Tips for giving the ultimate kind of charity

Green Prophet

Hydroponics farming is a good solution for growing food in countries where water is scarce. A USAID program gives training to local farmers so they can grow their own food and livelihood. This couple is from Jordan. .

2019 71

Invest in “climate nice” rice bonds

Green Prophet

You might invest in coffee or gold. But if you invest in climate-nice rice production, the cornerstone of global food security you will be doing a better thing for this planet. . New reports suggest climate change is worse than we thought (we’ve made Greta real mad ).

2019 71

Eco-Tourism in Chiang Mai

Green Prophet

Thailand is breathtaking for anyone, but for people from the Middle East it is an obvious and a close playground. Hear Hebrew and Arabic everywhere and touch down at this lesser explored part of the country’s paradise – Chiang Mai.

2019 71

Ancient farm in Spain gets UN recognition

Green Prophet

The UN recognizes the importance of ancient Spanish farming techniques. With climates similar to the Levant and influenced by North Africa, there is so much the Middle East can learn from Spain.

Spain 69

New chemo protocol zaps only liver cancer cells

Green Prophet

A liver cancer diagnosis is a terrible one, because you can’t use chemo to treat it. There is not a lot of treatments to help you. My dad died from liver cancer a year ago. I am crossing my fingers that a new selective chemo drug may be on the way. .

2019 66

The Best Ways for Eco-Traveling

Green Prophet

The Best Ways for Eco-Traveling. Adult tricycles have never looked so sexy. Especially if you are peddling one for the environment. Parents use them to take their kids to school. Emissions counters use them for moving stuff safely and greenly around the city. Would you ride a trike?

Get to Know the Variety of Deck Railings

Green Prophet

Deck railings are highly visible, so you need to carefully consider the patterns, materials, and style. Railings on elevated decks are essential for safety purpose. Several railing designs are available that can transform your deck appearance. . Common materials applied for deck balustrade.

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How To Make Decorating Your Home More Sustainable

Green Prophet

When you are decorating your home, you need to make sure that you are doing it in a way that is good for the environment. It can be easy to overspend on materials and do it in a harmful way but if you make some changes at the start then you can really make a difference.

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