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The ABA Area and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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The third anniversary of Hurricane Maria barreling its way through Puerto Rico was a few weeks ago. In the aftermath of Maria, I had wondered why both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands were not part of the ABA Area. After all, both are U.S. territories and their residents are U.S. citizens.

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Electric cars wont save us and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There are, despite what governments and especially industry try to tell us, far too many points against it, and I know that I have said many of those things before.

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Fish Fence: Yard Décor Becomes Lionfish Control

Nature Conservancy - Science

Lattice fencing offers a new hope in controlling the lionfish invasion. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Fish Invasive Species Oceans

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Climate report shows iconic cedars of Lebanon in distress (video)

Green Prophet

A forest of cedar trees in Lebanon. The Lebanese cedar tree is being decimated by climate change, a new video report released by Greenpeace explores.

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What Flies Over Costa Rica in the Night?

10,000 Birds

On the northern birding calendar, October is a time for sparrows, cool weather, and tired fall leaves. It’s when Orange-crowned Warblers share the Goldenrod with lisping and chirping sparrows, when hardy Yellow-rumped Warblers dominate the Parulid scene.

Behind the Scenes of a Life Sciences Lab

Eco Friendly Daily

Life science is basically the study of living things, including biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, zoology, botany, and epidemiology. As you might suspect, a life science lab contains various equipment specific to its targeted science field.

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Black Witch Moths: A Night-Time Trick or Treat

Nature Conservancy - Science

Black witch moths are dramatic creatures, feared in some cultures, celebrated in others. Wildlife Insects & Pollinators Weird Nature

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Sniping: The Final Frontier?

10,000 Birds

For those of us who have been bestowed with the good fortune of seeing a snipe, we understand the gravity of the blessing. Any snipe is a good snipe, they say. Out of the approximately 26 species of snipes worldwide, two have been recorded on Trinidad. Only one has been seen on Tobago.

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I am probably one of the least qualified people to write a post with this title, as my interest in food is quite limited, as long as I do not go hungry.

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Fully fledged Pied Oystercatcher chick

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This is a post that I always hoped I could write! We were cautiously optimistic that the Pied Oystercatcher chick would survive once it had made it to forty days since hatching. However, we have learned over the years that until a bird can fly it is not completely safe from predators.

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Queens County Bird Club Seventh Annual Big Sit

10,000 Birds

This past Saturday, 10 October, was my favorite birding event of the year. Yes, it was the Queens County Bird Club Big Sit, our seventh iteration of the sedentary birding classic. What is a Big Sit?

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of October 2020)

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With so many sports leagues competing for attention this month, missing out on October’s avian bounty in favor of following your favorite teams is understandable. Unforgiveable too, but still understandable.

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The best laid plans… Last week, I had hoped to get permission to get onto the campus of one or Morelia’s many universities, to look for a family of Wood Ducks that apparently have arrived to spend the winter in its unusual habitat of marshy forest.

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Israel plans for medical cannabis stock index

Green Prophet

Cannabis treatments that include low THC and high CBC can treat children. The first notable case in the US was with Charlotte Figi. Since the 60s Israel became known for its scientific look at cannabis.

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4 Reasons to get CBD oil for your horses

Green Prophet

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away… if they were using CBD. In all seriousness, CBD has great health benefits for pets, like it does in humans. People who own horses are really lucky.

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At the Four Seasons Casablanca? Learn about desert oases at risk

Green Prophet

The Bedouin are losing their culture as oases dry up in the Moroccan deserts. You are at a hotel in Morocco wondering what delights might await you around the corner in Casablanca.

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Wind turbine power company nixed for biosphere risks in Israel

Green Prophet

The first wind farm in Israel on the Golan Heights. Israel is known as a solar energy pioneer, but wind in some locations, is not lacking in the small Middle East nation.

From Palmyra to the Pacific: Realigning a Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Getting rid of the rats on Palmyra was only the beginning. Birds & Birding Climate Change From the Field Ideas Birds Climate Conservation Science Natural Climate Solutions Nature-based Solutions Restoration TNC Science

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Explore the wild corners of Austria by ski and foot

Green Prophet

Salzburg, Austria in the winter. Maybe you live in a modern city like Dubai where everything might seem possible. Even skiing, since the Emirati city of Dubai boasts Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of indoor skiing area. .

CIBC Aventura card awards you for eating local

Green Prophet

How do credit cards respond to lack of travel benefits? They encourage Canadians to spend for bonus points at local restaurants. As I graduated to my 40s, I was very excited to get a VIP credit card offer from my bank.

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Can a VPN Lower Your Electric Bill?

Green Prophet

Every home should feel like an eco oasis, and it can be done by saving energy. Here’s how it can be done. Accessing the Internet uses electricity—and electricity costs money.

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7 Great Eco-Friendly Dates

Green Prophet

Ideas for dating in simpler times. It’s 2020 and the world is slowly becoming more environmentally conscious. For most of us, it’s about creating better habits in our day-to-day lives with positive, sustainable changes.

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