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Infographic: Greenwashed–The Truth About 95% of So-Called Green Products

Wend Magazine

Created by: Marketing Degree. Special thanks to Greg Voakes for sharing this infographic. Related Posts. Infographic Explains Environmental Impact of Surfing. Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic

Hoopoe Lark

10,000 Birds

Out into the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles from the coast of Senegal, lies an archipelago of islands known as Cape Verde. On the most popular tourist island of Sal, I was lucky to encounter the Hoopoe Lark , a bird of desert and dune.

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Ten Amazing Rainforest Plants


Out of 40,000 plant species, here are 10 amazing rainforest plants that will blow your mind and get you reacquainted with our planet. Read More. Causes Environment Featured Gallery News

Magnetic levitation growing into the next big thing in green transport


Magnetic levitation Thanks to advances in aviation technology, we're able to travel great distances and cross oceans in a matter of hours. But as we all know, traveling by air is both expensive and emission intensive

Man Stabs Mountain Lion with Pocket Knife to Save Son

Wend Magazine

Jason Hobbs, like many of us, owns a pocket knife. But unlike you and me, Hobbs has within the week plunged his miniature blade into the muscular chest of an aggressive mountain lion.

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"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Environmental Economics

When the Offical Second Oldest Daughter of Env-Econ was in 2nd grade, she invited me in to school for parent reading day.    The choice of reading was up to me, so I chose to read The Lorax. 

Will Ancient Mega Lake Bring Peace to Sudan?

Green Prophet

Can mega well bring peace to Sudan? At least 300,000 people died and almost three million were displaced by the Darfur conflict in Sudan. Egyptian-American geologist Farouk El-Baz believes that limited access to water is one of the root causes of this conflict.

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Ancient Lake Vostok Reached By Scientists


For the first time in nearly 20 million years, Lake Vostok in the Antarctic has reportedly made contact with the outside world. Read More. Entertainment News Pop Culture Top News

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A new genus for Calliope Hummingbird, the ‘little star’

10,000 Birds

Hummingbirds are one of the joys of wintertime birding here in Louisiana. My friend Erik Johnson and I recently visited the home of Dr. Jeff Harris — a birder and research entomologist — who has up to six different species visiting his feeders each day this season.

Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes


The eco conscious homeowner of today has a number of options to go green, and one of the best ways to do the same is by opting for the recycled furniture units. Trash is becoming trendy nowadays, and designers and

Tel Aviv Water Wells Polluted from Contamination

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Two-thirds of Tel Aviv’s water wells are too polluted to use. A recent study discovered that many Tel Aviv wells are polluted beyond suitability as drinking water sources.

Celebs Support Petition to Stop Cruel Diving Horse Event


Joanna Krupa, John Bartlett, Simone Reyes and more have spoken out against Atlantic City Steel Pier's diving horse event. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

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Tremendous Torrent Ducks

10,000 Birds

Torrent Ducks are the thrill-seekers of the avian world. Very few birds – or animals for that matter – would plunge head-first into the churning cauldrons of some of South America’s most treacherous rivers.


Environmental Economics

From the WSJ ( The tough tactics to avoid luggage check-in fees ), here is the problem: To avoid baggage fees, which have now been in place more than three years, passengers have continued to bulk up their carry-on bags, turning the allotment of one bag and a purse or briefcase into a two-suitcase load.

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Egypt’s Hottest Mountain Climber Goes Carbon-Neutral

Green Prophet

Omar Samra is an adventurer whose incredible pursuits highlight the importance of environmental awareness. When Omar Samra isn’t running one of the few genuinely eco-friendly and socially responsible tourism outfits in Egypt called Wild Guanabana , he climbs mountains. Big ones.

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Take A Peek Inside George Clooney’s Fridge


Looking in, it's easy to see that George is really serious about eating better. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News george clooney

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Mitt Romney says he is not concerned about the (very) poor

Green (Living) Review

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Video Review: Healthy Snacks from Way Better - Sprouted Tortilla Chips

Eco-Vegan Girl

image from I'm always on the hunt for good snacks, so when I spotted Way Better Snack's attractive packaging at Rainbow Grocery I had to check it out.

Communities in Oman Face Growing Risk of Floods

Green Prophet

Due to the threat of flooding, communities in low-lying valleys in Oman are being encouraged to relocate. It may be a hot and dry country most of the year but Oman, like Saudi Arabia , is prone to flash flooding.

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WATCH: Stella McCartney Speaks Out Against Leather with PETA


The designer is speaking out and telling the public why animal lovers should all avoid wearing skins. Read More. Animals Causes Fashion News Top News Video stella mccartney

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Shortage of workers in Germany

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to the government of the Federal Republic (not that there is a Democratic Republic anymore) there is a serious shortage of workers in the entire country of Germany.

Burgers and Brew in Davis, CA: Video Review

Eco-Vegan Girl

During a road trip to ski in Tahoe I was put in charge of finding a restaurant on the way (big surprise). By the time we were ready to eat it was past 10pm, but thanks to the Yelp app I found the perfect place in Davis: Burgers and Brew.

Israel’s Bedouin Get Solar from Arava (+ Obama)

Green Prophet

Arava Power Company pioneers first ever solar contract for Israel’s Bedouin minority. The first-ever license for a solar project has been awarded this week to Israel’s bedouin community by Israel’s Public Utility Authority.

Leilani Munter to Drive ‘The Cove’ Car at Daytona


The eco-friendly veg race car driver is all set to drive a 'The Cove'-themed race car at Daytona. Read More. Animals Causes Entertainment News Sports Top News leilani munter

The Breezy Point Snowy Owls and the Chaos They Caused

10,000 Birds

Snowy Owls are iconic birds. You rarely find a person – birder or non – who doesn’t want to take a good long look at a bright white owl. And, of course, you rarely meet a photographer who doesn’t want to take a good close picture of a bright white owl.

Michael Reynolds, Architect and Inventor, to Teach Earthship Architecture at Philadelphia


Yeadon based nonprofit LoveLovingLove Inc. has been working for over three years to bring an “Earthship” to Philadelphia. In April, they will be one step closer.

Piping Sunlight with Solotubes, Plastic Bottles and Islamic Architecture

Green Prophet

Islamic architects piped sunlight into homes using star-shaped skylights but Brian and his wife installed Solotubes. One of the first changes my wife and I made to our house was to install a Solotube in the kitchen. This device consists of a translucent dome on the roof which is connected to a highly silvered six foot long pipe through the attic. The bottom end of the pipe spills sunlight into the kitchen even during the dullest winter days. But we have discovered that the idea isn’t new.

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WATCH: 13-Year-Old With Progeria Thanks Selena Gomez


When asked, “What does Selena mean to you?” ” 13-year-old Hana Hwang answers simply, “She’s my hero.” ” In a recent video posted by the progeria patient, Hana thanks Selena Gomez for Read More. Causes News People Top News selena gomez

Two Birds on Nests

10,000 Birds

During my time in Florida I only saw two birds on nests, which is not terribly surprising considering that I was there at the end of January. Most birds, after all, wait until spring.

Aquaponics Food:Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Food


Aquaponics is an environmentally-friendly, natural food growing method to facilitate the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, re-circulating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish wastes to plant nutrients. It is also called as recirculation farming.

Iran’s Energy Minister Looks to Green Energy After Sanctions

Green Prophet

Sanctions have backed fossil-rich Iran into a corner, which could bode well for the country’s renewable sector. . The western-led sanctions against Iran have crippled the country’s ability to provide for its 74 million strong population, Reuters reports. Food prices have skyrocketed and many ships holding supplies are waiting for payment before allowing Iran to collect inventory. Meanwhile, sanctions have made conducting financial transactions virtually impossible.

Mayim Bialik Talks Veganism and Religion


As an environmentally-conscious Jew, Mayim Bialik recognizes the important role veganism plays in her faith. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Vegan Mayim Bialik

First Outbreak of Usutu Virus in Germany

10,000 Birds

Okay, I meant to write an entertaining post. I honestly did. But I have been sick with different kinds and forms of cold since the beginning of December with no interruption, and so has my entire family.

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Suds Up With These Healthy Soaps!

Eco Chic

I’ve romanticized the idea of making my own all-natural soaps for a while now, even giving them out as gifts, but the problem is that I can’t seem to find the time to do it! Making our own cleansing products after work probably isn’t going to happen for most of us. But you can’t just grab just any old soap off the shelf either. The majority of the soaps and body washes you see perusing the personal care isles don’t seem to give a hoot about your health.