Sat.Sep 12, 2020 - Fri.Sep 18, 2020

Gray Hawk from the House

10,000 Birds

Every place has its hawk. At least it seems that way. A generalist raptor that can keep on living in a human dominated landscape. These are the neighborhood raptors that make do, even thrive, by preying on the wildlife of an urban landscape.

2020 273

Meet the Goat Antelopes: Strange, Large Mammals of the Mountains

Nature Conservancy - Science

Goat antelopes, the high-mountain mammals you don’t know – but should. Wildlife Asia Pacific Mammal Watching Weird Nature

2020 113

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Eco Bible gives ethical green compass to the woke generation

Green Prophet

A pair of eco-rabbis in Jerusalem have taken the Bible, also known as the Torah in Hebrew, and found hundreds of passages in it relating to ecology, animal rights, regenerative agriculture, the 3Rs and more, and have found a way to make old ideas relevant to us all in modern times.

2020 91

Peeps and Plovers on Cuitzeo Beaches

10,000 Birds

In late July, I travelled a half hour north of Morelia to Lake Cuitzeo (kweet-SAY-oh) to see if our two inevitable first migratory species from up north, Baird’s Sandpiper and Wilson’s Phalarope, had begun arriving.

2020 242

Bitternsweet Moments

10,000 Birds

I promise this will be the last article (for a while at least) on this wetland that’s so close to where I live. Truth is, we’ve been getting so many migrants passing through that there hasn’t been much of a need to bird elsewhere.

2020 240

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of September 2020)

10,000 Birds

September is a classic shoulder season, not yet finished with what has passed but still subtly teasing what is to come. Change is good, particularly because it always brings new birds.

2020 225

Comb-crested Jacanas breeding

10,000 Birds

Our current travel restrictions in Western Australia allow us to roam around our own state. We are lucky that we live in such a huge state with so much to offer for the nature lover.

2020 219

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of September 2020?

10,000 Birds

Mid-September offers abundant meteorological excitement in the form of variable temperatures, rushing winds, and sometimes hurricanes in the strangest places ( looking at you, Ianos ). Embrace the excitement; changeable winds tend to carry abundant birds.

2020 177

Marlowe Artisanal Ales: Eager to Share American Pale Ale

10,000 Birds

I have to admit that, at first, I found the name of this week’s featured beer rather confusing. Eager to Share is an American pale ale from Marlowe Artisanal Ales of North Haven, Connecticut.

2020 174

A Field Guide to Freshwater Fish Watching

Nature Conservancy - Science

Your guide to enjoying the fish in your local stream. Latest Science Fish Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist

2020 97

Investing in green bonds with RE Royalties and Peter Leighton

Green Prophet

The year 2020 onwards will be the decade of action for renewable energy. Green bonds can help get us there. Renewable energy is something we all want.

2020 85

Nature study: Bacteria could be best vaccine against Covid-19

Green Prophet

Bacteria can be added to fashion, as living eco-couture, those working with Eshel Ben-Jacob discovered. A team at an Israeli university find that bacteria might play a role in a vaccine against Covid-19.

2020 77

Nature Nerd Trivia: Whales

Nature Conservancy - Science

Think twice before you invite me to your local trivia night. It’s not that I don’t like trivia (I love it!) but I’m rather hopeless when it comes to many conventional trivia topics. International politics? Sometimes. Sports? Hard no. Pop… Wildlife Natural History Nature Trivia Weird Nature

2020 75

Can Cannabis Make You More Creative?

Green Prophet

Even if you aren’t an artist, writer, musician or other “creative” type, creativity — and the ability to be creative — is a part of your life.

2020 56

Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Around the City

Green Prophet

These days, there are more eco-friendly ways to move around, thanks to the launched eco-friendly initiatives. The world is turning to eco-friendly ways of doing things, and traveling is part of these initiatives. Whatever you are using to roam around the city, make sure it’s eco-friendly.

2020 52