December, 2011

Mark Twain on Occupy Wall Street

Wend Magazine

The great American writer and humorist whose two Occupy-supporting quotes are shared in the cartoon, would have turned 176 last week. If he were alive today (gross) he’d have been pepper-sprayed by now. Revolute!

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VAPESTICK MAX E-Cigarette – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The VAPESTICK® MAX has, by far, been the biggest E-Cigarette that I have so far tested and this has given me the best experience of vaping (e-smoking) as yet. The VAPESTICK® MAX must be the ultimate VAPESTICK® e-cigarette in every way.

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Why is the Robin’s Breast Red?

10,000 Birds

Why is the Robin’s breast red? Why are any of the parts of any birds colorful? To make it easier for birders to identify them, of course!

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Escape to green Goa

Green Traveler Guides

| An Eco State of Mind |. I f your notion is going to Goa for a short green vacation, be forewarned: it’s the Hotel California of India —you may never leave. Believe me, I know. Goa’s soft embrace almost feels a world apart from India’s numbing extremes and jarring contrasts.

2011 50

Ceramic Coated Cooking Pans May be Killing You With Color

Green Prophet

So-called eco-friendly, ceramic utensils may contain toxic metals like arsenic, an Israeli journalist investigates. It’s in the colors, so also be wary of color-coated knives!

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Birding Technology – The New Citizen Science

10,000 Birds

Birding has come a long way since I was a nipper! Advances in optics, field guides, internet resources and now, apps, mean that there really is no excuse to be a horrible birder. Which is bad news for someone like me who still struggles with the fact that bats are mammals.

2011 79

Help Solar Light The Developing World

Green Living Tips

For millions of people around the world, the simple act of lighting a room is. not only an environmental hazard, but presents a direct health risk. We can help change that - for as little as 10 bucks

Giant Plumes of Gurgling Methane Could Fast-Track Planetary Warming

Green Prophet

Recent discoveries have confirmed scientists’ longstanding fears that global warming would catalyze the release of millions of tons of potential greenhouse gas emissions locked up in ice and permafrost in the great white north.

Google Fights Modern-Day Slavery with 11 Million Dollar Donation


The charity arm of Google,, announced that it would be donating $11.5 million to organizations devoted to ending modern-day slavery. Read More. Causes News People Top News

Gravity Defying Freerunners Showcase Extreme Warrior-Like Moves

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. To most of us, the leaps, jumps, flips, and dives in the video above seem dangerous, extreme and absolutely crazy. But to the featured athletes of the “Woof Poof,” balancing on railings and jumping off buildings is just another playful expression of creative movement—it’s Parkour plus Freerunning. The history of Parkour dates back to 1902 when French naval officer, Lt.

2011 58

Transition Hoods

Green (Living) Review

Transition street by street by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Transition towns are all fine and good but in larger cities especially we must start neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, and maybe even in towns in Britain in general.

South Africa’s endemic birds

10,000 Birds

My home country of South Africa can only be described as a birding paradise!

2011 Thousands of Weather Records Broken in the US


In 2011, there were at least 2,941 monthly weather records broken in communities throughout the US., as detailed in a new interactive extreme weather mapping tool and year-end review released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

2011 28

Yemen’s “Manhattan of the Desert” Boasts 400 Habitable Clay Towers

Green Prophet

If you have lost faith in earth architecture, take note: Yemen’s Manhattan of the desert boasts 400 habitable clay towers! Yemen has a UNESCO World Heritage Site secret , but it’s not so well-kept anymore.

Sean Connery Among New Members of Sea Shepherd Board of Advisors


As the captains and crew of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society prepare for another voyage to Antarctica to defend the whales, the organization has also added a few familiar faces … Read More. Animals Causes Environment News Pop Culture christian bale martin sheen pierce brosnan sam simon sean connery william shatner

Friday Photo December: Midnight Trails

Wend Magazine

This week’s Friday Photo winner is Steve MacAuley , who submitted the above shot of himself cycling on Harts Pass. Here’s what he had to say about it: I’ve had this shot in mind for a while now and had a chance to give it a try on a trip to the Harts Pass in Sept.

2011 33

The Pentagon is offering FREE military hardware to every Police Department in the United States

Green (Living) Review

What they h are they preparing for? by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The U.S. military has some of the most advanced killing equipment in the world that allows it to invade almost wherever it likes at will.

Birds Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas

10,000 Birds

(All respectable publications should have their holiday traditions. This evergreen post, first written in 2004, has become a 10,000 Birds staple. Merry Christmas!) Everybody knows the Christmas carol, “ The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

2011 55

Math dork cartoon of the day

Environmental Economics

2011 28

Green Your Home With Moss Graffiti (RECIPE)

Green Prophet

Express your green views for all to see – right on the walls of your house. The whimsical Stories From Space site offers a fun way to literally green your house: shape words and images out of live moss to decorate your outside walls.

Venus and Serena Switch to Raw Vegan Diets for Health


Venus hopes to ease her symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome with a raw vegan diet and Serena is joining in to show her support. Read More. Lifestyle News Sports Top News Vegan serena williams venus williams

2011 30

Friday Photo December: Backlight

Wend Magazine

This week’s Friday Photo winner is Ben Canales , who submitted several fantastic shots, including the one above. Here’s what he had to say about it: Glowing tent “backlit” by the Milky Way! . Congrats, Ben !

Cold is dangerous.

Green (Living) Review

Have a Warm head and be happy by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Getting cold, and that is before hypothermia even get anywhere close leads to increased fatigue and loss of dexterity. The cold can cause injury directly and indirectly and this is bad anywhere, in the workplace, indoors and especially out.

2011 21

Social Media for Bird Bloggers – What is Just Right?

10,000 Birds

As a bird blogger in these days of the social-media-heavy internet it is important to properly calibrate your blog’s social media presence. Too little material appearing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + and your blog is likely to not get the attention it rightfully deserves.

2011 51

Why Do A Cleanse? What Are Your Goals? (Video)

Eco-Vegan Girl

Everyone has a personal reason for doing a cleanse. Perhaps it's to lose weight, to control cravings, to feel better, to get in shape, to transition into a new diet.the list goes on and on.

Gaza’s Green Schools Fuse Islamic Architecture and Sustainable Design

Green Prophet

A fusion of traditional Islamic architecture and modern sustainable design, Gaza’s new green schools will cost the same to build as their less-sustainable counterparts. .

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Coca Cola Fails at Stopping Grand Canyon Plastic Bottle Ban


When it looked like the Grand Canyon Plastic Bottle Ban was going to be derailed by Coca Cola, activists came out in full force. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News

Friday Photo December: Winter Wonderland

Wend Magazine

This week’s Friday Photo winner is Erik Bengtson with this shot taken during an evening snowshoeing excursion with friends. Here’s what he had to say about it: Snowshoeing is an awesome winter activity. It is even better when you combine it with camping, sledding and friends.

10 Simple Ways to Reuse That Gift Wrap this Holiday!

Eco Chic

I don’t know about you but I find much of the traditional gift wrap sold in stores to be – how to say this – tacky. But what’s even tackier is all of the waste that’s created from people opening up a gift, crumbling the paper into a ball and then tossing it in the trash.

‘Tis the Season (For Ducklings and Flax)

10,000 Birds

2011 49

Foods to Eat While On A Healthy Vegan Cleanse (Video)

Eco-Vegan Girl

No matter if you're on a cleanse or trying to follow a healthy diet it's important to stock your kitchen well.

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Solar Water Heaters Give Free Hot Water From Cyprus Rooftops

Green Prophet

Free hot water from the sun. Cyprus now leads the way.

Top 10 Celebrity Vegan Moments of 2011


Pop open the champagne, put on some Auld Lang Syne and join us as we reflect on the Top 10 celebrity vegan moments of the year. Read More. Featured News Vegan anne hathaway bill clinton biz stone carrie underwood Eliza Dushku ellen degeneres jessica chastain kathy freston martha stewart mike tyson oprah winfrey ozzy osbourne portia de rossi russell brand

2011 27

Pogo Sticks Have Never Been So Cool

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Pogo GoPro makes me want both a pogo and a GoPro. Fancy that. Via: pogofred ]. Related Posts. No related posts were found

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