Sun.Mar 07, 2021

A Tawny Frogmouth family

10,000 Birds

I won’t apologise for doing another post about Tawny Frogmouths , because they are just such beautiful birds! You will notice that it is a year ago that I wrote about the family of Tawny Frogmouths at Cygnet park in Broome.

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Inspiring Women of Geospatial Science at TNC

Nature Conservancy - Science

Five TNC women in science making significant contributions to improving the way we map and conserve the world’s resources. The post Inspiring Women of Geospatial Science at TNC appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Ideas Nature Tech Women in Science


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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of March 2021)

10,000 Birds

Have you noticed a change in the light where you live, a little more daily sunshine or perhaps a little less? We’re barreling towards an equinox, which signals a lot more than just a shift in local patterns of day and night.

How bankers can invest in the ocean, new UN guide

Green Prophet

EU Ambassadors clean up an oil spill in Israel. The sea is on everyone’s minds. Invest in it.

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Mediterranean oil spill cleaned by EU ambassadors

Green Prophet

EU Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret was joined Friday morning by more than two dozen envoys from EU member states, including 10 ambassadors, at a large-scale beach clean-up operation at the Beit Yanai National Park near Netanya, Israel. .

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Jaffa gets energy collecting devices installed at sea

Green Prophet

We just supported the release of a UN report so bankers can invest in the sea and on top of the acing infrastructure in the shipping industry that needs updating, we can also support new endeavours that help the sea help us.