Thu.Sep 10, 2020

Birding Beljarica in August

10,000 Birds

Last month, I birded my favourite local patch, Beljarica – the best eBird hotspot in Belgrade city and the 3rd best in Serbia – four times.

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Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train: (4) My treatment of the weighted WTP is biased in favor of the DMT (2015) result/conclusion

Environmental Economics

DMT (2020) draw attention to my treatment of the weighted WTP estimates. The regression model for the second scenario has a negative sign for the constant and a positive sign for the slope.

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Ancient Date Palm That Lived 2000 Years Ago Bears Fruit Again

Green Prophet

Judean dates were famous in the Levant and Europe in ancient times, prestigious fruit treasured for their superior taste and alleged medicinal qualities. Jewish farmers grew them.

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Beirut design studio repairs people and culture after the blast

Green Prophet

Bokja founders in their studio. Lebanese designers from the much-loved embroidery collective Bokja in Beirut have offered to suture and repair home furnishings damaged in the Beirut explosion on August 4. This is the same collective that burned tires in their own special way a few years ago.

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