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Yarn scraps, twine or other such materials for nesting birds

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are seeing, once again, a lot of posts online, in Blogs and (other) social media suggesting putting yarn scraps, twine or other material outside as nesting material for songbirds. While the intentions may be good, please do not do this.

Three Ways to Silence our Inner Critic.

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Once a negative thought begins to attack our conscious, we can’t just “not” think about it. Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality inner advocate inner critic mindfulness monkey mind negative thoughts positive thinking

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Wind energy to be created using lamp-posts

Green (Living) Review

An IT company has joined forces with a green technology firm to develop wind turbines which attach to lamp-posts. The NVT Group's partnership with Own Energy Solutions is set to create 25 jobs over the next 12 months which it hopes will rise to about 300 within three years.

Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2017?

10,000 Birds

While those of us living in the northeastern United States are currently buried under what passes for the current season, you may be in position to enjoy it.

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Green (Living) Review

It may seem unbelievable but you can build houses out of plastic bottles filled with sand. These projects are made especially by NGOs from African countries. For example, the house from the video below was made by the Samaprman Foundation.

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The 5 Different Types of Bikes You Need To Know


For me, there are 5 different types of bikes you should know. I left off a few from this list because they might be a subcategory of one of these others or they may just not be super important.

A Strategy for Finding Balance in the Era of Trump.

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In the days following the election, I would faithfully do my yoga and meditation practice daily—and for an hour or two afterward, I would feel positive and upbeat. Then I would read the news, and the feeling that my country was about to be destroyed by a madman and his minions would overcome me.

Should We Really Recycle Plastic into Clothing?

Green Living Ideas

Seems like a good idea to recycle our plastic into clothing, but these yoga pants and fleece jackets have a dirty secret. Learn more and take action with The Story of Stuff Project. The post Should We Really Recycle Plastic into Clothing? appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Activism consumer power microfiber plastic Recycling The Story of Stuff upcycling

Lessons I Learned Growing up around a Funeral Home.

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There were many challenging things about my childhood, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of being raised around death. It's taught me so much about how to live. Enlightened Society Family Non New-Agey Spirituality family funeral Funeral Home growing up happiness Health & Wellness lessons life mindfulness relationships spirituality stuff doesn't matter

Trust the Process.

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Panic, get scared, ask if you’re going to be ok. Let people say—trust the process. Arts Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality answers art life journey poetry questions self discovery trust

Four Things to Avoid Saying to our Dieting Friend.

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Saying this works better: Health & Wellness Love dos and don'ts encouragement friendship losing weight support weight loss

How to Embody Truth & Reflect it Back to the World.

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How do we get back on our authentic feet? Enlightened Society Love Meditation anger be yourself express your feelings Fred Silverman new age spirituality

Goodbyes suck. Here are 5 ways to make them Easier.

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What I have found is that there is no perfect way to execute a goodbye, and there is definitely no way to halt the feelings that accompany them. Enlightened Society Family Travel farewell goodbye grief impermanence perspective the art of goodbye

Thank you for Not Choosing Me. {Poem}

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Thank you for wrecking our boat, because you made me see that I should never. Arts Literary Journal Love breakups choosing myself gratitude letting go mindful relationships poetry romantic love self love thank you

Four Ways to Honor our Child’s Desire to Walk an Unconventional Path.

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We need to encourage our children to honor their dreams. We need to let them know that it is okay to. Arts Family Right Livelihood artists careers creativity family follow your dreams For Children higher education imagination parenting tips

In Defense of Becoming Mum.

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“I’m f*cking fed up! I’ve seen this Paw Patrol episode 16,000 times!” my four-year-old daughter Molly said casually this afternoon. Family Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood change family forgiveness mom motherhood pregnancy raising children transitions

I was Living my Dream, but it Didn’t Feel Like It. I Blame Facebook.

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It struck me that even though I was the one who left the country, I was probably the furthest from. Adventure Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality buddhism facebook mindful communication present moment setting boundaries social media Travel volunteering

The Spiritual Practice of Casual Sex.

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This is the simple-yet-difficult secret to protecting our hearts in casual bedroom (or bathroom) encounters: Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Sexy casual sex ego netflix and chill self-esteem spiritual evolution

Watch: Donald Trump refuses to shake Angela Merkel’s hand.

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In footage of the photo opportunity, as photographers call for the two to shake hands, Ms Merkel can be heard saying: “Do you want to have a handshake?” ” What an insecure jerk of a human being. “While Donald Trump goes around insulting Australia, accusing the UK of espionage, hating Germany and cozying up to Russia, […]. Main Categories* Enlightened Society Waylon Lewis WAYLON: Today Only

Meet Me in our Garden of Love & Wonder. {Poem}

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We tip-toe coming to this place this garden where once we. Literary Journal Love garden love poetry relationships romance secrets wonder