Tue.Jan 14, 2020

Almond Milk And The Destruction of Bees

Green Prophet

Bees are dying in huge numbers to supply your supermarket with almond milk. Last winter (2018-2019) saw a catastrophic 50 billion bees die off for a variety of reasons familiar to the eco-conscious public, including mites and loss of habitat.

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The Slow Food Movement defines Slow Meat

Green Prophet

Meat the Change – What is slow meat? Wild pastured? Whole animal meat. Organic. Raised with spirit? Bought at ethical prices? Slaughtered ethically? All of the above. The Slow Food movement isn’t against eating meat. It’s for eating whole animal, better quality meat, less often. It is organic meat. Free meat. Happy meat. Are you slow? Take the quiz. Today Slow Food launched the Meat the Change campaign, with the aim of reaching people all over the world.

2020 59

Growing THC to match your mind, mood and disorder 

Green Prophet

It’s been going on since our parents and grandparents started growing weed in the 1970s. How can you grow a strain that helps relieve your pain, anxiety, PTSD and other medical condition while matching or enhancing your state of mind?

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