Fri.Feb 14, 2020

E-bikes vs. standard bicycles

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While I personally do have an e-bike (a Gtech one) and have been very happy with it, the maintenance of one, especially when it comes to tire repair of the back, this is where the motor is in this one, aside from the fact that the lifespan of the battery is only a few years and then getting a new one seems difficult, the old-fashioned standard, and I stress standard, bicycle has still a great deal going for it. Maybe more so even than it is realized.

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of February 2020?

10,000 Birds

The heart, you may have heard, wants what it wants. If what you want this Valentine’s weekend is to chase birds, follow your bliss. As you may have also heard, love means never having to say you are sorry. I’m sorry to be heading down to NYC for reasons that have nothing to do with birding. I won’t even be in position to go after the coastal specialties we miss along the Great Lakes.

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These dinosaurs were warm blooded

Green Prophet

How Did Dinosaur Parents Know When Their Kids Had a Fever? Prehistoric egg shells provide clues to dinosaurs’ evolution from cold- to warm-blooded creatures. From the time that dinosaur fossils were first discovered, these creatures have fascinated scientists and laypeople alike. In the academic world, their remains provide important clues into the prehistoric world; in popular culture, dinosaurs have inspired blockbuster hits, such as Jurassic Park and King Kong.

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Love “Roller”coaster: Castellare di Castellini Chianti Classico (2016)

10,000 Birds

Today is Valentine’s Day – which means that at this very moment, countless would-be Romeos and hopeful Casanovas are undoubtedly scurrying around at the eleventh hour trying to find that perfect gift, tracking down the last florist in town not already sold out of roses, or perhaps merely struggling to choose a perfect bottle of wine for tonight’s dinner.

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