Mon.Mar 30, 2020

I interrupt this virus for a cuteness interlude


We now have 12 baby chicks in the living room. It’s amazing to witness how much they change and grow every day – sometimes, it seems, every hour! Only one day after I took this photo, some of them had suddenly sprouted teeny but real wing feathers.

2020 136

My Birding Spot During COVID-19: Willow Lake Preserve

10,000 Birds

I am a birder living in the epicenter of the epicenter of COVID-19 right now. New York City is the hottest of hot spots, and not in the fun, eBird meaning of the term but in the “holy moly our health system is going to collapse” meaning of the term.

2020 193

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Does CBD Oil Actually Help?

Green Prophet

CBD oil is the liquid form of CBD, which is extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil. At present, it is gaining momentum in the healthcare industry because of its health benefits.

2020 76

Your Favorite Items at Home Swapped With Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Green Prophet

Every square meter of flooring should be healthy and ecologically sound. This is how you do it. Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul. The way to do it is by making one small change at a time.

2020 66

Mega-mergers may move in during vulnerable times

Green Prophet

Farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman took Monsanto to court and lost. Mergers between companies like Dow-Dupant, Monsanto-Bayer are frightening to market transparency and democracy, and to stakeholders like farmers.

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