Wed.Nov 13, 2019

Lake Cuitzeo gets good

10,000 Birds

Having come back to Mexico from Europe, I chose to make my first home outing to my local lake, Lake Cuitzeo. That is because, by October, the waterfowl and shorebirds that have migrated away from most of our readers, have come to spend the winter where I am.

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Recommended reading: Another important VSL paper

Environmental Economics

Why not? Monetizing Bowser: A Contingent Valuation of the Statistical Value of Dog Life. Deven Carlson, Simon Haeder, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Joseph Ripberger  Abstract. Households in the USA spend about $70 billion annually on pets.

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Become a wildlife guardian this autumn

Green (Living) Review

2019 130

Recovery: Saving Mark Twain’s Famous Frog

Nature Conservancy - Science

There’s good news about amphibians, and it’s an important antidote for hopelessness. Wildlife Conservation Science Endangered Species Herps

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When home swaps are not worth it, rent a villa instead

Green Prophet

House swaps are cool. But when you have a short time, rent a “green” villa instead. I am a fan of house swaps and I have done it 4 times – in Costa Rica, New York, Paris and most recently in Sicily, Italy.

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How is AI Reforming Future Trading?

Green Prophet

Artificial Intelligence can be used to grow vertical gardens in cities, to drive petrol-less cars, and to help us make banking decisions. With the progress of technology, great opportunities are coming up for people who are ready to benefit from it.