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Benefits and and costs of college

Environmental Economics

The opportunity cost has risen in Texas: A public debate has been raging in the state over the rising cost and, some say, the questionable value of a college degree. At the same time, the oil and gas boom has employers hiring people with or without one.

Date Palm Leaves Scrub Pharmaceuticals From Hospital Wastewater

Green Prophet

Omani scientists have discovered that date palm leaves - the bamboo of the Middle East – can be used to scrub the pernicious pharmaceuticals from hospital wastewater that most conventional sewage treatment plants are unable to process.

Oman 18

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African Lion Habitat, Populations Devastated, Report Says


The big cats that roam the continent's savannahs have lost as much as 75 percent of their habitat in less than 50 years. Read More The post African Lion Habitat, Populations Devastated, Report Says appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News Science

A Supercozy, Natural Winter Bed: Sleep Away the Season!

Eco Chic

There’s a lot of talk about a cozy, natural bed, but here’s how to get one (from an expert sleeper!). I’m pretty unabashed by my love for sleeping; I’m not (and never have been) one of those people who brags about getting only five hours of sleep for a week in a row.

James Cameron’s Climate Change Doc Snags Baldwin, Norton, Cheadle


In addition to Matt Damon’s commitment early last month, news sources are now saying that Alec Baldwin, Don Cheadle, and Edward Norton are all game for director James Cameron’s new Read More The post James Cameron’s Climate Change Doc Snags Baldwin, Norton, Cheadle appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Film/TV News Top News alec baldwin don cheadle james cameron matt damon

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Olsen Twins Make $55k Backpack Out of Crocodile Skin


The Olsen twins have, again, created a monstrosity of a backpack made of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles. Read More The post Olsen Twins Make $55k Backpack Out of Crocodile Skin appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Fashion News Top News ashley olsen damien hirst mary kate olsen


Green (Living) Review

Summer Loving Mediterranean Plant Flowers at Heligan. in NOVEMBER!! Gardeners at The Lost Gardens of Heligan have been amazed to find a Cistus – which normally flowers in the Summer – in full bloom, despite the recent cold snap of weather.

DIY Home Remedy: Tea Tree Oil All Purpose Cleaner

Hug a Tree with Me

Tea Tree Oil is a great ingredient for all purpose cleaners, it is an awesome disinfectant due to its antifungal and germicidal properties and can effectively lend a hand at keeping floors and countertops sparkly clean.

Christmas around the World – Vietnam

Green Home Blog

Christmas around the World – Vietnam. Most Vietnamese are Buddhist. In spite of that, and thanks to its being a French colony until 1954 when the Vietnamese voted for independence, the nation celebrates the Christmas holiday like there is no tomorrow.

Cut-Rate Cars: Recession a Coup for Car Shoppers

Living Green & Saving Energy

A capitalistic society provides for an economy which bestows on those who have the means the opportunity to “capitalize” on the misfortunes of others.

London: 5 great green to do’s, on the cheap

Green Traveler Guides

| Hot Green Fun | London is one of the world’s top 10 most expensive cities. But it’s easy to enjoy this classic travel destination on the cheap, and be green about it at the same time. Really, the hard part is narrowing down our favorites for inexpensive green fun. That’s why we recommend you [.] London: 5 great green to do’s, on the cheap is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Junge Freiheit: A very sophisticated right-wing paper in Germany

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Junge Freiheit, which translated would mean “Young Freedom”, is a relatively new German weekly newspaper, in print and with a strong online presence, that in a very sophisticated way hide the fact that it is part of the neo-Nazi scene. Gone are the rhetorics and the skinhead haircuts. Suits and panache are in. It is those kind of right-wing people and old and new Nazis that I have been warning people about for years and years.

A Short Video on Jay Petervary’s Record Continental Divide Ride

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Jay Petervary has raced the 2745 miles of the Tour Divide , from Banff, AB to Antelope Wells, NM, four times. This year he set out to break the record and this poignant video briefly details how he did it. No related posts. General

Vegan Anne Hathaway Stays Mum on Dramatic Diet for Les Mis


It seems like all of Anne Hathaway's recent roles involve some extreme diet plan. Read More The post Vegan Anne Hathaway Stays Mum on Dramatic Diet for Les Mis appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan

Where Are My Cars, My Good Chap?

Sightline Daily

I’ve been a bit of a broken record about the fact that car traffic has been flat or declining in the Pacific Northwest. But it’s more than a Cascadian phenomenon.

Nontraditional and Sophisticated Holiday Party Clothes (That You Can Wear into 2013 and Beyond)

Eco Chic

Unless you’re going totally cheesy with some ridiculous recycled Ugly Christmas sweaters , it’s hard to get holiday party clothing right.

US Power Grid Vulnerable to Just About Everything


As Washington hunts ill-defined al-Qaeda groups in the Middle East and Africa, and concerns itself with Iran's eventual nuclear potential, it has a much more pressing problem at home: Its energy grid is vulnerable to anyone with basic weapons and know-how.

Buyer Beware

Living In a Toxic World

Buyer beware! A recent study conducted by researches at Duke University in Boston and the University of California in Berkeley shows that a large percentage of all couches in the United States contain a number of harmful chemicals. One such toxin, which was most abundant in the samples taken, is polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PCBE's), a common flame retardant suspected to be hazardous to human health.

Hot Air: How Doha Can Deliver Real Results on Emissions


The issue of excess emissions allowances – or hot air – is shaping up to be the biggest controversy of climate talks taking place in Doha.