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WATCH: Alec Baldwin Blasts Horse-Drawn Carriages on “30 Rock”


Last night on "30 Rock" Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy called horse drawn carriages "rolling torture wagons for nature's most dignified creature." Read More The post WATCH: Alec Baldwin Blasts Horse-Drawn Carriages on “30 Rock” appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News Video alec baldwin

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Hannukah and Other Celebrations of Efficient Lighting Through History

Green Prophet

From Hannukah to Peak Whale Oil, Brian uncovers an illuminating story of how our lighting is becoming more efficient. Each December as nights grow long, people of the Jewish faith celebrate an ancient miracle of efficiency.

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Martha Stewart Gets Salmonella from Thanksgiving Turkeys


Martha Stewart admitted to getting sick around the Thanksgiving holiday due to handling so many uncooked turkeys. Read More The post Martha Stewart Gets Salmonella from Thanksgiving Turkeys appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News martha stewart

The Green Can

Green Earth Journey

Hello, my name is Dennis Gallagher and I would like to tell you about what i am trying to accomplish in Tampa Florida. I have a new program to try and fix the irrational problem of recycling not being mandatory.

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Go Green for the Red Carpet


Project Runway All Stars unite style and the environment in last night's eco-friendly design challenge. Read More The post ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Go Green for the Red Carpet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Fashion Film/TV News Top News carolyn murphy laura kathleen planck

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Recipe: Dairy Free Hot Dark Chocolate with Coconut Milk

Hug a Tree with Me

Pure dark chocolate 70% or higher is not only super delicious, it is also extremely healthy. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Its properties can reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow to the heart and the brain and also harden tooth enamel.

The Alien Next Door - Untitled Article

The Alien Next Door

What does science fiction and ecology have in common? And what can they do together for humanity and the planet?

Review of Food Should Taste Good Wholesome Snacks

Hug a Tree with Me

Times are hard for us healthy eaters.I got to tell you, sometimes it just isn't any fun eating my "better for you" foods when the "bad for you" foods tastes sooo much better.

A Move to Protect Albatrosses

10,000 Birds

Good news ! Asides

The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards launch for 2013

Green (Living) Review

The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards for 2013 have been launched. Nominations are invited from all UK businesses who can demonstrate an innovative approach to addressing sustainability issues and are at the forefront of instigating change in their sector. Now in its third year, these are the only national newspaper awards that focus on recognising the innovation and impact in communicating sustainability, engaging with employees to make sustainability relevant for them and the wider society.

It's rare that one admits defeat in an academic debate.especially one over climate change in the American Economic Review

Environmental Economics

(26) The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Output and Random Fluctuations in Weather: Comment   Anthony C. Fisher, W. Michael Hanemann, Michael J. Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker. In a series of studies employing a variety of approaches, we have found that the potential impact of climate change on US agriculture is likely negative.


Green (Living) Review

More than a million homes fit insulation in last 12 months Almost half still have under-insulated lofts 25% have un-insulated cavity walls Chilly UK homeowners are taking action after a string of harsh winters – with more than a million fitting extra insulation to their property in the last year, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found. The latest statistics show an incredible HALF of British homes (13 million) still have under-insulated lofts and 25 per cent (6.5

Catfish Eating Pigeons

10,000 Birds

This is neat. Hat-tip to John Beetham. Asides

U.S. Composting Council Commends Waste Expo for Adding Organics Recycling Content

Green (Living) Review

BETHESDA, MD, December 2012 : The U.S. Composting Council (USCC), the largest association in North America representing the composting industry, is pleased to receive news that Waste Expo will be enhancing its content to cover organics recycling and composting issues. The USCC Board of Directors are also pleased that Waste Expo has hired Dr. Stu Buckner, long time Executive Director and previous USCC Board Member to help guide these efforts.

Birds: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

10,000 Birds

So, I recently sold a short story to the anthology Zombies: Shambling Through History. Does it involve birds? Of course it does! Ravens , to be exact, but to learn more you will need to watch out for the book when it appears on shelves in 2013! When an editor asked me for a story that didn’t involve birds (his magazine had just published a story with birds the month before) I found myself stymied for months.

If you know of any elected government officials who are, oh, I dunno, looking around for revenues, please let them know that California figured out how to raise $300 million while discouraging a bad activity

Environmental Economics

More on California's carbon auction from  Jasmin Ansar : The results of the auction announced by the California Air Resources Board showed that all ‘current’ 2013 allowances, totaling 23.1 million tons, were sold at a price of $10.09, nine cents above the regulator’s minimum (reserve) price of $10 per ton. In addition, about 14 percent of the advance 2015 allowances were sold for $10 per ton.

Guest Post: Reasons to Encourage your Child to Play with Dolls

Hug a Tree with Me

Playtime is the most important time of the day as far as your child is concerned. Play offers our kids with an opportunity to learn, develop and grow, meaning it’s vital that you nurture your son or daughter whilst they play to ensure they get the best out of the time. Research has recently highlighted the usefulness of dolls in a child’s development, citing a number of different reasons why one of the oldest toys in the world might actually be one of the best.

Aguanomics: Cap and trade in practice

Environmental Economics

David Zetland: I ran a cap and trade experiment in my class ,* to show students how they could benefit from a market that allowed them to trade their (capped permits) for pollution emissions.**. This experiment [ 65 minute mp3 ] clarified how "normal" people can listen to the idea but not understand how to implement it.

"We Need Jobs" -- Wind Industry Workers Gather to Urge Congress.

Sierra Club Compass

"We were just notified this morning that the facility is closing down for the last two weeks of this year. That's not a great thing to hear around Christmas." " Those are the words of Henry Redding (pictured above on the

Quote of the day

Environmental Economics

From Go Vols Xtra. When coaches start speaking passionately about their loyalty to school and players, I usually zone out faster than I would in an economics lecture. Insert UT Department of Economics joke here

Ex Im Bank: New Dirty, Controversial Coal Plant? Where Do We.

Sierra Club Compass

Continuing its efforts under Chairman Fred Hochberg to direct as much U.S. taxpayer money as possible to dirty climate destroying coal projects with devastating social and environmental impacts, the U.S. Export-Import Bank

Mixing Beer and Wine With Recycling in Lebanon

Green Prophet

Lebanese don’t usually need an excuse to party but they might need an incentive to recycle.

COP 18: Video from Doha - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

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The Most Diverse Zip Code?

Sightline Daily

The 98118 zip code has earned a reputation as a delightfully diverse zip code. And it’s easy to see why: a stroll down the streets of a neighborhood like Columbia City or Othello reveals a mosaic of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and languages.

Op Ed: Failed COP18 Climate Talks Boil Down to Money

Green Prophet

Nothing Can Go Wrong at Coal Terminals

Sightline Daily

Except, oops: Photo credit: CKNW News Talk 980. That’s a photo taken this morning of British Columbia’s Westshore Coal Terminal.

The Art of Making Place

The Green Changemakers

[link] 'Place' can be a hard work to define in the English language. On the one hand, it's a physical location; on the other, it's a psychological space created by the expectations of the people who move within it.

COP 18: What Negotiators Can Learn from the Qatar Symphony.

Sierra Club Compass

On Unfinished Symphonies I got to do some serious reflecting during a much-needed break the other night. It was day 9 of my first COP, and I was finally feeling like I had a clear job to do. Jessica and

Weekend Reading 12/7/12

Sightline Daily

Anna: I was delighted by this modern-day take on the classic children’s book, Goodnight Moon. Goodnight, alpha parents, everywhere! Yes, admittedly, it speaks to me on so may levels.). Also from the New Yorker , a sturdy argument for a carbon tax replacing the payroll tax by Hendrik Hertzberg.

COP 18: Where Are All the Women? - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Not only is it a rare occurrence to see women walking down the streets of Doha, but within the negotiations, as well. Out of all of the nations represented here at the COP, only approximately 36% of official delegates and

David Fenton on Using Public Relations to Fight Climate Change and Build a New Energy System


Give to Sandy Victims + Get a Cool Holiday Gift Tee = Win and Feel Great!

Eco Chic

Designing t-shirts to directly benefit Long Island, New Jersey and the Rockaways, LOOMSTATE will be donating 100% of the proceeds from these 100% organic cotton t-shirts to support Sandy recovery efforts through Waves for Water and Food Bank For New York City.

Organic Foods for Kids: Yes, But


Despite its high cost, many parents buy organic meat, produce and milk for their kids, convinced that food grown without pesticides is best.

Blue Beyond Borders – Sea Change Through Science and Art: A Hurricane Sandy Benefit in NYC Benefitting the New York Aquarium

Eco Chic

I’m excited to attend tomorrow night’s event, Blue Beyond Borders – Sea Change Through Science & Art: A Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser.