Sun.Jan 19, 2020

Foster to Toora

10,000 Birds

Last week I introduced you to a section of the Great Southern Rail Trail in Victoria from Foster to Fish Creek. This week I will introduce you to another section from Foster to Toora. This section of the trail is very flat and only just over ten kilometres long.

2020 163

There is more to creating a woodland than just planting trees

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people, and, apparently, even most governments, seem to think that all that is needed to create a woodland is to stick some trees in the ground and the rest will do itself. Alas, that is a fallacy.

2020 219

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of January 2020)

10,000 Birds

Mid-January may not count as midwinter in the Northern Hemisphere, but the Arctic effect has definitely settled in!

2020 156

2020 – A Year to Begin Anew

The Green Samaritan

Not to fret if you feel you have already abandoned your New Year’s resolutions. Every day give us the opportunity to begin again. All the best in the year ahead! See the full post and more at Green Living

2020 109

Sun Bear: World’s Smallest Bear Has Surprisingly Human Traits

Nature Conservancy - Science

The tiny sun bear is solitary and elusive, but it can mimic facial expressions like a human. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Conservation Science Endangered Species

2020 68

How Can Physiotherapy Help Us Live Longer

Green Prophet

Swimming is one of the best forms of physio. It offers near zero-gravity effects while the refreshing water helps boost the spirit. It’s also a nice eco way to the path of self-healing. We all know that keeping active can improve our overall health.

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